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For Arizona Robbins she felt as if she was on a never ending rollercoaster. Her life was just full of so many bumps and she never knew which way was up. This time though that wasn't the problem. No, this time she had no idea how to get there but at last she knew which way was definitely up.

It had started as a nice quiet romantic meal, simple but special and with the woman she loved. Tonight was the night, the night she would tell Callie that she loved her. She had planned all day exactly how she was going to tell her, whether or not to just come out and say it as soon as she came in, or wait till after dinner and perhaps show her as well. She had been smiling so much all day that ever her colleagues had commented. That was unusual as they all knew of her cheery nature by now. Even Miranda Bailey was blown away and they had worked together the most since she joined the hospital.

The table was all set up with lit candles and Callie's favourite red wine. She had even cooked her favourite meal - well attempted too at least. It probably wouldn't taste much like it but she hoped Callie saw her line of thought and enjoyed it never the less. Even if she chickened out and didn't say it, which was doubtful as it had been on the tip of her tongue for weeks now, she hoped her feelings would come across in her actions. She loved Calliope Torres and wanted her to know.

Even if she didn't feel the same yet, or couldn't say it back Arizona was prepared for that. She just wanted her to know how she felt about the Ortho surgeon.

Stepping in front of her mirror she checked for the tenth time for creases in her dress. She wanted everything to be perfect. Like everything else her dress was simple but elegant, a little black dress she had bought last week with Callie when they had gone shopping.

Everything was set for a brilliant night, all that was needed now was Callie and she was due in ten minutes. Just enough time to make the salad, another one of Callie's favourites.


Twenty five minutes later and still no show of her. Arizona had to put the lasagne on a lower setting so it wouldn't burn although it was getting a little crispy around the edges. It had takes her ages to get the topping just right.


Two hours later and still no Callie. She had long since turned the oven off and threw the lasagne in the bin. The candles had burnt down to nothing more than a puddle of melted wax that burnt her fingers as she repeatedly poked it. She wasn't naive enough to think that Callie would be turning up tonight and any hope of that had been dashed when she had called Bailey to put Callie on the phone and she informed her that Callie had gone to the bar across the street, Joe's, with Mark Sloane and the others.

Arizona was fairly certain the numbness in her face was due to the bottle of red wine she had ingested in the last hour. Standing up and blowing out the candles, or what was left of them, she grabbed her house keys and headed out of the apartment. She wouldn't mope around tonight in her apartment while Callie was out drinking it up. No she wouldn't just sit there waiting for Callie IF she decided she wanted to show up tonight. No, Arizona Robbins would not mope or moan because that wasn't who she was. Who she had been brought up to be. She was a good man in the storm.


Arizona had always been her daddies girl. She always had been, right from when she was born. She wasn't the tom boy type, she was into barbies and she used to be a cheerleader, but she took whatever her father said as gospel. Everything he had to say she was interested in. To her his little bits of advice and knowledge on the world were like gold. She treasured them with all her heart. That's why when she walked through the doors of Joe's she had the biggest smile on her face, big enough to brighten up the whole room.

'Never let them see through to your heart baby girl, that's where they can really hurt you. Sticks and stones and all that.'

So her Dad may be a little guarded but he had a point. Tonight wasn't the first time she had been hurt, and it wouldn't be the last. She just had to remember to keep herself more protected then this wouldn't hurt. Then she would expect it. Tonight was going to be their night, the night she said those three magical words but it couldn't be now because it was ruined. But she shouldn't be upset, because it wasn't her that was missing out no it was Callie. Now she wouldn't hear those words from her anytime soon, now she would have to say them first because this hurt, this pain wasn't something she was going to risk again soon.

Callie and the rest of them were sat at the bar, Mark and her doing shots of something that resembled tequila. Meredith and Derek smiling at each other and sharing little whispers obviously in love and oblivious to the rest of the world. Christina was seemingly already drunk much like herself, and lacking Owen Hunt who seemed to be attached to her recently. That probably the reason she had drunk so much. Mark was hugging Lexie Grey, the most mismatched couple here and yet they were shining obviously good for each other. Alex Karev was also very drunk along with Christina, apparently also drowning his sorrows probably because of Izzie's disappearance.

"Hey! How's everyone?!" In her usual cheerful tone, slightly slurred from the wine that seems to be affecting her quite a bit. She wasn't used to drinking this much, in fact she's pretty sure she hadn't consumed this much since college. Callie, for the best part, looked happy to see Arizona. She was a little confused how the blond was already so drunk having only just arrived. She knew she hadn't been at work, she had finished early today. She knew it hadn't been fair to the blond, just to not show up but they hadn't had anything specific planned and after hearing what her father had told her she was still reeling. Besides the blond looked happy enough, she had obviously not even noticed her absence.

"Hey." "Hi." as well as a few grunts from Christina and Karev and a Hello Dr Robbins from Lexie and everyone moved over for the blond to fit between Christina and Callie. It was a mix match of moods, some where merry, some joyful others depressed and staring into the bottom of a whisky glass. Arizona wasn't sure what to order. She fancied staring in the bottom of the empty glass.

"I'll have a cocktail, surprise me!" Arizona chirped at the bar man. Not Joe, Joe seemed to not be there. It was a first. Callie smiled at the blonds choice of drink, it was just so her. It was endearing. She quickly wiped her smile off of her face remembering her fathers words.

'She told me she loves you mija,she really does. I'm...happy for you.'

That scared Callie. She wasn't ready for that was she? That always, always led to bad things. With George, Erica and everyone else she thought she had loved they always broke her heart. Besides that did she really want to be tied down at her age? I mean she didn't think she was the youngest girl in the room but she was by far not the oldest and she couldn't picture herself doing that, settling down.

"Urgh! If you're going to be cheery you can leave" Christina, not even bothering to look up at Arizona as she spoke. Arizona pouted at her.

"Cheery, well excuse me...Christina," momentarily forgetting the surgeons name in her alcohol induced state, "I happen to have lots of reason to be cheery, as do you. So I'm going to sip on my fruity cocktail and hope for the best. Unlike you, you should...be....ashamed...yes ashamed of yourself. You watch people all day dying and there's nothing you can do to help you watch them wither and die...and your...helpless.." She frowns, grabs Christina's whisky and downs it.

Callie can't help but laugh, it seems her blond girlfriend talked herself into being upset.

"Don't you laugh. I just wanted to know what whisky tastes like. I haven't had any since college." The blond wrinkles her brow in thought, and a smile creeps up on her face. "then again...I haven't done a lot since college." Mark immediately latches onto that, begging the blond to continue with that train of thought. Arizona isn't interested though the song that's playing has caught her attention and she remembers her mission of having a good time tonight. She wants to dance.


Christina looks out along the bar and can't help but laugh at the sight she see's. Arizona Robbins, the always conservative and always cheery PEDs surgeon is trying to coerce one of her new Mercy West interns into dancing with her. She keeps calling him Melvin and is trying to dance with him whilst he is seated. The funniest part for Christina is that his name is not Melvin and that his date is looking ready to slap either 'Melvin' or Arizona, or both.

Christina's chuckles, so out of the ordinary, gain the attention of the rest. They all find it equally amusing, including Callie as she knows her girlfriend isn't into men so he is no threat. It's when Arizona tries pulling 'Melvin' up onto the bar that she's thrown out of the bar. Now that's when they all burst out laughing whilst grabbing their coats and following the blond out.

Arizona can't believe she's been thrown out of Joe's, when the others find her she's sat on the pavement with tears of laughter streaming out of her eyes as she holds her stomach. They're all bewildered, they've never seen Arizona like this before. Normally she just sits with them, carrying on conversation with a drink or two, normally wine. Tonight Arizona is really in the spirit with living in the party.

"Hey Torres, I think you should take her home. We'll see you all tomorrow, we're going to...play scrabble." Mark says whilst winking and dragging a compliant Lexie Grey with him.

"They're not going to play scrabble." Arizona says pointing at what she hopes is Mark Sloane and Lexie Grey, not a bus. She decides she doesn't want to be on the floor anymore and grabs onto Christina's arm. Christina is pretty drunk herself so that doesn't help her and now they're both on the floor with Christina laying on top of her. She can't help but laugh at the situation she's gotten herself in. "Christina, I'm with Callie." She can't stop the laughs though and wraps her arms around her. To her surprise Christina laughs right along with her and doesn't move to get up. In any other situation they would be both mortified but the alcohol as well as the ridiculousness of the situation has the two surgeons on the floor laughing. Being the only ones left Meredith, Derek and Callie look on in wonderment at the two normally so different surgeons getting on like best friends. It's a disturbing site. Callie suddenly realises Derek and Meredith have hailed a cab and are planning on leaving her.

"No... No way you can't leave me with these two on my own. They're drunk, like really, REALLY drunk. Please, I'll do anything." She pleaded, she didn't know how she was going to manage getting TWO drunks home, and they were so very drunk.

"Bye Callie, see you all tomorrow." Meredith said as she climbed in the car...and then there were three. Callie sighed looking at the laughing messes on the floor.