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Chapter 14:

Ship Hunt

Tetra, Zale, Link, and Kirore sat around a small wooden table placed in Tetra's cabin. A large map laid spread out before them.

"It seems that Rocco is heading east," Kirore said slowly. He trailed his finger across the map serving as an invisible route. "Here," –he prodded the map- "is where we need to go."

"Near Bird's Peak Rock Island then?" Tetra growled. She was still upset from losing her money to her crew. Never again would she bet on Link when he fought with Zale.

"No, near Outset," Zale said, leaning back in her chair with a smirk.

Tetra growled at the other captain and Link sighed. "How far is he now?"

Kirore looked thoughtful for a moment. "Three days east from Bird's Peak at the most."

"Three days?" Exclaimed Tetra angrily. "We're a day away from there! How are we supposed to get there that fast dammit without him gaining on us even more?" She stood from her chair and turned her back towards a curved blade hanging on the wooden walls. "We need a miracle to cover that much distance in such a short amount of time." Quickly Tetra closed her mouth and glanced over her shoulder to see Kirore and Link smiling.

The other three blinked. One day wasn't that long of a time…

"Well, I've the Windwaker."

"And I'm-"

Zale leaned towards Kirore's face before he could finish. "Yes, we know what you are! As Tetra would say, you're the Goddesses' Bastard." Looking over at Tetra, Zale smirked. She stood and rolled up the map from the table. "West we go, men! Call the crew and tell them to get ready to set said!"

At her sister's words, Tetra frowned. Turning on the blue-haired girl she hissed, "This is my ship. What gives you the right to command my crew?"

"It being yours also makes it mine, right? We are close in blood."

Right as both the pirate captains reached for their blades, Link stepped between them and pushed them away from each other. First he turned to Tetra. "Well, you would have given the same commands so calm down!" Then facing Zale, "And she is right, very few of the men on board are your crew and it isn't your ship. So let the bossing to Tetra."

Tetra frowned. "What do you mean by 'bossing', Link?"

The hero blinked. "Well isn't that what you do as captain?" he asked blandly.

"I do a lot more than boss people around!"

Link nodded slowly in agreement. "Right, right, you yell at people too. Sorry, I forgot!" As he spoke Tetra's face turned into a vicious scowl. He darted from the room and the princess followed, ironically yelling at the boy.

Zale and Kirore were left in the captain's quarters and the messenger put out his hands to receive the map. Once the paper was in his hands Kirore looked up at Zale. "Miss Pirate Boss, you finally found the Princess. Are you just tagging along now that you finished what you need to do?"

The girl stared blankly at him. Yes, the mess that had started everything… When she had raided Tetra's ship, knowing that it held her sister. But because of the raid everything changed and Zale was now stuck with the task of hunting down Rocco. Or Ganon. Whatever.

She slammed her hands on the table, forgetting that Kirore stood beside her watching in curiosity. "Miss Pirate Boss… Eh, we should probably get out of Tetra's room."

Zale blinked and nodded briskly. "Yes, yes let's go then!"

Out on deck, Link stood alone, surrounded by the rest of the pirate crew. When Zale and Kirore approached they shoved their way towards the front of the ring near Tetra. The blonde girl was grumbling in annoyance, occasionally giving commands to the crewmembers or Link.

"Oye, swabbie, ya better do this right er I'm gunna disown you from bein' me swabbie!" called Niko. The small pirate received several grunts of agreement from the other men.

Link, standing in the ring nervously, took out the Windwaker and raised it above his head. He took in a breath and glanced at Tetra. "I don't think I'll be able to get enough power to get the wind to move us to Bird's Peak within two days!"

Tetra placed her hands on her hips and frowned. "What do you mean you don't think you'll 'ave enough power? Use that little music tool and get us some strong winds!"

"But the Wind God hasn't exactly been favoring me lately! I've kinda neglected-"

"Goddesses, Link!" Tetra cried. She lunged at the boy and grabbed the Windwaker in his hands.

"Hey, let go!"

"Give it!"

"Tetra, stop it!" Link barreled the girl over, sending her onto her back and he wrestled her down as he tried to get the instrument back. She kicked him in the gut and when he flinched away Tetra bolted out from beneath him. Link grabbed her ankle and she fell again. Around them, the crew backed away from the two people fighting.

Everyone watched in silence until Kirore walked forward and grabbed the Windwaker from Tetra's hands. Link and Tetra froze and looked up at the boy who stood with his arms across his chest. Kirore waved the Windwaker and them then tossed it to Link once back on his feet. "Here, take it. We don't have time for you two to be fighting over senseless things. This whole thing started when you," –he pointed to Tetra- "tried to make Link control the wind faster. Just play the stupid song and get it over with, 'k?"

The pair stood dumbstruck and Link feebly raised his arm once more. He flicked the Windwaker upwards, then to the left, then right. All was quiet on the sea, but after several moments the wind picked up and the ship's sails waved in the air.

"Southeast we go…" muttered Zale quietly.

The rest of the crew cheered out loudly until Tetra yelled at them to get back to work. As the deck cleared, Kirore approached Link. "Nice little tool you have there." He tipped his head to the side. "You want to go even faster?" the boy asked, a childish grin creeping up his face.

Link looked thoughtful and kneeled to be at eye level with Kirore. "How much faster?"

"Link, don't encourage him," Zale hissed into his ear. When Link waved her away absently, she punched him in the arm lightly.

Kirore smiled and closed his eyes. They flashed open for a minute and as quick as a sudden flash of lightning, the ship lurched forward and shook violently as the waves crashed against the sides. Everyone who stood on the deck at the time lost their balance and tumbled on the deck. Link stumbled onto the side rails, almost getting hit in the face by a huge wave.

"Kirore!" Link shouted in surprise. "What did you do?"

Beside him, lying in a heap on the ground, Zale grunted and heaved herself from the ground. "I told you not to encourage him."

"After I did! Yeah, thanks for the warning…" The spray of salt water stung his face and he slunk down beside Zale. Kirore sat pleased in front of them, still smiling. "You're a dead child," Link said to him.

And as if right on cue, Tetra stormed over, stuttering about like a drunken sailor from the constant crashing and lurching of the ship. Her eyes met Link's. She thought the sudden rough ocean was his fault. Not Kirore's. When she neared them a large wave collided with the ship and Tetra fell onto her hands and knees. She let out a groan of annoyance and glared at Link.

"Practicing?" Kirore asked with a smirk.

Tetra ignored the boy's comments. "What did you do?"

Link raised his hands in defense. "I didn't do anything!"

"Link…" she growled.

"Oiyoi, Tetra, it was Kirore," Zale said with a snort.

The captain's brow furrowed as she turned on Kirore.

"Although it was Link who encouraged him."

Link frowned and pushed Zale over. "Don't tell her that! She'll throw me overboard."

"Better you than me," grumbled Kirore.

As the two boys began to fight over whose fault it was, Zale watched in amusement and Tetra grew more annoyed and angrier by the second. After a minute of pointless arguing, she snapped.


Link and Kirore stared at her wide-eyed.

"Do you hear me…?" she hissed, annoyance dripping from each word.

Both of them slowly nodded. Before Tetra could say another word, Link sprang up and shoved Kirore to Tetra. "Throw him overboard! Not me!" The green-clad hero sprinted away as he tried his best not to fall over.

Tetra had opened her mouth to yell after him but Mako up in the crow's nest spoke first. "Miss Tetra! We just passed Bird's Peak Rock!" he called down to her.

The captain blinked. Amid all the distractions she didn't even notice the rock looming in the distance behind them.

"Well that was fast," Zale said. She stood up and steadied herself with the side rail.

"Kirore, find Link," Tetra began. "Just because were making good progress doesn't mean you two don't get off the hook easily."

Kirore nodded and pushed himself from the ground. He slowly ambled away, laughing as he headed below deck where he had seen Link disappear to.

Zale held out a hand to Tetra who took it reluctantly. "Well, well, having fun?" she asked in amusement. When Tetra did not respond Zale sighed. "Listen, eh… I know that Link… he…"

That was where Tetra turned to face her. "He what?" she growled.

The blue-haired girl looked away and brought her hands in front of her face, taking a sudden interest in them. She took in a deep breath. "You do realize I won't take him from you, right?" Zale froze for a second. Undoubtedly Tetra was going to say something about Link stowing away on her own ship. "Well, not anymore," she said quickly. "I mean, I know he likes you and-"

"Yeah, I get it." Tetra replied dryly. "He showed me your chain."

Zale looked curiously at her sister. "What about it?"

"Our mother gave it to us as gifts…"

"Yes. Why-"

"She never told me anything about a sister. I would have remembered something like that."

"Did she… Were you close?"

Tetra's eyes narrowed as she squinted against the sun setting over the waves. "I don't remember. All I know is that she gave me the chain with the Triforce and that she died before my eyes."


Silence fell between them and eventually Tetra turned away. She headed to her quarters, now walking with a steady footing, leaving Zale to herself.

Several days passed by and Kirore's raging ocean waves had died down. The men onboard were thankful and sent silent prayers to the Goddesses. Link and Kirore, however, did nothing but cuss as they emptied buckets of water from below deck. Tetra sat on a crate watching them like a hawk and scolding them when they paused.

"Damn her," hissed Kirore. "I hope the Goddesses bring her nothing but misfortune when she's nowhere near us."

Link raised an eyebrow at the kid. "She is the Princess of Hyrule and the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom in case you haven't noticed. Good luck finding the new Hyrule without her."

Kirore whacked Link with a bucket, spraying its water contents over him—not that they could get any wetter. "We have Zale too!"

"Hey!" shouted Tetra, listening to their conversation. "Get back to work!"

"Doesn't she have anything to do…?" Kirore asked under his breath.

Link shrugged and headed up to the deck to empty several of the buckets. "I'd rather get rid of piles of rotting fish with Niko," he muttered.

Tetra had heard him and smiled softly after he passed by. Kirore had seen her smile and grinned. When Tetra caught his eyes with her own dagger like ones, the boy went frigid and quickly turned his head.

Above deck, Link dropped the emptied buckets and slunk down to the wooden boards. Zale, hanging from the crow's nest, looked at him and waved. She unfolded her legs and fell down, landing gracefully onto her feet.

"Showoff," Link called.

Zale raised her chin in acknowledgement and strolled over. She sat beside him and gave him a sharp prod in the arm. "Shouldn't you be, oh I don't know, working?"

"Shouldn't you be doing something other than pestering me about work?" he asked with narrowed eyes.

She looked thoughtful for a moment then nodded. Zale looked up when the crew began to give loud shouts to one another. Tetra walked out onto deck, having heard the noise from where she was below, and placed her hands on her hips. She gave a loud shout and Nudge ran up to her.

The captain gave a nod and sent away the pirate. She glanced over at Link and Zale sitting on the deck. Heading over she gave a few more commands over her shoulder and drew her knife from her belt. The commotion on the ship began to grow and when Kirore walked up he blinked in surprise, he even dropped the buckets from his hands.

Tetra knelt in front of Link and Zale with an expressionless face. "A few miles east," she said simply. "Zale, your ship is a few miles east. Mako can see it from the crow's nest."

Link looked around. "Then what is everyone doing?"

"Getting ready to fight. If it's Ganon inside Rocco's body then he might have a few monsters with him as crew members. And for all we know, Ganon probably has even more beasts guarding anywhere around the ship." Tetra held out both of her hands for Link and Zale. "Go get ready. Link, put your mail on and Zale put on whatever that armor is that you have."

The two nodded and hurried off to their cabins.

Tetra looked out to the sea and frowned. Zale's ship was visible, barely though, and was a small dot in the horizon. By nightfall they would have reached the other ship. And by nightfall they would be fighting. She sighed and turned her own blade over in her hand. Tetra may as well do something productive as well if they were going to enter battle in only a few hours.

Heading over to where Val and Murdo stood sharpening weapons, Tetra tossed several knives onto the wooden table with the rest of the weapons. Her throat grew dry when she was about to speak. Ever so slowly, the words came out of her mouth. "What do I need to do?" she managed to ask.

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