Disclaimer: Viper belongs to Pet Fly, the car to Dodge. These are Delia's thoughts to Joe, based off a scene in the NBC Pilot (which you can watch on YouTube). I wrote this several years ago. I just unearthed it, so I thought I'd post it.

"It Can Be That Way Again"

by Evil Overlady

The city lights shine brightly

As they did so long ago,

A convincing illusion for the dark it hides.

When I first walked my beat

The badge shone bright as gold,

Untarnished by today's corrupt life.


(But) you look at me

As I spill my blackened soul

Made of choices I can't defend.

I cannot read your eyes

But your words fill an empty hole:

"It can be that way again."

How could I forgive myself,

Much less you forgive me too,

For taking your life away from you.

I've seen such horrors

That you've been made to forget,

Though it seems you've been made anew.



Oh! If I could only start over,

Like you.

There'd never be a you!

I'd convinced myself it

Was justified for a car

But it was what the car represents.

To take a crook

And a corrupted metal frame

To enforce the laws we've too far bent.


Please, let it be that way again!