Everyone learned about Maxwell in school, why he was the most famous scribblenaut ever! The scribblenaut organization was formed when a researcher discovered children being born with strange gifts. Not every child was born with the gift of scribblekinesis; some children were born with the gift of scribble absorption. The gift bestowed to these children was called scribble-essence; there were lots of these essences. Maxwell was one of two children born with scribblekinesis; the other child disappeared from the scribblenaut HQ days after being documented. Christine was born with scribblebubble when she was endangered her notebook gushed full of ink and formed a bubble around here. All Scribblenauts were assigned a pen and notebook; these implements didn't aid their power more like it tracked their power. Seth was born with scribblecharge; he could hold his hand out and his pen (which he always wore on his hip) would overflow with ink and pool in his hand. After the ink pooled in his hand he could launch it like a missile.

But this story is not about Maxwell, Seth or Christine; rather it's about a young boy who was born 35 years after they became famous.

"Iggy! Iggy! You better wake up and get down here! Your breakfast is getting cold and don't even think of using your scribbles to reheat it! Iggy's mom hollered up the stairs and banged on her skillet.

"Aww mom you know I can't scribble and make things, I use my notebook paper to make do origami!" Iggy looked downstairs and held out a paper rose in his hand.

"Yes and your very gifted at it, but get down here NOW!" Iggy passed by his mom and jumped into his chair. Iggy then took his pen and squeezed a single drop onto his paper rose and suddenly it became an actual rose. "Iggy, seriously I don't need a flower everyday! Make something else I need a need a new oven can't you fold that?" Iggy's mom rolled her eyes and put a plate on the table in front of him.

"Mom you know I can't do that yet, I just discovered my it barely six months ago!" Iggy protested with his mouth full splattering scrambled egg all over the table. "The professor says I could be an omniscribble! Maybe one day instead of taking my bike to school I could ride a buffalo!" At this Iggy's mom turned around and sighed.

"Honey Professor Charles always says that, besides you can't even draw!" Iggy looked like the wind was knocked right out of him.

"Guess your right mom, I better go to school." Iggy slinked out of the house very hurt without another word.