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I cuddled Cody against my chest. It'd been four days since I'd spit on Pogue and Reid and I had finally exchanged words. Four days since he found out he was a father. Four days since my sons life had changed forever.

The sunlight streamed in through the huge window that over looked a vast majority of the Danvers property, Reid had said he'd take us to the Garwin's home once his parents were once again gone away for some extravagant trip. He hadn't told his parents yet about his son, I figured he was still trying to adjust to the idea of being a father himself. But it was almost as if Cody knew who he was, because he never cried when Reid held him and played happily, and even cuddled him a few time. It was new for both, since Reid had been alone since I'd left, and Cody had never really had a male around. I'd never gone near another man, I still felt loyal to my son's father.

Cody babbled quietly startling me out of my thoughts as he stared at the colorful creatures running across the television screen on the program Reid had turned on for him earlier that morning. He stuck his thumb in his mouth and began to suck, but I knew to pull it out, it might upset him, but I didn't want him to have crooked teeth. I could hear Reid talking quietly on his cell phone in the next room, I tried not to listen but it was hard not too. Caleb called all the time to check in if he left the house along with the other Sons, making sure I was still there and that Reid was alive, I guess he figured I was still a threat.

"We're fine man, just leave it be, alright don't worry so much" Reid hissed quietly into the black device, I could see his reflection in the glass door of a nearby cabinet. He ended the call and I busied myself with fixing Cody's hair, and my own. It hadn't be cut in awhile, I didn't have the time, being a single mother and all, my only concern was my small son.

The couch sunk down beside me, and Reid rested his back against the plush chocolate colored fabric, running a hand over his face, he was stressed. I frowned.

"What did Caleb want?" I questioned quietly, as Cody began to play with my fingers, since he had no toys here, they were all back in my apartment, and what toys I had taken, he was sick of playing with.

"Too see if I was still alive, and if you two hadn't taken off in the time it took him to go get your car" he mumbled quietly, his large hand came up to run through our small sons hair, the shade nearly identical to his own.

"Reid, I'm not going to hurt you, you know that…"I said quietly, as Cody looked around to see who had touched him, before shifting towards his father with extended arms. Reid took him up gently and rested the little boy against his chest, one large hand on the small back to keep him from falling.

"I know, but Caleb doesn't."

I sighed quietly and sat back as well, pulling my legs up to my chest" Caleb doesn't trust me because of what happened with Tyler, but I only did it to protect my brother."

Chase. He was obviously very dead this time. Caleb had made sure of it, burning his body after the fight was over, Reid had told me. I was angry, they had no right to harm him in my eyes, but that was my opinion, not theirs, he needed to die in their eyes.

"Did you know, when you left…about him?" Reid asked quietly, off topic at that, indicating to our son in his arms.

"I knew," I whispered more to myself than the blonde man beside me" but Chase wouldn't let me say anything, he said I had to make you suffer and if I didn't he would make me suffer…"

Reid stayed quiet for a long time pondering it, his blue eyes looked troubled from where I sat, Cody's eyes were growing heavy as our conversation grew heavy. I asked myself if I should move my son into the bedroom so Reid and I could talk, but decided against it, Cody was quite taken to sleeping on his father and would only turn cranky if I moved him.

"He wanted me to never tell you, and when you had what you thought to be your first born boy, and he didn't have the power, he wanted you to panic" I admitted it sadly, it hurt to even think of that happening" I was going to leave you a letter, somewhere I knew you'd be, before I headed back home, but I knew the second I used it was a stupid thing to do and that Caleb would have to come looking."

Reid sighed quietly, letting his head fall back, his blue eyes slipping shut" Don't stress yourself out over it Nina, it's the past, this is the future, my son is my future."

I couldn't help but stare at Reid, what did he mean? Was he asking if he could be in our sons life, and completely ignore what I'd just admitted?

I sat quietly, adverting my eyes from him, before the hand that wasn't resting on our sons back took mine and brought it to his lips" Nina, I don't want to lose you again, my world was a mess after you left, I knew something wasn't right about you leaving, and I just started to use, and I used a lot and the idea now of not being there for my son…"

He couldn't even finish, I gave his hand a reassuring squeeze" You're here now love, that's all that matters."