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Not my characters just my story!! Enjoy!

The sun was beginning to set as a 12 year old boy walked home. This boy was 4 foot 5, (a fact the kids at school never seemed to forget) he had Sunny yellow golden locks that were naturally spiky and wild. On either side of his face he had three whisker marks. The odd thing about his mouth was he had one little canine tooth sticking out. (Have u ever seen chowder? well kind of like that) To top it all off he had the most beautiful ocean blue eyes. Said boy was on his way home from the academy, he had stayed extra time to practice Kunai throwing. By the big smile on his face, you could tell that he was pleased with what he accomplished. At school he is known as the dead last, but Naruto was smarter than he appeared he was very advanced in every way, all his skills were from high chunin to low Jonin. But then again the one of the most important things to a shinobi is deception so…. Naruto had lots of things he liked to do besides train for instance he loves to read and he loves animals considering he can speak to them does help the situation though. Naruto did NOT need to stay to practice Kunais he can hit any target with his eyes closed but to keep the façade up some things needed to be acted more than others. Although at this point all he wanted to do was tell the others and go home and go to bed.

As he trudged down the familiar path thru Konoha, he felt the glares on his back and this made his smile falter a little. Then he remembered where he was headed and the smile returned full force, practically glowing off his face. This as you can imagine pissed off quite a lot off villagers. As a small mob began to form, Naruto (who had been ignoring everything and everyone completely) began to jog. He could feel the killing intent coming off of the angry villagers, he has had to by this point or he would NOT have survived this long. He knew once he reached the forest he would be safe because 1.) He could jump through and hide through the trees and 2.) He could become a fox.

"Look the monster's headed for the woods" yelled a brunette with an evil glint in his eyes.

Naruto looked back to see the villagers gaining on him. He was slowing down! "It must have been the extra training! Stupid I should have stopped while I was ahead!" he said to himself. As he reached the gates toward the entrance of the forest he mentally sighed in relief "thank Kami!" As he ran forward with new surged hope he didn't look where he was stepping and tripped over the same brunette's feet. The blonde began to roll into the forest with a BANG. He was safe! He was in the woods! Naruto thought about his fox self and in a matter of 2 seconds he was off scampering through the woods on all fours.


A small vermilion colored fox was tucked away in a small hollow tree, waiting for the danger (in which followed him into the woods) to pass. The ocean blue eyes were ever vigilant, picking up the slightest movement. His jet black tipped ears (which matched his feet... excuse me paws) were perked and ready for the slightest echo of noise. His body was so tense he was trembling. He didn't understand why but today the villagers were much more vicious they never actually FOLLOWED him into the woods!

As Naruto tried to calm himself down he heard voices.

"We are NOT letting the little bastard away this time!!"

"Yea it's time to end this for GOOD!" Murmurs of agreements were registered and Naruto knew that whatever they found (whether it be him or another animal) the ending wouldn't be good.

In the process of keeping himself calm Naruto tried to remember when he could first turn into a fox…


It was about two years ago on his ever joyous birthday. He had been dreading the day for weeks before it actually happened. The festival of the defeat of the nine tail fox was going on and Naruto was wishing he could join in with the festivities. Of course how could he? After all he WAS the damned thing to some people! Yes, Naruto knew about the Kyuubi, I mean if you were called a demon you would research a little too wouldn't you? It was around 9'oclock and that's when the really drunk people start to become violent. At first 10 year old Naruto was just listening to the sounds outside hoping by some unrealistic miracle they would forget about him. They didn't as soon as he heard the yelling he ran into his room and locked his door. He ran to his bed and threw himself under the covers. Shaking he whispered to himself "Please Kami let me get away oh Kami please…" His eyes began to water as the yells and stomps came closer and closer to his bedroom door.

In the deepness of his mind the Kyuubi looked up from his nap. "Heh, Heh, poor kit he never deserves any of this" The creature sighed at the luck of his host; he had came to think of the boy as his friend and often had friendly conversations or gave him pointers about his training. Naruto of course liked it when Kyu talked to him, it made feel less alone. "Maybe this one time I should help you by unlocking some of my powers … yes that will work"

Before Naruto even realized what had taken place his door was thrown open the hatches cracked at the force. Naruto tried to stay as still as possible even though he was shaking like a leaf.

"There aint nuthin in here people! The damned thing got away" said a drawn out voice. An echo of "that little bastard" or "we will get him again another time" there were a lot of people in his house and that was NOT good.

"Well since he is not here why don't we redecorate the place? "A chorus of "hell yeah" was heard through Naruto's small little apartment.

As the destruction commenced Naruto tried to make himself as small as possible and that was when he realized that he was a crimson red with black feet! He wanted to cry, he was scared and confused. "Hush kit, all will be well in a few moments, I have given you a new ability, stay quiet and I will explain" Just then there was a big crash and then everything got quiet till the sound of splashing hit the young shinobi's ears they twitched to where the sound was coming from. He brought his head up a fraction and sniffed, it smelt like gasoline….. Oh no! "KIT! GET OUT OF THERE NOW!!!" Naruto complied and shot out of the covers and raced to the door. He raced past at least twenty different, very drunk men. He did not look back as he smelt smoke, nor did he look back when he heard the chorus of cruel laughter he ran and ran till he reached the forest.

End Flashback

That is where he met all the animals, Kara, one of his bird friends often told him about all the things she sees from her bird's eye view. Kara is a falcon; she had brown feathers and a speckled chest of feathers. Her favorite thing to do was gossip about other shinobi since she is a falcon nobody expects her intuition nut Naruto always found her extremely insightful. His Best friend was Trekker; he was an onyx wolf with green eyes. They always joked around and play fought and because Trekker was a wolf and Naruto a fox he always won. Naruto loved Trekker like a big brother whenever Naruto told him things about Konoha Trekker would be either Pisst about Naruto's day or extremely pleased and add his 2 cents. Neither of them minded Naruto's mysterious powers, even though they were afraid of it, and whenever Naruto complained how Kyu said he would explain and never did they would laugh nervously and change the subject.

"Rustle, rustle… Hey Naru? You OK?" Naruto looked up to see Kara looking at him with her honey colored eyes deadly aware of the situation. "Yeah I'm fine. Hey could you go see where they are? I need to get home my exams are tomorrow! Maybe Trekker will scare them off" Naruto whimpered back. "Sure thing Naru" With that Kara opened her wings and took off. In about twenty minutes she flew back with Trekker running in his wolfy way. At this point Naruto was snoozing but his senses were still on high alert and he looked up as his closest friends approached.

"They're gone you can head back to tour den in the village" Trekker said with a wolfy smile. "Heh I got to bite someone's ankles afterwards they ran like hares being chased by the entire pack"

"Thanks guys" he said as he crawled out of his hidey hole.

"Aren't you gonna transform back?" Kara asked caringly.

"Naw I am just gonna sneak back into the village, I will see you tomorrow hopefully as a Konoha Genin!"

Naruto scampered toward the gate and clung to the shadows. He knew if he wanted to get back home without another incident he would have to cling to the shadows and sneak back home. As his apartment came into view he paused and held up his head to sniff the air for any dangers. The coast being clear he shot towards the cracked window and entered inside. Naruto sighed a breath of relief nothing was destroyed it had been a good day. At least his house wasn't destroyed and he wasn't beaten today in Naruto's book that was a pretty good day! Maybe he would pass tomorrow and become a genin and he could drop the façade of being village idiot. Yes! Starting as soon as he gets the Headband he would drop the "I am stupid act".

"I hope for a Sensei I get Kakashi Hatake from what I read about him he is all about team work he is extremely strong and he has a sharingan eye, he seems to be the only sensei who will see me for me not you Kyu"

"Everything will be fine mo matter who you get for a sensei, but are you sure about dropping the façade of stupid you?"

"Yeah then I won't be lying to anyone anymore"

"As you wish kit, as you wish"

Naruto jumped on the floor and went under his bed to where his blanket bundle was. He curled up in a ball; his tail wrapped around him and sighed peacefully. Just as he was drifting to sleep he heard a comforting howl that was none other than Trekkers. With that last bit of comfort Naruto fell asleep.