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"When are you going to tell me about my other child?"

I look over at Anakin. We contacted Yoda only a day ago, and he should be arriving soon. Anakin had kept pestering me about his other child, Leia. But I was reluctant to do so. He already knew where one child is, and I don't want to risk him seeing another. Besides that, Leia is stronger in the Force, and Anakin might do something rash, using her powers for evil instead of good.

"When ever Master Yoda says it's time," I say immpassively.

He grunts, preparing to argue more, but seems to realize his promise he made shotly after we left the Lars; as his master, he will listen to everything I say.

Though not really a master, I think. Masters trust their padawans. I don't think I can, not after what he did. I will help him, yes. Teach him, yes. Even treat him as a friend. But trust him? Not for a long time. Not until he turly proves to me, and himself, that he is truly good.

"Look." Anakin points to a small smuggerls ship. The Force is coming in large waves out of there. Yoda. The ship lands in the closest port, expertly. We walk up, Anakin a few steps behind. Yoda slowly wobbles out, a small boy behind him. The boy has short brown hair, and brown eyes. He looks to be about 10. But this doesn't faze me, Anakin was a great pilot when he was the boys age too.

Anakin walks up to Yoda, looking him in the eyes. Yoda looks back, unblinking. Anakin kneels down, bowing his head in total respect. "Forgive me, Master. I have wronged, and wish to right it," Anakin says, not looking up.

Yoda sighs, "The darkside, I still sense in you."

"Yes, Master," he replies, still not looking up.

"Wish to redeem yourself. Eaily done, that is not." Anakin starts to interupt, but Yoda quickly continues, "Said I did, that no one can return from the dark. Maybe wrong I am. Maybe not." Yoda stares at Anakin hard. "Disprove me, you must. Your goal that is." Yoda beckons to the boy who is still standing on the ramp. "Talk more on this later we will.

"Han Solo, this is Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi," Yoda says, pointing to each one in turn. "Jedi they are." Anakin, now standing, starts to protest, but I silence him with a sharp glance. He may not be a Jedi fully, but he shall learn once again. I bow to Han in greeting, Anakin follows my idea.

Han shyly looks down, probably not used to treated kindly. Yoda continues, "Han wishes to start a new life. Once a smuggeler he was. Now wishing to help us. Need a family he does. Hopes to look for one while he helps. But first, "Yoda looks at me, "he needs a temporary family."

I know what Yoda wants me to do. But I'm a little heisatent. I've never really raised a boy. Oh, who am I kidding. I raised Anakin, didn't I? But look what happened. He falls to the darkside. But he's not a Jedi. I smile at the thought. "Han, you can come with me."

The boy smiles, and nods. "Can we eat something? I'm starving."

I almost laugh. The boy sounds just like Anakin. No, not Anakin. Not truly Anakin. "Yeah, we can go to my home."

Anakin snorts at the word 'home'. I shot him a look. "What?" He smirks. "You know it's true." I sigh, and beckon to Han, "Follow me."

With Han eating and to amuse himself for a while, Yoda leads Anakin and I outside.

"Master Yoda, my Master says that I must ask you-" Aanakin starts to say, but Yoda stops him, holding up a hand.

"Wish to see your other child, do you?" Anakin nods. "First, I wish to here what happened after you rescued Palpatine. How seduced you, did he? How felt you? Everything."

Anakin complied, and I finaly hear everything. I listen in shocked. He says that he never wanted to really do all he did, he just wanted to save Padme. He also says, reluctantly, that the darkside felt wonderful. He described our battle from his perspective. It is quite interestig. He told how the Chancelor took him back to Coruscant to get new prothstetics. He continues to how he followed his insticts and came here, to Tattoine.

Yoda stayed silent, probably contemplating all that was said. Finally he spoke. "Understand how you did what you did. Understand why, too. Now only you need to redeem yourself."

Anakin nodded. "But-"

"You other child, Leia is. With the Organas in Alderaan, she is. Wish to get her, you do?" Yoda asked, raising an eyebrow.

Anakin heiasatated. "Yes, but I understand that I can't. Not yet." Anakin gestures to me. "My master told me this when I asked about Luke. I only wish to know where she is, and if she is safe. You answered my questions." Anakin bows his head quickly. "Thank you."

Yoda nods, approvingly. "Welcome, you are." His eyes sparkle with some unknown glee. "Now, travel to Coruscant we will, and hope to reestablish the Republic and Jedi Order."

"But Master, the clones are still at large, and Order 66 has to be deactivated. Otherwise, we'll be attacked. And we won't be able to establish the Order with clones running around."

"So we have to go Kamino then. It's only place to do so," I say.

"Very well then. Tommorow we will leave. And pick up any stray Jedi, too." Yoda hobbles off back to my home, content flowing around him.

"What's he so happy about, Master?"

I shrug. "I can't say. Only that he has some tricks up his sleeve."

Anakin grins. "Surprised."

I smile back. "Not really."

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