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It had been two days since she had told her what had happened. Arizona didn't know what to expect after telling Callie about what had happened to her. She had expected the panic, she had expected the fear and shame but she could never have predicted to feel relief. She felt relieved that she was able to tell her about it without breaking down, she felt relieved that Callie hadn't ran away from her, and she was most definitely relieved that she was dating such a miraculous woman as Calliope. This was the most committed and grown up relationship Arizona had ever had and she wasn't scared.

Since what happened in college, how Cindy had left her after the rape and everything, she had steered away from serious relationships. Not that she slept around or anything mind you just that she never could imagine being with the women she dated forever, they were only there for right now. She loved them to some extent but they weren't the one for her. Ever since Callie had so unexpectedly touched her heart in Joe's that night she had felt so utterly in love and so overwhelmed by it that she had forgotten to feel afraid. There just hadn't been room for it.

"What are you thinking about?" Callie asked quirking her eyebrow at her as she stared down at her whilst they lay together on the couch. Quirking her own eyebrow back at her girlfriend she smirked at her and moved till she straddled her lap.

"Oh I don't know, just how" Kiss "wonderful" Kiss "my" Kiss" super hot girlfriend is. You know, the usual." She smiled knowing full well how Calliope reacted to her dimples.

"Really? Now she" Kiss "sounds amazing. You'll have to introduce us cause your attractive and everything but she sounds hot as hell. Maybe we could hook up." Scoffing at her girlfriends playfulness Arizona used her hands which had been teasing Callie's sides to tickle her. Laughter soon filled the living room and Callie shrieked as Arizona refused to stop. "Uncle! Uncle! Ari stop please. I didn't mean it. Your hot, super hot, your breathtaking!" Callie squirmed her way out from underneath her, she stood up looking completely crumpled from thrashing round on the couch. "Your impossible." She smiled at the blonde on the sofa.

"You love it." Arizona pouted whilst looking up at Callie from underneath her eyelashes. She loved the effect she had on the brunette, it was just the same as the effect Callie had on her. Arizona felt loved in every look Callie sent her way. She was her one. Grabbing her hand, Callie dragged her up.

"Yes I do, now lets go make use of this empty apartment before my shift starts." Waggling her eyebrows Callie pulled her into her bedroom and shut the door behind them.


Arizona had the day off so after thoroughly taking care of Calliope's needs and walking her to the hospital for her shift she text Christina offering to take her out for a coffee. Surprisingly they had become fast friends after their few drunken escapades. Arizona felt she understood her a bit better after some of the drunken confessions she had heard. Christina, much like herself, didn't always understand people.

"So rollerskate girl, how are things with my flatmate? No more drama please!" Christina certainly had a way about her that was disconcerting if you didn't now her. Rolling her eyes at the nickname that she couldn't seem to get the cardio resident to drop.

"No more drama at least not this week. In relationships there are ups and down and I have learnt to embrace them. Me and Callie might not always get along but I love her she loves me and that is all that matters." Smiling at the thought of the ortho surgeon busy at work, even when she wasn't near her she could give her chills.

"Oh god, your happy. You've been brainwashed, I always knew you were perky, your not called McPerky for nothing but I thought you had potential. These past few months we've had some serious depressed hardcore drinking going on. Now it's all ruined." Christina sunk back in her chair looking seriously put out. Arizona frowned for a moment wondering if she was honestly put out with the good news in their relationship. Deciding its best not to comment on that she skipped along in the conversation she was sure Christina was secretly happy for them.

"So, how are you and Owen?"

"Don't ask."

"I just did, you have to talk about it sometime."

"No I don't."


"Rollerskate girl."

"Your acting worse than some of my patients...and they're five."

"Fine, what do you want to know? Teddy, who basically at the moment is my hero, is in love with my boyfriend, who neglected to tell this to me. Then I basically offer him to her if she carried on teaching me in the heat of the moment. Your love life is perfect mine is falling apart so excuse me for not wanting to talk about it."

"Oh." Pursing her lips whilst assessing the load of information just given to her.

"Yes OH"

"No I just thought that with him forgiving you for wanting to trade him and him choosing you over Teddy even though they've been best friends forever and been to war together that it was romantic and that you could see how much he is in love with you. That's all. I don't see why it should fall apart." Stirring her cup of coffee innocently whilst peering at Christina out of the corner of her eye she saw her slouch back into her chair and drink the last out of her cup frowning.

"You know I liked you a lot more when you were a depressive drinker." Arizona frowned at that comment, even though they had become fast friends she still found it difficult to understand Christina.

"You don't want to be friends with me anymore? Just because I'm happy."

"I didn't say that. I need another coffee."


Tapping her foot impatiently Callie couldn't wait for her shift to end, she just had to finish her charts and then she could leave. She had received a text from her cheery girlfriend on her lunch break telling her that everyone was going to Joe's for drinks after their shifts and that Arizona was also going to go. They had all finished before her and she was anxious to get there. Over the last few months Arizona had really settled into her group of friends, many of them becoming her own. At first Callie had been worried because she knew what they were like, especially Christina, Meredith and Alex, they didn't like new people and Arizona was definitely new people but like usual she had nothing to worry about Arizona dazzled them just like she had her.

Walking into the bar she instantly spotted them near the back with pitchers of beer and shot glasses already littering the table top. They had obviously all been in the festive mood tonight. Sliding up to her girlfriend and after saying hello to everyone she dropped a long awaited kiss on her girlfriends perfect lips, she loved the unique taste that was Arizona. Meaning for it to only be a peck hello, but happily surprised when Arizona slung her arm around her neck and slipped her tongue inside her mouth for a quick hello.

"Mmmm what was that for luscious?" Callie could taste the alcohol on her lips and smiled at the glazed look in her eye. Arizona was definitely tipsy.

"It was a hello kiss, but I think someone, a blonde someone is feeling the effects of a few drinks tonight." Arizona mockingly looked around at their company as if wondering who she was talking about. "It's most definitely not a bad thing." She smiled.

"Oh god your happiness is suffocating the rest of us." Christina moaned but soon leaned in and kissed Owen in a similar fashion as Arizona had her. Afterwards he looked similarly dazed. Lifting an eyebrow at Mark for an explanation as to why Christina and Arizona seemed far more effected by the alcohol than the rest of them.

"Don't look at me it seems these two monsters spent the day together and got here before everyone else. It's like she's Jekyl and she's Hyde. Scary."

"Ass." Arizona slung at him.


"Cradle robber."





"Ok, ok we get the picture. You two stay away from each other. Babe, you want another drink?"

"Wine please."

Smiling and nodding as she got up out of her seat and made her way to the bar she couldn't think of how lucky she was. She had a great set of people on her side, she had a slightly immature but always there for her best friend and on top of all that she had the most beautiful and amazing girlfriend who she could easily picture spending the rest of her life with. Lost in her thought she jumped slightly when she felt two familiar arms wrap around her waist as she waited at the bar. She soon felt a kiss on the back on her neck.

"Hmm, you know what?" The blonde behind her whispered tantalizingly in her ear. Tingles erupted throughout her body at the sound of her husky whispered voice.


"We're all going to be ok, especially me and you. You're the one Calliope Torres. You make me a good man in the storm and I love you. I love you everyday and you make everything worth while. Forever."

"I love you too Arizona Robbins. Forever."


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