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Loving Son of Mine

Down to his last moment, he was gallant,

When others tried to hurt him, the sweetheart made loving judgement.

"I love you," he whispered on his last breathe.

Swooping in to save his mother,

From a ghost that could've been any other.

He had traded his life for mine.

It took til then for me to see he was no monster.

Up til then I'd been his hunter.

Why couldn't I have seen it before his death?

But it was his riddance that haunted by sleep.

When I saw his full self, his loss sunk deep.

If only I could give him one last word, or some other loving sign.

He was my only son,

A precious loved one.

Though I'd wanted Phantom dead,

Loyally, he'd loved me, as his last words said.

Danny . . .

We're all going to miss you.