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"This time, this place, misused, mistakes,
Too long, too late,
Who was I to make you wait?
Just one chance, just one breath,
Just in case there's just one left."
-"Far Away" by Nickelback

Insanity is doing something over and over again, expecting different results. By this definition I can be considered insane. How lovely.

And I guess I am. I've loved the same girl for around twenty years now. I'm past pathetic and well on my way to being a complete and total loser. I mean, I've loved her for practically forever, and she still was completely oblivious to that fact. Nothing more pathetic than a pining loser. At least I'm not the creepy stalker kind of pining loser.

I'm her best friend. I'd do anything for her.

I'm the one who went prom dress shopping with her when we were in high school. I was her first kiss because she insisted on kissing someone she knew she would be friends with afterwards. I'm the shoulder she cries on when she just needs to cry, and I'm the one that goes out to buy her tampons because she's too 'incapacitated' to do so. I'm like her gay friend, minus the gay.

And she's my best friend, too.

She's the girl who stood up for me when I got bullied in high school. She bought me eye-liner and cargo pants with chains on them when I went through my Goth phase. She spoon-fed me pudding when I got my wisdom teeth cut out. And she taught me how to be a gentlemen and where not to put my hands when I'm kissing a girl—not that I've used those skills too much…

And somewhere between sharing peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches when I first moved to Forks in the first grade and sharing secrets and spit in junior high, I fell in love with her—and she fell in love with seemingly every other boy in the great state of Washington…besides me.

But I've waited patiently for her.

And so that fateful day, when she declared that she was tired of dating duds, I saw my window of opportunity.

I would step up and be her knight in shining armor. I wanted to tell her how I felt. As she went on about relationships and dating in general, I formulated my plan—but I hadn't realized that she would crush that plan to smithereens.

"Hey, have you seen those commercials for that new website?" She asked, leaning her head against my shoulder as we watched TV together late that fateful night.

"No," I told her, running my fingers through her long, brownish red hair.

"Well it—" she began to say but her words were cut off as her eyes wandered back to the screen, "Oh here it is, watch it and tell me what you think!"

So I watched it.

The commercial showed a perfectly happy couple, kissing and hugging while standing under apple trees. The smooth, generic announcer voice came over the speakers, "Are you tired of dating? Are you looking for a deeper connection?"

I wanted to scream 'YES', but I refrained and watched her commercial.

I really wasn't paying attention to the ridiculous dating site commentary, more the happy couples prancing across the screen. That could be us. That would be us, but then she turned to me and said, "My friend Angela signed up for that sight and the guy they matched her with is really nice, they're thinking of getting married."

And then she dropped the bomb, "I'm going to sign up. I'm tired of being alone."

Oh no. Hell no. My girl was going to find a boyfriend on the Internet?

But, I couldn't stop her. I couldn't deny her anything she wanted, so I just let her. And for what might be the last time, I let Isabella Swan slip through my fingers.

And so it begins.

Ok, the website in this story is not necessarily eHarmony, it's just a fictional dating site. But eHarmony is probably one of the most popular dating websites, so that's why I used it in the title.

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