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Three years later….


My eyes drifted over to the crib where Cody was sleeping soundly, soft coos and murmurs drifting from his cute little lips. He looked so much like Reid it hurt my heart every time I saw him from the blond hair to the icy blue eyes. However it made me love him no less, if anything I loved him even more. Even though Reid was miles away and we were not together any longer because of some stupid Covenant, the love I had for him was real, and strong and irreversible, nothing, no amount of time or distance, and no person could ever take that away from me.

I slowly got up and opened the little box I kept on the china cabinet and brought it over to the couch with me. I gingerly opened the lid as swells of tears already threatened to break past my lids.

I lifted the photos from the box and stared in yearning at the beautiful man looking back from the photograph, his smile so pure, he looked so happy holding the girl in the picture. The girl as well looked so carefree, so happy, so in love. I dropped my head in my hands as sobs wracked through my shivering frame. I could never be that girl again. I was scared and alone raising a child and miles away from the man I loved.

A child, which would one day carry on a legacy so great to his father's bloodline, as well as my own.


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