Last Time On Ancestor

Meanwhile downstairs, Motoko stood with the phone to her ear as she waited for the line to connect. After a minute or so someone answered the phone "Yes?" the voice asked tersely.

"Sister, it is me." Motoko replied.

¬Motoko-han, as much as I love to talk to you and wish you would call more often I would prefer it if you did so at a more reasonable hour.¬ Tsuruko said.

"I apologise sister but this is the first opportunity I had to call you today and I would prefer to talk to you about this matter sooner rather than later."

¬Very well Motoko-han, if you insist. What is it you want to talk about?¬ she asked with a sigh.

"It is about the new manager of Hinata Sou. I would like your opinion on something..."

Chapter 5 - Relationships Revealed

¬So you are saying that he knows a lot about our school?¬ Tsuruko asked.

"More than that, he appears to know about our family. Things that are not taught to those not of our blood." Motoko replied.

¬And he was able to defeat you in a fair fight?¬ Tsuruko wondered.

"No, he fought me bare handed while I wielded my sword though I was suffering from a cold at the time. But even if I was at full health I do not believe I would have fared any better." Motoko explained. "The amount of Ki he is capable of releasing is immense, I have never felt anything like it. I believe he more than surpassed what you are able to produce."

Tsuruko was silent for a moment. ¬He is stronger than me?¬

"I-I could not say for sure. I have only seen him release his Ki on two occasions and I could not get an accurate grasp of his strength. But even then I do not believe that either of those time were a true demonstration of his full potential."

¬I find it hard to believe that someone as strong as you describe is not known to us. Someone with that amount of Ki should not be able to completely suppress his power and even a novice should have been able to see how strong he is. If nothing else rumours of his existence should have been brought to our attention.¬

"But most of the time it is hard to detect his presence at all." Motoko argued. "It is impossible to gauge his strength with any kind of accuracy unless you get him to fight seriously."

¬mmm¬ Tsuruko pondered. ¬The Urashima's were always skilful at masking their presence and true strength. I understand those talents were one of the reasons that family were held in the same high regard as ours.¬

When her sister lapsed into silence Motoko took a deep breath before saying "There is also something else."

¬Oh?¬ Tsuruko asked ¬Do tell.¬

"He... almost killed a man today." She explained.

¬...Perhaps you had best explain what happened in detail.¬ For the next five minutes Motoko described the events that had transpired between herself, Keitaro and Naru. Once she was done Tsuruko was silent before saying ¬Do you believe that he is a danger to you or your friends?¬

"I...No. I do not think he would intentionally harm any of us. He dotes on the younger girls, gets along very well with Kitsune-sempai and judging from his actions, he is very protective of Naru-sempai."

¬And yourself?¬ Tsuruko asked, a slightly teasing tone in her voice.

"We...have an understanding." She explained. "But I am still worried about the amount of killing intent that he was releasing when he was dealing with that man. I... I have never seen someone so willing to kill someone."

¬He was about to rape your friend. Would you not have done something similar?¬

"I...I don't know what I would have done." She admitted quietly.

¬It is not something to be ashamed of Motoko-han, you would be abnormal if you did not find the idea of taking a life unsettling.¬

"Urashima-san told me something similar." Motoko allowed with a small smile.

¬Then he cannot be such a terrible person.¬ Tsuruko replied ¬Well, I must say you have piqued my interest with this mystery manager of yours that managed to catch your attention.¬ the elder sister leered down the telephone making Motoko blush at the implications. ¬I shall be coming to visit you and meet this manager of yours to see if there is any substance to your concerns but I doubt I will be able to get away from the school for about a week.¬ Tsuruko explained ¬So unless something else happens, you will have to wait for a while before I can come see you.¬

"I understand Sister, thank you for your time." Motoko said.

¬Not at all Motoko-han. I am always happy to talk with my cute little sister. Though next time perhaps you could wait until morning before calling me.¬ Tsuruko replied. ¬Good night Motoko-chan.¬

"Good night Sister" Motoko parroted before hanging up the phone. Looking down at the phone Motoko sighed 'I suppose there is nothing I can do then until she gets here.' She thought before retiring to her room.

The Next Day

"OK Shino-chan, if you can memorise this formula you should be able to answer most of these questions." Keitaro smiled down at the bluenette.

"Yes Sempai." She nodded her head as she looked down at the sheet of paper in front of her, her tongue sticking out slightly as she concentrated on the figures in front of her. Keitaro couldn't help smile at how cute she was 'You used to do that as well little one.' He thought wistfully as he reached out and gently stroked her hair. Feeling his fingers running through her hair Shinobu looked up and blushed at the small smile on his face before quickly looking back down at the table. 'Though she acts nothing like you.' He suppressed a laugh. "I-Is this alright Sempai?" She asked as she held out the paper to him.

Looking the sheet over Keitaro's smile widened into a grin. "Good work, Shino-chan! All of them are right! I told you that you were a smart girl!" He praised her bringing a bright blush to her face.

"T-Thank you." She murmured. "Um, Sempai?"

"Yes, Shino-chan?"

"W-Would you like to go on a picnic?" She asked with a red face.

Grinning at her Keitaro asked "Are you asking me out on a date Shino-chan?"

"O-Of course not!" she cried out as her face lit up, her hands covering her mouth. "I...I was going to ask everyone since it's such a nice day."

"That's a shame; I was hoping you did want to go out on a date with me." He said sadly with a mock pout before a smile forced its way onto his face at the look on her face. "I would be honoured to have a picnic with you and everyone else." He said as he stroked his hair.

"Yay! We get to eat Shinomu Food!" Su cheered as she appeared behind him and leaped onto his back.

"How long have you been here Su-chan?" Keitaro asked with a smile as he looked at the grinning blond girl rubbing her cheek against his.

"For ages!" Su pouted. "I was waiting to play with you and Shinomu but we can go on a picnic instead!" she declared happily as she let go of Keitaro and hugged Shinobu. 'Though Shinobu-chan may look like you, Su-chan's personality is more like yours, little one.' Keitaro smiled as he grabbed Su around the waist and pulled her onto his lap. As her emerald green eyes looked up at him, Keitaro kissed the top of her head and said. "Well, why don't the two of you go and invite the other girls while I get started on the food."

"OK Keitaros!" Su cheered before grabbing a hold of Shinobu and carrying her out of the room. "Motoko! Let's Go On A Picnic!" Su called out as the two of them disappeared. Smiling after them, Keitaro shook his head before standing up and heading to the kitchen.

Haruka's Tea Shop

Being a relatively slow day in her tea shop gave Haruka the chance to catch up on her reading and have a sly cigarette while her great grandfather wasn't around. "I don't think your nephew would approve of you smoking Haruka-san." One of her waitresses pointed out as she poured a cup of tea for a customer.

"Well my nephew isn't going to find out about it is he Yuki-chan?" Haruka asked pointedly.

"I'm sure he won't." She smiled before scurrying away to serve her customer.

Watching her leave for a moment, Haruka's eyes drifted back to her book only to hear the tinkling of a bell. Sighing, Haruka looked back up to the entrance only to see the door still closed and no one standing there. Hearing the bell again and feeling something brush against her legs, Haruka looked down and saw a small black cat with a bell and ribbon attached to its tail rubbing against her leg. Reaching down, Haruka picked up the feline by the scruff of the neck and deposited it on the counter where it nya-ed at her. Blinking at the cat, Haruka let out a sigh and held out her fingers for the cat to butt its head against. "If you're here that must mean your mistress can't be far away huh?" she asked the familiar that just looked at her with intelligent eyes and gave another nya. "I had best give Taro-kun a call to warn him hadn't I?" she asked as the cat nuzzled into her hand.

Hinata Sou

"Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!" Su repeated over and over again as she bounced up and down by the entrance to Hinata Sou.

Placing her hands on her shoulders, Motoko smiled down at the girl. "Calm down Su-chan." Motoko told her kindly "We will be leaving soon. You would not want us to forget any of Shinobu-chans and Urashima-sans food do you?" Shaking her head, Su climbed up Motoko and onto her back to give her a squeeze; still bouncing up and down eagerly as she wrapped her arms and legs around her neck and waist and waited impatiently.

"Are you two ready yet?" Kitsune called out into the direction of the kitchen.

"We just finished, Kitsune-sempai." Shinobu said as she entered the room carrying a basket in both hands.

"Let me take that for you Shinobu-chan." Naru said before smiling down at her. "You look really cute like in that dress Shinobu-chan." She told her as she looked down at the slender girl wearing a powder blue sundress with short sleeves just reaching past her shoulders.

Turning scarlet Shinobu looked away and said "Thank you."

"I'll say." Kitsune agreed as she draped her arms over Shinobu's shoulders and hugged the girl from behind. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to attract the attention of a certain tutor of yours." Kitsune pointed out which brought a blush to the girl's face and a stream of denials that made her laugh.

"You're one to talk." Naru intervened. "That's not something you usually wear." She pointed out.

"You mean this old thing?" Kitsune grinned as she spun around on the spot making her skirt flip up slightly. Like Shinobu, Kitsune had chosen to wear a summer dress for the picnic; the thin, light, pure white material was held up by two thin straps over her shoulders and reached down to just above her knees to show off her slender, slightly tanned legs and her sandal clad feet. Compared to what she normally wore, the dress was more conservative and although it didn't show off much cleavage it still called attention to her curvy figure. "It was just something I threw on." She smiled.

"You still look beautiful, Kitsu-chan." Keitaro said as entered the room carrying another basket "You too Shino-chan." He smiled at the blushing girl as he reached down and stroked her hair.

"What about Su?" the tanned princess asked form Motoko's back.

"Su-chan always looks beautiful." He smiled at her that brought a happy blush to her face. "So do the two of you." He smiled at Naru and Motoko who blushed at him. "Although I'm a little disappointed in you Motoko-chan. Why are you wearing your school uniform?" he asked her as he squinted at her.

"Would you rather I wore my kendo uniform?" Motoko asked.

"Are those the only two outfits that you own?" he deadpanned.

"And what if they are?" she asked as she drew herself up with a blush.

"Then I think we should get you something else to wear." He said as he turned to Kitsune. "Kitsu-chan do you have something Motoko-chan can-?" he was cut off as a sword was pressed against his throat.

"You have already forced one of Kitsune-sempai's outfits on me and I will not let you do so again." Motoko declared as she glared at him.

"If you insist Motoko-chan." He smiled as he pushed the sword away. Grunting, Motoko sheaved her sword, content that for the moment at least he wasn't planning to make her dress up in anything embarrassing. "Well, shall we go?" he smiled at them. Nodding their heads, the girls headed towards the door when Keitaro's mobile started to ring. Letting the girls go ahead of him Keitaro pulled out his phone and saw that it was Haruka calling him. "Yes Haru-chan?" he asked as he answered the phone.

¬Hey Taro-kun, I just thought that I should warn you that you've got a visitor heading your way.¬ Keitaro heard Haruka reply as he exited the building.

"Oh? And who is tha- omph!" he was cut off as a black blur slammed into his chest and knocked him onto his back.

"Oniiiii-Sama!" the blur cried out as it nuzzled into his chest.

"Never mind Haru-chan." Keitaro grunted "And put out that cigarette." He told her as he hung up the phone and looked down at the pale girl dressed in a black skirt and shirt under a white waistcoat rubbing her cheek against his chest. Looking up, Keitaro saw all the Hinata Sou girls staring down at him. Letting out a sigh Keitaro somehow managed to stand up with the girl still attached to his chest and gently stroked her hair. "Hey Kana-chan."

"Ahem." Kitsune cleared her throat with a less than amused look on her face. "Something you need to tell us Kei-kun?"

"Everyone, this is Kanako-chan." He explained. "Kanako-chan this is- Kana-chan!" He finished impatiently as he noticed the girl was oblivious to the outside world. Balling up a fist Keitaro brought it down on the top of her head.

"OW!" Kanako cried as she released her arms from around his waist to cradle her head. "What did you do that for?" she pouted cutely at him.

"For not paying attention." He told her as he flicked her forehead. "Do you mind? I'm trying to introduce you to everyone." Turning his attention back to the bewildered girls Keitaro started again. "As I was saying, this is Kanako Urashima; she's Hina's adopted daughter-"

"And Onii-sama's fiancé." Kanako added as she happily hugged his side.

"WHAT!" everyone yelled at them.


"OW!" Kanako cried as she held her head and looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. "What was that for?"

"For making things up." he scolded her "I am not your fiancé."

"Granny Hina said we could get married if I wanted to!" Kanako protested.

"No, she said we could get married if I wanted to but I'd much rather have you as a cute little sister rather than a wife." He told her as he petted her head "So what are you doing here? Why aren't you still travelling with Hina?" he asked sweetly.

"I came to visit you of course." She smiled as she wrapped his arms around his neck. "Granny said that I could come visit you for a few days. So here I am!" she said happily.

"So you are." He smiled down at her. "Well, we were just about to go out for a picnic why don't you join us?" he stroked her side.

"mmm, I'm still pretty jetlagged so I had planned on taking a nap with you." She told him as she closed her eyes and rested her head on his chest.

"Well, if you come with us and you fall asleep then I'll just have to carry you back in my arms." He told her.

Kanako opened her eyes as she considered this with a light blush upon her face. "I'd love to Onii-sama." She grinned up at him.

"Good girl." He petted her head before looking up at the girls. "Well, shall we go?"

Sitting under the shade of a large sakura tree the Hinata Sou residents and the visiting little sister were sitting on a large blanket together with both Kanako and Kitsune flanking the man, both practically sitting on his lap. "Onii-sama, try some of this." Kanako said as she held out the chopsticks for him.

"Thank you Kana-chan." He smiled as he accepted the food from her.

"Kei-kun, what about this? This is Shinobu-chans speciality." Kitsune said as she leaned against him with her hand resting on his thigh and held the food to his lips. "It's delicious isn't it?"

"It is." Keitaro agreed. "Shinobu-chan is an amazing chef." He smiled at the now blushing bluenette. "Thank you Kitsu-chan." He smiled at the woman.

"You should be more careful Konno-san" Kanako said "If you keep leaning against Onii-sama like that; those lumps of fat on your chest will drag you down and dirty that pretty dress of yours." The sister said innocently.

"I'm sure I'll be fine Kanako-chan." Kitsune said simply. "After all, I have no problem with getting grass stains on this dress with your brothers' help." She countered with a smile as she rubbed Keitaro's thigh that earned her a glare.

"I'm sure you've had more than your fair share of grass stains." Kanako said tersely.

"Try this, you two." Keitaro said as slipped some food inside their mouths to prevent any further sniping.

"What about Su?" the small blond asked as she settled on his lap and looked up at him with large watery eyes and a trembling lower lip. "Aren't you going to feed Su?" the sparkling green eyed girl asked with a pout.

"Of course I will Su-chan!" he cheered as he hugged her to his chest and stroked her hair. "Here you go Su-chan." He said as he brought a morsel of food to her lips where she elegantly nibbled on the offering.

"mmm, that's yummy Keitaros." Su said cutely.

"You're so cute Su-chan!" Keitaro cried as he wrapped his arms around her small body and rubbed his cheek against the top of her head. As she accepted his affection Su smiled smugly at Kitsune before turning to do the same to Kanako.

As the girl happily nuzzled into Keitaro's chest Kitsune and Kanako narrowed their eyes at the energetic blond. "You know, I can't help but think that we've been beaten somehow." Kitsune commented.

Later That Night In The Hotsprings

"So Kanako-chan, how's Granny doing?" Naru asked as she watched the pale girl wash her slim body on one of the stools.

"Well enough as usual." Kanako explained. "She will outlive us all just to prove that she can."

"That sounds like Granny alright." Kitsune laughed jovially. "So where is she now?"

"We were in Vietnam when I asked Granny if I could come visit Onii-sama." Kanako explained as she slipped into the pool with a relaxed sigh.

"You were in Vietnam and you chose to come back here just to see Urashima-san?" Motoko asked with a raised eyebrow. "You must have really wanted to see him."

"Of course I did." Kanako said resolutely. "He's my fiancé."

The girls looked between themselves before Kitsune said "About that... it doesn't seem that Kei-kun is as enthusiastic as you are about getting married."

"For now, perhaps." Kanako smiled confidently. "There is still plenty of time for him to realise how he really feels."

"Maybe he already knows how he feels." Kitsune quickly put in. "Maybe he only sees you as a little sister. Maybe he would prefer a more... mature women to be his wife." She smiled down at Kanako's small chest as she leaned back to accentuate her own breasts.

Glaring at the older woman's large breasts Kanako turned her nose up and huffed. "Onii-sama has more refined tastes that to go after a dairy cow that shamelessly throws herself at him."

"I'm sure you're right Kanako-chan." Kitsune smiled at her "By the way, I have some cream for those mosquito bites on your chest that I'll let you borrow later."

As the two women glared at each other Naru quickly intervened to stop a fight. "So why do you like Keitaro-kun so much?"

Pulling her legs up to her chest Kanako rested her head on her knees with a small smile on her face. "Because Onii-sama is wonderful." She murmured as a light blush.

Giving the girl a strange look Motoko asked "And what about him makes him so wonderful?"

"Everything." Kanako said dreamily.

"There must be something in particular that made you want to marry him." Naru pressed, wanting to know why the girl was so obsessed with their manager.

Kanako was silent for a moment before saying "I want to marry him because I am able to because of him."

"Huh?" Naru asked confused.

"I met Onii-sama a few years ago when me and Granny Hina were in Cairo." Kanako explained. "At first I didn't really like him; I thought he was far too carefree than the heir of the Urashima family should be and that he should conduct himself with more decorum but when I pointed that out to him he just teased me and started playing childish pranks on me." She said wistfully as Motoko nodded her head; her own first impression of the man much the same. "And when I complained about it to Granny she just cackled and advised me that the only way I'd get him to stop would be if I did the same to him. I chose to ignore him but after a couple of days I yelled at him and stormed off."

"And that's why you want to marry him?" Naru wondered with a smile.

Kanako shook her head "It was because of what happened next. I was so angry at him because of his harassment that I just had to get away from him. By the time I had calmed down I found myself in one of the... less than reparable areas of Cairo." Kanako explained. "Granny had forbidden me from going near there but I was so mad at him I didn't even realise I had wandered in there. Once I did I tried to get back to the house we were staying in but I accidently knocked over a vase or something like that. Three men surrounded me and demanded that I pay for the damages. When I told them that I didn't have any money on me they said that I could pay in other ways and they grabbed me." Kanako told them making the girls shift uncomfortably. "They had kept me tied up in a room for a couple of hours before they dragged him into another room." She said quietly. "They... they tore my clothes off and tied me to a bed before another man came in." Kanako's body shook at the memory. "He was fat and greasy looking and smelled like a goat." She said as scrunched up her face. "He sent the other men out of the room, crawled on top of me and then..." she trailed off and fell silent for a moment before starting again "...and then Onii-sama came." She said with a small smile. "He kicked the door down, stormed into the room and went straight for the man. Even when he pulled out a gun Onii-sama didn't stop; he just charged straight at him, grabbed him by the neck and slammed him against the wall making him go limp. Onii-sama dropped him to the floor before turning his attention to me." Kanako explained with a smile "Onii-sama came over to me, undid the ropes around my wrists and ankles before taking off his shirt and wrapping it around me. He stroked my hair and checked to make sure I was alright before slipping his arms around me and carried me out of that terrible place." Kanako said quietly "On the way out it looked like a bomb had gone off in the building. There were bullet holes everywhere and entire walls had been knocked down. The men who had kidnapped me and their friends were all lying on the ground around us."

"D-did Sempai...?" Shinobu started to ask but couldn't finish.

Kanako settled her gaze on the bluenette "Shinobu-chan, those men kidnapped and raped girls before selling them as sex slaves. Whatever Onii-sama did to them it was nothing that they didn't deserve." Seeing the girl give a chastised nod Kanako continued. "Onii-sama carried me back to the house where we were staying and held me in his arms for two days as I cried; gently stroking my hair and telling me that I'd be alright." She said with a light blush on her face. "When I finally stopped crying I asked Onii-sama why he saved me and he said it was because I am an Urashima and it's his duty to protect his cute little sister." She said happily though she had tears in her eyes. "Even though there's no blood between us and I'm just an orphan that Granny Hina picked up Onii-sama treated me as if I was his little sister."

"So you want to marry him because he saved you and because he treated you like a member of his family?" Naru asked.

"That's right. Because of him I'm still able to get married and so I want to marry him." She explained as she wiped the tears from her eyes and stood up. "Now, if you excuse me I have business with Onii-sama." She said as walked towards the door.

"Hey Kanako-chan." Kitsune called out. "How old were you when you decided to get married to Kei-kun?"

"Thirteen." Kanako stated before continuing on her way out of the springs.

The girls lapsed into a thoughtful silence Kitsune said "Well I suppose that answers that question." Before grabbing a hold of Shinobu and hugging the youngest resident.

"Yeah." Naru murmured. "Though, it's surprising that Keitaro-kun recklessly went to save her like that."

"That's not true." Shinobu disagreed from Kitsune's lap. "S-Sempai just doesn't like to see people get hurt." She insisted.

"What makes you say that, sweetie?" Kitsune asked as she stroked Shinobu's hair.

"W-Well, remember on the day Naru-sempai had food poisoning when me and Sempai had gone shopping?" she asked and waited for a nod. "On the way home Sempai saved a little girl from being run over by a car by getting hit himself." Shinobu explained. "And..." she started but trailed off as she remembered her promise.

"And..." Motoko prompted.

"And when I twisted my ankle and fell off the roof Sempai jumped off to catch me." She said quietly.

"You Fell Off The Roof!" the girls yelled making the girl flinch.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Kitsune asked the girl on her lap as she squeezed her around the waist.

"Sempai said not to because it would worry you." She explained.

"Of course it would!" Naru insisted as she swam over to the girl and stroked her hair.

"You should have told us." Kitsune gently scolded the girl.

"Sorry." Shinobu said quietly.

"The main thing is that you are all right." Motoko assured the girl with a smile.

"It's good that Keitaro-kun was there to save you." Naru mentioned.

"Yes..." Motoko said thoughtfully as she looked up at the roof. "And Urashima-san was unharmed after these feats of heroism?"

"He said he was fine." Shinobu replied.

"How can he be fine after falling from that high up?" Naru wondered.

"Because Keitaros invincible!" Su cheered happily.

"So it seems." Motoko agreed before saying. "It is getting late, the two of you should get to bed." She told the youngest residents.

Su pouted in objection "Why should we go to bed while you stay here?" she asked "You just want to talk about grownup things and won't let us join in!" she declared as she pointed an accusing finger at Motoko.

"You should go to bed because it is late." Motoko insisted.

"Fine, then I'll sleep with Shinomu tonight then!" she huffed as she told Motoko her punishment before scooping Shinobu up off of Kitsune's lap and carried her out of the springs, the bluenette letting out a surprised epp! as they went.

Once then pair had disappeared Kitsune asked "So what is it that you wanted to talk about?"

"Urashima-san." She stated simply.

"And what about him?" Naru asked "You're not thinking about challenging him again over not telling us about Shinobu-chan's fall are you?"

"No, I just wanted to ask if any of you have noticed anything strange about him." Motoko asked.

"Apart from the fact that he can fall off a roof and not get hurt, not really." Naru replied with which Kitsune agreed.

"And you do not find the peculiar?" Motoko wondered.

"Well, we've seen you jump off the roof once or twice." Kitsune put in.

"Jump, yes. Fall and catch someone unscathed, no." Motoko answered. "And I have never been hit by a car and get up uninjured either."

"So maybe he's just very durable." Naru explained away.

"Perhaps." Motoko murmured.

"This isn't just about him beating you in the duel is it?" Kitsune asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I am not that petty." Motoko huffed.

"Than what is it about?" Kitsune wondered.

"I... do you believe that he is dangerous?" she wanted to know.

"Dangerous?" the two girls wondered. "He's as soppy as a puppy dog; he wouldn't do anything to hurt us." Kitsune instantly refuted the claim.

"And it's not like he's a pervert or anything." Naru agreed "He's had plenty of opportunities to jump on Kitsune and he's turned down her down every time."

"And how do you know that?" Kitsune asked sharply which brought a blush to Naru's cheeks with a stammered and mumbled excuse. Giving Naru a look, Kitsune turned her attention back to Motoko. "So why do you think that he might be dangerous?"

"It's just..." she trailed off and considered what to tell them. "There is something that I did not tell you about when you were attacked, Naru-sempai." She admitted. "Urashima-san asked me not to say anything but I feel it is best if I do."

Naru shifted uncomfortably before saying "Well, what haven't you told me?"

Motoko paused for a second before saying "If I had not called out to him I believe that Urashima-san would have killed the man that drugged you."

The girls were silent before Kitsune carefully asked "What makes you think that?"

"I could feel how angry he was." She told them. "I could feel the killing intent coming from him as he was strangling the man. He was fully prepared to kill him."

"But he didn't..." Naru pointed out.

"And Kanako-san's story? She all but said that he killed those people." Motoko pointed out.

"Kidnappers and rapists." Kitsune frowned. "Kidnappers and rapists who had kidnapped his sister and were about to rape her. Just like that guy was going to do to Naru-chan if Keitaro-kun hadn't stopped him. Whatever he did to them I'd say it was well earned." She said angrily.

"But..." Motoko started.

"But he has done nothing to us. Apart from when you challenged him to a fight he hasn't raised a finger against any of us. So what if he beat the crap out some scumbags? It doesn't mean he's not a good guy." She defended the man.

"It was not my intention to imply that he was not a 'good guy'. I merely wanted you to be aware of what he may be capable of doing." Motoko stated.

"Do you honestly think he could harm us?" Naru asked.

Motoko was silent before saying "No... I don't think he would." Motoko admitted.

"Then there's no problem is there?" Kitsune smiled. "Now if you don't mind, I think I shall be getting to bed now." She said as she left the springs.

"I think I'll get going as well." Naru said as she got up.

"Naru-sempai?" Motoko called out.

Pausing, Naru turned to look at the young samurai "Yes Motoko-chan?"

"Do you... do you think I was wrong to mention this?" Motoko asked.

Naru smiled kindly at her "You were just looking out for us Motoko-chan. You did nothing wrong."

"But Kitsune-sempai..." she started.

"Kitsune...Kitsune likes Keitaro-san. This is the first time I've ever seen her like this about a guy and she's just... well she's just a little hormonal right now." Naru explained in the only way she could.

"I see." Motoko nodded. "Thank you Naru-sempai."

"No problem Motoko-chan. Good night." she smiled at the kendo girl before continuing out of the hotsprings. "Don't stay out here too long."

"I won't. Good night Naru-sempai." Motoko murmured as she sunk into the pool and looked up at the night sky thoughtfully.

"Onii-sama, can I come in?" Kanako asked sweetly as she knocked on his door.

"Of course you can Kana-chan." Keitaro smiled as he finished setting out his futon. Hearing her entre his room and close the door behind Keitaro looked up and smiled at what he saw. Kanako stood in front of him wearing a powder blue silk robe, so short that the hem barely reached over her hips. Tied around her midsection with a loose knot, the robe clung to her still slightly damp body to show off her well defined figure and her long slender legs all the while barely containing her large breasts. Standing up Keitaro approached the young seductress who was giving him a sultry smile and gently placed his hands on her hips before asking "What can I do for my Kana-chan?" he smiled and rested his forehead against hers.

"Well..." she grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck "I was wondering if I could sleep with you tonight Onii-sama?" she asked as she allowed the sash that held her robe together to fall apart and expose her whole body to him.

As his eyes roamed the young Urashima's slender body Keitaro rubbed his nose against hers and murmured "Of course you can Kana-chan."

Her eye's lighting up Kanako grinned and purred "Thank you Onii-sama." She said before lightly brushing her lips against his.

As she broke the kiss but kept her lips close to his Keitaro smiled and ran one hand up her body to cup her breast as the other wrapped around her waist. "You've grown a lot since I last saw you Kana-chan." He told her as he rolled the hard nub that topped her breast between his thumb and forefinger.

Gasping at the contact, Kanako held her body against his and buried her head into his chest as she allowed the robe to fall from her body. "That's because you haven't seen me in a couple of years." She pointed out.

Keitaro smirked down at her. "I meant in the last hour." He told her before tugging at the nipple, pulling it and the rest off the mound away from Kanako's body leaving her lopsided.

Realising what he had just done, Kanako's face turned bright red. Covering up her chest with one arm Kanako grabbed for the 'supplement' only for Keitaro to hold it out of her reach "Onii-sama! Give it back!" she cried as she balled up a fist and started hitting him.

"uh-uh, not until you tell me why you're wearing these silly things." He said as he kept lifting the fake breast whenever she got close to grabbing it. "Wow, this is really well made." He observed "It really bounces doesn't it?"

"Onii-sama!" Kanako cried. Relenting, Keitaro allowed her to snatch the prosthetic out of his hand before turning around and kneeling with the fake breast clutched to her chest.

Smiling down at the embarrassed girl Keitaro knelt behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her back against him. "Come on Kana-chan. Tell me why you wore these things." He ordered her as he gently peeled the other breast off of her.

"I though Onii-sama liked big breasts better." She mumbled morosely. Keitaro smiled kindly at the girl and ran his fingers through her hair before balling up his fist and bopping her on the head. "Ow! What was that for?" she cried as she looked up at him.

"For being so silly." He scolded her. "What makes you think it'd like this over your real self?" he asked as he dangled the fake breast in front of her only for her to grab it and hold it with the other. "You should know that I wouldn't like you wearing this. You're perfect just the way you are." He told her.

"So you like small breasts?" she asked hopefully.

"I like Kanako-chan as she is." He told her. "And no matter what she looks like she'll always be my little Kana-chan." He stroked her hair. "OK?"

"OK Onii-sama." She grinned and leaned back into his chest.

"Good girl." He kissed her forehead with a smile. "Now let's get to bed. We need to get up early for your training." He told her as he lifted her up and led her to his futon.

"My training?" Kanako asked as she allowed him to lay her down in the bed.

"Of course. I can't let you slack off just because you're away from Hina." He said as he settled next to her and wrapped his arms around her small body. "Besides, I want to see how far my little Kana-chan has come since I first started to teach you." He told her as he ran his hand up and down her back.

"Whatever you say Onii-sama." She grinned as she rolled him over so that she was laying on top of him. "Good night Onii-sama." She grinned at him and kissed his chest before nuzzling into his neck. "Love you." She smiled.

"Love you too Kana-chan." He smiled and wrapped his arms around the pretty young girl on his chest.

"Kana-chan." Keitaro said softly into her ear. "It's time to wake up Kana-chan."

"mmm, five more minutes Onii-sama." She murmured.

"Now Kana-chan." Keitaro insisted with a poke on the cheek.

"mmm, later." She objected as she turned on her side away from his prodding.

Frowning at his granddaughter Keitaro murmured. "Alright then Kana-chan." He said with a mischievous smile. As Kanako heard him walk away she let out a happy sigh. If she was still with Granny Hina, the old woman would have whacked her on the head by now to make her get up and start her morning training but since she was on holiday and her Onii-sama was much more understanding than Hina was she could get a little lie in even though their bed felt colder now that he had left her. Hearing him come back, Kanako turned onto her back again and was about to open her eyes and greet her beloved when...


Feeling a bucket of ice cold water poured over her face Kanako's eyes shot open and she jumped up in surprise. Seeing Keitaro sniggering at her while holding an empty bucket in his hands Kanako cried "Onii-sama! What was that for!" She yelled at him.

"To wake you up." He grinned at her as he picked up a towel and rubbed her head to dry her off. "If you had done what I told you when I told you, you wouldn't have gotten wet."

"Couldn't you have just hit me on the head like Granny does?" she complained.

"Where's the fun in that?" Keitaro asked with a grin.

Still pouting Kanako pulled the towel from her head and threw it at Keitaro "You're meant to be nice to your beloved Kanako!" she said only to blink when she noticed that they were not in his room anymore but on the laundry deck. "When did you take me here?" she asked him.

"When you wouldn't wake up even after I hit you on the head." Keitaro said dryly.

"Couldn't you have at least put a robe on me?" she grumbled as she wrapped her arms around her naked body to shield herself from the cold.

"No point. You'd just have to remove it for the training I had planned." He replied.

"Naked training?" Kanako asked curiously, not disliking the sound of this.

"More or less." Keitaro smiled as he handed her a bundle of cloth.

Unfolding the gift from Keitaro, Kanako blinked as she realised what it was "A loincloth?" she wondered. "Why are you making me where a loincloth?"

"It's so that you won't graze that cute little butt of yours when I knock you down onto it." He smiled and flicked her nose. "Now hurry up and put it on." Nodding her head Kanako secured the fundoshi tightly around her waist. Once it was fixed in place Kanako stood proudly in front of her brother who was smiling at her and waited for his approval. Stepping forward Keitaro walked around her and examined her body closely, every so often running his fingers along her body and giving mmm's of approval. As he did so Kanako's body quiver and her breathing become ragged. "Very good Kana-chan." He praised her. "Your muscles are developing well and you don't have any excess fat anywhere. Although..." he said as he stopped in front of her and ran his hand from her hips up her flanks to just under her breasts. "You could stand to gain a little weight. I can feel your ribs Kana-chan, you should eat properly."

"I do." She denied with a purr "I just don't gain weight easily." She said happily.

"mmm, if you say so." Keitaro said doubtfully with a raised eyebrow "Really now, girls today starving themselves just to look pretty." He shook his head with a sigh. "There's nothing wrong with having a little meat on your bones Kana-chan. If nothing else it creates another layer of protection if you are hit."

"I don't starve myself!" she denied hotly.

"Very well, if looking beautiful means that much to you I won't mention it again." He grinned at the frown on her face. "At least you look stunning." He praised her. "Now then, let's get started." Keitaro smiled as he walked off to the side and removed his shirt making her blush and bite her bottom lip. Seeing him pick up two paintbrushes and open two paint cans Kanako asked

"Onii-sama, what are those for?"

"These..." he said waving them at her "...are to help you with your training. This is how our family gauged the competency of a female student of our art. The head of our family would fight against the student and if they impressed him he would acknowledge them as a practitioner of our family style. If they didn't then the head would be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses and assign them to the appropriate master." He lectured her. "The brush with red paint," he held up the brush in his right hand. "represents a blade. The blue," he held up his left. "represents a fist. Once we finish sparing I will examine your body to see where there is paint and discuss your wounds and what training you should be receiving. The idea is to treat this as a fight for your life. Act as if I am trying to kill you and that this is a real knife." He told her. "Is that clear? No. Holding. Back."

"Yes Onii-sama." Kanako nodded as she slipped into a defensive stance.

"Good, now before we begin do you have any questions?" he asked her.

"You said that this is how the women were judged, how is it different with men?" she wondered.

"We do not use paintbrushes." He said gravely. "The head would use a real knife and his fist to judge them."

"Couldn't he have killed them by mistake?" she asked making him frown at her.

"Kana-chan, you do not get to be the head of the Urashima family simply by being born into that position. Birthright means nothing. You are judged on your intelligence and skill, if you are lacking in either of the two then you lose your candidacy for head." He said haughtily "The head of the family is always the most skilled practitioner and has reached the rank of Master of the Urashima family style. He would not make such a mistake." He said affronted. "The worst that ever happened was that one of the students nearly lost a finger because he flailed around like an idiot rather than remembering what his master had told him. Usually it was just minor bleeding and scaring."

Nodding her head Kanako asked "Then why are women put through a different trial?"

"Well, originally our style was only taught to men. The head of our family held the view that women shouldn't be running around beating people up especially since an angry Urashima woman is dangerous enough without being trained. Rather, he felt that they should do womanly things such as give birth and look pretty." He said his voice filled with happy nostalgia before sighing "But after generations of nagging he agreed to let the women of our family train and in most cases outperformed the men." He said wearily. "As for why you use paintbrushes instead of knives and fists the head had no intention of bruising or scaring the women who insisted on being trained and it was the one thing he would not budge on. He said they could either do it like this or they wouldn't be trained at all and the women chose to accept his condition. Although..." he let out a tired sigh "It didn't stop the women getting more than their fair share of bruises and scars. The women of our family have always been hot-blooded; I have no idea where they get it from." He said scratching his chin innocently.

"So did Granny and Haruka do this?" Kanako inquired.

"Hina yes, Haruka no." He reported. 'Haru-chan wouldn't let me.' He pouted internally.

"So to impress the head and become a practitioner the student had to beat him?" she asked.

Keitaro frowned and flicked her forehead "Weren't you listening to me? The head of our family is the smartest and most skilled practitioner of our style. Just because they fought well enough to impress him didn't mean that they could defeat him." He scolded her for thinking such things. "Now, is there anything else or can we begin?" he asked her.

"No Onii-sama we can-" she was cut off as Keitaro slashed the red brush through the air forcing her to jump back out of the way. She was not fast enough however and a thin line of red paint was drawn above her left eyebrow.

"Even if that was a shallow cut it would still bleed for some time and blind that eye." Keitaro lectured his granddaughter.

"I wasn't ready!" Kanako complained.

"Do you believe and opponent that is trying to kill you would wait until you are ready?" he frowned at her. "Now defend yourself!" he said as he slashed at her with the red brush again. Jumping out of the way Kanako rolled further away to create distance between him and her but Keitaro pressed on, jabbing with his blue brush. Getting to her feet Kanako narrowly dodged another thrust of his red brush before moving onto the offensive, lashing out with her fist aimed directly at his face.

With a grin on his face, Keitaro easily dodged the strike and ran his 'blade' from her wrist to her elbow leaving a trail of red paint behind it. "If your opponent has a weapon, don't attack head on!" he scolded her as sliced the red brush a hairbreadth away from her throat. "You either disarm or disable him before making your move! If you can't do either then look for an opening to exploit!" he told her.

Kanako grunted her acknowledgement as she leapt back again to avoid a jab from the blue brush. Exploiting an opening was easier said than done. While her Onii-sama was full of openings that she could attack, hitting them and getting away unscathed was another matter entirely. She knew that every drop of paint that touched her body would be counted against her when her Onii-sama judged her ability and Kanako was determined to impress him. Grunting as the blue brush hit her shoulder Kanako frowned as she tried to find a strategy against him. 'I won't be able to avoid both brushes no matter what so I have to make sure the red one doesn't touch me. If I get in close and let him hit my arm with his left while avoiding the right then I should be able to get in at least one hit.' she thought as she steadied herself before dashing forward. Ducking under a lazy right swing Kanako held up an arm to block the jab with his left and swung thrust her fist towards his face only to notice something out of the corner of her eye and leapt back, frowning at her forearm and the red line of paint that marked it.

"Always keep an eye on where your opponents weapon is." He lectured her "Don't expect your attacker to keep his knife in the same hand!" he said before rushing forward and slashing down with the red brush again. Accepting his advice, Kanako carefully followed were the red brush was before rushing forward again. Pressing forward with a barrage of punches Kanako forced Keitaro backwards as he dodged each and every attempt she made to hit him until his back was pressed up against the wooden railing. Once her opponent had nowhere else to run Kanako lashed out with a high kick to his face, hoping to catch him off balance only for Keitaro to catch her leg and hold it in place as he grinned before his hand shot out towards her face. Seeing the red brush coming straight at her, Kanako launched her grounded foot off the floor so that her head was thrown backwards narrowly avoiding the brush as she planted her foot into his chest and pushed off of him making him stumble back and release her foot. Flipping back Kanako gracefully landed a foot away from where she had started in time to see Keitaro fall over the banister and off of the roof.

Her eyes going wide Kanako screamed out "Onii-Sama!" before rushing to the edge and peering over it only to reel backwards as Keitaro shot upwards, his red brush running along her face from her chin, along her cheek up to her forehead. As she stumbled backwards Keitaro landed on top of the railing and kicked out at the girl, knocking her back as he caught her in the centre of her chest. Just as she regained her balance Keitaro was already upon her, his red brush stabbing at her heart and slashing at her stomach while the blue brush jabbed at her joints; hitting her shoulders, elbows and knees, forcing her to retreat backwards until she lost her footing and fell backwards onto her butt before Keitaro pounced on top of her forcing her torso back onto the deck, his legs pinning her arms to the ground as his weight settled on top of her and pressed the red brush against her throat.

Smiling down at her Keitaro asked "Do you know why you lost?"

"Yes..." Kanako mumbled refusing to meet his gaze.

"And the reason is...?" he prompted.

"Because I went to make sure you were alright." She murmured.

"That's right." He nodded. "I told you to treat this as a life or death duel and what do you do? Come charging towards where I fell to make sure I was alright." He scolded her. "When I say to treat this as a real duel I expect you to do so is that clear? Even if I was impaled on the washing line I'd expect you approach me cautiously." He ordered him.

"Yes Onii-sama." Kanako said chastised.

"Good girl." He said kindly to her as he tenderly stroked her hair. "Now let's get you up." He smiled as he stood and pulled her upwards with him. "Let's see how you did." He smiled. Nodding her head Kanako stood with her arms hanging loosely at her side and allowed Keitaro to examine her body. Gently cupping her cheek, Keitaro stroked her soft skin covered in red paint. "See, this is why we don't use real blades on our female practitioners. If I did I would have scared your beautiful face." He said making her blush happily. Sliding his hand from her cheek down to her throat Keitaro gently stroked the hollow of her neck that was coated in red paint. "I think we both know that this would have been fatal don't we?" he commented before sliding his hand lower onto her small breast making shudder. "Same with this one, the force I could have stuck you with would have cut into your heart." He lectured before moving his hand lower to her taut stomach, lightly brushing against her nipple as he did causing her to gasp. "Here as well." He told her as his finger ran along the lines of paint. "If you took any one of these hits with a real blade you wouldn't have been able to survive more than half an hour. You'd succumb to shock and then bleed out without immediate medical attention and even then it'd be touch and go."

"Y-Yes Onii-sama." Kanako purred as she felt him stroke her stomach.

Leaving her stomach Keitaro gently held her hand and brought up her arm for inspection. "This one would have cut the tendon in your arm and you wouldn't have been able to use it again." He commented before examining the blue spots of paint. "Now this one." His pointed to the one on her shoulder. "If I had hit you hard enough it would have forced your shoulder out of the socket. And this one..." he pointed to one on the outside of her elbow "...with enough force it would have been a nasty brake. It'd probably be the last you ever use the arm. Blocking isn't good enough; you have to dodge as many attacks as you can. Allowing your opponent to hit your arm to create an opening is all well and good unless he can cripple you with one hit." He critiqued her plan.

"But that's only if someone can hit me that hard." Kanako pointed out. "And Granny's been teaching me about bone-fitting so I can make my bones so strong not even you could break them." She bragged. Hearing this Keitaro frowned at the girl before lifting up his right hand with his index finger curled. "huh?" Kanako wondered before Keitaro flicked her in the centre of her chest, sending her flying back several feet. "Ow! Onii-sam-ahhhh!" she cried as Keitaro appeared behind her started to grind his knuckles into the side of her head.

"I'm not strong enough, eh?" he asked as he intensified the noogie. "Little brats like you shouldn't be so full of themselves! You're a thousand years to early to even think about taking me on!" he scolded her.

"Ahhhhh, S-Stop it O-Onii-samaaaa!" Kanako complained as she tried to escape.

"oh? Where do you think you're going?" he demanded to know as he moved his hands from her head down to her side and started to tickle her.

"O-Onii-sa-sama! S-stop it!" she cried out between laughs.

"Do you apologise for saying something silly?" he asked, not letting up on his tickling.

"Yes!" Kanako gasped out.

"Alright then." He smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her onto his lap. "So long as you know your place." He said kindly and kissed the top of her head.

Tilting her head back Kanako looked up at the amused look in his eyes before leaning back into his chest and saying. "Of course I do. It's by your side as your wife." She grinned before Keitaro bopped her on her head again. "What was that for?" she cried indignantly.

"For being cheeky." He grinned at her before slipping an arm under her legs and picking her up bridal style, earning a yelp of surprise from the girl. "Now let's go to the springs and get you cleaned up." He said to her.

"mmm, I'd like that Onii-sama." Kanako smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Of course you would." He agreed as he kissed her forehead and wandered over to the edge of the roof and hopped up onto the railing before leaping down into the springs below earning an excited squeal from the goth girl in his arms. Back up on the roof Motoko moved from the stairs where she had observed the interaction between master and student onto the laundry deck with a thoughtful look on her face.

Down in the hotsprings the two Urashima's shed what little clothes they still had on and moved towards the showers. Ushering the girl forward so that she stood underneath a shower head Keitaro turn on the warm water so that it rained down on top of the girl. Gasping as the water hit her body and warmth seeped into her skin, Kanako grabbed a hold of the man and pulled him under the flow of water. Smiling up at him, Kanako pressed her body against his and rested her head on his chest, enjoying the sound of his beating heart. Smiling tenderly down at the girl, Keitaro kissed her forehead before wrapping his arms around her slim body; one sliding up to run through her silky hair while the other slid down to cup her pert little rear producing a slight gasp from the girl. Pulling her away from his body Keitaro poured some soap into his hands before stroking her sides, massaging the soap into her flanks to clean the paint from her. Starting from her stomach Keitaro gently rubbed the soap into her pale skin, washing the red paint from her body before moving up her chest to cup her small breasts and lightly tweak her nipples making her moan. Wiping the paint from her heart, Keitaro moved on to her arms; caressing and cleaning the limbs of her 'wounds' while placing soft kisses on her hands. Running the soap up her arms to clean the blue paint from her shoulders before moving along to her neck, Keitaro washed the red paint of his final attack off of her pale skin before leaning in and kissing her, lightly nipping at the exposed flesh to make her gasp.

Gently cupping her face, Keitaro said to her "Keep your eyes closed while I clean your face." Getting a mmm of acknowledgement Keitaro gently ran his fingers over her cheeks, washing away the red paint that marred her beautiful features and not for the first time he was glad that he had forbidden the use of real blades in the testing of women. Kanako was a rare beauty and in time past she could have easily become the wife of a shogun or the emperor himself if she so desired and there was no way he would allow her beautiful features to be scarred. Hell, in another time and another place he would have taken her as his lover if not his wife but in the here and now such a thing would have been impossible though it is still fun to tease her. Gently cupping her face Keitaro leaned down and lightly brushed his lips against hers. "You're so beautiful Kana-chan." He whispered to her.

"Onii-sama..." Kanako breathed as a tremor ran through her body.

Smiling at her reaction Keitaro slid his hands down her body until he was kneeling in front of her. Taking a hold of her leg Keitaro cleaned the spot of blue paint from her knee before placing a gentle kiss on her thigh. "All clean Kana-chan." He smiled up at her.

"Not yet..." she purred.

Suppressing a laugh, Keitaro stood up and hugged the girl close to his body. "I'm afraid so Kana-chan." He said as he ran his fingers through her soft hair.

Kissing his chest Kanako looked up at him and purred "Then it's my turn to clean you." She said cheekily. Wrapping her arms around him Kanako rubbed her slim body against his, transferring the soap onto his chest. Grinning lustfully up at her Onii-sama Kanako slid herself down his body until she was kneeling in front of him, her face level with his groin and her eyes widening at the state he was in evidently because of her. Stroking his thighs Kanako licked her lips and leaned in closer to him with her mouth open only for Keitaro to grasp her shoulder and push her back slightly. "Onii-sama?" she looked up at him with a confused expression on her face.

Smiling kindly down at her Keitaro gently stroked her soft cheek before saying "I think I'm clean now Kana-chan." He told her.

"But-" she started only for Keitaro to lean down and scoop her up in his arms, once again carrying her bridal style and held her under the cascading water for a moment to let the water wash away the soap.

"No buts Kana-chan." He smiled as he turned off the shower and wandered into the pool. "Just enjoy the warmth." He told her as he pressed his lips against her cheek and ran his hand along her smooth legs to her hip.

Kanako let out a happy sigh as she rested her head against his chest. While it wasn't exactly what she planned on doing when she had finally got him alone in the bath she enjoyed it all the same, especially with what she felt poke her small behind. "This is nice Onii-sama." She purred happily as she ground her rear against his lap.

"It certainly is." He agreed as he stroked her stomach.

Reaching up, Kanako grasped the back of his head to keep him from moving and said "I can think of a way to make it even more enjoyable." She said as she leaned up to press her lips against his when...

"I hope you don't mind if I join you." A voice called.

Her head shooting up over Keitaro's, Kanako glared as she saw a naked Kitsune approaching the pair. Wrapping her arms around his head and holding his face to her small chest to make sure he wouldn't see anything she thought he shouldn't Kanako asked "And if we do mind?"

"Well, there's nothing you can do about it." Kitsune said simply as she settled into the springs next to Keitaro and pressed into his side. "Good morning Kei-kun." She smiled at him.

Finally managing to prise Kanako off of his face, Keitaro slid her off of his lap to his side and smiled at the fox lady. "Good morning Kitsune." He said as he wrapped his arm around her waist. "Did you sleep well?" he asked.

"Well enough I suppose." She replied, resting her head on his shoulder and running her hand over his chest. "I was a bit lonely though." She added.

"Yes, I suspect that you're not used to being in bed by yourself." Kanako said snidely.

"Enough of that Kana-chan." He scolded her, giving her a quick squeeze.

"Whatever you say Onii-sama." Kanako grinned as she grabbed the back of his head and pressed her lips against his. Peering at Kitsune, Kanako smirked at the fox lady who was frowning at them.

"How cute, it's good to see a brother and sister getting along so well." Kitsune smiled as they broke their kiss. "I wonder how well we get along." Kitsune purred as she grabbed his chin and turned his face before pressing her lips against his and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Moaning loudly, Kitsune looked at the fuming Kanako as she pressed her breasts against his chest as he slid the hand around her waist down to cup her rear.

"Does that answer your question Kitsu-chan?" he asked as he held her cheek.

"mmm, I suppose so." She smiled, and looked at the angry Kanako out the corner of her eye. "But I can think of a more fun way of finding out how well we get on." She purred as she slid her hand down his chest and below the waterline.

Seeing this, Kanako's eyes flashed with rage. Balling up her fist Kanako's arm shot out towards Kitsune's face at inhuman speed only for Keitaro's hand to snap out and catch her fist, stopping the strike and pulled her to his body with her arms trapped between them. "Now now Kitsu-chan." He said while staring at Kanako. "None of that." He told her as lifted his other had out of the water to reveal to that he had stopped Kitsune from grabbing anything.

"You're no fun Kei-kun." Kitsune pouted, oblivious to how close she came to being seriously injured.

"I'm plenty fun." Keitaro disagreed. "I'm just not interested in that kind of fun." He pointed out as he pulled her to his body.

"My point exactly." She sighed theatrically as she turned around on his lap and ground her rear against his groin. "If you're not going to have that kind of fun with me the least you could do is clean my body for me." She told him as she leaned back into his chest.

"You were meant to clean yourself before you get in the bath." Kanako growled at her.

"But Kei-kun was already in the bath." Kitsune pointed out. "It would have been inconsiderate to ask him to get out of the water just to have him run his hands over my body." She purred happily as she rolled her head back onto his shoulder.

"Don't worry about it Kitsu-chan." Keitaro smiled and kissed her cheek. "I'm always happy to run my hands over your body." He said as he brought the hand that was around her waist up to cup one of her large breasts. Gently massaging the heavy mound and tweaking the stiff nub that topped the pale breast Keitaro felt Kitsune's whole body shiver and a light groan escaped her mouth. As Keitaro continued to play with Kitsune's body, an enraged Kanako struggled against him, trying to squirm out of his hold but to little effect as Keitaro's iron grip held her in place. Switching to Kitsune's other breast; Keitaro leaned down and whispered into Kanako's ear "The more you struggle the more things I will do to Kitsune. So calm yourself before I do something to her that I would much rather not do." He ordered the temperamental Urashima. Looking up into his eyes Kanako saw that he was completely serious and nodded her head as she allowed her body to go limp against his. "Good girl." He whispered and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek before removing his hand from Kanako's waist to let it slide down and rest on top of her small rear as he let the hand cupping Kitsune's large breast fall to her stomach. "There you go Kitsu-chan. You're clean enough now." He told her.

"mmm, but I still feel really dirty." She moaned. "I think you need to clean me in a much more intimate place." She said huskily as she took a hold of his hand and slid it down her stomach below the waterline.

"Tempting but we really don't have time for that." He lightly kissed her neck. "Shinobu-chan will have made breakfast by now and if we don't hurry Su-chan will eat everything."

"I guess you're right." She sighed before turning around and pressing her lips against his again. "Shall we?" she asked as she stood up and allowed him to see all of her body.

Smiling up at her, Keitaro stood up and wrapped his arms around the beauty before pulling her to his body. Lightly placing a kiss on her neck, Keitaro gently squeezed her rear making her gasp before looking down at the livid Kanako. "Coming Kana-chan?" He asked as he held out his hand to her.

Glaring at the fox girl who was shamelessly rubbing her body against her Onii-sama, Kanako eagerly took his hand and pressed into his side. "Yes, Onii-sama."

"Good girl." He smiled and ran his hand up and down her back before moving towards the changing room; leaving the hot spring flanked by the two gorgeous women for the first time in many decades. Allowing Kitsune to enter first, Keitaro followed after her with Kanako jealously holding onto his arm. "Let's get you dried off first Kitsune." He said as he shook Kanako off his arm. "Kana-chan, sit down and wait for me to finish drying Kitsune." He told her. Hearing this Kanako's mouth dropped open and was about to scream out a protest when she saw the look on his face. Deciding that it was best not to push her luck Kanako nodded her head and took a seat to watch her Onii-sama.

Certain that she would behave herself at least for now, Keitaro turned his attention back to the dripping Kitsune. Smiling at her Keitaro grabbed a large, fluffy towel and approached the woman only for Kitsune to wrap her arms around his neck and press her breasts into his chest before sealing her lips against his, moaning into his mouth as she felt him press into her crotch. "Behave yourself Kitsu-chan." Keitaro scolded her with a grin despite the fact that he was groping her soft rear.

"I am behaving." She insisted as she kissed his chin. "Trust me; you would know if I was being naughty." She purred.

"Behave more like Motoko-chan then." He told her, his hand not moving from her rear.

"Where's the fun in that?" she groaned as she ground her groin against him.

"That's the point." He smiled and gave her a peck on the lips. "Now let me dry you."

"You can do whatever you like to me." She grinned at him.

"Don't tempt me." He scolded her as he squeezed her rear making her giggle happily.

"What do you think I've been trying to do?" she moaned as he started to wipe her body; running the cloth over every inch of wet skin, his lips following after it kissing the dry flesh with a smile. Starting with her neck, Keitaro pressed his lips against her throat and lightly nipped at her forcing a gasp from her lips. Nibbling at her collarbone Keitaro continued downwards, cupping her breasts Keitaro lowered his head and kissed his way down the heavy mound and lightly pressed his lips against her nipple making her moan appreciatively. Moving down her body, Keitaro knelt in front of the woman and kissed her bellybutton as he ran the towel up and down her long smooth legs and reached up to squeeze her round rear. As Kitsune moaned and ran her fingers through his hair Keitaro nuzzled into her smooth stomach and looked at Kanako out of the corner of his eye to see the girl so angry that steam was practically pouring off of her. Smiling at her, Keitaro started to kiss his way up Kitsune's body, brining the towel with him to run through her hair.

"There you go Kitsu-chan, all dry." He smiled as he left the towel draped over her head but slid his hands down her body and groped her rear.

"Not yet." She begged as she pressed herself against his wet body. "See? You've gotten me all wet." She purred.

"You got yourself wet." he smiled and kissed her lips. "But I have to take care of Kana-chan otherwise she'll catch a cold." Keitaro explained. "So while I dry her off you get dressed OK?" he said giving her an affectionate grope.

"OK then." She sighed.

"Good girl." He smiled and lightly brushed his lips against hers before turning away from the fox lady leaving her with the towel. Grabbing a dry one Keitaro approached the pouting girl and held out her hand to her. Pulling her up, Keitaro spun her around and wrapped the towel around her slim body and slowly started to move his hands up and down. Letting out a sigh as she felt her brothers hands upon her Kanako couldn't help but forgive her brother for his indiscretions. He may flirt with other women but the feeling of his hands caressing her body even through a towel was enough to make her forget all her troubles.

Leaning back against her brothers chest Kanako let out a happy mew "Onii-sama..."

Running his arms down Kanako's shoulders Keitaro tightly grasped her wrists and whispered into her ear "If you ever do anything like that again I will disown you, take you away from Hina and send you to a convent to live for the rest of your life, is that clear?" he asked, his voice hard and cold.

Surprised at his tone of voice and the hard grip on her wrists Kanako looked over her shoulder and saw that that his eyes matched his voice. "Onii-sama..."

"I will not have you becoming a murderer." He whispered firmly, his hands squeezing her wrists.

Seeing that he was completely serious, a chastised Kanako nodded and whimpered back "Yes Onii-sama."

"I am very disappointed in you Kana-chan." He said as he released her wrists and settled his hands on her hips. "I don't ever want you to make me say that again." He said pressing his lips against her cheek. "I want you to get on with the girls while you are here and if you can't I will cut your holiday short and send you back to Hina."

"Yes Onii-sama." Kanako nodded quietly.

"What are you two whispering about?" Kitsune asked, now dressed in her lacy bra and panties.

"Kana-chan was just saying how beautiful you look, isn't that so Kana-chan?" he grinned as he spun her around the annoyed looking Kanako to face the fox girl.

"Yes..." Kanako growled out through gritted teeth.

"Why thank you Kanako-chan." Kitsune grinned at her. "And you look so cute in that towel, just like Shinobu-chan." She sniped.

"Weren't you getting dressed Kitsu-chan?" Keitaro asked quickly to forestall Kanako's retort as he stepped between the two girls.

"I was but then a thought occurred to me." She smiled as she pressed against his body. "While you are drying us, you're soaking wet. And we can't have that can we?" she grinned as she snatched the towel away from Kanako pressed it against his chest.

Glaring at the fox lady, Kanako grabbed at the towel and snapped "What do you think you are doing? Onii-sama was drying me!"

"I wouldn't worry about that Kanako-chan." Kitsune grunted as she tried to pull the towel away from the gothic girl. "After all, idiots can't get colds."

Seeing Kanako's eyes flash with rage and her mouth open to reply Keitaro quickly reached out and pinched their rears making them jump and cry out in a mixture of pain and surprise. "Now now girls, behave yourselves or I'm going to have to spank you." He grinned at them.

"You promise?" Kitsune asked as she wrapped her arms around his neck, further infuriating the pale Urashima.

"Yes, now behave." He scolded her as he wrapped his arms around their waists and used the opportunity to squeeze their soft round rears.

"Well if I have to behave there's not much point me hanging around is there?" she sighed theatrically.

"I don't know about that. I could think of a few reasons for you to stay." He smiled as he rubbed her soft behind.

"I'm sure you could." She grinned as she threw the towel over Kanako's head and reached up and pulled him into a kiss.

Tearing off the towel Kanako scowled at the woman who was assaulting her Onii-sama's lips and yelled "What are you doing to him?"

Breaking the kiss Kitsune smirked at the girl and said "It's called kissing Kanako-chan. Don't worry, when you reach puberty you'll understand the appeal." Seeing the girls heckles rise, Kitsune pressed her lips against Keitaro's lips once more before sauntering out of the room, her hips swaying and her panty-clad rear wiggling as she went.

"I don't like her." Kanako growled to her brother.

Chuckling at her, Keitaro wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to his body. "I know you don't but I'm very proud of you for not lashing out at her." He kissed her forehead. "Well, since you made such a big deal about it let's get you dry shall we?" he smiled down at her as he reached out and cupped her small breast.

Letting out a sigh Kanako said "Let me dry you Onii-sama."

"Whatever you want Kana-chan." He smiled and handed her the towel. Smiling happily, Kanako ran the cloth over his chest; her lips trailing along after the towel touching every inch of skin that she dried though they oriented on his nipples. Moving down his body until she ended up kneeling in front of him, Kanako's eyes went wide as she saw the state of his member. Despite his objections, her brother was obviously enjoying being in her company more than he was willing to admit. Of course his condition could be explained by the fact that a naked fox had just been rubbing herself against him but Kanako continently let that detail slip from her mind as she brought the towel around his front. Caressing him though the towel, Kanako was gratified to hear him let out a content sigh and run his fingers through her hair. Dropping the towel, Kanako grasped his shaft and leaned in only for Keitaro to pick her up under the arms and hug her closely to his body. "There we go Kana-chan. All dry." He smiled and kissed her nose. Pouting that she had been denied yet again Kanako didn't complain this time as in their current position Keitaro was rubbing against a very sensitive part of her anatomy and coupled with the fact his hand was cupping her rear meant that she was more than happy to let him keep her in that position.

Stroking her hair, Keitaro said "Let's get dressed Kana-chan."

"But we left our clothes in the springs Onii-sama." Kanako pointed out. "If we go back in there we might get wet again. And we'll have to dry each other again." She purred.

"I suppose we could go back to our room like this." He suggested as he squeezed her rump.

"But what if someone saw us?" she asked. "They may think we just had a tryst." She said, drawing on his chest as she tried to subtly plant ideas in his head

"True." Keitaro agreed as he nuzzled into her soft black hair. "Then I guess we could just put on those robes over there and then go back to our room.

Looking over her shoulder at where he was gesturing Kanako purred "I guess we could but I prefer one the first two options." She smiled.

"I'm sure you would but I think we should put on the robes and then go back to our room." He told her as he led her over towards the hanging robes. Slipping one on himself, Keitaro turned around and wrapped the thin robe around the girl, the fabric hugging her body and sowing off her curves to him. Running his hands along her waist Keitaro lightly pressed his lips against her forehead and said "Let's go Kana-chan."

Having gotten dressed, the two Urashima's walked into the dining room side by side with Keitaro's arm around Kanako's waist. Sitting down so that Kitsune was to his left and Kanako to his right, Keitaro grinned at the sight of all the delectable food that Shinobu had prepared. "This all looks delicious Shinobu-chan." He told her bringing a blush to her face.

"T-Thank you Sempai." She smiled bashfully as she took her seat.

"Here Kana-chan, try some of this." He said holding out some of the food for her to eat.

"Thank you Onii-sama." Kanako purred as she accepted his offering, her smile widening as she saw the annoyed look on Kitsune's face.

"The two of you were up early this morning." Motoko put in before Kitsune could retaliate.

"Yes, I was seeing how proficient Kana-chan is in our family style." Keitaro explained. "You should have joined us Motoko-chan, rather than skulking around by the stairs." He smiled at her.

"You were watching?" Kanako asked, her eyes narrowing at the kendo girl not liking the fact that her private time with her Onii-sama had been spied upon.

Motoko blushed as she realised she hadn't been as well hidden as she had hoped and stuttered out "I... I was merely curious about the style that you practice. I rarely get to see another schools techniques." She explained.

"Oh? And what did you think of our humble little style?" Keitaro grinned. Motoko opened her mouth only to close again as she bit back her first reply. Chuckling at her, Keitaro assured her "Don't be shy Motoko-chan. Tell us what you truly thought."

"It...It seemed more like brawling than an actual style." She admitted.

Kanako's temper flared at the audacity of this girl. Not only did she spy on their training she was insulting their family's style as well! She was about to snap at her when Keitaro burst out laughing. "That's as good a description as any." He grinned. "You see unlike you Aoyama's with your flashy techniques us Urashima's attack with the sole purpose to incapacitate our opponent as quickly as possible. We never felt the need to put on a show when we fight."

Motoko frowned at him. "We do not 'Put on a show' as you put it. Each and every one of our techniques is designed for a specific purpose which we use accordingly."

"You mean like your 'Rock Splitting Sword'? I've never seen such an inefficient attack in all my life. You used so much energy on that flashy attack and it didn't even work. All it succeeded in doing is ruining the garden." He pointed out. "An Urashima would have closed the distance between us so that the strength of the attack wouldn't dissipate as it travelled."

Motoko bristled with barely contained anger. Again he had demeaned the style that she had dedicated her life to and talked about it as if he knew more than she did! "If that is so perhaps we should have spar again?" she asked him as she grasped the hilt of her sword.

"Oh? We were sparring? I thought it was a duel that you lost to me." He smiled at her as she continued to glare at him. "In any case I see no need for a rematch. I doubt that the result will be any different this time but you do raise an interesting idea. Kana-chan could use a sparring partner closer to her level and you wish to test your family style against ours." He told her.

"If Kanako-san has no objections I would be happy to demonstrate the strengths of my family's style to you." Motoko replied.

"I would like that." Kanako smiled evilly. Not only did she get to show off in front of her Onii-sama she would also get a chance to defend her adoptive family's style.

"Perfect!" Keitaro cheered and clapped his hands together. "We shall train tonight then." He grinned at them.

"In the meantime do you have any plans for the day Kei-kun?" Kitsune wondered, drawing his attention back to her.

"Nothing specific, no." He replied with a smile.

"Well, you know that new hotel that was opened up? Well its pool is open for the public and I just so happen to have two tickets. Would you like to go?" she asked sweetly.

"How kind of you Kitsune-san." Kanako put in with a smile as she answered for her brother. "We would gladly accept those tickets wouldn't we Onii-sama?"

"I was inviting Kei-kun to go with me." Kitsune frowned at the pale girl.

"Why don't we all go?" Keitaro suggested.

"What!" Kanako and Kitsune cried simultaneously.

"Why don't we all go?" he repeated with a smile. "It'll be more fun with more people to play with."

"Yeah! Let's all go to the pool!" Su agreed happily.

"But I only have two tickets." Kitsune protested, her plan to show off her skimpy bikini to the man slipping away.

"I'll pay for everyone's tickets." Keitaro assured the fox lady.

"Yay!" Su cheered as she bounced up and down in her chair. "Are you going to come too Shinomu?" she asked the young domestic. Unable to resist the princess's contagious smile Shinobu nodded her head yes. Grinning at her, Su turned to Motoko and asked "You too Motoko?"

"Someone has to keep you under control." She smiled at the girl which caused her to cheer.

"What about you Naru-chan?" Keitaro asked her.

"I'm not sure." She murmured. "I've still got a lot of studying to do."

"Come on Naru-chan, studying without a break is bad for you." He insisted. "You should come play with us."

"I don't want to hear that from someone who hasn't even picked up a textbook since he got here." Naru deadpanned as she narrowed her eyes at him. "Aren't you also trying to get into Tokyo U.?"

Waving away her accusations Keitaro grinned at her. "Because I know that you'll burnout if you don't take regular breaks."

"You actually need to do some work before you can take a break." Naru countered.

"I'm only thinking of your health Naru-chan." Keitaro said sweetly. "Besides, could you say no to this face?" he asked as he held up Su whose eyes were large and watery.

"Fine, fine." Naru submitted to their wishes, which was met with a cheer from both Keitaro and Su.

"Well, it's decided then." Keitaro smiled.

At the Swimming Pool

Standing outside of the changing room's wearing only his swimming trunks Keitaro whistled tunelessly as he waited for the Hinata girls to get changed. In all his long life he had never discovered why it took women so long to get changed regardless of where they were and what they were changing into. He had asked wives, lovers and daughters what could possibly take them so long but had always received the same response every generation that he was overreacting and being impatient. He eventually got tired of the rolled eyes and seemingly standard response and so took it as read that he would forever be waiting for the women in his life to get changed.

"Did we keep you waiting long Kei-kun?" Kitsune asked as she led the other girls out of the changing room.

"Not too long Kitsu-chan." He said automatically as he turned to the assembled girls with a large smile when he saw Kitsune. The woman wore a skimpy red bikini that showed off her beautiful curves to their fullest; the meagre material that covered her mound and was tied at her hips only just prevented her from being exposed to all the men that were leering at the group of women while her top cupped and supported her heavy breasts, the material thin enough to just show the outline of her hard nipples poking through.

"What do you think Kei-kun?" she asked as she struck a pose for him, one hand on her hip and the other on the back of her head; her arm bent and her elbow pointing out to the side.

Stepping forward, Keitaro rested his hands on top of her hips and rested his forehead against hers "You look absolutely gorgeous Kitsu-chan." He smiled and pressed his lips against hers, earning jealous glares from all the men present.

"Onii-sama..." Kanako moaned as she tugged on his arm. Pulling away from the fox lady Keitaro turned to find his sister wearing a two piece, purple swimsuit that hugged her slim body and showed off her belly button while holding his arm between her small breasts. "How do I look Onii-sama?" she asked him with a cute pout upon his lips.

Releasing his hold on Kitsune, Keitaro transferred it to Kanako and lightly kissed her lips. "You look just as beautiful Kana-chan." He smiled as he brought a hand up to cup and stroke her cheek, bringing a blush to her face.

"What about me Keitaros?" Su asked as she bounced up to him, wearing a frilly green two piece swimsuit; a halter top that that covered her small, developing breasts and shorts that exposed her tanned mid section and long, gangly legs.

Smiling down at her Keitaro affectionately ruffled her hair and said "As always you look very pretty Su-chan." He assured her, receiving a happy grin in return.

As the girl happily accepted his attention she asked "What about Shinomu?" she asked.

Turning his attention to the girl who was standing shyly next to the princess wearing her school swimsuit and a blush upon her face, Keitaro grinned widely at her and said "You look beautiful Shinobu-chan." He praised her, stroking her short blue hair which brought a blush to her entire body.

"T-Thank you Sempai." She said shyly.

Still lovingly stroking her hair, Keitaro turned to the final two girls and smiled at Naru. "You look beautiful too Naru-chan." He told her as he looked at the pure white bikini she wore; the thong type bottoms tied at her hips and her top holding her large breasts snugly in place.

With a blush to match that of Shinobu's, Naru crossed her right arm across her breasts to clasp the forearm of her left and replied "T-Thank you Keitaro-san."

"Though it's a bit more risqué than I thought you would be comfortable with." He commented.

"It was a present from Kitsune for my last birthday." She explained with a blush. "It's the only swimsuit I have that fits me."

"Well, at any rate you look stunning." He complemented her before turning to Motoko. "I am a bit disappointed in you Motoko-chan." He deadpanned as he looked at her swimsuit. "Really? Your school swimsuit?"

Frowning at him, Motoko said "What is wrong with my school swimsuit?"

"Nothing, but don't you have something more suited to the pool?" He said, critically looking at her up and down.

"Shinobu-chan is wearing her school swimsuit!" she pointed out.

"But Shinobu-chan looks adorable." He countered, hugging the blushing girl from behind. "It is perfectly acceptable for a girl of her age to wear her school swimsuit. But on a girl like you it's just fetish fuel."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Motoko snapped at him.

"It means that we are going to buy you a new swimsuit!" he declared as released Shinobu and grabbed her arm, pulling her away towards the shop despite her protests.

After ten minutes had passed Keitaro returned by himself to find Su and Shinobu playing in the pool while Naru, Kitsune and Kanako sunned themselves under the glass roof. "Where's Motoko-chan?" Naru asked as she saw him approach them.

"oh, she'll be along in a moment." He grinned at them.

"Urashima!" an angry yell sounded.

"I think I'll go play with Su-chan and Shinobu-chan." He smiled before dashing off and leaping into the pool just as Motoko appeared in front of them carrying a mop in one hand while her other arm covered her breasts.

"Something wrong Motoko-chan?" Kitsune smirked at the girl.

"Where is Urashima?" she demanded.

"What do you intend to do to Onii-sama?" Kanako countered.

"To cave his head in until my arms are too tired to do so anymore!" she snapped.

"What's he done this time?" Naru asked wearily.

"He stole my school swimsuit and forced me to wear this!" she cried, removing her hand from her chest to show them the atrocity that had been committed against her. She was wearing a bright yellow bikini that was even more revealing than Kitsune's; her top was hardly more than two thin squares of fabric, barely capable of covering her nipples that poked through the fabric and her bottoms were not much better, being just a slim strip of fabric that only just covered her mound and pubic hair while the back of the bikini bottoms was a single string that ran up the cleft of her rear.

"How did he get you to put that on?" Kitsune asked with a raised eyebrow.

"He dragged me to the shop and when we got there he grabbed several items and shoved me into a changing room before I could protest! He said that I would not get a moments peace until I had tried them on!" she cried. "And while I did he stole my swimsuit and ran out before I could do anything!"

"If he gave you multiple swimsuits why are you wearing that one?" Kanako asked. "Couldn't you have worn one that was a bit less revealing?"

"This was the least revealing one!" Motoko snapped, swinging her makeshift sword in rage. "Now where is he?" she demanded angrily.

"I'd calm down if I were you Motoko-chan." Kitsune smiled. "You're jiggling quite a bit."

Looking down at her nearly exposed breasts, Motoko wrapped her arms around her chest and blushed deeply. "What do you expect me to do?" she snapped at the fox girl.

Standing up, Kitsune presented the enraged kendo girl with her chair "Why don't you just sit here and keep still so that you don't put on a show for every guy here?" she suggested. Still growling Motoko reluctantly nodded her head and sat down next to Naru before grabbing a towel and wrapped it around her body to protect her modesty from all the gawking men. Still smiling at her, Kitsune stretched her arms above her head and declared "I think that I'll go for a swim."

Sauntering off, Kitsune searched for Keitaro in the hopes of salvaging the day. She had had it all planned out. She and him would have spent the day at the pool, using every opportunity to rub against him and show off her bikini clad body. Who knows, perhaps she would have lost her top and would have had to press her breasts against his chest to protect her modesty. And once she was clothed again she would have had to think of some way of thanking him. She was certain that she would be able to think of an adequate reward for the man, perhaps involving the hotel that the pool just so happen to be located in. Although most of her plans would be disrupted, especially since Kanako would undoubtedly interfere, she was confident she would at least be able keep herself entertained.

Spying the object of her desire playing with the two youngest residents, Kitsune grinned and swam over to him. "Hey Kei-kun-" she started only to be interrupted.

"Keitaros!" Su cheered as she leapt into his arms and hugged him tightly. "Let's play OK?" she asked him.

"I'd love to Su-chan." He smiled wrapping his arms around her tiny waist, not noticing Kitsune at all. Frowning at the girl who seemed to delight in stealing Keitaro's attention away from her Kitsune considered what to do for a moment before grinning and heading to the shop.

Floating on his back with Su happily lying on his chest Keitaro couldn't help but smile and stroke her short blond hair before turning his head to look at Shinobu who was drifting next to them. "Are you two having a good time?" he asked them.

"Yes Sempai." Shinobu smiled at him.

"uhuh, Keitaros is lots of fun!" Su cheered as she nuzzled into his chest.

"I'm glad." He smiled and kissed Su's forehead and ruffled Shinobu's hair.

"Hey, Su-chan!" a voice called out to them. Looking at the source of the voice the trio saw Kitsune floating next to them holding a giant inflatable banana above her head. Seeing the large fruit Su pushed herself up on Keitaro's chest with her eyes sparkling and drool escaping from her mouth. "You want the banana?" she teased the girl.

"Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" Su cheered as she stood upon Keitaro's chest and tried to grab the float.

Drifting away from Keitaro, Kitsune lured the girl away from the man before tossing the float as far as she could; sending the girl splashing away after it. Grinning, Kitsune turned back to the man to find Shinobu floating by herself. "Where'd Kei-kun go?" she questioned the girl.

"Kanako-sempai came and said she wanted to ride the waterslide with Sempai." She explained as she pointed to the other side of the pool where they could see Kanako leading her brother up the stairs to the large slide.

Glaring after them, Kitsune said "We'll see about that!" before splashing towards them.

"This is pretty high up, huh Kana-chan?" Keitaro asked his little sister as they stood at the top of the slide.

"It's scary." Kanako said as she leaned against her brother. "Would you hold me from behind as we go down?" She asked sweetly.

"Whatever you want Kana-chan" he smiled and kissed her cheek. 'She thinks she's so sneaky.' He thought as he stroked her hips.

"Thank you Onii-sama." She smiled as they sat down at the top of the slide and Keitaro wrapped his arms around her slim body.

"Hey! Hold it you two!" Kitsune yelled at them as she reached the top of the stairs.

"Tch! That annoying woman's back." Kanako growled. "Let's go Onii-sama!" she cheered as she started them off down the slide.

"Not so fast!" Kitsune yelled as she dove after them, grabbing onto Keitaro's back, knocking the two of them off balance.

"Wah! Kitsune, let go!" Kanako snapped at her.

"Not a chance!" Kitsune snapped right back and held onto Keitaro for dear life as they were flung out of the tube back into the pool with a splash.

As the two surfaced, Kanako glared at the fox lady. "What do you think you were doing?"

"I could ask you the same thing!" Kitsune countered. "Why did you just steal Kei-kun?"

"He is my Onii-sama, I may do as I like with him!" Kanako yelled back.

"Um, Sempais?" Shinobu asked. Turning, the two girls saw Shinobu floating next to them holding onto the inflatable banana that Su was happily laying on top of the float, rubbing her cheek against the plastic yellow surface. "I think you are sitting on Keitaro-sempai." She mentioned.

Blinking at her both women looked down and found Keitaro lying beneath them. "Wah! Onii-sama!" Kanako cried before glaring at Kitsune. "Get your fat butt off of Onii-sama!" she yelled.

"You're one to talk!" Kitsune countered "You're sitting on his face!"

"But I'm not the one weighing him down like an anchor!" Kanako snapped.

"Why don't you both get off of him?" Shinobu cried as she noticed that her sempai wasn't moving. Listening to the voice of reason both girls leaped off of him and pulled him above the surface.

"It's about time the two of you go off of me." Keitaro deadpanned.

"Are you OK Onii-sama?" Kanako asked as she clung to him.

"About as OK as you could expect after almost being drowned." He pointed out dryly.

"It was her fault." Kanako said accusingly as she glared at Kitsune.

"She was the one sitting on your face!" Kitsune countered.

"Alright girls enough of that." Keitaro calmed them down. "The most important thing right now is to find out where Kitsune's bikini top is."

Hearing this all the girls (minus Su who was still rubbing her cheek against the banana) turned and looked down at Kitsune's bare breasts. "It must have come off when we were going down the slide." She commented before pausing. Realising her current situation, Kitsune threw her arms around Keitaro's neck and cried "Kyaa! Kei-kun! What am I going to do?" she asked as she started to happily rub her breasts against his chest.

Wrapping his arm around her waist Keitaro held her close to his body. "Don't worry Kitsu-chan. You can just stay pressed against me until we find your top." He smiled, his hand slipping down from her hip to give her rear an affectionate squeeze.

"My hero!" Kitsune grinned as she pressed her lips against his.

"W-We'll go look for your top." Shinobu blushed before steering Su and her float away from the three adults.

As Shinobu paddled off, Kanako glared at the half naked woman that was rubbing herself against her Onii-sama. Reaching behind her, Kanako undid the string that held her top up and let it fall from her body. "Onii-sama. I lost my top as well." She pouted as she shoved Kitsune out of the way and pressed her body against his.

Hugging both women to his chest, Keitaro smiled as he stroked their bodies. "Then you can stay pressed against me as well." He smiled and lightly kissed his lips.

"My, my; how clumsy you are Kanako-chan." Kitsune glared at her before reaching out and pulling on the string that held her bikini bottoms together, making them fall off of her and drift away. "Look at that, you lost your bottoms as well." She said smugly. Finding herself unintentionally naked Kanako's face turned bright red in anger and embarrassment as she hugged herself closer to Keitaro's body. Glaring at the smirking woman Kanako's hand shot out and deftly pulled off Kitsune's bottoms. "H-Hey!" Kitsune cried out in surprise as Kanako threw the bikini bottoms away.

"It seems that you are just as clumsy." Kanako grinned as she saw Kitsune blush deeply.

"Kei-kun, did you just see what she did to me?" Kitsune cried indignantly.

"Yes, it's exactly the same as you did to her." He pointed out happily as he pulled both naked women closer to his body. "Really now, skinny dipping in the middle of a public pool; you two are rather silly aren't you?" he grinned, all the while groping the girls.

"Hey, Nee-sans." A voice said. Turning their heads, the three of them saw a young girl floating next to them in the middle of an inflatable ring looking at them curiously. "Why are you two naked?" she asked loud enough for several people to hear.

Those several people started to talk amongst themselves until just about everyone in the pool had heard about it and every man in the immediate vicinity searched for the girls in question. When one noticed that there were two beauties that were doing their best to hide behind a man and keep their chests below the waterline he called out "I bet it's those two!"

"Those two hotties are naked?" came a chorus of cheers and leers as they charged towards them en masse.

Seeing the mob of perverts rushing towards them both Kitsune and Kanako grabbed fearfully onto Keitaro's back and said "Kei-kun do something!"

"The two of you got yourselves into this mess so you have to get yourselves out of it." He said in an amused tone of voice.

"But I don't want anyone but you to see me naked!" Kanako cried.

"You should have thought of that before you stripped off in a public pool." He said simply as the horde of men approached even closer.

"Please Kei-kun?" Kitsune begged. "We'll do anything you ask!" she promised.

"Is that so?" he pondered "Absolutely anything?"

"Yes, anything!" Kanako agreed.

"You promise?" he teased.

"Yes!" both screamed at him.

"Alright then." He smiled at them before raising his hand and flicking his finger into the water, sending a massive wave of water towards the pack of men which sent them all flying and swept the little girl away with a pearl of laughter. Once the wave had settled down and all the men were floating in the water belly up with swirls in their eyes Keitaro turned to the two girls and smiled. "I think you had best go find your swimsuits before they recover." He told them.

As the two girls swam off to recover their swimsuits Keitaro head someone call out "Onii-chan! Onii-chan!" turning around Keitaro saw the little girl that had exposed the two exhibitionists paddling towards him with a grin on her face.

Smiling at her Keitaro asked "What can I do for you little one?"

"Can you make another one of those waves?" she asked excitedly.

Ruffling her hair, Keitaro smiled and said "Sure little one." He said as he lightly flicked the water again sending a small wave at the girl who laughed happily as she was carried away only to swim back for another go.

Returning to her friends with their drinks in hand Naru; settled in the chair between Kitsune and Motoko and handed them their drinks. "You feeling better Motoko-chan?" she asked the kendo girl.

"I'll feel better once I get my swimsuit back." She groused, tightening the towel around her body and glared at the group of teenagers that were staring at her.

Suppressing a laugh, Naru took a sip of her drink before turning to her best friend. Kitsune was lying back on the chair, her head resting on her arms with a pair of sunglasses on as she sunned herself, apparently oblivious to all the men staring at her. Even with the dark glasses she wore Naru could easily follow her line of vision to the man in the pool surrounded by children all of who were happily riding the waves he created. "He's good with kids isn't he?" she mentioned to Kitsune.

"mmm." Kitsune agreed with a small smile on her face.

Looking at her friend Naru paused for a moment before saying "You really like him don't you?"

Turning her head, Kitsune raised her glasses to look at Kitsune before replying "Perhaps." She said "Why? You like him?"

"N-No!" Naru quickly denied. "I was just wondering."

"Yea, I like him." Kitsune admitted, satisfied with Naru's answer. "He's different from most guys that I've gone out with."

"So the two of you are going out?" Naru asked.

"Not yet." Kitsune said. "I had planned for this to be our first date but you lot decided to tag along."

"At least he is not left alone with Kanako-san." Motoko pointed out.

"That's easy for you to say seeing as you've already been on a date with him." Kitsune pointed out dryly, bringing a blush to Motoko's face.

"So why do you like him so much?" Naru asked.

"Because he's nice." She smiled. "It's the first time I've met a guy who isn't trying to get into my panties."

"He's more likely to make you dress up in a perverted costume." Motoko grumbled.

Letting out a laugh Kitsune continued "Regardless, it's nice to hang out with a guy who's not only after one thing."

"Maybe he's... you know. Not interested in women?" Naru suggested, finding the idea of a guy who's not interested in sex almost unbelievable.

Levelling her gaze at her honey haired friend Kitsune said "Naru-chan, I probably should have had this talk with you years ago but when a gorgeous, half naked woman is sitting on a guys lap certain things happen to him that-"

"Alright, I get it!" Naru forestalled her explanation.

"Good." Kitsune smiled. "Because I haven't had this talk with Motoko-chan yet and I think it should wait until we get home."

"So the reason you wish to sleep with him is because he doesn't want to sleep with you?" Motoko asked meanly.

"Not just that." Kitsune said with a small smile "There's also the fact that he's sweet, kind, funny, incredibly handsome, a great kisser, got an amazing body and the way his hands feel as they run over my breasts-"

"Alright!" Motoko said quickly. "I get it!"

"Are you sure Motoko-chan?" she asked "If you like I can tell you what else I like about him." She teased.

"That won't be necessary." Motoko huffed.

"How far have the two of you actually gone?" Naru asked with a slight blush on her face.

"Naru-Sempai!" Motoko cried aghast.

"What?" Naru asked innocently. "Is it wrong to ask about my friend's love life?"

"Still..." Motoko shifted uncomfortably.

"It's fine Motoko-chan. I don't mind." Kitsune smiled. "Well, I've sat on his lap wearing nothing but panties as we made out while Keitaro groped my breasts and butt." She stated with a grin as Naru spurted out her drink.

"K-Kitsune!" Naru yelled between coughs.

"What? You wanted to know." Kitsune grinned. "Do you want me to continue?"

"There's more!" Motoko asked, her face bright red.

"Oh yes." Kitsune grinned. "Then there was the time I showed up at his door wearing nothing but a see through negligee and offered to let him do whatever he wanted to me. We ended up kissing and he stroked my body before I stripped off and let him see me naked." She smiled at the looks on her friends faces. "And just this morning we bathed in the hotsprings together."

"Wasn't he in the springs with Kanako-san this morning?" Motoko asked.

"There's nothing wrong with sharing a bath with my future sister-in-law." Kitsune smiled.

"You're that serious about him?" Naru wondered.

"Who knows?" Kitsune smiled. "But if having sex with him feels half as good as having his hands caress my body then there's no way I'm going to let him get away." She said as she trailed her fingers over her breasts, tracing where his fingers had touched her.

Biting her lower lip, Naru's face lit up with a bright blush as she asked "You were in the springs with him right? Does that mean that you saw him...?"

Raising her eyebrow Kitsune looked at Naru with a smirk and said "That's right. What about it?"

"Then you saw his...?" she trailed off embarrassed.

"Naru-Sempai!" Motoko cried again, surprised at how she was acting.

"You seem rather interested in him for someone who's not interested in him." Kitsune teased.

"There's nothing wrong with being curious." Naru defended herself, her face bright red.

Smiling at her Kitsune got up off her chair and hugged Naru tightly "Awww, my little Naru-chans finally growing up!" she laughed.

"Get off me!" an embarrassed Naru cried as she pushed her away.

Laughing at her, Kitsune sat back on her chair and said "He's big enough to make me want to marry him."

"Kitsune-Sempai!" Motoko cried.

"What?" she asked smirking at the blushing kendo girl. Replacing her sunglasses and settling back on her chair Kitsune said "The problem with you Motoko-chan, is that you don't realise how rare it is to find a guy like him. And I don't plan on letting him get away."

"He doesn't seem to be very interested in pursuing a relationship with you." Naru mentioned.

"Maybe right now. But that doesn't mean he'll be able to resist me forever." Kitsune said confidently.

"But will you be able to seduce him before Kanako-san does?" Motoko asked as she nodded towards the pool where Kanako had slipped behind him and pressed her chest against his back as he continued to play with the kids.

"I'm sure that won't be a problem." Kitsune said as she took off the sunglasses and handed them to Naru, revealing a frown upon her face. "If you'll excuse me." She said as she stormed off into the pool and swam towards Keitaro.

Having left Kitsune and Kanako arguing Keitaro had discreetly floated away from the girls; leading the herd of kids with him. Giving them one final wave to play on, Keitaro bid them goodbye and paddled off in the hopes of hiding from the two girls. Spying the inflatable banana in the distance Keitaro smiled and swam towards it to find that Shinobu was still pushing the float around in whatever direction Su pointed out. Coming level with the two girls Keitaro grinned at them and asked "You two having fun?"

"Yes Sempai." Shinobu smiled at him.

"Look at what I've got Keitaros!" Su grinned as she patted her banana.

"That's a very nice banana float Su-chan." He smiled and stroked her hair. "But you shouldn't make Shino-chan drive you around like this."

"I don't mind Sempai." Shinobu assured the man with a smile.

"Nonsense." Keitaro grinned and grabbed the girl under her arms eliciting a small 'eep!' from the girl and lifted her onto the banana behind Su. "Now you two tell me where you want to go." He smiled at them.

"That ways, Keitaros!" Su cheered and pointed as Shinobu wrapped her arms around Su's waist.

"As you wish." He grinned as he set off in the direction Su commanded him.

"Where to now captain?" Keitaro asked Su who had somehow gained an admiral's hat and a telescope.

Peering around the pool through her eyepiece until she found something that appealed to her Su cheered "Thataway! Towards the ice-cream!" she ordered him. Looking at where she was pointing, Keitaro saw two little kids eating some ice cream. Smiling at her he said "We can't take their ice-cream but how about I go buy the three of us some ice-cream?"

"Yay!" Su cheered and leapt at him, hugging him tightly. "Thank you Keitaros!"

Wrapping his arms around the tanned princess' waist and nuzzled into her hair Keitaro said "No problem Su-chan." He smiled and kissed her forehead.

"I'll help you Sempai." Shinobu volunteered as she slid off of the banana into the water. Misjudging the depth they were at Shinobu plunged into the shallow water, her foot going over on her sore ankle as her feet reached the floor. Shinobu let out a strangled cry that was cut off as her head was submerged beneath the water, filling her mouth with water. Her eyes stinging from the tears and chlorinated water Shinobu thrashed under water for a moment before two strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her above the surface.

"It's alright Shino-chan; I've got you." He assured her as he held tightly onto her.

Coughing and spluttering, Shinobu held on tightly around his neck as she buried her head into his chest. "S-Sempai!" she wept.

"It's alright." He soothed her. "It's alright Shino-chan. You're safe now." Feeling his strong arms around her body and his hand running up and down her back calmed the distraught girl to the point where she was just sniffing into his chest rather than outright weeping.

"Are you alright Shinomu?" Su cried as she floated next to them.

"M-My ankle." Shinobu wept.

"She went over on her ankle again." Keitaro explained as he shifted her so that he was holding her like a princess. "Come on, let's get you out of the pool." He said as he moved towards shallow end of the pool with Su following. Wading out of the pool with Shinobu in a bridal carry Keitaro headed over to where the girls were lounging.

Seeing the man holding Shinobu in his arms Naru asked "What's going on?"

"Shino-chan hurt her ankle again." He explained as he sat next to her.

"Are you alright Shinobu-shan?" Naru wondered as she stroked her hair. The small girl gave Naru a shaky nod, the pain in her foot not affecting her as much as the fact she was laying against her Sempai's toned chest.

"She'll be fine." Keitaro assured the both of them as he gave the bluenette an affectionate squeeze. "Could you do me a favour Naru-chan? I promised Su-chan and Shino-chan that I would get them some but I need to take care of her ankle."

"Sure." Naru smiled and lightly kissed Shinobu's forehead. "No problem."

"Su will help." The tanned princess volunteered. "Su will get the biggest ice-cream there is to make Shinomu feel better." She promised hugging Shinobu from behind.

"Thank you." The young chef smiled.

As the two of them wandered off Motoko still wrapped in her towel sat opposite them and held out her hands "May I Shinobu-chan?" getting a nod from her Motoko gently held onto her foot and gently manipulated her foot. "It does not appear to be broken but it seems you have exasperated your sprain." She said.

"Is that your medical opinion Motoko-chan?" he teased with a smile.

"I have seen enough sprains and brakes during my training to recognise one." She said reproachfully. "And I want my swimsuit back." She glared at him.

"All in good time Motoko-chan." He laughed as he settled back on the chair, pulling Shinobu with him so that the blushing girl was lying on his chest.

"Keitaros! Shinomu!" came the cheerful yell of Su who came bounding towards them holding three ice-creams in her hands. "Su got us some ice-cream!" she declared as she handed them to Keitaro and Shinobu. "See, Shinomu? I got you a huge one!" she pointed out.

"Thank you Su-chan." Shinobu smiled as she sat up and accepted the treat.

"I got you an ice pack for your leg." Naru said as she gave Motoko one of the two ice-creams she was holding before handing the ice-pack to Keitaro who wrapped it around Shinobu's ankle.

"There you are Onii-sama!" Kanako called out as she and Kitsune hurried to his side. "Do you want to go on the slide again?" she offered.

"How about a dip the hot tub?" Kitsune suggested.

"Sorry girls but I have to stay here and look after Shino-chan. She's hurt her ankle again."

"And we have to eat our ice-cream!" Su added, her face covered in said ice-cream.

"Su-chan you're so messy." He smiled and took a tissue to clean her pretty face. When there was only a splodge left on her nose Keitaro leaned forward and rolled his lips over his teeth before playfully biting her nose "There we go Su-chan." He grinned as he let go of her nose, making the young blond giggled happily. "All clean."

"Su wants to do it too." The princess declared as she grabbed Keitaro's hand and shoved the ice-cream against his nose before kissing his nose and licking the ice-cream off of it.

Wrapping his arm around her small waist Keitaro rested his forehead against hers "Was that fun Su-chan?"

"uhuh!" she grinned happily before turning to Shinobu. "Does Shinomu want to do it too?" she asked sweetly.

"N-No thank you." The shy young girl shook her head.

"Come on it's fun!" Su insisted as she covered the bluenettes nose in ice-cream.

"Su-chan!" Shinobu cried which was met with a happy Su leaning forward and licking the ice-cream from her face.

"What?" Su asked innocently. "Wasn't it fun?"

"No!" she frowned at the carefree girl.

"It's OK Shino-chan." Keitaro said, acting as peacemaker. "Here, let me clean you up." He said as he lifted her chin and wiped her nose "There we go Shino-chan. Now you're as beautiful as you always are." He smiled at her, making her blush deeply.

"Onii-sama..." Kanako's voice came to the side of him. Turning, Keitaro saw Kanako kneeling next to him with her tongue extended and eyes closed; a dollop of ice-cream sitting on the end of his tongue topped with a cherry.

"Kei-kun..." Kitsune's voice came from the other side. Turning to face her he saw Kitsune with her arms folded under her breasts to lift them up and show off the virtual ice-cream sundae that covered them. Looking down at her chest Kitsune ran her finger over one of her large mounds to collect the ice-cream on it before saying "...Would you like some of my ice-cream?" she asked sweetly before looking up to find Keitaro had disappeared and that she was face to face with an equally confused looking Kanako.

"He's over there." Naru said dryly as she settled back into the chair and pointed at Keitaro who was holding Shinobu in his arms and holding Su's hand as he moved towards the hot tub. Narrowing their eyes at the retreating man both women stood up and chased after him.

Later That Day

Back at Hinata Sou Keitaro set Shinobu down on the sofa. When they left the swimming pool Keitaro had carried Shinobu home in his arms with Su riding on his back and the two women who were vying for his attention pressed into his sides; each doing their best to seduce him as subtly as possible in light the company he was keeping. Looking down at the injured maiden Keitaro reached out and stroked her hair "OK, Shino-chan. I want you to take it easy until your ankle is all better. No chores, no cooking, no nothing. You just spend a relaxing evening and don't even lift a finger OK?"

"Yes Sempai." She smiled at him.

"Good girl." He smiled and kissed her forehead making her blush. Straightening up Keitaro turned to face Kitsune and Kanako. "Now you two, I need to have a word with you so come along." He said as he grabbed their hands and pulled them up to his room. Sitting down on the floor the two women almost pounced on top of him, their breasts pressed against his chest.

"What did you want to talk about Onii-sama?" Kanako asked as she nipped at his neck.

Glaring at the pale sister Kitsune was determined not to be outdone "Is it something to do with the promise I made to do whatever you want?" she asked as she ran her tongue over his lips.

Wrapping his arms around their waist Keitaro said "That's exactly what I want to talk to you about." He smiled and squeezed their hips.

"And what is it that you want me to do?" Kanako asked as she slid her hand down to his crotch.

"I want the two of you to be nice to each other." He said as he reached down and groped their rears. "No more arguing, no more fighting, no more competing for my attention is that clear?"

Looking up at him both women simultaneously said "No."

Frowning down at them Keitaro said "And why not?"

"Because I want you all to myself." Kitsune smiled and kissed his lips.

"And so do I." Kanako agreed as she kissed him; her tongue slipping between his lips. "And I'm not willing to share you."

"We had an agreement." He deadpanned, not amused that they were going against his wishes.

"An agreement that we won't be sticking to." Kitsune grinned and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I hope you know this means I'll have to punish the two of you." He warned them.

"I'm sure you will." Kitsune smiled and kissed his cheek "I'll look forward to it." She said as she stood up and sauntered out of the room.

Before he could say anything else Kanako threw herself across his lap and flipped up her skirt to reveal her panty-clad rear. "You can punish me right now Onii-sama." Kanako offered with a wiggle.

Letting out a small chuckle Keitaro lightly caressed her small rear before saying "As tempting as that sounds I'm afraid we don't have time for that."

"Why not?" she asked looking over her shoulder, clearly content with what they were currently doing.

"Because you have to get dressed." He explained as he continued to caress her.

"For what?" she wondered happily.

"For our date." He smiled and pinched her butt.

"Our date!" she asked excitedly.

"That's right; I'm taking you out for dinner." He smiled as she sat up and straddled his lap; wrapping her arms and legs around his body.

"Where are we going?" she asked as she pressed her small breasts against his chest.

"To this wonderful little place that I know that serves the most delicious food in all of Japan." He told her as he stroked her flanks.

"What should I wear?" she demanded to know.

"Something that will make every man worship you and every woman hate you." He smiled and kissed her.

"I've got the perfect dress!" she grinned happily.

"Good." He rubbed his nose against hers "We'll leave as soon as you're ready."

"Don't you have a reservation?" she asked.

"I have a standing reservation with them so they'll clear a table especially for me when we arrive." He explained "So take all the time you need to make yourself look even more beautiful than you normally do."

"Sure Onii-sama!" she said before sealing her lips against his and slipping her tongue inside her mouth. Letting her kiss him, Keitaro ran his hands along her smooth thighs to cup her rear before prising his lips off of her.

"Good girl." He smiled and slipped her off his lap. "I'll be downstairs waiting for you." He gently stroked her cheek before leaving the girl to get dressed.

"I'm ready Onii-sama." Kankao called out as she descended the stairs to see her brother sitting on the sofa with Su and Shinobu, the princess on his lap and his arm around the bluenettes small waist. Hearing her call all three turned and saw Kanako at her loveliest. She wore a tight fitting qipao, the red mandarin gown hugged her slim body to show off her figure to its upmost elegance; the silk material reaching down to her ankles though the side slits in the dress reached up to her hips so that every step she took showed off her leg. Her beautiful pale face had only the slightest hint of makeup to accentuate her already beautiful features and her long luxurious hair was tied up with a hair stick holding it in place.

Smiling at her Keitaro stood up and approached the beauty. "You look wonderful Kana-chan." He smiled as he wrapped his hands around her waist and lightly kissed her lips, careful not to smudge her makeup.

"Thank you Onii-sama." She purred happily.

"So beautiful..." came a voice from the sofa. Turning the pair saw Shinobu and Su looking over the backrest of the sofa in wonderment at the seductive sister.

As Kanako smiled demurely Keitaro kissed her cheek and said "She does look beautiful doesn't she." He smiled at the youngest residents.

"What are you two up to?" Came the voice of a suspicious Kitsune as she entered the room.

"My Onii-sama is taking me out on a date." Kanako said smugly as she hugged him tightly.

"Is that so?" Kitsune asked as she narrowed her eyes at them. "Why don't I tag along?" she suggested, smirking when she saw the smile fall from her face.

"Sorry Kitsu-chan but I want to have a private meal with my adorable little sister." he said as he walked up to the fox lady and rested his hands on her hips. "You understand right?" he said as he rested his forehead against hers.

"mmm, I suppose." She said as she pressed her body against his and ground her crotch against his. "But you haven't even taken me out on a date yet." She pointed out.

"I know but I swear I'll make it up to you." He smiled and moved his hands around to cup her rear.

"Well, as long as you do." She allowed.

"It's a promise." He smiled and kissed her nose. "Can you get the food ready for everyone tonight? I don't want Shino-chan cooking tonight."

"I'm going to have a lot of favours that you owe me." she grinned at him.

"I suppose so." He smiled as lightly pressed his lips against hers and gave her butt an affectionate squeeze before returning to his sister. "Well, if you ladies will excuse us we must be going before it gets any later." Keitaro said as he wrapped an arm around Kanako's waist. "Shall we Kana-chan?" he asked.

"Sure Onii-sama." She grinned as he started to lead her out of the building, turning back only to stick her tongue out at the annoyed Kitsune.

Watching as the pair left Kitsune huffed before sitting down next to Su and Shinobu "Are you OK Kitsune-sempai?" the injured chef asked the frustrated woman.

"I'm fine sweetie." She smiled as she pulled the girl onto her lap and squeezed her tightly "This is just a very small battle in a long war where I'm better equipped." She said confidently and she held the bemused Shinobu to her breasts.

Back with the sibling couple, the two walked down the long stone steps with Keitaro's arm still wrapped firmly around Kanako waist. Looking up at her brother Kanako asked "How are we getting there, Onii-sama?"

"Don't worry Kana-chan. I've got it all worked out." He smiled as they reached the bottom of the stairway and a car pulled up in front of them.

As the driver stepped out of the car he opened the rear door and bowed to the pair. "Urashima-sama? I will be your diver this evening." He said as he remained bowed

"You got a chauffeur?" she grinned up at him.

"Of course I did. I wouldn't make my Kana-chan walk would I?" he smiled as he kissed her cheek, more than willing to spoil his beloved Kanako. Looking back up at the driver he asked "You know our destination?"

"Yes Urashima-sama." The man nodded.

"Good, come along Kana-chan." He smiled at her and led her into the car.

"Here we are Kana-chan." Keitaro smiled as he stepped out of the car and held out his hand to help her out.

"Thank you Onii-sama." Kanako smiled demurely as she accepted his hand. Allowing him to pull her up and out of the car Kanako 'accidently' stumbled against his chest. As he caught her Kanako pressed herself against him and said "You saved me again Onii-sama." She purred.

"I'll always save you Kana-chan." He smiled and stroked her cheek.

"That's why I love you Onii-sama." She replied as she rubbed her cheek against his chest "Shall we?" she asked as she turned to the restaurant only to stop dead. "Onii-sama, is this the place where we're eating?" she asked, pointing to the shop front.

"That's right, the best food in the whole of Japan." He assured her with a grin.

"But it's a beef bowl!" Kanako complained "Couldn't you have taken me to a nice French restaurant?"

"Why bother with all that fancy foreign muck when we can have traditional Japanese food?" he told her with a smile. "But if you really don't want to I can always drop you off at the Hinata and have Kitsune join me for dinner. I'm sure she'd love to-"

"No!" Kanako cried "This place is fine. Just so long as it's with you I don't mind." She said.

"Good." He smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist "Come along now Kana-chan." He smiled and led her towards the restaurant. As they entered the pair were met by the owner of the restaurant and led to a secluded back room where the pair could dine alone. Sitting next to one another as they were served food Keitaro asked "So how was Vietnam?"

"It was nice." She answered as she picked up a pair of chopsticks and started to eat; reluctantly admitting to herself that the food was delicious. "It would have been better if you had stayed with us." She told him.

"I'm sure it would." He smiled down at her. "But I had other matters that needed my attention."

"And now?" she wondered. "Can you not join us on our travels again?"

"I have Hinata Sou to look after." He explained with a smile.

"And the girls that live there." She said pointedly.

"That's right." Keitaro smiled. "Them too."

Kanako paused for a moment as she processed this information before saying "And what if I came to live at the Hinata with you?"

Pausing to give her a look, Keitaro took another mouthful before saying "Don't be silly Kana-chan. Why on earth would you want to give up travelling around the globe just to stay here in Tokyo? Besides, you haven't finished leaning everything Hina has to teach you." He pointed out.

"You could teach me." Kanako countered as she poured him some sake.

"I could." He agreed with a nod as he picked up the saucer and drank from it. "But I won't."

Puffing out her cheeks Kanako complained "Why not?" she cried.

Flicking her forehead Keitaro answered "Weren't you listening when I was telling you the history of our clan? The head of our family decides what training you require and who should give it to you. And it was decided that Hina-chan would be the one to train you." He explained "And from what I saw today you still have a long way to go."

"I thought that you said I did well!" Kanako complained.

"You did." He nodded "But the fact that you don't even recognise that you are still just a child when it comes to our family style proves how much you still have to learn." He explained. Seeing the agitated look on her face Keitaro sighed and said "Don't get all pouty Kana-chan. With your current skill level you are more than a match for almost any other practitioner of martial arts. You have made much progress in the three years since you started to learn."

"Fine." She said pouting as she picked up the saucer of sake from the table and brought it up to her mouth and was about to take a sip when Keitaro grabbed the dish from her hands.

"Uh-uh, no alcohol for you. Remember what happened the last time you got drunk?" He asked as he downed the sake.

"No." she said indignantly.

"My point exactly." He said with a smile as he playfully pinched her cheek. "What did I say about pouting?"

Batting his arm away Kanako resumed eating before saying "What if I gave up learning our style?" she asked.

Hearing this Keitaro paused with his chopsticks halfway to his mouth as he narrowed his eyes at her "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that Kana-chan."

"But-" she started only to be cut off.

"Because if I did hear you say that I definitely wouldn't let you come stay at Hinata Sou." He glared at her making her wilt. "We do not allow students of our style to quit halfway through their training. Do you know why?" he asked. Seeing her shake her head he continued "Because they are too dangerous. A student at your level has skills that are deadly but not the self-control needed to use them wisely. If we did allow them to the death toll would be beyond unacceptable. Such as this morning in the hot springs with Kitsune." He reminded her sharply making her flinch. "You have that kind of strength but you still lashed out at an untrained woman just because you were jealous yet you wonder why I won't let you quit and call you a child." He scolded her.

"Sorry Onii-sama." She murmured quietly, chastised.

"For what? You didn't ask me anything did you?" he smiled at her.

Retuning his smile Kanako rested her head against his shoulder "Thank you Onii-sama."

Back at Hinata-Sou

"Thank you for such a wonderful night Onii-sama." Kanako smiled as they entered the building.

"Well the night's not over yet Kana-chan." He said as he squeezed her hip.

"It's not?" she asked excitedly.

"Of course it isn't." He smiled down at her. "We arranged to have you spar with Motoko-chan remember?" he told her. "Come along, I'm sure Motoko-chan is waiting for us."

On the Laundry Deck

"It's about time you got here." Motoko groused as the pair of Urashima's walked up the stairs to meet her.

"Sorry Motoko-chan, dinner lasted longer than I thought it would." Keitaro apologised with a smile. "Just let Kana-chan get changed and we can begin." He smiled as Kanako slipped of her dress; leaving her in panties as she accepted the clothes Keitaro handed her.

"W-What are you doing?" Motoko cried aghast.

"Getting changed." Kanako said simply as she slipped the light blouse over her arms and started to do up the buttons.

"Why are you taking your clothes out here and in front of him?" Motoko asked.

"I have no problem with Onii-sama seeing me naked." Kanako answered as she stepped into the shorts Keitaro supplied and pulled them up over her rear. Fixing her hair so that it was tied back in a pony tail Kanako said "I'm ready Onii-sama."

"Good." He smiled at her. "Now, before you begin lets go over the rules. This is sparing. I want the both of you to remember that. This is not a duel and the purpose is not to harm one another but to test your skills. Any attempt to inflict permanent damage will be stopped by me and you will be disqualified and made to wear an embarrassing outfit until I stop finding it funny is that clear?" he asked.

"Yes." The two girls replied as they squared off against one another.

"Good. The two of you will fight until one or both of you are unable to fight or I declare the match to be over and one of you is the winner. Now, Kanako-chan will be using her fists and Motoko-chan her bokken. Kana-chan, you are not allowed to use any weapon apart from your fists unless you disarm Motoko-chan and use her weapon against her. Similarly, Motoko-chan; the bokken that you are currently wielding is the only weapon besides your fists that you can use. Is that clear?"

"Yes." Motoko nodded.

"Isn't the fact that she's using a sword an unfair advantage?" Kanako complained.

Glaring at her Keitaro stepped forward and ground his knuckles against her temples. "You call yourself an Urashima yet you talk like that!" he scolded her.

"Ahhh! Onii-Sama Stop It!" Kanako cried.

Letting go of her head Keitaro said "If this was a real fight and Motoko-chan was after your life would you complain to her that she has an unfair advantage?"

"No, but you said this was just sparring." Kanako complained as she massaged her temple. "If it is just sparring shouldn't we be on equal footing?"

"Do you know how to use a sword?" he asked dryly "Has Hina-chan given you any training besides telling you which end you poke at your opponent? The two of you are from different schools that specialise in different styles. Motoko-chan is that of the sword and we are of the fist. While both our styles overlap in that we are train to use a sword and she trains to use her fist neither of you are proficient enough in both forms of combat to not give an unfair advantage to one or the other. Instead, in the interest of fairness you will both fight using the way you were taught; Motoko-chan with her sword and you with your fists."

"It still seems unfair." Kanako grumbled.

Frowning at her Keitaro said "Fine then." Turning to Motoko he said "Motoko-chan, attack me."

Not needing to be told twice Motoko grasped her sword in two hands, brought it above her head and started to gather Ki in the blade. Just as she was about to swing the blade downwards Keitaro dashed forward so that he was almost nose to nose with her. Her eyes going wide Motoko stepped back to put space between the two and finish her attack but Keitaro just continued pushing forward; maintaining a constant distance between the two of them. Motoko backed away from the man until she reached the hand railing and almost fell of the roof save for Keitaro wrapping his arm around her waist and holding her up. Seeing him grin at her Motoko narrowed her eyes and changed how she was holding her sword so that the tip was pointed towards him and stabbed downwards only to be caught by Keitaro's hand.

Turning to Kanako he said "You see? A sword not only has a maximum range it has a minimum at which it is effective. When fighting an armed opponent barehanded you must know their weapon as well as they do. A dagger or a knife has a small maximum range but an almost nonexistent minimum. You have to practically be pressed against them and trap it between your bodies to stop them using it but with a sword the power comes from the swing or the thrust. With a swing the wider the motion the more powerful it is but that power is focused at the end of the sword; if you get past it you can block the hilt and neutralise the power behind it. Similarly with the thrust, the power is in the tip but that power depends on the distance between the tip and the target. If they have to pull their arm back to thrust at you, you can see what they are doing and counter it or dodge. Understand?"

"Yes Onii-sama." Kanako nodded, not really liking the way her brother was still holding onto Motoko around her waist.

"Good." He smiled as he let go of Motoko and walked to the side and sat against the hand railing. "One final rule; no Ki attacks what so ever. I don't want to be repairing this deck so don't destroy it. Now, are you both ready?"

"Yes." The pair of them said.

"Then begin!" he called out.

With his approval both girls shot forward and clashed; Kanako's foot lashing out to hit her in the stomach while Motoko brought her bokken up to block the strike. Putting her strength behind the sword, Motoko pushed Kanako back, making her stumble before charging forward; slashing down at the girl. Rolling out of the way as the sword hit the wooden boards Kanako her swung her heel round to strike the back Motoko's head. Before the strike connected Motoko leapt out of the way and swung the sword around to clip her heel as she rolled out of the way. Crying out as the hard wood hit her foot Kanako scrambled away to put distance between the two of them.

"Concentrate Kanako-chan." Keitaro called out. "Remember what I told."

Nodding her head Kanako took a deep breath and examined the situation 'Onii-sama himself said that she favours her sword over her fists but that doesn't mean that given the chance she won't use her fists or legs to attack me. However if I can disarm her then I will have the advantage.' She pondered 'But I doubt it will be easy to separate her from it.' Before she could come up with a strategy to fend off the kendo girl Motoko dashed forward and thrust her wooden blade at her. Dodging the attack Kanako kept out of range of Motoko's sword. 'I have to find an opening and then get in close enough so she can't use her sword like Onii-sama said.' Watching her movements Kanako tried to identify any patterns to the kendo girls attack. 'There!' she cried internally as she rushed towards her; narrowly dodging the wooden blade as it sailed past her shoulder. Coming face to face with Motoko, Kanako grasped the bokken to prevent her from using it and swung her elbow into Motoko's face.

Catching the arm before it connected, Motoko surprised Kanako by releasing her hold on her sword and slammed the palm of her hand into the centre of Kanako's chest; sending her flying back. Landing heavily on her back the winded Kanako struggled to regain her breath and push herself up when a foot was placed squarely on her chest and the tip of Motoko's reclaimed sword pointed at her throat.

"Submit." Motoko ordered her as she pressed the tip of her sword into the exposed flesh of Kanako's throat.

Glaring up at the kendo girl while panting hard, Kanako struggled to come up with a way to escape. When nothing presented itself to her Kanako's eyes flitted to her brother who was still watching impassively. Lowering her eyes Kanako grumbled "I submit."

Smiling down at the girl Motoko removed her foot from her chest and withdrew her sword from her neck. Turning around, Motoko sheathed her sword and let out the tired breath she had been holding in. As she started to walk away from her Motoko felt something strike the back of her knees. With her legs being cut away from under her Motoko fell to her knees before a weight slammed into her back, forcing her into the ground. Before she could do anything two hands grabbed her arms and pulled them up against her back. Looking over her shoulder Motoko saw Kanako straddling her waist and pinning her to the floor. "Submit." Kanako smirked down at her.

Glaring up at her Motoko cried out "Never!" as she struggled against her. For ten minutes Motoko tried to free herself; bucking her body trying to dislodge the girl and strained her arms in the hopes of breaking her hold to no avail. With both girls panting hard Motoko finally stopped struggling and lay of the floor.

"Sub...Submit?" Kanako panted.

Giving one last feeble attempt to free herself Motoko reluctantly panted out "Y-Yes."

Looking up at her brother she saw the man smiling at her. "Onii-sama?" she asked.

Nodding his head Keitaro called out. "The match goes to Kanako-chan." Hearing this Kanako released her arms and slipped off the kendo girl.

"She cheated! She yielded and then attacked me!" Motoko cried indignantly to the referee. "I should be declared the winner!"

"The conditions for winning were that one or both of us are unable to fight or Onii-sama declared the match to be over." Kanako pointed out smugly. "Onii-sama never ended the match and we could both still fight so it doesn't matter what I said."

"She's right." Keitaro smiled proudly at the little Urashima. "When the two of us fought I told you to never sheath your sword nor turn your back on an opponent unless they are unable to fight anymore. You did so and it cost you the match." He scolded her with a sigh. "At least you learned something from our fight. Abandoning your sword in favour of catching your opponent of guard was the best thing to do when faced against an opponent who thinks that is the last thing you will do."

"There you go." Kanako said happily. "I'm the winner."

"No, it was a draw." Keitaro disagreed.

"But you said that I beat her!" Kanako cried.

"You won on a technicality." Keitaro told her. "If this was a real match or a real duel submitting means your loss. You were outmatched by Motoko-chan and there is no two ways about it. There is no such thing as a technical win in real life." He said. "The reason why I said you won is because you were in a superior position when you both exhausted yourselves. It's nothing to get cocky about." He told her sternly.

Seeing that the pair were suitably chastised for their mistakes Keitaro smiled at them and said "Overall, the two of you did very well and you should be proud of yourselves." Walking over to them Keitaro held out his hands to help them up. Ignoring the proffered hand Motoko was determined to stand up under her own steam and used her sword to push herself up. Looking at his sister and seeing that she was struggling to pull herself up with his help Keitaro reached down and picked the pale girl up. "Well, I think that's enough for tonight. You should have a dip in the springs before bed Motoko-chan." Keitaro said as he started towards the stairs.

Panting hard Motoko called out "I am still able to stand without assistance. Does that not mean I am able to continue while she is incapacitated?"

Hearing this Keitaro paused before looking over his shoulder. "Yes but the match is already over. And you should bear this in mind. While you have been practicing your art your entire life Kana-chan has only been training for three years yet was still able to put you in that condition." He told her before continuing down the stairs.

Keitaro's Room

"How's your body feeling Kana-chan?" he asked her as he set her down on the futon.

"My body's a little stiff." She complained as she stretched her arms above her head and arched her back to show off her small breasts straining against the tight blouse she was wearing.

"Is that so?" he pondered as he stood up and moved towards a cupboard. "Take off your clothes Kana-chan." He told her as he rooted through the closet.

Blinking as her mind processed the command Kanako asked "Onii-sama?"

"You heard me." He said as he found what he was looking for. "Take off your clothes." He said turning around to face her.

With a smile lighting up her face Kanako stood up in spite of her protesting muscles. Putting on a sultry smile the gothic sister slowly reached up and started to undo the buttons on her blouse as she slowly walked towards him. Once she had finished with the buttons Kanako let the garment fall from her body to expose her small breasts to Keitaro. Continuing forward she unbuttoned her shorts and slowly slid them down her toned, pale legs as she swayed her hips back and forth leaving her in her panties. Grinning up at him Kanako slightly extended her tongue to wet her lips as she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties before bending at the waist and sliding them off her body. Straightening up Kanako stood naked in front of Keitaro. "Like this Onii-sama?" she purred.

"Just like that." He smiled as he reached down and cupped her cheek. "Go lay down on the futon." He told her.

"Yes Onii-sama." She smiled happily as she nuzzled into his hand before turning around and walking back to the futon while wiggling her cute little butt as she went. Lying down on the mattress Kanako spread her legs wide to expose herself to him. "Like this?" she asked.

"Lie on your stomach." He said with a small smile.

Nodding her head Kanako turned over so that her face was resting on the pillow and her shapely rear was thrust out at Keitaro. "Is this better Onii-sama?" she asked with a wiggle.

"That's perfect Kana-chan." He smiled and approached her.

Kneeling behind her Keitaro reached out and gently caressed her rear; his hands stroking the tops of her thighs and her soft rump making her quiver. While it wasn't exactly the position she wanted to be in the first time she lay with her Onii-sama she didn't care so long as her first time was with him. Feeling him squeeze her rear Kanako let out a happy sigh and closed her eyes only for them to shoot open when he pushed her down so that she was lying flat on the futon. Feeling something wet and warm splash onto her back and her brother rubbing the liquid into her skin Kanako turned to look over her shoulder and asked "Onii-sama, what are you doing?"

"Giving you a massage obviously." He smiled.

"oh." Kanako murmured with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

Raising an eyebrow at the pale sister Keitaro asked "Something wrong Kana-chan? Don't you want me to run my hands over your beautiful naked body?" He wondered as he moved his hands up her back to caress her shoulders.

"Of course I do." Kanako insisted. "It's just that..."

Smiling at her, Keitaro leaned down and whispered into her ear "It's just what Kana-chan?"

"Nothing Onii-sama. I just wasn't expecting you to give me a massage."

"I can stop if you like." He teased as he lightly kissed her neck.

"mmm, don't. It feels really nice." She sighed happily.

"Good." He smiled and continued to stroke her shoulders. Spreading the lotion over his granddaughter's back Keitaro tenderly ran his hands up and down her body; applying subtle pressure to certain parts of her slim frame. As he touched these pressure points Kanako let out small gasps and her body shivered. "Does this feel good Kana-chan?" he asked.

"It feels wonderful Onii-sama." She murmured.

"I'm glad Kana-chan." He grinned down at her. "Kana-chan, how much has Hina-chan taught you about Ki manipulation?"

"Not much. Just about strengthening my bones to make my punches harder and protect against damage." She explained.

"Well then, allow me to show you another application of Ki." He smiled as he channelled Ki down into his hands and allowed the energy to flow out his fingertips and into Kanako's supple body.

Feeling a warmth spread through her body Kanako shuddered and gasped out "Ah, Onii-sama..."

"You see Kana-chan; Ki can not only be used for destructive purposes but also regenerative and rejuvenative purposes. However it is much harder to heal than destroy. Both Hina and Haruka are able to do it to differing degrees of effectiveness and once you've become skilled enough I will teach you how to do it." He explained as he held onto her hips and circled the dimples on her lower back with his thumbs.

"Will I be able to make you feel this good Onii-sama?" she moaned happily.

"Perhaps. Each person is proficient in different things. Some are more suited to healing and others are more suited to fighting; we won't know how well you are able to do this until you learn how to do it."

"When can you start teaching me?" she asked, wanting to make her Onii-sama feel as good as he was making her feel.

"Not for a while I'm afraid." He chuckled. "You have only just started to learn how to use Ki and until you have it more under control it would be best not to teach you yet." He explained.

"Isn't there anything you can teach me now?" she pondered as almost every muscle in her body relaxed under his ministrations.

"I suppose I could teach you about pressure points. Since you are not yet able to manipulate Ki outside your body there should be no harm in that." He smiled. "Now, what do you know about pressure points?"

"Nothing really." She admitted.

"Well, if you expect to learn how to do this I had best start teaching you now." He smiled "Pressure points are pores that cover your body. The larger ones mark the route of Ki channels that permeate your body. Ki flows from seven reserves that are commonly known as the seven Chakra points through these channels to saturate your body. This is a natural process that happens to every living creature; however, those with training to control their Ki can manipulate the amount that flows through their body and also how much is released from your pressure points. You're bone-fitting is an example of this. You close of the pores around the area you want to strengthen which forces the Ki to pool around the bone or muscle making it stronger or harder depending on your intent." He lectured her as he continued to caress her supple body. "The Aoyama's sword techniques are the opposite. They open the pores in their hands and force their Ki into their blades. However, metal is not a living thing; it was not meant to hold life energy. So novices often find that their attempts at doing so end up with the Ki dissipating as soon as it touches their hilt. It takes years of training to get to the point where you can use ranged Ki attacks like Motoko-chan can."

"Now, the important thing to remember about pressure points is that it is a two way street. Ki can be pushed into them just as easily as it can be pushed out." He said, demonstrating this point lightly pressing his index finger into her spine; making her gasp as she felt his essence flow into her body. "Pressure points vary in size and in sensitivity; some are as big as the circumference of a golf ball and others as small as a pin prick. Some are barely receptive to manipulation while others..." he trailed off as he brushed her hair to the side and lightly pressed two fingers to the nape of her neck. Feeling her whole body stiffen beneath her he continued "...Others can paralyse with the smallest of touches. Try and move your hand."

"I...I can't." She said as her attempts to move her limb resulted in only her little finger twitching slightly.

"That's because the Ki I am pouring into you is disrupting signals from your brain to the rest of your body. It is only temporary as I have had a lot of training and can control how much I give to you. This is why we do not teach initiates about pressure points and why I won't be teaching you any specifics about them. The slightest lapse in control could render the subject paralysed for life." He explained as he removed his fingers from her neck and leaned down to press his lips against the spot where his fingers touched. Feeling her shiver, Keitaro knew she grasped the full implications of what he was telling her. "As I have already said, you can also use Ki in this manner for rejuvenation. For example what part of your body is the stiffest?" he asked.

"My arms." She explained. "It was harder to hold down that Aoyama than I thought it would be."

"Well," he said as he reached down and covered her upper arm with his hand. "I can pour my Ki into your arm and it will ease the strain. Think of this as a Ki transfusion. I am giving you my Ki in order to replenish the energy you used restraining Motoko-chan." He said as he did so, allowing his Ki to flow into her muscles bringing instant relief to her aching arm. "When you have had more training you will be able to pull your own Ki from one or more of your Chakra points to do the same but you must be careful if you do." He warned "Your Chakras are where all your Ki is generated from and it is not a limitless reserve. While they naturally dispense Ki through the body they do so at a measured rate and generate more when you sleep. But the lower your reserves are the longer it takes to refill them. So while you may relieve the pain in your arms, doing so too much will result in you having to sleep for a longer period of time than you are used to and if you don't you will be feeling sluggish as if you had just exercised or your limbs may ach as your Chakras release less Ki to compensate for that which you lost."

"But if my whole body is going to ach what is the point of doing it just for temporary relief?" she asked.

"Well, consider if you were in a fight like you were just now with Motoko but against two opponents. You managed to subdue Motoko-chan but you were exhausted afterwards. Using this technique would allow you to regain your stamina and lighten your arms for your next fight. While tomorrow you may sleep half the day away and have a stiffness in your body that not even our hot springs could cleanse you of, you would be victorious tonight." He explained "It all depends on the circumstances."

"So can Motoko-san do that?" Kanako wondered.

Keitaro shrugged as he stroked Kanako's body "I wouldn't know. I am not privy her training regiment nor do I want to be." He said disinterestedly "But to guess I would have to say no. If she could she would have used her reserves to free herself of you rather than submitting."

"So I am not far behind her." She smiled to herself.

Pausing in his caress of her arms Keitaro said. "Don't get ahead of yourself Kanako-chan. Motoko-chan has been trained all her life in her family's style while you have been at ours for barely three years. Just because she was not taught it does not mean she doesn't have the capacity to learn it. Right now she has a far greater control over her Ki than you do and if I had allowed her to use it in her attacks you wouldn't have been able to touch her." He told her sternly. "Despite all her blustering you must remember that she is the heir of the Aoyama family and the Shinmei-ryū style."

"And I am just an adopted Urashima." She said quietly. Frowning at her Keitaro released her arm and placed his index finger on her spine between her shoulder blades before running it down her spine; releasing Ki into all her pressure points as he went. Feeling all the different sensations generated by his manipulations Kanako's body shivered and trembled, forcing her to cry out "Onii-sama!"

"I don't ever want to hear you talk like that again." He warned her "Just because we share no blood does not mean you are not every bit an Urashima. Out of all the children at the orphanage you were chosen to be Hina's daughter; do you know why?" he asked "It's because I saw potential in you when you were a child. I saw a spirit inside of you that reminded me of countless other women in our family. I saw a strength that would grow to equal Hina's and Haruka's and I refused to let it go to waste. You are an Urashima in all but blood and to us Urashimas blood is the smallest factor when defining our family. Understand?" he asked.

"Do you really mean that Onii-sama?" she asked quietly.

"Of course." He nodded with a kind smile. "We Urashima's have never held with keeping the bloodline pure and marrying only within the clan. What mattered most were a person's words and actions. We have adopted many into our ranks and they are the ones who often distinguished themselves. They worked hard to make sure they deserved to bear the name Urashima." He said pointedly. "And those that disgraced themselves through their words and actions were stripped of our name and turned out as rōnin whether they were of our blood or they were adopted." He warned. "Being an Urashima is an honour and a privilege not a right."

"So Granny Hina and Haruka might not have Urashima blood in them either?" she wondered.

"It's possible I suppose." He murmured as he paused for a moment as he mentally examined their family tree "But I believe they can trace their line back to the original bloodline. Over the generations if someone distinguished themselves enough to be called an Urashima we often had them marry one of our own to make sure those qualities that we admired in them were persistent in our bloodline but there have been times when an adopted Urashima married outside the family so there are one or two branches of our family tree that do not have the Urashima blood flowing through their veins despite carrying our name."

"I see." Kanako nodded her head. "Is that why Granny is the head of our family? Because she can trace her line back to the original bloodline?"

Deciding not to correct her as to who actually was the head out their family, Keitaro reached down and pinched her bottom, earning him a yelp from the girl "Do you not listen to what I tell you? Blood means little to us. It is words and deeds that matter. The leadership of our family is not a birthright; you cannot be born into it. It is given to those who are believed most able of leading our family. That is how we have escaped ruin and decline like most other families. We do not allow ourselves to be led by a fool simply because of who their father was."

"Does that mean I could be head of our family one day?"

Grinning at her Keitaro asked "oh? You're aspiring to become head are you? What about me and Haruka? Are you planning to do away with us so that you can climb to the top?"

"Of course not Onii-sama." Kanako giggled. "But if you become head, when I become you wife I'll be in position of great influence won't I?"

"I think someone is getting ideas above her station." He grinned and kissed her back "What makes you think the head of the Urashima family will listen to his wife."

"He listened when his wife wanted women to learn the family style didn't he?" she asked cheekily.

Raising an eyebrow he said "First of all it wasn't just his wife. It was about three different generations nagging in his ear for years until he finally agreed just to stop them moaning and secondly, what makes you think a cute little strumpet like you could influence me to do anything?" he grinned playfully at her. "You haven't even convinced me to marry you."

"Yet." Kanako added "I still have plenty of time to nag you down the aisle." She giggled.

"I'm sure you will." He smiled as he leaned down and kissed her cheek. "Now do you want me to finish telling you about pressure points?"

"Yes Onii-sama." She said sweetly.

"Good. Now where was I...? oh yes, I remember. Along with rejuvenation there is also healing." He smiled as he reached down and scratched her hand, drawing blood.

"Ow! Onii-sama!" Kanako cried out.

"Be quiet and watch." He said as he drew his finger across the wound, the skin stitching itself back together as he poured Ki into the cut leaving behind a line of red skin that was rapidly fading.

"It's gone." She said in wonderment before she started to scratched her hand "It's itchy." She complained.

"It's one of the side effects." He dismissed her "Now, can you tell me what I just did?"

"You channelled your Ki into the cut and healed me." She replied.

"Broadly speaking yes." He nodded his head "More specifically my Ki did not heal you. It simply stimulated the cells around the wound and encouraged them to grow and repair themselves. You would have gotten to this stage within a week but using this increases the metabolism of the cells that were damaged."

"That's... that's amazing Onii-sama!" Kanako cried at the implications.

"Calm down Kana-chan," he said as he gently stroked her thighs, radiating Ki into the limbs to ease the stiffness in them. "Before you get all excited about it you should know there are side effects."

"You mean besides the itching?" she wondered.

"Yes." He nodded gravely. "The first is the result of using Ki to heal the wound. It takes as much energy to heal an injury like this as the body would naturally exert to heal itself. That means the larger the wound the more energy it'll take to heal. You must decide whether the energy could be better spent elsewhere as if you broke a bone for instance it would leave you terribly fatigued. It would probably take you just as long to heal the bone naturally as it would to recover from using Ki. Way back when we were still in the employ of the emperor and he had a task for us there would often be a designated healer who would not fight but save their strength to heal those who were wounded during a battle so that the chances of the mission being successful would increase but healing someone else by yourself is risky. Because you are simply stimulating growth it is hard to know how well you are doing. A scratch like the one I gave you as I can clearly see when you are healed but with an internal wound it's harder to judge."

"That doesn't seem so bad." Kanako mentioned "If that's the price for saving a life it seems quite reasonable."

"That's not the only side effect." He said "This one effects the patient. You are aware that cells of your body die and are replaced once every seven years, yes?" getting a nod he continued "Well when you use this technique you are accelerating the life of the cells you are affecting by making them grow. With a small cut like the one I gave you those cells are about a day or two older than the rest of your body. While that may not seem like much the greater the wound the more you must accelerate the growth and the older they become."

"So?" Kanako wondered, not understanding the point he was making.

"So consider is someone had their arm reattached using this method. The amount of time those cells would age would be measured in years. And what if this person was especially clumsy and lost his arm again and again and had to have it constantly reattached? How much older would the cells that joined the limb be than the rest of them?"

"It could be decades." Kanako murmured as she gained an inkling at what he was getting at.

"Exactly. And as you age your cells gradually lose the ability to regenerate and eventually die." He said solemnly.

"Has... has that ever happened before?" she asked.

"Once." Keitaro nodded. "It was back when our family first discovered how to reattach limbs using this method. We believed that we had a miracle technique and that made us reckless. A novice who was well meaning but exceptionally clumsy lost a finger or two at least once a month." He explained with a sad smile as he remembered the boy, always a smile upon his wide innocent face even when he was being patched up by the medics. "He never gave up trying to wield a sword and because we could simply reattach them we never thought about stopping him trying to master it. We found it an admirable trait for an Urashima to have." He gave a mirthless chuckle. "It was two years after they were first reattached that we discovered something wrong. The skin where it had been joined was discoloured, turning a pale gray and then dark black and pained him to the point where he had to be kept under sedation. The skin, muscle and bone had all died and the rot had already started to spread when we were forced to cut off his hand." He reported making the girl gasp "Even then the healers were too late. The necrosis had already extended to his wrist and forearm so the limb was amputated from the shoulder to save his life. He would never have been able to fight again let alone use a sword." He said sadly as he felt Kanako shudder beneath his hands. "He was so depressed that as soon as he was able to he performed Seppuku and died before his seventeenth birthday." He sighed. "After that lesson in humility we were much more careful about keeping our limbs attached."

Swallowing hard Kanako said "Using Ki for healing and rejuvenation seem to be more trouble than they are worth."

"Perhaps." Keitaro agreed as he started to massage her again. "It has its uses and so long as we remember the limitations of the body."

"What about disease or cancer? Can you use your Ki to heal something like that?" she wondered, trying to find some advantage to using it.

"As far as I know we have never tried. This technique isn't a magic cure, its miracle grow. There is a more than good chance that doing so will make a tumour grow or accelerate the growth of a virus. We could transfer Ki into the subjects Chakra to strengthen then and help them fight the disease but with cancer, as it's a growth that is part of the body it also takes strength from the Chakras where it would be better spent elsewhere. At best it would be a stall." He explained.

"So it is better to just do it for a cut or a scrape?" she asked.

"That's right." Keitaro nodded. "But let's not dwell on matters such as that. Let's focus on this." He smiled as he pressed his finger between the dimples of her lower back and channelled Ki into her.

Feeling his warm Ki spreading throughout her abdomen making her arch her back and cry out "Onii-sama!"

"You see Kana-chan?" He smiled down at the girl writhing beneath his fingers. "While you may not like the sound of healing or rejuvenation this is still useful isn't it?" he smiled.

"Y-Yes!" she moaned.

"Then let me explain more about this then," he smiled down at her "Depending on where you apply your Ki you can affect a person's emotions. Press the right pressure point and you can even control what chemicals the body produces. For example if I touch you here..." he said as he pressed a finger to the centre of her spin "...I can make your body produce more endorphins. Those are the body's natural painkillers and can be used to ease the suffering of those in pain or even educe a natural high by flooding the brain with them. Or you can affect the person's mood by influencing the amount serotonin that is in the body to make them happy, depressed, even sleepy." He lectured. "However it is usually best not to mess around with a body's natural chemistry unless you have a good understanding of it. For example if you produce too much serotonin over a long enough time the body builds up a resistance to it and gradually becomes immune to it. That's how drug addicts become more and more addicted; the more they use, the less they feel the effects of it and so they use even more to try and experience the high they got the first time. That's why I find it's better to manipulate the nerves directly." He said as he pressed into her hip.

Feeling her body tremble, her back arch and her hips buck Keitaro rolled her over onto her back, scooped the girl up into his arms and sat her on his lap. As she panted hard and lay limply in his arms Keitaro reached up and gently stroked he cheek that was bright red with blush. "You see Kana-chan? Just by using my Ki I managed to make you like this. With this technique we can influence a person's emotions. Given the right knowledge and opportunity we could incite someone into a murderous rage; make them giddy with euphoria; make them weep with sadness; tremble with fear or with lust; make courage blossom in the fearful or even clam an agitated heart." He said as he slid his hand down to cup her small breast; his large hand covering the diminutive mound as he allowed his Ki to flow from his hand into Kanako's heart, enveloping the racing organ and soothing it; slowing her heart rate to its normal beat. As her heart returned to normal so did Kanako; her breathing slowed down to deep long breaths, the blush drained from her face as she regained her regular pale complexion and the tremors in her body stopped as he body relaxed to the point where she was like jelly in his embrace.

Slowly opening her eyes Kanako looked up into her beloved brothers and contently breathed "Onii-sama..." with a small smile on her face as she rested her head against his shoulder.

Returning her smile Keitaro leaned down and lightly pressed his lips against hers before asking "How do you feel Kana-chan?"

"I feel..." she started only to trail off as she realised she had no idea how to express how she felt. In her whole life she had never felt as she did now. She could still feel her brother channelling his Ki into her body and the warmth of his hand as he cupped her breast but instead of the arousal she would have expected from such intimate contact Kanako felt a peace she had never experienced before. She felt more safe and loved than she ever had before and as he cradled her in his arms she found herself wishing that they could spend an eternity in this embrace. Even if she couldn't be together with him as man and wife it would be enough for her spend the rest of her life with her brother making her feel like this. Finding no way to elegantly tell him how she felt Kanako cupped the hand that was still placed atop her breast and settled on finishing with "...wonderful."

"Good." He smiled and rested his forehead against hers. "Would you like to take a bath Kana-chan? Just you and me in the private bath tub?" he asked.

"I would like that Onii-sama." She smiled sweetly up at him.

"Let's get going then." He smiled as he picked her up as if she weighed nothing and moved towards the door.

In The Private Bathroom

Slipping into the hot water with her brother Kanako pressed her body against his and wrapped her arms around his neck. Smiling at him Kanako leaned up and pressed her lips against his; her eyes closing as her tongue slowly slid out to explore his mouth. Almost as soon as Keitaro had deposited her on the stool while he went to fill the wooden barrel Kanako had reverted to her seductive ways once she was no longer under the calming influence of Keitaro's Ki. Standing up she had silently crept up on her brother before pressing her naked body against his and reaching around his waist to undo his trousers. Deciding to humour her Keitaro allowed her to remove his clothes. Once she had stripped him Kanako pressed her body against his and rested her head against his strong chest. As he smiled down at her Keitaro gently stroked her body before picking her up like a princess and stepped into the bath.

And now in the hot water with his precious Kanako pressed against him Keitaro broke the kiss as he caressed her body; running his hands along her slim figure and cupping her soft rear Keitaro rested his forehead against hers "This is nice isn't it Kana-chan?" he asked.

"mmm, this feels wonderful Onii-sama." She purred as she kissed his neck and ground her groin against Keitaro's thigh. "But the hot springs would be nicer."

"True, but then I couldn't guarantee we would be alone like I can here." He explained. "One of the girls could walk in if we were in the springs."

"Like that Kitsune women." Kanako frowned.

"Yes, just like Kitsune." He agreed with a smile.

"I don't know why you allow a woman like that to throw herself at you." She grumbled. "You should evict that shameless woman from Hinata Sou." She suggested; the fact that she was no better than the fox lady apparently not occurring to her.

Smiling down at her with a raised eyebrow Keitaro asked "Did it ever occur to you that I may be attracted to Kitsune?"

Lifting her head from his neck Kanako frowned at him and asked "Are you?"

"Yes I am." He answered instantly with no hesitation making her mouth drop open. The blunt and straightforward answer had caught her by surprise and so she said nothing; just staring at him with a hurt look in her eyes as he continued. "But I have no intention of pursuing a relationship with her." He explained gently, ignoring the look she was giving him. "Just like I have no intention of pursuing that kind of relationship with you or any other woman that I happen to be attracted too."

"Why not?" she cried. "I would be a good wife to you! I would deny you nothing! I would have you children! I would look after your household as a wife should! I would do anything you wish so why won't you take me as you wife!" she wept into his chest.

Looking down at her Keitaro ran his fingers through her soft black hair and asked "Do you remember what I told you when you first said you wanted us to get married?"

"That you'd prefer me as a little sister to a wife." she said morosely.

"That's right." He nodded with a small smile "That's because that is all I am able to feel anymore. I have loved many people over the years and I have lost each and every one of them. And whenever I start to feel that kind of love again a pain shots through my heart and I am reminded what it is like to lose them. But the love we share," He said as he took her hand in his and interlaces their fingers. "Is different to that. When I lose you my heart will ache and I will weep but I will go on. But to have you as my wife would tear apart my heart when I lose you. I will become cold and hard and seal my heart off to the rest of the world. I will become cruel and vindictive and cease to be the man that you love. I will stop being the man who stormed the stronghold of a group of slavers to save you. I will stop being the man who cradled you in his arms as you cried for two days. I will stop being the man who carried you into the bath and cleansed your body after you had soiled yourself. I will stop being the man who promised to never let anything bad happen to you."

"Why do you think that you will lose me?" she wondered with tears in her eyes.

"Because that is my curse." He explained "To lose those that I love; Hina, Haruka, you. All of you will one day leave me and it will tear me apart. It will be everything I do to not fall apart once you are gone but a piece of me will be lost regardless as it always is when I lose the ones that I love. Please Kanako do not make me break my heart again." He murmured as he gently ran his fingers over her pale cheek, wiping away her tears.

Crying into his chest Kanako asked "Please...please spend the night with me." She begged as she brought his hand to her mound at the apex of her legs. "Please? Just for one night?"

Lifting up her chin Keitaro rested his forehead against hers and said "I'm sorry Kana-chan; I'm so very sorry. But this is your most valuable treasure." He said as he gently rocked his hand back and forth making her gasp. "It should be saved for your wedding night as a gift to the man who is worthy enough to claim one such as you as his wife. And believe me when I say that you will find a man who is deserving of you." He assured her with a smile as he cupped her cheek. "And then I will chase him off because no one would be good enough for you. And I'll do it to the next one and the one after that and the one after that until we find someone who loves you enough to tolerate my harassment." He promised her with a smile. "But until then I shall hold you in my arms all night and whisper to you just how much I love you until the sun comes up again just like I did three years ago."

"You promise?" she asked quietly.

"I promise." He vowed as he stroked her small body. "Let's get to bed OK?"

"Yes Onii-sama." She murmured as she allowed him to pick her up and lift her out of the bath. Once he had dried their bodies and wrapped a robe around her body and his Keitaro took her by her hand and led her back to his room all the while the girl remained silent. Once he closed the door behind them Keitaro moved away from her and shed his robe to get changed. "Onii-sama..."

Hearing his sister call out to him Keitaro turned in just time to catch a naked Kanako as she leapt into his arms; her arms wrapping around his neck and her legs around his waist as she kissed him. His eyes widening slightly at the surprise attack Keitaro nonetheless returned her kiss and brought his hands up to cup her shapely rear. Breaking the kiss Keitaro said "I thought we discussed this."

"We did." Kanako grinned "But then I remembered that story you told me about the clumsy swordsman and about how the fact that he never gave up was admirable trait in an Urashima." She explained as she placed light kisses against his lips. "And then I thought what kind of Urashima would I be if I just gave up after this small hurdle? If I plan on being the greatest Urashima that ever lived I won't let something as small as you rejecting me stop me from getting what I want." She said simply.

"Oh? Is that right?" Keitaro smiled as he walked over to the futon and sat down. "You plan on becoming the greatest Urashima ever do you?"

"Of course." She smiled "No one else would be worthy of being your bride." She grinned as she kissed his chest. Slipping off his lap so that sat between his legs Kanako purred "And I will become your bride." She vowed.

"Well then." Keitaro smiled as he leaned forward and gently stroked her cheek "I wish you all the luck in the world." He said as he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers.

Smiling happily Kanako opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue before extending her own to slip into his. As she kissed her beloved Kanako slid her hand down his chest to his groin where she gently grasped his stiff member. Breaking the kiss Kanako leered at him and purred "Is this because of me Onii-sama?"

"Perhaps." He allowed with a smile. "Or perhaps I was thinking of Kitsune." He teased.

Narrowing her eyes at him Kanako ignored the comment as she continued to stroke his length "But Kitsune's not here. But I am." She said as she slowly licked her lips. "Just you and me Onii-sama." She told him as she kissed his neck. "Just the two of us with no one to interrupt us." She purred as she moved her lips down his chest, gradually getting lower.

"Is that what you think?" a voice said from the door.

Lifting her face from his chest Kanako whipped her head around to see Kitsune standing at the door holding two bottles of sake in her hand wearing a sheer black camisole and equally sheer black panties; the thin garment that covered her torso hung loosely from her body, tied at her breast by a purple silk ribbon while below the clasp the sides of the camisole pulled apart to show off her smooth flat stomach. "What are you doing here?" Kanako snapped as she glared at the seductress.

"I came to have a nightcap with Kei-kun obviously." She explained as she walked over to the two Urashima's and knelt besides Keitaro. "Hello Kei-kun." She smiled as she ran her hand over Keitaro's bare chest, ignoring what Kanako was doing with her hands.

"Hey Kitsu-chan." He smiled back at her as having Kanako grope him was an everyday occurrence.

"Onii-sama doesn't want anything from you!" Kanako snapped back at her.

"I'm sure Kei-kun can make his own mind up thank you." Kitsune glared at the adopted sister before smiling sweetly at Keitaro and pressed her breasts against Keitaro's chest "Would you like a drink with me Kei-kun?"

"I'd love to." He smiled as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Onii-sama!" Kanako cried.

"What?" he asked "I'm allowed to have a drink if I want."

"Here here!" Kitsune cheered as she opened the bottle and started to pour the alcohol into saucers.

"Then you won't mind if I join you." Kanako said as she snatched up one of the saucers and brought it to her mouth only for Keitaro to grab it out of her hand.

"I've told you before you can't handle your drink. One sip is too much for you." He warned her as he downed the saucer.

Frowning at her brother Kanako puffed out her cheeks and said "I can handle my drink." She denied hotly. "I'm old enough to have a drink if I want." She pouted.

"I completely agree." Kitsune grinned as she rounded on Kanako and pressed the bottle between her lips. Before Kanako could react half the bottle had been poured down her throat and by the time it was empty Kanako's face was flushed red and her eyes were swirling as she fell backwards. "huh. She really can't handle her drink." She said idly.

"I tried to tell her but she never listens to me." Keitaro sighed.

"oh well." Kitsune grinned as she straddled his waist and pressed her chest against his as her hands slid down to take Kanako's place. "I guess I'll have to keep you company tonight." She leered as she lightly kissed the man and run her fingers up and down his length.

Moaning slightly into her mouth Keitaro broke the kiss and said "You really shouldn't have done that to Kanako, Kitsu-chan." He scolded her with a smile.

"I wouldn't worry about her if I were you." Kitsune purred as she reached up to tug on the ribbon that held her camisole together until the garment opened to show him her beautifully sculpted breasts. "She'll have a headache in the morning but will be no worse for wear." She breathed as she leaned in and pressed his lips against his.

"That's not what I was talking about." Keitaro murmured between kisses.

"Then what was you talking about?" she wondered as she ran her tongue over his lips.

"That." He smiled and pointed behind her.

Turning around just in time Kitsune was tackled off of Keitaro by the little sister and forced onto her back with Kanako laying on her chest. "What the hell was that fo- Ah! What are you doing?" she cried as Kanako's hands reached up and started to grope her large breasts.

"Yeah, Kana-chan gets a bit gropey when she's drunk." Keitaro explained with a smile. "That's why I don't let her drink."

"Can you get her off of me?" she asked as she tried to shake the girl off of her but Kanako was having none of it. "She's stronger that sh- Stop That!" Kitsune cried as Kanako took one of her nipples into her mouth and hungrily sucked.

"I tried to warn you Kitsune." Keitaro smiled as he took a sip of sake. "By the way, if you don't like this you won't like what she's about to do." Keitaro cautioned.

"Why? What is she about to- Mfghe!" she was cut off as Kanako lifted her head from her breast and pressed her lips against Kitsune's, forcing her tongue inside her mouth.

"Kanako's a real lightweight when it comes to drinking." Keitaro explained with an amused smile as he watched Kitsune unsuccessfully try and pry Kanako's lips from hers. "She can't handle more than a drop of alcohol before she gets all gropey and kissy. But I wouldn't worry if I was you. She usually falls asleep not long after she gets to the kissing stage." He assured her.

Finally able to free her lips Kitsune asked "Well how long until she does?" she snapped as Kanako kissed her way back down to her breasts.

"oh, I'd say right about now." He grinned. As if on cue Kanako collapsed limply against her large breasts with a happy drunk smile upon her face. "See. What'd I tell you?"

"That's great." Kitsune grumbled as she tried to shift the girl only to find that her arms were still pinned by Kanako and that the girl was surprisingly heavy. "Geez how come someone this small weighs so much?"

"Yeah, when she's drunk like this it can be bothersome to have her lying on top of you. That's about 100 pounds of dead weight and she won't be waking up for a while." He chuckled.

"Do you think you could get her off of me?" she glared at him.

"Not really. At this point she'll hug onto whatever she's holding and won't let go. Watch." He said as he poked Keitaro's butt, the disturbance making her wrap her arms around Kitsune and squeeze tightly; making the fox lady gasp.

"She's worse than Su-chan!" Kitsune moaned. "Isn't there anything you can do?" she asked him.

"Not really no." He lied. "And even if I could I wouldn't."

"Why not?" she frowned.

"Well, do you remember when the two of you said you would do whatever I told you to do but when I told you to get along you refused to and I told you that I would have to punish you?" he asked sweetly.

"So this is my punishment?" Kitsune scowled as Kanako took her nipple back into her mouth and happily sucked.

"Of course not." Keitaro smiled. "This is..." he grinned as he pulled out his phone and started to take photos of the two girls.

"Hey! Stop that!" Kitsune cried out as she grabbed for the phone only to fall short as Keitaro moved it out of her reach.

As Keitaro took yet another photo he said "Why would I? Kana-chan won't remember any of this tomorrow so I need to get proof of how she acts when she's drunk. Besides with these pictures I can force the two of you to get along." He grinned as he took one final photo before putting his phone to the side. "Now I think it's time for bed." He smiled at her.

"And how am I meant to sleep with this on me?" she asked as she gestured to girl atop of her.

"I'm sure you'll manage." He smiled as he leaned down pressed lips against hers. As she reluctantly responded in kind Keitaro moved his hand up and pressed two fingers into the side of her neck. Applying pressure to her Keitaro felt Kitsune stiffen before falling limp. Breaking the kiss he looked down at her and saw she was sleeping peacefully. Smiling at his two girls slept soundly Keitaro reached out and stroked Kanako's hair; his hand caressing the fine strands before sliding his hand down her back to rest upon her supple rear. Giving them both a kiss on the cheek Keitaro pulled the covers over their bodies and settled into bed next to them.

Five Days Later at the Airport

"It was good to see you again Kana-chan." Keitaro smiled as Kanako threw her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his.

"I was good to see you too Onii-sama." Kanako purred into his ear as she squeezed him tightly, not wanting to let go.

"Ahem." An irritated Kitsune cleared her throat from the side.

Breaking the hug Kanako turned to Kitsune "It was so nice of you to come see me off Kitsune Oba-san." She said curtly as she bowed to the elder woman.

With a vein throbbing in her forehead and her eye twitching Kitsune tersely said "No problem at all Kanako-paipan." Kitsune replied earning a glare and a throbbing vein from the girl "I just wanted to make sure that your plane wasn't miraculously cancelled or you got lost on the way to the air port and you missed your flight like the last two times." Kitsune said sweetly.

"Yes that was unfortunate." She replied with a fake smile "And I appreciate you escorting me to the gate so I wouldn't get lost again."

"Well, I didn't want you miss another flight. After all I'm sure you're eager to get back to Granny Hina." She said with phony sweetness.

"I'm so glad the two of you are getting along so well." Keitaro sniggered. After that night Kanako had gotten drunk Keitaro had blackmailed the two of them into behaving and stop fighting over him. With the incriminating photos as a threat the two girls remained civil to each other. Which basically meant that their thinly veiled insults were said in a cheery tone of voice that would usually be reserved for close friends and that one was never alone with Keitaro for long before the other tracked them down and interrupted in some way to steal Keitaro away. All the while this was happening Keitaro feigned ignorance of their true feelings and maintained that he thought they there were getting along.

"Well, you always taught me to be respectful to the elderly Onii-sama." Kanako smiled meanly.

"And someone has to mentor her didn't they?" Kitsune asked "Puberty is a tough time for a girl and when it finally happens to Kanako I want her to be prepared." She sniped, earning a slight glare from the gothic Urashima.

"And I'm sure Kana-chan is very grateful aren't you Kana-chan?" he prompted her.

"Thank you for your guidance." She bowed stiffly.

Grinning as she straightened up Keitaro said "Good girl. Now do you have everything? You're tickets, your passport?"

"Yes she does." Kitsune assured him making Kanako narrow her eyes at the fox lady.

"Then I guess this is goodbye." He smiled down at Kanako and gently stroked her cheek.

Wrapping her arms around his neck Kanako pressed her body against him again and breathed into his ear. "Love you Onii-sama."

"Love you too Kana-chan." He murmured back as his hands slid down her back to slip under her short skirt and cup her soft rear. Giving her an affectionate squeeze Keitaro asked "Kana-chan, where are your panties?"

Grinning happily Kanako breathed back "I left them under your pillow. Feel free to use them however you want." She purred as she lightly bit his earlobe before pressing her lips against his and slipped her tongue into his mouth. As he returned her kiss, Keitaro removed one hand from her supple rear and brought it up to hold the back of her head. As their lips parted Kanako lightly ran her tongue over his and quietly moaned "You taste so good Onii-sama."

"You taste good too Kana-chan." He smiled and nuzzled his nose against hers.

Giving him one last kiss Kanako said "I'll be back as soon as Granny lets me OK?" she promised.

"I'm sure you will Kana-chan." He smiled and lovingly stroked his cheek. "Now off you go otherwise you're gonna delay the take off."

"OK Onii-sama." She sighed morosely as she let go of him. "Will you miss me?"

"Every moment that you're gone." He assured her which brought a happy smile to her face.

"I'll miss you too." She smiled. "Goodbye Onii-sama, I love you." She told him before picking up her bag and reluctantly walking away.

Once she was out of sight Keitaro turned to Kitsune who was frowning at him. "Something wrong Kitsu-chan?" he asked with an amused look upon his face.

"Yes, I don't appreciate all your philandering." She pouted. "Really now; going off on dates, having baths with other women, getting up to naughty things at night. I don't see why you're doing those things with whatever floozy you pick up when I'm right here and willing to do anything with you." She said as she turned away in a huff.

Smiling at her Keitaro wrapped his arms around her slim body and placed gentle kisses on her neck. "I'm sorry Kitsu-chan. Can you ever forgive me?"

"mmm, perhaps." She moaned as she leaned back against him. "But it will take a lot to make it up to me."

"Well, I'm willing to do anything to make you happy." He promised.

"I want a date." She declared as she turned around and pressed herself against Keitaro's body and rested her head on his chest. "You can take me shopping like you did at the pool with Motoko-chan." She told him.

"I will buy you the most beautiful dress made of the finest material know to man." He vowed as he slid his hands down to cup her perfect rear.

"Then you can take me out for a meal like you did with Motoko-chan and Kanako-chan." She ordered him.

"I shall take you to the most expensive restaurant in Tokyo; a place where animals have gone extinct just to be put on the menu." He offered.

Liking the sound of his boasts Kitsune grinned happily and said "Then you can take me to a hotel."

Raising an eyebrow Keitaro said "I never took Kana-chan or Motoko-chan to a hotel."

"Good." She grinned at him. "I want to do something that you haven't done with anyone else."

"You think I haven't been to a hotel with a woman before?" he asked with an amused tone of voice.

"I have no interest in your past indiscretions." She huffed.

Letting out a chuckle Keitaro slid one of his hands up her body to gently run his fingers through her hair. "And what would we be doing at this hotel?" he wondered.

"What two lovers normally do when they are in a hotel together." She suggested.

"mmm, well we'll see about that." He said dubiously "But if we do go to a hotel it will be the most luxurious hotel in all of Japan; we will have the whole of the highest floor to ourselves, the employees will cater to our every whim and I will reserve every amenity they have to offer just for us." He declared.

"That sounds nice." She murmured.

"But a date as extravagant as this will take a long time to organise." He pointed out.

"I can wait." She insisted. "And in the meantime you can bathe with me, serve me drinks, give me massages and at night allow me to sleep beside you." She demanded.

"Your wish is my command." He told her as he lifted her chin and pressed his lips against hers, his tongue slipping inside of her mouth to play with and caress hers.

"I should think so." She breathed happily as she felt him squeeze her behind.

Rubbing his nose against hers Keitaro asked "And if I do all this will you forgive me?"

"mmm, it's a start." She smiled and lightly kissed him again. "We'll see how well our date goes."

"Then I shall strive to make it the best date you have ever been on." He promised as he gently stroked her cheek.

"That won't be hard." Kitsune murmured. 'If he can go longer than five minutes without trying to grope my breast or trying to get me drunk enough to spread my legs he's already be well ahead of the pack.' she thought to herself 'Not that I would object to him trying to do either.'

"Well then, we had best get back to Hinata Sou so I can start making preparations for our date." He told her as he took her hand in his. "Or at least run a bath."

"Both would be preferable." She grinned and squeezed his hand as she allowed him to slip an arm around her waist and lead her back to the chauffeured car that was waiting for them.

Authors Note

Sorry for the long wait but I had some fairly coursework intensive units at Uni so I wasn't able to write as often as I wanted but it's here now and I hoped you liked it.

If you're wondering why Keitaro seemed to be always groping Kitsune and Kanako, well if anyone is going to be a dirty old man it is going to be a 1500 year old Keitaro who hasn't had a date in centauries. Also for the parts where keitaro was talking about Ki and Chakra I made it up completely and all that stuff about how people become addicted to drugs all the product of my mind with very little medical or scientific knowledge to back it up, just what I pick up from watching House M.D.

For those of you expecting to see Tsuruko you won't have to wait relatively long as I plan on having her appear in the next chapter in an epic sort of way (At least in my mind. Whether or not it turns out that way I'll leave that up to you to decide).

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