The images of Bill falling off the cliff were still in my mind. Playing over and over again.........the look on his face was odd though. He wasn't staring at me. but past me like he saw D or something.

"Ashley?" My Dad turned to me. We made it to the exit. We walked onto a beach. The one that was on the painting with the code on it......Moonlight Bay. Jessica and Captain were by the edge of the water.

"RICHARD!" Jessica smiled her big smile. "You made it!" Dad smiled and ran over to her. Then he motioned me to come over.

"Dad I have one thing I need to do before we leave." D was standin on the other side of the bay. He grinned and my heart fluttered.

"I guess it's time for you to go......" He stared into my eyes."Ashley, you did it! I remember everything... Thank you. Now I can go. Please touch my hand." His hand reached out, and mine intertwined with his mark disappered. He smiled a soft happy smile and, was then gone with the wind. I looked up at the sky as the tear fell down. Goodbye Daniel..... Then I ran over to the three of them. As we sailed away i hummed my favorite song, Miricle of the blue moon. I sat next to dad and leaned on his arm. When I get home my new lifestyle will start. But before i could think about that I turned to get a glimpse of the island one last time. So many things have happened. Especially with D, When i knocked over the marker, when we payed the piano, when he just stayed with me through it all! Those are the memories I'll never forget.

"Hey Dad. Do you believe in love going into the after-life?" He looked at me with a suprised look on his face.

"Of course. Sayoko and my love is still strong.... your evidence of this." He kissed my forehead. I smiled. If only D's feelings were as strong as mine. I started to sob. I miss him so much already..... Then I fell asleep, towmorrow i will be 14, but tonight im still a confused little girl.

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