Due to the horrible time-frame, thoughtless plotting, character mix-ups, and the inability to get the story on the right track, I have regrettably decided to leave off at this chapter and end the story as is. Apologies to those who well and truly liked this story, but it has driven me well beyond all sanity to the point of madness. Information about the new version of this story-title, new summary, and so on-will be posted on my author's profile page.

The story plot idea-as one of my reviewers (Banedon) so put it: "Amnesic magicless (or at least wandless) harry in middle earth" was basically what I was aiming for, but the entire story was so badly written [in my mind] that I'm determined to do a complete rewrite, where it will be completely looked over, addressing several issues from this version, and so forth. Most of the story plot idea will be the same, but completely re-written. I WILL fix the places that they travel through. I WILL fix any/all grammatical errors and gross spelling mistakes. I WILL fix all that I can when concerning this version of the story.

For those of you who loved this one, I am well and truly sorry that it is not being continued. I DO have a working title for the re-written version so all of you know what to look out for:

"Dark Light: Lord of the Magical Kingdom"

Plot/Synopses: Harry Potter was ripped violently from his world after Voldemort came very near to destroying him-though Voldemort succeeded in destroying almost all of the magical world, save those who were closest to him. Tortured before arriving to this new, strange place and unable to remember who and what he was-Harry becomes a nameless elfling of which while traveling the Fellowship of the Ring rescues from the pits of what seems to be hell itself for the young child. Though they are loath to bring a child into their war, it soon becomes apparent that they may have no choice in the matter. Harry, or as Legolas comes to name him (being an elfling child) Faeron Feredir [which translates roughly to "Spirit Hunter"].

As I said before [it's starting to become redundant, ;)] I apologize to those that truly loved this story. Thanks to all who reviewed, favorited, alerted, or lurked around the story for this long journey. It's been a fun ride, and for now, it's the end of the journey my friends.

May it doya fine.


(P.S.-Elven name discovered by using it from the website . Go there, as it has a slew of interesting elven names for the reader to see. Or just go to your favorite search engine and type in "Elven Name Translator".)