This is my first crossover, so please no flaming! I seem to be suffering a Sailor Moon SPAZM, and I'm already obsessed with The Melancholy, so I felt like making an awesome crossover!

All I could think of was "I wonder what would happen if the worlds of The Melancholy and Sailor Moon collided, Ami would rival against Yuki, Kyon and Rei would be like, 'Yare yare', Haruhi and Mikako and Usagi having a laugh together, and Koizumi, Mikuru and Makoto having a chat together. Enjoy!


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

If you'd ever asked me how long I'd believed in Santa Claus, I'd confidently say that...

Ah, screw this. We've heard this all before.

We all know that Haruhi Suzumiya is controller of the universe. Who else but the most obnoxious, annoying girl in the entire school? Who else would have the power to change the world and the laws of physics? It proves that god isn't fair if she is granted brains, beauty and the power to rule the world in one very sly package. She is the leader of the SOS Brigade – A weirdo club for losers trying to find Aliens, Time-Travellers and Espers, but so far hasn't succeeded in finding anything, unless you include the fact that Aliens, Time-Travellers and Espers are what the club is made up of, except for Haruhi and me.

We all know that Yuki Nagato is a self-proclaimed, artificial humanoid interface created by a colony of aliens known as the Integrated Data Sentient Entity. She is as flat and compressed as walking straight into a brick wall, and never expresses true emotion unless you include the time she went astray and created the alternate world on December 18th where the other her was a normal human, a shy bookworm who actually needed her glasses and blushed and smiled and shook with fear like any other girl you look at as you pass by.

We all know that Mikuru Asahina is my gorgeous senpai, a sweet upper-class girl in her second year, with a baby-face and a petite body and large cleavage, a self-proclaimed, trainee-time-traveller whom I have met further in the future a number of times in situations I'd have never thought were possible (thank you very much, Haruhi) as a much more mature woman. Beautiful and mysterious, both are kind-of klutzy, and very shy. Her younger self is very sweet, kind and smily, although she's a bit clumsy, and a crybaby. Her older self is teasing and...well, really, really pretty.

We all know that Itsuki Koizumi is an self-proclaimed, annoying, smiling esper who transferred from America to stay close to his so-called Organization. He seems to not understand the concept of "personal space" and I often have to tell him to back away if he comes too close. He has many companions, including Mori-san and Arakawa-san, appearing as a butler and a maid when we met them on Koizumi's island.

We all know me – and I won't go into details. I have a sister and a cat. I'm a part-time time-traveller (well, John Smith is, anyhow).

I'm sure you've all heard of the genius girl of our town – it's not exactly news now, as she's settled here for quite a while now. She was such a poker-face when I first met her – shy and still, separate from the class. She never mixed with the other girls. I guess me and Kunikida were the only ones relatively close to her. She was training to be a doctor, like her mother, she'd once told us. I replied back that her mother must be a great person to inspire such a sweet, smart, bright girl as her. She only nodded, and never said a word.

That was probably the last real conversation we'd had.

I took her to the library, as she never really remembered where it was, despite the fact that she spent most of her time there. Most days she would slowly walk to me and say,

"Kyon-kun, do you know where the library is? I'm a bit lost again." I'd sigh and call her a scatter-brain, of which she was, and point her in the direction. Maybe that was why I felt so nostalgic when I looked at the familiar poker-face belonging to Nagato. This girl, she was always holding the same kind of expressions – either poker, shy or sad, depressed, melancholic even. But she'd smiled once.

I'd spotted her in the library whilst I was returning a book, and she had been sat in a seat, reading a book on medical care. I'd sneaked up behind her.

"Hey, why are you still here? It's closing soon, you know," I told her, poking her in the back. She turned around to look up at me, her eyes wide.

"I know," she'd said quietly. "But I don't own a library card for this library." I had blinked.

"Really? Would you like me to get you one?" I asked her. She'd nodded, cheeks pink.

I strolled up to the front desk and asked the librarian to appoint her with a library card. He did so willingly, smiling at the small girl beside me.

She'd held the library card, in awe. Then she turned to me, a look of happiness on her face. That was the first time I'd seen her like that.

The first time.

"Thank you, Kyon-kun!" She smiled, a glowing look on her face that made me smile back. She'd been my first love.

And the last.

She withdrew the book and gave me one quick, but radiant smile that could've lightened up any room, any abyss of shadows, before disappearing.

The first smile.

The next day I received news that she'd transferred.

And the last.

By now, I'd say we all know that as I'm making a prologue something relatively exciting will happen, but I don't suppose anyone would've guessed this was all caused by such an annoying thing as another Koizumi among us. Only to find out this girl, this new girl, was way, way different to Koizumi and his fake personality, is a big shock in itself. This girl, this close-to poker-face, had no idea she'd be with the SOS Brigade as long as she stayed here.

I couldn't remember her name, back then. Maybe she was why I tried my best to give Nagato so much freedom as I could. The fact that my first love had never had freedom, ever. She was thirteen when she transferred.