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Title of Chapter 1: She Kicks Ass Too

Notes to the Reader:

#1 Okay, so I have been taking my reviewers advice seriously and the consensus seems to be that "my stories need to be longer and have a bit more detail." So, please keep in mind this is my first attempt at a chaptered story, please bear with me, and give me any advice you have.

#2 Some people may not be happy with the way I portray Orihime in this story, and I am sorry. If you don't like it don't read it.

#3 The reason I am writing this story is because I feel like the people who like Orihime X Ichigo like them for no other reason than they "look good together, and they both have orange hair." A real relationship goes beyond just the looks, a real relationship consists of what Ichigo and Rukia have together.

It was a typical day at Karakura High, the popular kids gathered together outside the front entrance of the school as they always did before it began. Everyday they would stand there and talk amongst themselves and occasionally make fun of the not so popular student as they walked by.

The popular kids consisted of Keigo Asano, who was the comedian of the group, and could always make them laugh, usually though it wasn't on purpose. They would laugh at him because he would continuously strike out with every girl he would hit on. The next member of the group was Mizuiro Kojima he was very calm and collected and much better with the ladies, especially the older ones. Yasutoro Sado, is much taller than anyone else in the group and even the school for that matter. He is very strong, but will never fight on his own behalf. Another member of the group was Tatsuki Arisawa she can be described as a Tomboy and is very good at sports. Tatsuki is best friends with the two most popular kids in school Ichigo Kurosaki and his girlfriend Orihime Inoue or Mr. and Mrs. High School as most call them.

Ichigo is very handsom, tall, muscular, and unlike most of the students at Karakura he has a full head of orange hair. Most students find Ichigo rather mysterious because he doesn't talk very much, he has a constant scowl and when you look into his fiery eyes you can see pain and heartache. Ichigo is a very passionate person and would do anything for his family and friends, this combined with his brute strength and of course his orange hair is what usually gets him into fights. Ichigo dates the most beautiful girl in school, the girl all girls want to be, and all guys want to be with.

Orihime has orange hair just like Ichigo, which is why most people think they are perfect for each other. She has very large breasts, which you will find every boy staring at when Ichigo isn't around. Orihime being the attention whore she is makes sure she sticks them out just for them. Orihime is for the most part a big ditz, but does very well in school. She has loved Ichigo for a long time and it took just as long for her to get him, but finally he gave in and said yes, and they have been together for almost a year now.

Keigo had his eyes on the beautiful girl walking towards the door, "hey there sexy thing, what's up?"

She rolls her eyes at him and says "never Keigo, leave me alone" as she walks right by him.

The other popular kids standing with him double over in laughter, the rest of the group has joined them at this point, it was like they knew Keigo was about to strike out again. The rest of the group is Uryu Ishida, Chizuru Honshou, Kunieda Ryou, and Michiru Ogawa.

The bell rings and all the kids start walking inside, Ichigo didn't follow he stayed with his back leaning up against the wall and looking off into space.

Orihime notcied Ichigo wasn't by her side "Ichigo come on the bell rang, we have to get to first period."

Ichigo snapped out of it "Oh right, I will be in, in a minute."

"OK hurry up, I miss you already." Blows a kiss and walks to her classroom.

Ichigo mutters under his breath 'ya ya, whatever' and stays in his same spot, he just relaxes and doesn't think of too much, he just didn't want to be with all of those people at the moment. Ichigo tends to get irritated quickly with all of the drama, and his girlfriends constant nagging, that sometimes he just has to take sometime to himself before school starts.

Off in the distance Ichigo sees a pretty girl walking to school in a pretty fast pace with two boys following right behind her. Ichigo looks at his watch and thinks to himself 'Hmm.. they must think they are late, the bell only just rang.' Ichigo keeps watching the kids and sees the two boys catch up and corner the girl up against the fence. This really gets Ichigo's attention, he stands up a bit in order to get a better look, he sees that the boys are touching her hair and rubbing her arms, and they keep getting closer to her, then he sees her back away and push their hand's off of her. Ichigo thinks that the girl might be in trouble so he starts walking towards her hears her saying "no, please, leave me alone."

Ichigo runs towards her in order to help. One high kick to the back of the head, the first guy falls hard to the ground and gets one more kick to the stomach and writhes in pain. The second guy turns around and gets a hard uppercut right to the face, which didn't knock him down so he got two more hard punches and a kick which took his legs right out from under him.

"That'll show you, punks!" Turning to the girl "Are you ok?"

"Ya I am fine, thank you so much, I didn't know what they were going to do to me."

Hearing a noise behind them they turn around quickly "what you want some too.?"

Ichigo looks wide eyed with jaw open at the tiny girl who just took out two huge guys with a couple of quick kicks and punches "No, no, I just saw this girl in trouble and I was coming to help."

"No need, I got this, those boys were nothing for me."

"That was incredible, especially for a little midget like you."

With a serious tone in her voice she responds, "what did you say?"

Ichigo repeats, not knowing what he had just done, "that was incredible especially for a little midget like you."

The girl jumps at him wrapping one arm around his neck pulling him down and starts punching him in his stomach. Punch..."Never" Punch... "Call" Punch... "Me" Punch... "That" Punch... "Again" Punch...

"Alright, Alright I am sorry." Ichigo responds cowardly.

"Apology accepted." The girl turns away and helps the other girl gather her things so she can get to class.

Ichigo rubs his stomach, "damn girl, you got one mean right hook."

The two start walking back to school "are you new here?"

"Yup, this is my first day here."

"Your first day and you have already been in a fight, I like it." Ichigo laughs.

"Ya I guess, I wasn't looking for a fight I just saw that poor girl in trouble."

"Me too, I was on my way to help her and then I saw that you had it covered."

"I lived in a rough neighborhood, if you wanted to protect yourself, you learned to fight."

"Hmm... I see" Ichigo says as he stops in front of the classroom and points. "oh are you in this science class too?"

The girl looks at the paper "Yup, first period, Science Room 204"

The two approach the door Ichigo extends his arm out for a shake, "Im Ichigo."

"Im Rukia." She shakes his hand as they walk in the room disrupting the class.

The teacher says, "Ichigo, you are late, why?"

"I was helping someone out," he responds.

"Oh, Ok I trust you, who is your friend?"

"Oh, right this is Rukia, it is her first day."

Ichigo sits in his desk, Rukia hands the teacher her paperwork. "Ok Rukia, go sit down in the seat in front of Ichigo"

Orihime gives Rukia the evil eye as she walks to her seat, Rukia didn't notice though because she was looking at Ichigo because she was embarrassed for interrupting the class. Once Rukia is seated, the teacher begins speaking again about the topic of the day, which was 'Hydrogen Bonds.' Orhime slaps Ichigo's arm, so he will look at her and she points to Rukia and shrugs her shoulders with a 'who the hell is she' expression on her face. Ichigo just shrugs his shoulders back and whispers "dunno" and looks away. The rest of the class Orihime is just fuming that her guy was with another girl.

After class the group gets together again before the next one starts. Ichigo grabbed Rukia and introduced her to the gang, and told them all about how she took out two guys like noting. During this time Orihime was getting more and more jealous, she stood as close to Ichigo as she could wrapped her arms around his arms and laid her head on his shoulder in a 'he's mine, bitch' fashion. Rukia saw the girl eyeing her this time, and gave her a 'what the hell is your problem' look and looked away as she continued talking to Ichigo and the rest of the group. The bell rang and Ichigo started walking towards his class.

"Baby, aren't you going to walk me to my class?"

"Umm.. no why would I?

"Because you are my boyfriend, duh!"

"Orihime I have to get to English, I don't have time."

"Oh, you have English too, what room?" Rukia asked.

"Room 317" Ichigo responded.

"Oh, me too!"

"See ya later Orihime."

Orihime just turned and walked away she was seriously fuming now. 'That bitch is going to have the entire next class with Ichigo, she better not even try anything, does she even know who I am?' She said to herself.

The next bell rang and Orihime ran to Ichigo's English class as fast as she could, trying to make sure she could see Ichigo and make sure he wasn't with that new slut. The bad news was, he was with her and he was smiling too. She was going to fix this situation; she was going to make him forget about that other girl. She walked up to Ichigo stepped in between the two, pushed Ichigo into the locker, grabbed his shirt pulled him down and gave him a deep, heavy, passionate kiss. Ichigo did forget about Rukia for a second, but who could blame him with a seductive kiss like that. But, he only forgot for a quick second until out of the corner of his eye he saw her walking away, and he got a little sad inside. Ichigo liked this girl, she was different, fun and she could fight, that was so cool.

Ichigo broke the kiss, "Orihime what the hell, we are in school."

In a oh so sweet tone, because she had won "Oh, I am sorry Ichigo I just missed you that is all."

"I know I am sorry." He gave her a hug to assure her everything was okay all while still watching Rukia walk further and further down the hallway.

"It's ok baby, let's go to lunch" Orihime responds.

They get their lunch and meet up with their friends on the school rooftop. Rukia is already there, this made Ichigo smile, but she was talking with Keigo, which cannot be a good thing. The two get closer and Ichigo heard Keigo telling Rukia all about himself and how wonderful he is and how the two should get together sometime. Ichigo casually walks up to Keigo and gives him a smack on the head and says "Keigo leave the poor girl alone, just because she is knew her, does not mean she is stupid enough to go out with you."

"Ichigo! Come on, why you always got to blow up my stop?" Keigo yells as he stomps up and down and throws a fit.

Rukia smiles and says, "thanks."

"Awww.. Rukia come on I thought we had a connection!" Keigo continued to yell.

"Sorry Keigo I don't think so." Rukia responded as she walked away to look over the edge of the building.

Once again the group laughed at him as he rolled around crying about his lost love. Ichigo walked over to Rukia,

"So what do you think?"

"It is very pretty here, everyone is so nice."

"Ya it is allright I guess."

"So what is your next class?" Ichigo asked.

"Algebra III and then Gym"

"Oh, no way we have all four classes together."

Then the bell rang "Allright I will show you to our next class."

Orhime wondering if she will be with Ichigo again asks in her nice voice, "Oi, Rukia what is you next class?"

Rukia responded "Umm.. Algebra III and then Gym."

"Oh you are in Ichigo's next classes?"

Rukia looked up at Ichigo and back to Orihime, "Ya I guess so."

Orihime responded trying to act confident and like nothing was bothering her this time, "that is great, he will be able to show you the ropes."

"Ya that will be great."

"See you guys later."

"Tatsuki I don't like that they have all four classes together."


Getting ever the more frustrated, "what do you mean who? Ichigo and Rukia obviously."

"Oh, why?"

"I dunno, he likes her, he talks with her already and he has only known her for like two minutes, have you ever known Ichigo to do that?"

"That is true, but Ichigo is your boyfriend, he wouldn't do that to you with a girl he has known for two minutes."

Orhime flips her hair with an 'Im the shit' attitude "true, and why would he give up this?" She moves her hands up and down her body, "for that? She is tiny, no curves and flat chested, ick!"

Tatsuki just rolled her eyes.

The final class is over Orhime waits for Ichigo to meet her outside as always so he can walk her home. "Ichigo are you ready to walk me home?"

"Oh, I am sorry Orihime I meant to tell you that earlier, my dad said I have to go home right after school, he has something important to tell me, so I can't walk you home today. I will see you tomorrow." He places a light kiss on her forehead and starts walking home.

Orhime pouts and folds her arms under her massive chest, and starts the walk home on her own. Ichigo starts his walk home too and thinks to himself 'what could that old pervert have to tell me now, what is so god damn important we need to have a family meeting, this is ridiculous.' He shrugs off his thoughts when he sees Rukia on her walk home too.

"Oi, Rukia, wait up!" Ichigo yells.

"Oh hey Ichigo, what's up?"

"Noting much just on my way home, you." Ichigo responds.

"Oh, me too." Rukia looks at the small piece of paper in front of her following the directions to her new house.

"So did you like school, I mean besides that fight you were in?" Ichigo laughed.

"Ya, it was alright, I gotta say though the fight was the best part." Rukia responded.

"Me too, I have never seen any girl fight like that, it was incredible."

"Thank you, thank you!" Rukia bowed. Ichigo laughed at her, infact he seemed to be smiling the whole time he has been with her.

"Oh, wait I am here!" Rukia responded.

Ichigo looked at her and then looked at the house in front of him with a confused look and said, "you are where?"

"Im home." Rukia responded.

"Umm.. I think you are a little lost, because I am the one that is home, let me see that map."

Ichigo looked at the map and immediately noticed the handwriting it was his fathers and the home location said Kurosaki Clinic.

Rukia stood on her tippy toes and pointed to the map and said "See Kurosaki Clinic, I am home."

"Rukia I am Kurosaki!"


"My name is Ichigo Kurosaki and this is my fathers clinic and home, why do you have this and why do you think this is your home?"