title. after echoes
he never say it first, but she doesn't mind.
edit: i decided to make a SMUT collection for the pornfest. i deleted at least 5 chapters. will post them later.
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"I love you."

He bites her bare shoulder. "I know."

"I'll do anything for you."

He kisses her cheek. "I know."

"Ask me anything, I'll give it to you."

He licks the corner of her mouth. "I know."

"I am in love with you."

He roughly cups her naked, heavy breast, molding the hot flesh in his palm. "I know."


He kisses her mouth, filling her with his tongue and saliva. She moans long and low, full with him and everything. His teeth cling to her plump lower lip, chewing, sucking. When he hooks his fingers over the thin string of her panties and tears them off her hips, she gasps, and he silences her with his tongue.

She groans, and it echoes inside his mouth. Teeth chew on her lips, his tongue moves against hers, his lips roll hotly, greedily over hers – consuming her, dominating her, claiming her, tainting her.

He presses closer while she tries to catch up with his movements, with his lips, tongue, fingers, body. But she can't. He doesn't let her.

He gives. He takes.

She pants harshly against his teeth, shaking, sweating, aching. Gray eyes widen when he grabs one shapely leg. He lifts it and pushes it outward, stretching her, opening her wider.

"Ichigo…" she moans against his warm lips.

"I know," he whispers hotly, breathlessly. "I know."

And without a warning, he thrust into her and she screams, arching her back. As she cries out into the darkness, he bites on her lower lip, savoring the sound of her cry of his name, the taste of her lip, the silk wetness of her core. He thrust again, harder, deeper.

And she breaks and breaks, shatters and shatters.

It is a strange feeling, to be broken and be complete all at the same time. And when he does it again – breaking her, filling her up – she cries again and again. She tries to move, but she can't. She tries to breathe, but she can't.

He thrust again, again and again.


She breaks again, again and again.

In her daze of colors, waves and muted sounds, she sees him, she feels him. She runs her hand through his hair, and she feels him tingle and convulse.

"I know," he says, he whispers, he growls at every hard, deep thrust. Her body shakes under his rock hard muscles. She is shaking harder now, he is fucking her harder now.

"I know."

She closes her eyes, and tears run down from the corner of her closed lids.

I love you.

I'll do anything for you.

Ask me anything, I'll give it to you.

I am in love with you.

And with his every silent confession, she comes violently, shaking, gasping, drowning.

(and again,


and again.)