"Is he waking up?"

"I thought we told you to get lost, Black."

Remus awoke to the sound of James and Sirius arguing at his bedside. Something was wrong, he knew it. They didn't argue - they just didn't. He wondered what had happened as he scoured any scrap of memory from the past few days.

One memory caught his attention. It was stored away in the wolf's mind, adjacent to his, and the fragmented pieces of it scared Remus right to his core.

Someone was with him in the shack when he had transformed. Someone was hurt.

"Who is it?!" His eyes snapped open and he stared up at his three friends, standing to his right. He fought to stop his voice shaking and continued, "One of you must know, who was it in there with me?"

James' eyes slid to the floor, and he sat down in the chair near to the bed. "You remember, then," his eyes met Remus', an unreadable emotion in them, then rolled to look at Sirius, currently very interested in his feet. "Why don't we let him tell you the story?"

Remus turned to look at Sirius, waiting for an explanation. When none came, he asked again.

"Snape,"Sirius whispered, barely audible,"It was Snape."

All Remus' greatest fears hit him in one fierce swipe. He'd been seen, and someone was probably hurt. Namely Severus Snape.

"Don't panic yourself Remus, he's fine." Peter spoke for the first time, strangely confident. He nudged Sirius to carry on.

"I didn't mean to mate," he stammered, refusing to meet Remus' eyes, "I never thought he'd actually do it..."

Disbelief washed away the panic pounding at Remus' chest. Sirius had had something to do with this? He closed his eyes, not fighting tears, but anger. He could feel the wolf bubbling at the surface, waiting to break out.

"Sirius told Snape how to still the Willow." James explained, ice in his voice. Remus felt himself shake with anger. How could Sirius do something like that?

"I never, ever thought he'd go down there, Rem-"

"But he did, didn't he?" Remus cut off Sirius, an unfamiliar anger in his voice despite it's low volume. He couldn't contain it any more with him standing there. "Just go, Sirius. Get out."

"Remus, mate, I swear-"

Remus opened his eyes to stare at his so-called friend. He knew they could see the wolf on his face, but he didn't care as he gave a look only a werewolf could give. He could feel the angry shadows on his features, the amber highlights in his eyes burning. Sirius staggered backwards in the shock of his friend looking at him like that. Looking at anyone like that.

He swept out of the room, and Remus' head fell back to the pillow with a gentle thump.

Then the tears came.