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Episode 5: The Magic of Og

Last week, as you recall, the Robinsons encountered an alien species with whom only Judy could communicate through musical dialogue. Although her head was turned by a handsome alien, she regained her memory, and with it, her love for Major West. The Robinsons also gained star maps that would help them chart a course for Alpha Centauri, as well as a healing substance and increased communication capabilities. As they one again flew through space towards Alpha Centauri, they received a distress signal…

Will located the source of the signal. "It's on the traveling show frequency."

"Can you pinpoint the coordinates?" John asked him.

"It might take some time, but they can't be far."

"Send them a return message. Ask them to identify themselves and state the nature of their emergency."

Will sent the message, and then he had the Robot help him find the location of the signal. After writing the coordinates down, he ran them over to Don.

"We should be able to reach them within two days, but it's not on our course," Don told John. "Do we go after them?"

John didn't reply, but Maureen spoke up immediately. "If someone needs our help, we have to go."

Always suspicious, Don asked, "But how do we know they really are in trouble? Maybe we're being lured into a trap?"

"A trap for what?" Judy asked.

Dr. Smith put in his two cents. "Much as I hate to agree with the major, he may be correct. All our alien encounters have led to nothing but trouble."

"That's not true, Dr. Smith," Penny told him.

"The Taurons were friendly," Will said.

"And the message referred to us by our name. It's like they already know us," Penny added.

"I still don't like it," Don said. Then he turned to John and asked. "Well?"

"We'll wait for their return response," John replied.

"But it might be too late to change course by then," Judy said.

"When would we need to change course to intersect with them?" John asked Don.

Don did some quick calculations. "Twelve hours."

"We should get a return message back within that time. We'll decide what to do then."

Hours later, Judy was dictating her journal to her cousin. "Joan, I wish I knew why Don is always so suspicious. Could it be his military training?"

Her musing was interrupted by a voice from the doorway. "And my question is… why is Judy always so trusting?"

Judy turned off the recorder. She wasn't sure if Don was annoyed or simply teasing her. "You scared me, Don," she told him.

"Sorry. I should have knocked, but, uh, the door was open. I couldn't help but overhear." He crossed his arms as he leaned against the doorjamb. "So? Do you want to know why I'm suspicious?"

"Is it your training?"

He nodded. "Partly." He stepped into the room and added, "But it's mostly because all of you are so trusting. Someone has to watch our backs." He frowned. "Does that bother you?"

Judy stood and took a step to face him. "It used to, but not anymore." She placed her hands on his shoulders. "Do you want to know why I'm so trusting?"

He slipped his hands around her waist, relieved that she wasn't going to argue with him. "Let's see, does it have anything to do with your sweet, gentle nature?"

She smiled. "Partly." She slid her hands up to the back of his neck and rose on her toes. "It's mostly because I know you've got us covered…" She bent her head and their lips met. Their kiss deepened and they almost forgot where they were.

Penny strode towards her room and stopped short when she saw them. "Oh!" Don and Judy stepped apart, and Penny said, "I'm sorry."

"It's all right, Penny. This is your room, too. We shouldn't be doing this in here," Judy told her.

"I know you have no place to go," Penny said. "Judy, why don't you just move into Don's room?"

Judy blushed and Don's face broke into a broad smile. "Penny, I think I told you this before, but I like the way you think," Don told her.

Judy tapped Don on the arm. "You know Mom and Dad wouldn't allow that," she said.

"You're both adults," Penny said. "Maybe it's time for you both to do what you want, rather than listen to Mom and Dad. That's what I'd do if I was in your situation." She wanted to add, "And I wish I was…"


Will was the first one up the next morning. They had only two hours to decide if they were going to change course and respond to the distress signal. He hoped that a return message had arrived.

As the family gathered for breakfast Will ran into the galley. "We know who's in trouble!" he exclaimed. Everyone looked at him expectantly. "It's Oggo!"

Penny's stomach flipped. "Oggo?"

"Yeah, he said he's traveling with his band mates and their ship's engines died. They're stranded."

Don checked his watch. "Ninety minutes until we make that course change."

John looked at Don and raised his eyebrows. "Band mates?"

Don laughed. "Guess a little bit of Farnum rubbed off on him. I'll go up and get ready for the course change."

"I'll come up with you," John said. He stood, looked at Maureen and repeated, "Band mates," and shook his head. For some reason, he new this was going to lead to trouble of the adolescent kind.

Penny smiled broadly. "We haven't seen him in over a year. Do you think he's changed?"

"He must have," Maureen told her. "He was probably about your age, maybe a little older, so he must have grown."

"And Mr. Farnum said he left him to travel with a 'gaggle of youngsters,'" Judy said. "He must have meant his band mates."

"Do you think by band mates, he meant a musical band?" Penny asked.

"I guess we'll find out," Judy replied.

"There they are!" Will exclaimed as he and Don looked out of the view port and maneuvered the Jupiter near Oggo's ship.

"Will, ask him if there is any way we can dock with his ship," Don said.

As Will contacted Oggo, the Robinson women stepped off the elevator. Penny held herself back, almost afraid to join the others. She wondered if she and Oggo would still share the connection they had developed when Farnum had captured Judy, Don, Will and her for his human zoo.

A walkway was being extended from Oggo's ship to the Jupiter when Penny approached the pilot chairs. "What are they doing?" Penny asked Will.

"Extending a bridge so they can come over to our ship. There's no way to dock with them," he replied.

The family watched as four figures in spacesuits made their way across the bridge. The bridge was secured to the Jupiter with tow cables, and once the four were inside the hatch, they closed the outer door. Will opened the inner hatch and the four creatures removed their helmets. Penny's breath caught in her throat. Oggo had grown into a handsome young man. He was at least six inches taller than when she had last seen him, and his spacesuit accentuated his slim build. His light brown hair was now down to his shoulders and Penny had to admit that on him, it looked right.

As Oggo greeted each one of the family members with a handshake, the other three figures removed their helmets. All three had the anatomy of humans, one was male the other two were obviously female and they all had long hair like Oggo. One of the women was about Oggo's age, while the other two creatures seemed a bit older.

Oggo finally approached Penny and his eyes warmed as he took her hand in his. "Penny," he said. "You're even more beautiful than when Farnum and I left you." He brought her hand to his lips. The younger woman cleared her throat and Oggo dropped Penny's hand. "These are my band mates," he told the family. He pointed to the older male, who was a bit shorter than Don and had flowing blond hair. "This is Loro."

Loro bowed deeply and said, "We are honored," he said. "I have heard much about the Robinson family."

"And this is Azara," Oggo said as the older woman with blue-black hair nodded. Then he nodded towards the younger woman, "And Rubina."

Rubina wrapped her hand around Oggo's arm and flipped her red hair behind her shoulder as she said, "Greetings."

Penny looked at the floor as the younger woman made it clear that she was attached to Oggo. She missed the ardent look Oggo threw her way as he unwrapped Rubina's hand from his arm.

Don noticed John glare at the young man. "So, uh, Oggo, what's wrong with your ship?" Don asked.

"I don't know. We have plenty of fuel, but the engines died and we haven't been able to restart them," Oggo replied.

"I'll go over and take a look," Don told him.

"Can I come too, Don?" Will asked.

"There'll be time for that later," Maureen said. "I've prepared lunch. Would you like to join us?" She knew that John had not had the opportunity to meet Oggo, or Farnum for that matter, and she wanted to give him the chance to get to know these strangers before they allowed the children to enter their ship.

The group squeezed into the galley area, and Oggo told them about his separation from Farnum. "After we left you, he went back to his old ways. He didn't know what to do next. I met up with Loro and we developed an act that I wanted him to promote, but Farnum insisted on controlling every aspect of the show."

"So, we left him," Loro told them. "And went off on our own."

"What kind of show do you have, Loro?" Judy asked.

Loro turned his attention to the beautiful woman whose hair was as blond as his own. He smiled and replied, "We are magicians. We can take a simple object…" Loro picked up his water glass, "And turn it into something else." He flicked his wrist and the glass turned into a bouquet of deep blue flowers. He handed the flowers to Judy and said, "They match your eyes."

Don raised his eyebrows. He had assumed that the older two were attached, just as Oggo and Rubina seemed to be. He expected a reaction from Azara, but her eyes were all over him rather than Loro, and she didn't seem to notice that Loro had just hit on Judy. Don placed his hand over Judy's and curled his fingers around hers, hoping that it would send a message to both Azara and Loro. He and Judy had just re-found each other. He was not about to let anyone come between them again.

John didn't miss Don's move and appreciated his protective instincts. He was concerned, however, about Penny. She said little at dinner and kept her eyes on her plate. Rubina, he noticed, cast a wary eye on both her and Oggo, who didn't hide his pleasure at seeing Penny again. John caught his wife's eye during dessert and they exchanged a look that only a parent would understand.

Will and Dr. Smith were the two who hung onto the newcomers' every word. Will asked if they had ever run into the traveling circus Will had almost traveled with two years ago, but none of them had ever heard of Dr. Marvello.

Dr. Smith was curious about where the troop would go next, and asked, "Have you ever been to Earth?"

"Earth would not be a lucrative stop in our travels. I've heard that magicians are a dime a dozen there," Loro told him.

"Oh, I beg to differ. You simply need someone to advertise your special talents, and I am in a perfect position to serve as your promoter."

"No, Dr. Smith. We're not going to Earth," Oggo told him.

"What do you do in your show?" Will asked.

"Would you like to see it?" Oggo asked him.


"Tonight, then, you're all invited to our ship."

Don and John spent the next three hours studying the alien ship. The ship's systems were not unlike those of the Jupiter, and the repairs would have been easily completed were it not for the intrusion of Azara on every move. If she were not knowledgeable about the mechanical workings of the engines, Don would have sent her away, but she was the ship's mechanic, and he had no choice than to explain the details of every repair he made. John stood by and smirked every time Azara placed a hand on Don's arm and asked him to repeat every explanation.

When they finally finished, Don started to wipe his hands with a rag, but Azara took the rag from his hands and gently wiped a mark off his forehead. She leaned into him, and he blushed a deep pink. John crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows. Don took the rag from her hand, and said, "Uh, thanks, but I can do that."

"I must prepare for our show. I know you will be quite impressed," she said as she caressed his cheek, and then sauntered away.

While the men and Azara were working on the engines, Loro was working on Judy. Once he heard that she had been interested in the stage, he coerced her into taking part in their show. Judy's first reaction had been to decline his invitation to join him on stage, but Penny had encouraged her to shed her hesitations. "Judy, you've always wanted to be on the stage. This might be your only chance of ever having that experience again," Penny had told her.

The family gathered in the small stage-like area on Oggo's ship. Don sat down next to Penny and asked, "Where's Judy?"

"She didn't tell you?" Penny asked.

"Tell me what?"

"She's going to be in the show."

"Judy?" Don asked.

Penny nodded.

"No, she didn't tell me." Don folded his arms and frowned. "You know, Penny, if anyone would have been asked to be in the show, I would have thought that it would have been you."

Penny shook her head. "I've stayed out of their way."

"Because of Rubina?" Don asked her. She looked away and didn't respond. "Look, Penny, for what it's worth, I'm proud of you," Don told her. "I wish everyone had your sense of values."

"Oh, don't be mad at Judy, Don," Penny told him. "She didn't want to be in the show, but I convinced her. How many chances is she going to get to be on the stage?"

Don stared at the young girl, who he felt was wise beyond her years. He unfolded his arms and grasped the edge of the bench he was sitting on and replied, "Yeah, I guess you're right."

The room darkened and eerie galactic music played. Red, blue, green and yellow lights appeared from every angle. A white spotlight lit and shone down upon a glitter-gowned Judy who stood with one armed held straight above her head, palm curved towards the ceiling. She sang a series of notes and took a step forward. Don was mesmerized. His memory sent him back to when Judy was in the summer stock show, Oklahoma, and he presented yellow roses to her. He wished he had a bouquet of red roses to give her at the end of this show.

Judy retreated to the side of the stage as Oggo, Rubina, Azara and Loro began their magic show. Objects appeared and disappeared. Flowers turned into jewels, mounds of scarves into kittens and a snake into a gold necklace. Oggo called Penny to the stage and graciously placed the necklace around Penny's neck. Penny smiled shyly as Rubina shot an arrow of jealously towards her with her eyes.

A box stood in the center and Oggo asked Penny to tap every side of the box to determine that it was solid, which she did. He then had her stand to the side and beckoned for Judy to approach and enter the box. Penny stood by as Oggo and Loro firmly closed and locked the box.

Don bit his lip, wondering if they'd change Judy into something else or simply have her disappear. Oggo and Loro spun the box and it twirled around and around like a ballerina on her toes. Finally, the spinning stopped. Oggo asked Penny to open the box. She did and Judy had been replaced by a slender bear like creature. Azara took hold of the chain that was around the creature's neck and led it out of the box. The band of magicians stood shoulder to shoulder and bowed to the family. Dr. Smith began the clapping, and the family responded, but Don didn't join them. Instead he stood and scanned the stage. Where was Judy?


Azara led her pet to Don and he stepped back as the thing bared its teeth to him. "Do not be afraid," Azara told Don. "He will not hurt you when I am in control."

"What if you're not?" Don asked her.

"I am always in control," Azara told him.

Don noticed that Loro had disappeared from the stage and the rest of the family was congratulating Oggo on a fine show. No one seemed to be concerned that Judy had yet to return. Don walked past Azara and joined the rest of the family. Azara smirked and led her pet out of the staging area.

"Earth has never seen such a show," Dr. Smith was telling Oggo as Don approached them.

"That does not matter, Dr. Smith. Earth is not a planet that will be in our travels."

Don confronted them. "Where is she, Oggo?"

"Judy?" Oggo replied. "Trust me, she is fine." He turned to Rubina. "Take him to her. No need to return."

Rubina stared at him, but said nothing. She gestured for Don to follow her and led him away.

"Now, Penny," Oggo said as he took her hand. "We have a moment to talk."

Penny glanced at her parents, and her father said, "I'm sorry, Oggo, but we're going to return to our ship. It's late."

Penny squeezed Oggo's hand and said, "You all go ahead. I'll wait here for Don and Judy. Besides, I'd like to spend some time catching up with Oggo."

John raised his eyebrows and was about to object when Maureen took his arm and turned him away. "That's fine, Penny, but don't be too late."

Rubina led Don away. "You do not trust her?" Rubina asked him as they stepped down the circular stairs to the lower deck.

"Who?" Don asked.

"Your woman?"

"Oh, her I trust," he replied. "Let's just say that I don't trust that Loro fellow."

"As well you should not," Rubina replied. "Loro and Azara always seek to enhance their love life."

"You mean…"

"Yes. They are constantly after me and Oggo to join them."

"Ugh!" Don exclaimed. "Judy and I are not exactly a Bob and Carol looking for a Ted and Alice."

"Excuse Me?" Rubina said.

Don chuckled. "You wouldn't understand. What about you and Oggo? It seems to me that you're not too trusting of him yourself."

"Oggo is not one to stray; however, the Penny woman is someone he has not forgotten."

Penny stood by Oggo and watched her family leave, wondering what she was doing. "Oggo, I think I've made a mistake," she started to say, but Oggo interrupted her by placing his finger on her lips.

"No. No mistake," he told her. "I have dreamed about you Penny Robinson."

"What about Rubina?"

He looked away from her. "She has been a faithful companion, but she is not you," he said.

He took her hand and led her to a viewing area on the ship. There was a chaise lounge and small cabinet nearby. Oggo pointed to the lounge, and said, "Sit," as he opened the cabinet and took out a bottle of what Penny could only guess was something similar to alcohol.

"I don't drink," she told Oggo.

Oggo looked at her, confused. "All bodies need liquid refreshment."

"I mean, I don't drink alcohol or anything that might, um, make me feel… dizzy."

"Trust me. This will not make you… dizzy. It is simply a nourishing drink." Penny accepted the glass he held out to her. He touched his glass to hers and said, "To old friends."

She nodded and smiled. He was captivated and she was curious. They both sipped and Oggo took the glass from her hand and placed it aside. He sat next to her and placed an arm around her. "Penny, I have not stopped thinking about you since Farnum and I left you."


"Sh…" he leaned toward her and pressed his lips to hers. Penny's mind told her to pull away, but she wanted the kiss as much as he did.

When Don and Rubina reached the lower deck, Azara held her pet's chain out to Rubina. "Here. Take him back to his cage and feed him," she told the younger female.

Rubina took the chain, but couldn't help saying, "He is not looking for a Ted and Alice."

Azara frowned. "What are you talking about?" Rubina caught Don's eye and laughed. Then she walked away. Azara took Don's arm and wrapped her hand around it. "She is an unusual woman for our species, always fearing new adventures, and always hanging onto Oggo."

Don stared at Azara and pried her hand from his arm. "You mean the way you're hanging onto me?" he asked.

"Do you also fear new adventures?" she asked him.

"Just take me to Judy," he told her.

Judy found herself unconscious in a box under the stage. She had no idea what had happened. When they had rehearsed earlier in the day, she had been instructed to simply drop down into a hole in the floor. There was no mention of her being replaced by an animal. When she entered the box on stage, she felt a prick in her side, and fell to the floor, unconscious. By the time she awoke, Loro was with her and holding her head in his lap. "You have rejoined us," he told her.

She struggled to sit up and mumbled, "What happened? Why was I unconscious?"

"A necessary component of the illusion that did not need rehearsal," Loro told her.

She stared at him. "I don't like being tricked," she said.

"You have my apology, Judy, but it was the only way to complete the illusion without causing you panic."

"Why would I be panicked?" she asked. She turned towards a familiar voice who answered.

"Because they replaced you with a sharp-toothed animal," Don said as he and Azara walked into the room.

"Don!" she exclaimed and extended her hand towards him.

"Are you all right?" he asked her as he helped her up.

"I think so. I didn't know they were going to drug me," she said as she allowed Don to put his arm around her waist and draw her towards him. She wrapped her arms around his chest and said, "I'm glad you're here."

"And so are we," Azara said as she took Loro's arm. "We have a… proposal for you."

"I don't think so," Don said even before she finished.

"But you haven't heard our proposition," Loro said. "Don't rush off. I can see that there is no privacy on your ship. You can stay here with us and fulfill your carnal desires – freely and without judgment."

Judy looked at Don. There was nothing more she wanted than to lay in his arms without intrusion. "Don? Maybe we should take him up on his offer. We would finally have some privacy."

"It comes with a price, Judy," Don told her. "A foursome is not exactly my idea of privacy."

Judy's eyes went wide. "A foursome!"

Azara laughed. "Surely, you can't be as innocent as you appear."

"Innocent is not exactly the word I would use to describe her," Don told Azara. "Let's just say that we revel in an exclusive relationship. We don't need anyone else to make love exciting."

"Reconsider! Surely, you can't resist our offer."

Judy smiled up at Don, and he shrugged. "We can resist," Judy told them. "And don't call me Shirley!" Loro and Azara wrinkled their brows in confusion. They could not believe they had been rebuffed.

Don laughed. "In the mood to see the movie, Airplane?"

Judy nodded. "Let's go back."

Loro and Azara watched them climb the steps. "They are like Oggo and Rubina," Loro said. "Let them go."

Azara smirked. "Oggo may not be who you think he is. He and the young one might be better companions than these two," she told him.

Oggo and Penny were still on the chaise lounge, sitting side by side by the time Don and Judy walked up the circular stairs. They found Rubina standing at the top, listening to Oggo and Penny talk about their lives since they had last seen each other. Oggo was telling Penny how he had met Rubina. "And she stepped out from behind the trash bin and asked Farnum for a coin. He rebuffed her, but I was mesmerized by her tranquil eyes… so knowing for one so young."

"You're in love with her."

Oggo smiled at Penny. "Yes. Now I am sure."

Don and Judy stood on the steps below Rubina and they cleared their throats. Rubina stepped onto the upper deck and Don and Judy followed her. Oggo and Penny stood and Oggo met Rubina's eyes. He was mesmerized once again. "I must apologize to you, Rubina."

Rubina walked over to him and Penny. "No apology is necessary, Oggo. You have come back to me as I had hoped. Now I know that I do not come second to the beautiful Penny Robinson."

"I'm sorry, Rubina," Penny told her. "I didn't mean to come between you."

"You are no longer between us," Rubina told her and reached out to shake her hand.

"I'm glad you've found someone to make you happy, Oggo," Penny told him. "I'm happy that you've found each other."

"You will always have a warm place in my heart," Oggo told her. "You are the one who truly set me free."

Penny walked over to Don and her sister. "Are you ready to go back?" she asked them.

They nodded. "Are you all right, Penny?" Judy asked her.

Penny smiled. "Yes. I'm fine – really."

"We're gonna watch a movie," Don told her. "Wanna join us?" he asked.

"What movie?"


"I love that move!" Penny exclaimed. "And so does Will!"

"Guess we'll be doing a family thing," Don told Judy.

"Are you okay with that?" Judy asked.

Don laughed. "As long as I get you to myself for a good-night kiss," Don told her.

"Tell you what," Judy said. "We'll neck in the back while Penny and Will watch the movie."

"I'll take you up on that," Don said.

By the time the movie was over, Judy and Don were asleep in each others' arms. Will turned to Penny and asked, "Should we wake them up?"

"They look so comfortable," she whispered. "Let's leave them alone."

They climbed down the ladder to the lower deck. Will turned to his sister and asked, "What happened between you and Oggo?"

"Oh, nothing really. We realized that we're at different stages in our lives," Penny replied.

"Was he still ga-ga over you?"

"Not anymore," she told him. "I was just someone who helped him on his way."

"Penny? I'm glad you're okay," Will told her. "I know it must be hard to be a teenager with no boys around."

"It's all right, Will," Penny told him. "It won't be long before you feel the same way. You'll be a teenager with no girls around to catch your eye."

"Girls!" Will exclaimed. "Who needs 'em!"

"Will Robinson, you'll eat those words someday!" Penny told him.

Will laughed. "Good-night, Penny."

"Good-night, Will," Penny replied.

The Jupiter was back on course for Alpha Centauri and Dr. Smith was as miserable as he had ever been. "Oh, woe is me," Dr. Smith lamented. "Never to set foot on my homeland again."

"Enough, Smith!" Don exclaimed. "You've been moaning for two days now. We should have left you with Oggo!"

"Pshaw, Major!" Smith told him. "You have no idea what it is like to be alone and adrift… not knowing if you will ever know happiness again."

"Oh, I have an idea, Smith," Don told him. He turned to look at Judy, who caught his eye. "And I hope to find much more happiness soon."

Judy blushed at his words. Meeting up with Oggo had led them to talking about marriage once again. Penny seemed to have recovered well from their encounter with the magician troupe, and Judy and Don's thought had returned to finding a way to be together… really together.

"Warning! Warning!" the Robot exclaimed.

"What is it, Robot?" Will asked.

"We are about to collide with a heavenly object that will send us off our present course of travel!"

Don and John climbed the ladder to the upper deck. "I don't see anything," Don told John as he stared out of the viewport. The Jupiter's alarms blared.

"What is it?" John shouted.

"I wish I knew!" Don replied as he plopped into his pilot's seat, ready to redirect the ship, but he had no idea where to go!

To be continued next week!

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