Summary—Anakin Destroys Palpatine and wants redemption. Not everyone is willing to give it to him. Takes place right after RotS.


I stare down at the form beneath me. The form wanted forgiveness, but I was not ready to do so.

"You have betrayed us," I murmur. "You killed many to save one. Yet that one is not here. You broke her heart…and you broke mine."

The form just looked up, sadness and shame in his intense blue eyes. "Please….Master" was all he said.

I sigh sad sigh. "Why, Anakin? Why betray us? Why ask for forgiveness after what you did?"

Anakin looks at me, determination in his eyes. "I killed him," he said, anger creeping in. He controlled it before continuing. "When he gave me new prothstectics, I asked him where Pa -Padme was."

His eyes grew sad and distant. Tears came peeking through. He blinked rapidly, struggling to keep them at bay. "When he told me I killed him, I got angry. So I killed him." His tears came faster now. "I miss her," he whispered.

I waited until he got some control before I questioned him more. "Do you think you earn forgiveness by killing him? Especially by giving into your anger" I demand, voice rising.

Anakin shook his head. "Of course not. I will pay for my actions however you may choose." He hesitates. "Just…can you tell me if my child is okay, or if he perished with my wife? Please….."

I look at him closely. I wonder if I should tell. I know I shouldn't, but I don't have the heart to break his anymore.

"Yes. Your children live."

As soon as I say this, Anakin jumps up and hugs me. "Thank you, Master!" he shouts.

I laugh softly. "Why are you thanking me? I haven't done anything."

Anakin shakes his head in disagreement. "But you have. You told me, and I'm glad." He looks at me sharply. "You said children."

I nod, hiding a smile. "Yes."

His eyes widen in shock, and then I am crushed again. "Oh, that's wonderful!" he shouts. I agree with him.

We smile at each other, like old days. Before everything changed. We quickly somber though, wondering what the heck we were going to do now. I sigh. Must we always be on the move?

"What are we going to do now?" Anakin asks shyly.

I shake my head in frustration. "I do not know. I wish I did, though."

He laughs. "Why? Don't you like things the way they are?"

I look at him sharply. Is he joking? His eyes are dancing merrily. I chuckle. Apparently, that is a yes.

He pretends to look shocked. "What?"

"Never mind." I look at him closely. "Would you like to see him?"

He brightens up, eyes brimming with tears. He nods. "Yes."

I beckon for him follow, and head off. We trek in silence, contentedly. When we reach the Lars homestead, Owen comes out, shocked. "But-you….I thought…." he stammers, starring at Anakin.

"Hello," Anakin says quietly. "Can I see my son? Please?"

Owen stares at us in shock. "Luke's your son? I thought Jedi weren't allowed to have children?" Owen shakes his head. "What am I saying? The Jedi don't even exsit anymore." Anakin cringes, but Owen doesn't notice. "Come."

We trudge inside, Owen calling for his wife, Beru. She appears with Luke, close to her. "Beru," Owen says gently, "Luke's' father is here."

Beru looks at Anakin, then at Luke, and back again. She walks forward, and gently hands Luke over to him. Anakin takes him, looking at him with pride. Luke looks back, gurgling contently. The rest of us are starring at them in amazement. The couple, because it's a happy site. Me, because the Force is growing stronger, and stronger. The two have a strong connection, that much is clear. But how? I've never known for someone to have this strong of a connection. But then, I've never known for a Jedi to have children.

"Are you going to take him with you?" Beru asks.

Anakin looks at me with pleading eyes. I inwardly sigh. I would love for him to take Luke, but now is not the time. Not yet. I don't know if he could handle it. "No," I say slowly. "I'm sorry Anakin. But no."