My wonderful amazing readers!

I've missed you. And I've missed the fandom. A part of me keep longing back, and I regret ever letting it disappear from me.

With this short author's note I just want to tell you that "Constant" (the re-imagined Hit By Destiny, with original characters and modified plot) is well on its way. I've hit a few speed bumps during the past few years – having children, raising said children, burying both my parents, studying, going after a new career, moving… Yeah, I guess life just happened. But it's okay. My writing is still constant.

But a MAJOR speedbump just hit me the other day – when I found out Hit By Destiny had been blantantly copied and made into a 5 Seconds of Summer fanfic (IKR, right?!) on Wattpad and since August 2017 it has gotten almost a million reads. The author xhighhopes has taken all credit for the story and it's disgusting in all the ways possible. She calls the story "Black Ice" and the tag line is "Nothing is ever constant". I gag just writing it. As long as that story is up there, and as long as she can take credit where she deserves none, I won't be able to move forward and put "Constant" out there for everyone to read.

If you guys want to help me, you can find the copied story on the link below. I have reported it as plagiarism, but I guess it might take some time for Wattpad to do anything about it. I don't know if you can do anything by reporting it, since only I can report it as plagiarism due to it being my story.

[UPDATE - June 30th, 2020] The situation has been resolved and both the user and her stories are gone from Wattpad! Thank you all for your help!

Her profile on Wattpad: / user / xhighhopes

"Black Ice" on Wattpad: / 347864829-black-ice-lh-au-→-in-editing-cast-list

I hate to ask anything of you great people, but please know that I appreciate each and every one of you who have been on this ride with me – no matter if you're reading it for the first time in the recent years, or if you were with me since the beginning. Hit By Destiny is celebrating 11 years this fall, and I'll be damned if I let anyone else take credit for it.

I love you!

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Your constant,