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41. Marriage

Mozenrath knew he had changed when, after making love to her one night, he began thinking of a suitable way to propose to her.

42. Math

When he couldn't figure out why the spell wasn't working, she leaned over his shoulder and pointed out an error in his calculations.

43. Delay

Of course, she thought to herself as she counted the days, any child of his would be contrary and refuse to arrive on time.

44. Sacred

He couldn't understand why she insisted that their wedding night was something special—they had, after all, been intimate for some time already.

45. Heat

On a very humid night, she ordered him to sleep in another part of the Citadel, and he hadn't realized until later that he had gone without a word of argument.

46. Deflated

When she approached him that day and told him she was pregnant, her mouth dropped as he asked, "Hadn't I already told you that we had successfully conceived?"

47. Blood

There had been a point in time when he would have relished in seeing her blood splattered against the walls and pouring quickly from her, but now as she lay in a spreading pool of red, his first thought was of how quickly he could save her.

48. Awkward

He'd been taunting her when she tried to punch him, the force of her swing throwing her off balance as her blow didn't land, and when she grabbed onto his sleeve as she fell and took him down with her, he pinned her against the floor and said, "My, my, Princess, isn't this an interesting turn of events?" and kissed her.

49. Scarred

He was surprised that she could love him so much when she let slip that many of the scars marring her delicate flesh had come from him.

50. Easy

"Hmm, I love you too, Mozenrath."