A/N: All right, I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon and write a single-sentence-story fic. I've seen them in a bunch of differnt fandoms, and they were all relly good. This is the first piece I've published in this fandom, but you can usually find me hanging out in the Final Fantasy 7 and anime sections. Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies ever, and I used to watch the TV series every day after school. Mozenrath is still my favorite villian, and when I first migrated over here, Cantare and a few others (I am not worthy, I am not worthy! -bows-) showed me the wonders of the Mozenrath/Jasmine pairing. You guys rock much more than you'll ever know, and it's mostly because of you that this fic was posted. (Although I'm not going to deny that another reason was that I was tired of seeing all the Jafar/Jasmine that's been posted lately. M/J will rise again!) Anyway, there wil eventually be fifty of these altogether, posted in sets of ten. I hope you all enjoy!

1. Education

She often tried to teach Mozenrath to control his temper, but he would always reply that destroying a wooden table or picking on one of him Mamluks was more conducive to relieving his frustration than holding his breath and counting to ten.

2. Games

Standing in the doorway, Jasmine watched in amusement as their young daughter tried to teach him the rules to the game she'd invented, and laughed aloud when he couldn't understand them.

3. Lazy

He often wondered at how she could sleep until midday or later when there was nothing of importance to do, and when he asked her about it, she replied, "Ex-princesses need theibeauty sleep too, you know."

4. Love

As they lay together one night, he wondered which type of love she consider stronger: that which had made a street rat a Sultan, or that which had transformed a princess into an exile.

5. Magic

It confused him how, although she had no magic in her nor the ability to control it, there was more power in her touch than in most of the items he owned.

6. Debt

He supposed that he owed the street rat something for introducing him to his future wife.

7. Darkness

Jasmine would never forget the day the Heartless came for the third time: she saw them lumbering up towards the Citadel and watched helplessly as they devoured him.

8. Patience

He was more frustrated at the end of his daughter's lessons that day than he had been in some time, but when he expected Jasmine to scold him for being too harsh, she told him that she was proud of the patience he showed—she had failed to perform a simple spell several times and all of the furniture was still intact.

9. Death

He was put out when Xerxes passed on, and Jasmine sympathized, but their two-year-old daughter cried over his familiar's death for several days straight.

10. Joyous

He used to think that he would only be happy once he had conquered the Seven Deserts, but when he first felt his child move within Jasmine's womb, Mozenrath realized he had been wrong.