title. at eleven forty five,
prompt. shh
IchiHime, language, pwp!, explicit, subtle mentions of other pairs

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At eleven forty five, the bell rings.


"Orihime, where are you going?" asks Tatsuki, arching a brow questioningly.

The auburn-haired girl smiles, the corner of her caramel-colored eyes crinkling. "School clinic, Tatsuki-chan~" she chirps. "Don't worry, though, I'm not hurt!" Orihime adds hurriedly. "I need a new colorful band aid for my cut, that's all."

Tatsuki nods her head with a negligent wave. "Alright."

Orihime smiles brightly over her shoulder.

"See you later! Start your lunch without me, okay?"





He glances over his broad shoulder. "Rukia."

"Where are you going?" asks Rukia, looking up to Ichigo.

"Principal office," he answers with a shrug.

A frown wrinkles Rukia's forehead. "This has become a frequent occurrence."

There is another shrug. Rukia's lips thin at Ichigo's apparent disinterest in continuing their conversation.

"See you at the rooftop, then."

"Don't wait for me, though. It might take awhile." He turns and leaves without a glance.





Tatsuki and Rukia meet in the hallway.

"Huh? Where's Ichigo?" Tatsuki asks.

He and Rukia is an institution. It is almost blasphemous to see Ichigo without Rukia and vice versa. Once, Tatsuki demands what was going on; she is protective of Orihime and her heart. Uncomfortably but firmly, Ichigo told her that there is nothing going on. Tatsuki believes him, but she never mentions to Ichigo that, yes, there is nothing going on, at least in his side, but Tatsuki is sure there is something going on with Rukia. Tatsuki is not an expert and has no experience but she has watched Orihime pine for Ichigo long enough to know the symptoms.

"Principal office," Rukia answers. For her part, Rukia is uncomfortable with Arisawa. Two years ago, when she first arrived, she isn't. But now, things are different. Moreover, Arisawa is perceptive; Rukia is uncomfortable when Arisawa looks at her.

To break the tension, Rukia asks. "Where's Inoue?"

"Clinic," the best friend answers.

They nod at each other and resumes walking; Tatsuki goes out to the courtyard; Rukia goes up to the rooftop.






A door slides shut followed by a click and a thump.







He covers her mouth with his. Almost instantly, she parts her lips and his tongue enters her mouth. He pushes her hard against the wall, hands cupping her face, his hard body pressed hard against hers. Her small hands clutch at his uniform at his waist. Feverishly, his lips move over hers, his teeth biting on her plump, bottom lip. She is panting when he releases her swollen lips, her cheeks hot and flushed while he drops little kisses around her lips.

"Ku – Kurosaki-kun…"

Their lips touch and cling to each other. A slender hand reaches up to grasp wild, orange hair, causing their mouths to crush against each other harder. He slants his lips over hers, pressing his tongue against hers. Reluctantly, he breaks the kiss, a thin strand of saliva between their lips. She is panting softly and when he opens his eyes, he sees her half-lidded brown eyes staring up at him.

He touches her warm, flushed cheek with his fingertips. "What's wrong?" he asks softly in his gruff voice. Orihime, she is touched; he reads her like an open book. Sometimes, it scares her, that it is easy for him to read her emotions. But at the same time, it warms her heart to know that he tries to understand her, to bridge the gap between them.

"K – Kuro… Ichigo." She corrects herself. He waits patiently for her but she does not know what to say so she tiptoes to press her mouth on his. He growls against her lips and a large hand moves at the back of her neck, under the thick layer of mahogany hair, tilting her head back. His hot lips consume the entirety of her mouth, taking control of the kiss.

Again, he breaks the kiss when she is about to bite on his lower lip. His eyes search hers.

"Do you…" The hand on her cheek lowers to her neck, to her shoulder, between her shoulder blades, and finally, to her backside. He cups her ass and brings her closer to his hard body. She gasps shakily, eyelashes fluttering.

"Do you want me to stop?" His voice is thick and low, causing her to tremble and her fingers to cling tighter to his thick hair. Her heart races faster, heat filling her veins like liquid lava. "Orihime." Her name on his lips is a sin. At the same time, he grinds his hips against hers. Her back arches in response.

"N-No…" she whimpers breathlessly. "No…"

Their lips touch again, tongues dancing wetly from one mouth to another.

"What is it?" Ichigo insists, still keeping his hand on her backside to let her feel his desire for her. Her legs part and he presses closer to her softness. She is warm, all soft curves and smooth skin. He wants to kiss her more, but kisses will not suffice. He needs more – he needs to be inside her.

"This is wro…" Orihime closes her eyes, face turning slightly to the side, panting. Ichigo bends closer, his nose touching her cheek. "She loves you," she tells him, soft and slow.

Ichigo frowns, confused, and then he understands.

"You love me," he points out.

She opens her eyes, turns her face to him again and their gazes meet.

"I do," she says, strongly.

"I didn't ask her to stay."

"But she stays."

His lashes lower to obscure his dark, amber eyes. "You feel guilty, don't you?" She bites her lip as a response. Ichigo sighs. "You're too kind."

"No." Her hands leave his orange hair to frame his strong face. Small thumbs brush his cheekbones. "If I'm too kind," honey eyes become dark, "I would not be doing this with you." Orihime gasps against his lips as he suddenly thrusts his hips against hers hard, driving her crazy and roughly to the wall. His movements become fast, making her breathless. "I – I… I-I'm selfish… I-I'm very, very selfish… Ichigo-kun."

He captures her lips in a slow, but deep kiss which later becomes fierce. Orihime starts to rock back against his body. Their bodies burn together, emotions hot, reckless and violent.

"Let's be selfish together," Ichigo growls before sucking her lower lip into his mouth to the point of bruising it. Then, he slides his tongue inside her mouth, urges her tongue to come out and tangle with his between their lips in an open-mouth kiss. The kiss makes her uncomfortably wetter.

"I love you…" she whispers against his teeth. "I love you… so much –" Ichigo deepens the kiss as he drowns himself in her words – her promise.

"I know, Hime," he says gruffly, between kisses. "And I fucking love you too much to agree with this secret relationship shit." He pulls her shirt from her skirt and a hand forces itself under her uniform. His large hand spans the small of her back; it moves up gingerly, over her bra clasp and down again. Touching her like this makes him think that she's too soft to be real. But her warmth and her wanton responses remind him that she is real, not a beautiful figment of his fantasy.

"I don't… w-want to hurt her," she says, breathless as his kisses move to her neck. His other hand tugs at her collar so that he can kiss her neck better.

He grunts. "Have it your way." He kisses her mouth again and retracts his hands to unbutton her shirt. "But I hate it when Ishida tries to act lovey-fucking-dovey with you." His hands immediately latch on her covered breasts. She moans, arching her neck, her nipples hard. Ichigo watches his hands mold her generous assets and the blush that slowly spreads from her neck to her chest.


His eyes flash and darken, almost black.

"You're mine." With this claim, he bends down his head and bites at her neck, the area where her pulse vibrates. While sucking at her neck, Ichigo pushes her bra up around her collarbones, freeing her heavy breasts. His large palms catch her breasts and firmly knead them. Orihime thrusts her chest out, biting her lip to suppress her moans. He stops kissing her neck and licks at her nipple. Orihime gives a shaky moan and grips his hair with shaky fingers. Ichigo smirks against her skin, opens his mouth and sucks at her breast, pulling her hard nipple in his mouth with his teeth. His other hand travels down and under her skirt. Orihime jerks in surprise when his fingers touch and trace her pink folds through the fabric of her damp crotch. The touch is fleeting, causing her to ask for more.

Blushing heavily, she mumbles shyly, "D-don't t-tease… W-We don't have much time…"

Ichigo lifts his head from her swollen nipple, his lips wet. "You want it fast and hard, huh?" he says with a smirk.

Her blush darkens. "W-we only have… forty minutes."

"Sure." He grabs the front of her lacy underwear and starts to tug.

"A-and," she adds hurriedly, bashfully; Ichigo cocks an eyebrow, pausing. "P-Please, d-don't rip off my p-panties."

This time, Ichigo grins. "Then, don't beg to me to fuck you harder."

Orihime pouts her pink lips. "I-I… w-won't!"

The corner of his mouth lifts and he presses another kiss to her mouth. He likes kissing her; it's not because she's a good kisser or he likes it when she sucks his tongue – no, those aren't the reasons. Every time they touch, she smiles a special, innocent smile of hers that can make him feel strong and vulnerable at the same time. And when they kiss, it is electric – he feels like he is having orgasm and falling in a peaceful sleep at the same time. It is an odd feeling, a pleasant feeling. It always makes him crave for more, ache for more.

Orihime responds heartily to his kiss. Shy hands fumble with his belt and zipper. Done with his zipper, she tugs at his pants. Still kissing, Ichigo walk backwards until his back hit a desk. In a smooth move, he switches their position.

"Ichigo…" She murmurs against his lips. Ichigo sucks at her bottom lip with his teeth before assuring her.

"Don't worry." Gently, he turns her around so that she is facing the desk. Her brown eyes widen and her hands automatically move to grip the corners of the desk. He molds himself to her back before cupping her large breasts, his lips kissing the side of her neck, that soft skin below her ear. She can feel his erection against her butt, causing her to shiver in shy anticipation. One of his hands moves down to stroke her bare stomach before dropping to the front of her skirt. Orihime feels her stomach flip and twist, blood rushing all over body. She gasps, surprised, when he flips her skirt up, his palm cupping her damp crotch.

"Mmm, you're so wet," he whispers behind her ear. He moves the crotch of her panties to the side and inserts two fingers inside her.

A strangled moan escapes her mouth. Flushed with embarrassment, she rubs herself on his palm, whispering, "N-No… N-Not… like t-this…"

Orihime can feel Ichigo smirk. "Then, what do you want?"


"Tell me."

"I…" She starts breathlessly, ashamed at her wantonness; her core is burning desperately to be penetrated. "Y-you… know what I want…" Her butt moves backward in every thrust of his fingers, touching the bulge of his erection. "Please, don't make me s-say it…"

"I want to hear it." He moves his fingers in and out of her slowly, so agonizingly slow while squeezing her breast. In her desperation for release, she starts to ride his hand.

"I… Oh please, hurry." Her movements become fast.

"Say it."

His gruff, deep growl causes her blush to darken, and her desire to increase. She knows they have to hurry. Turning her face away in shame, she breathes out shakily, quietly, "Please… F-fuck m-me."

Ichigo groans, pushing his fingers inside to the hilt and grinding his thumb against her swollen bud of desire, causing Orihime to cry out. It always violently turns him on when she says those two crude words in that cute, innocent way of hers. Her inner muscles contract around his fingers uncontrollably. Ichigo moves off her back, his fingers and hand leaving her core and breast. She gives a small whine in protest.

He puts a hand on the small of her back and pushes her body down toward the desk. Orihime, still reeling from her quick orgasm, places her hands in front of her to support her upper body while Ichigo grabs her hips and tilts them so that her butt is jutting out towards him. He, then, draws her panties to the side.

Orihime bites her lip in rising anticipation, feeling so exposed, wet and nervous; this position makes her extra vulnerable and, ashamedly, more thrilled. Her body stiffens when she feels the rounded tip of his erection touch her pink folds, pressing closer.


He enters her in one swift stroke, wrenching a cry from her mouth. Her body trembles at the intrusion, trying to accommodate his size. Another sharp thrust and he is fully sheathed, causing her to cry out again, this time louder.

Ichigo forces himself to calm down and allow her to adjust to his girth before grasping her hips tightly, keeping her pressed down on the desk. Her soft tightness is making it difficult for him to hold back. When she moans his name, his control snaps apart and he starts to pound in and out of her, the force of his thrusts causing her breasts to jiggle back and forth.

She moans a long, loud "Ichigo", throwing back her head.

"Not so loud," he hisses hotly. Orihime chews on her bottom lip roughly in an attempt to muffle her cries. His fingers curl over her hips bones, tilting her hips higher to hit that special spot inside of her. Squeezing her eyes shut, she grips the edges of the desk with a death grip. She feels so hot, and she is sweating hard, drenching the desk with her sweat.

"Ah!" Orihime gasps at the particular sharp, hard thrust. He continues to pound and hit her sensitive spot, causing her toes to curl in immense pleasure. His jackhammer thrusts continue, hard, deep, fast – almost-painful. However, she goads him to continue with her soft whimpers. She is almost there, and she softly begs to him to go faster. Gritting his teeth, Ichigo rears back, almost sliding out of her before slamming in forcefully. The action has her squealing loudly. Ichigo is thrusting faster and faster now, thick essences sloshing out at every thrust. His pelvic thrusts push her over the edge, sending her in tippy-toes.

"Hime…" Despite the lewdness of their intercourse, it always makes her feel loved whenever he calls her like that. Their relationship, secret as it is, has its precious foundation.

She feels his palm flat on her stomach, moving up to cup her bouncing left breast; with one smooth move, he lifts her in upright position, changing the angle of his penetration. He hugs her closer to him, kneading her breast gently.

"P-Please… m-more…" moans Orihime breathlessly, writhing in ecstasy, gripping the hand on her breast. Several red strands stick to her damp skin.

"Shh…" he growls behind her ear, tense and fierce. "Later… I'll fuck you more."

Orihime gasps, shuddering. The heat increases.

Fast, dangerous, wild.

She'll have to stop being embarrassed for now. She needs… she needs to – with a wanton moan, Orihime humps backward, meeting his wild thrusts.

"Ah~ i-it's… it's… Ichi…go… Ichi! I… I-I'm… –"








The door leading to the rooftop opens and closes. Ishida, Sado, Rukia and Renji look up.

Rukia frowns. "You only have five minutes to eat your lunch, Ichigo."

He nods and sits next to Sado, punching a straw in his juice box. "Sure…"

Ishida is scrutinizing Ichigo, eyes narrowed. The orange-haired looks up, eyes heavy-lidded. "What?"

"Nothing." The Quincy glances at Rukia who also wears a questioning frown; she must have felt it too, the reiatsu all over Ichigo – a reiatsu that is so painfully familiar. She opens her mouth, but decides to shut it, looking down to her half-empty juice box.









"My god, Orihime! You only have five minutes to eat! What happened?"

Orihime blushes and carefully sits down. "Nothing much, Tatsuki-chan."

Tatsuki sighs and watches her friend eat. Orihime's cheeks are healthily flushed, her skin pink. She looks refreshed, very happy. But Tatsuki also notices a familiar residue of reiatsu lingering all over her. She opens her mouth to ask, but decides it is none of her business, and Orihime, she will lie about it anyway.










They walk home, the three of them: Ichigo, Rukia and Orihime. They part ways at the fourth corner; Orihime would make a turn there.

She smiles and bows at her two friends.

"See you tomorrow!" Orihime says cheerfully. Ichigo nods, while Rukia waves a hand.

Orihime turns away; Ichigo continues onward. Rukia does not move, standing on the intersection.

The sounds of shoes scraping and hitting the ground fill the silence and sidewalk.

Rukia lifts her chin, watches Orihime's retreating back, watches Ichigo's and clenches her fist.