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Takes place after Edward leaves in NW
About 4 years later
Bella is in Dartmouth studying literature, other classes is history, which she loves, and psychology.
Angela and Bella are friends, Bellas only friend. And not Jacob, who imprinted on Leah (Man I hate that couple)


Shit, shit, SHIT! It's the first day of my last year in Dartmouth and I FUCKING overslept!

I quickly got dressed, grasped my laptop and books and started running towards class (Thank God I'm not a klutz anymore, apparently major heart break does that to you…. Or maybe I just grew up)

I just sat down at the first chair I saw, not seeing who was sitting next to me.

I smiled apologetically at the professor who was frowning at me. Great. I bet he just loves me now.

While taking out my things the professor continued talking about the civil war, luckily I had read many books on the subject so I caught up easily.

About ten minutes later the professor stopped talking and looked directly in my direction and said acidly "Mr. Whitlock if you're done starring at Ms. Swan I suggest you take some notes if you hope

to pass this class" … Wait, did he just say 'Whitlock'? Why does that sound so familiar?

Way too familiar. Realization made my heart go wild; if it beat any faster it just might beat its way out. NO! There are probably a lot of other people with that surname, right?

Yeah, 'cause it's a very common last name.(sarcasm?) Shit this is not going to work.

Slowly I turned my head and barely registering the professor started talking again 'cause next to me was a God in cowboy boots! Curly honey blond hair that looked so soft that you just want

to run your fingers through it. Had he always looked this beautiful?

Or was I just blinded by my stupidity back then. He had the most beautiful eyes that almost looked golden in this light.

They looked nothing like Edw... his eyes. "Jasper?" I asked before I could stop myself.

His expression reminded me of a deer caught in the headlights. But surely Alice must have warned him about this.

Just thinking her name coursed the hole inside me to rip open again, the one that I had sealed years ago. Closing my eyes I turned away from him, trying desperately to close the hole.

I managed to close it after several minutes and several of long deep breaths. T

he rest of the class passed in a blur, I had enough to do. Like remember to breathe.

And fighting the urge to run like hell 'cause I sure as hell didn't want them to rip me apart again.

When the class finally ended, Jasper was out of the room before you could say 'SURPRISE'. Déjà vu much?

Taking my things I left and went to my next class constantly looking around for Jasper or any of the Cullens.

No sign of anyone of them. The entire day was like that, go to class, look for the Cullens, go eat, look for the

Cullens, go for a cruise on your bike in hope of getting a glance of the Cullens. Just a glance, I told myself, to

make sure I hadn't started hallucinating… again. I haven't done that since I moved here, or since Jacob

imprinted on Leah. Which was great for him, he was happy now. It's just that Leah and the rest of the pack

turned against me because I was 'The Leech Lover'. Thank you Leah for that name, I thought bitterly as I

parked my bike in my garage. I now lived in a big apartment right next to Dartmouth, so I didn't have so far,

which was really good when you over'god-damn'slept! 'Oh my, someone is bitter today' an annoying voice

in my head said. And that was it. I was so frustrated, so angry and so fucking scared. Quickly I took a pillow

and covered my mouth and I screamed. Screamed until it felt like my throat would fall apart if you as much

as looked at it. Why did they come here? Or wait, maybe it was just Jasper. No, they wouldn't be far away,

they wouldn't leave each other 'cause families are suppose to love each other and never leave! The huge

hole opened again, only this time I couldn't close it again. I lay on the floor and cried. Cried for everything

that had happened in the past few years. For Edward and the Cullens leaving, Jake leaving, Charlie dying

and Renee not being there, especially after Charlie died. When I finally stopped crying, I just laid there, on

the floor trying not to think. Not to think about what happened today. Shaking my head I got up to get to

bet, even though I doubted I would sleep.

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