A story inspired in part by Byung-Hun Lee's film "Beautiful Days" and his relationship with his sister. This will be in chapters, and I sorta started off the top of my head, so, I myself am not really sure where this is going! =D

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Thomas sat nervously in the packed area of an airport terminal, fidgeting with his passport and scanning the crowd. It was loud and noisy, and the hustle of hundreds if not thousands of people made him all the more nervous. Glancing this way and that to make sure that no one in particular was looking, he reached into his cargo pants pocket, pulling out a small photo. It was a bit tattered and worn, but the picture of the young Asian woman on it, sunglasses on her head and a huge, innocent smile on her face was still sharp and crystal clear. Thomas sighed, running his thumb over the photo. He hadn't seen his now nineteen year old sister in almost eight years, and he was now waiting to board a plane that would take him to his homeland, Japan. The young Asian man looked up, and seeing his two friends coming through the crowd carrying to boxes with food in them, he put the photo back into his pocket, standing to meet them.

"Could you give a hand?"

Shana handed him a small Styrofoam box and a drink, trying to keep from dropping hers. Thomas moved his backpack from the chair beside him to the floor, making room for her to sit down. Ian, or else known as Snake Eyes, swept his blond hair from his eyes, moving his own backpack.

"Well, I see you saved our seats."

Thomas set the box in his lap, while he went about the task of pulling a bottle of water out of his bag.

"Naturally. Here, have some water."

Ian took it from him, eying him suspiciously.

"You didn't poison it or anything, right?"

Shana laughed, sipping at the coffee she had bought.

"Oh don't be so rude, Snakes. He's not that bad."

Thomas grinned, opening the box.

"I wouldn't go as far as to say that, Shana dear."

Ian smiled, taking a bite of his sandwich.

"And I would agree with you."

He glanced at his watch, and then up to the flight schedule of their plane.

"About thirty more minutes, guys. Best hurry up."

Shana couldn't help but smile a little at Thomas' nervous sigh.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine once we get there, and I'm sure you sister will be happy to see you."

Thomas raised an eyebrow, picking at the lettuce on his sandwich.

"I hope so. I have not seen Shina in almost eight years....I just cannot help but wonder if she has changed."

Shana grinned, flipping her fiery red hair over one shoulder.

"Tell me about her again, Thomas; you know I have never met her."

Thomas laughed, sitting back.

"Well, she comes up about to my shoulder, she cannot speak a word of English, she lives in a trashy apartment in Tokyo, works as a table cleaner in Tokyo, is adorably cute and the picture of innocence."

Shana took a bite of her salad, looking over at the ninja.

"How did you two get separated, anyway?"

Thomas took a drink of his soda, shaking his head.

"It was a long time ago, I remember that much. We were not but six and three when we first were parted. Mom and dad were killed in a fire at the Arashikage, and I went to America with Uncle to start a dojo in New York, which is where I met Ian, and she was raised by my grandmother who lived in Korea at the time. When I was about thirteen and she ten, grandmother died, and I did not see her or hear from her again until I found out at age fifteen that she had been put in an orphanage in Tokyo. I only got to see her a few times...but, we were very close. I miss her."

Ian cleared his throat, shifting the cell phone in his pocket to a more comfortable position.

"I know what you mean, brother. I miss my sister, too."

Shana smiled, putting a hand on Thomas' shoulder.

"I'm sure that she'll be more than happy to see you, and I cannot wait to meet her. Just don't be nervous...it'll only make things worse, you know?"

Thomas laughed, sweeping his jet black hair out of his eyes.

"You guys always did try to baby me. Ian has not met her, either, he just knows about her because I talked about her all of the time."

Shana raised an eyebrow, sighing.

"Well, at least I'm traveling with two men who can speak Japanese, because I don't know the first thing about it."

Ian laughed, standing to look through his backpack and make sure he had everything.

"Don't worry about that, one of us will translate for you, I'm sure."

He looked down at his watch, and just as he did, the door to the terminal opened, and people had already started to line up. He slung his backpack over one shoulder, and grabbed up his suitcase in his free hand.

"Alright guys...let's move."

Thomas and Shana stood, the beautiful redhead tossing the trash into a trashcan close by. Thomas took up his bags, and grabbed Shana's, just to be nice. He sighed, looking at the terminal...this was going to be very interesting.

Two Hours Later:

The ride had been long and tiring, but they were finally situated on the plane, soft talking and humming from the engines filling their ears. Ian opened one eye from having been dozing, glancing at his friend across from him. Thomas was awake, gazing out the window onto the landscape below, and, as a habit, was once again fidgeting, this time with a pen he held loosely. Ian shifted a little, causing the sleeping Shana who rested her head on his shoulder to groan softly. He used his foot to hit gently at Thomas' leg to get his attention, rather than wake the redhead up to move forward and tap him.

"What are you thinking about, brother?"

Thomas smiled, letting his head fall back on the seat cushion.

"Oh, nothing much. Just wondering what being back in Japan will feel like. I am looking forward to it."

Ian laughed quietly, glancing out the window.

"I am, too. It has been a long time."

Thomas yawned, pulling out a magazine from his backpack.

"At least three years."

Ian kicked his brother's shin lightly, causing him to look up from the magazine.

"Why don't you get some sleep? There's no use at trying to stay awake for the whole trip."

Thomas went back to flipping through the glossy pages, rolling his eyes and groaning.

"Oh puh-lease! Not Byung-Hun Lee again...."

Ian raised an eyebrow.

"Um...come again?"

Thomas showed him the picture of the famous Korean actor, a bored look on his face which snapped into an indignant look when Ian grabbed the magazine and gaped at the photo.

"Are you joking?! He looks exactly like you! I mean...everything...totally...exactly..."

He looked up at Thomas, eying him suspiciously.

"Tomisaburo Arashikage...did you get into the movie-making business?"

Thomas scowled, snatching the magazine back.

"Absolutely positively NOT. Besides, he looks so dorky."

Ian shook his head, settling back into the seat.

"He doesn't, Thomas, and by saying so, you might as well just be calling yourself dorky."

Thomas rolled his eyes again, flipping to another page.

"Oh, check it out..."

He held it out again to show a movie advertisement, and now Ian looked at him incredulously.

"Bro, that's the same actor you just got through bashing."

Thomas went back to looking at it.

"I know, but this movie's a lot better. Besides, he doesn't look so dorky in this one."

Ian laughed mockingly.

"Are you kidding? He looks like Jack Sparrow in that one."

"Does not!"

"Yes, Thomas, he does."

Thomas looked at the photo again.

"Well, if you mean the black eye-liner, earrings and long hair over one eye...yeah, but other than that, it is a cool look. I mean, come on, he is a big bad gunner."

Ian sighed, nodding over towards the magazine.

"What movie is that, anyway?"

Thomas flipped through pages again, thinking a moment.

"Uhmm...I have seen it before...I think it is The Good, the Bad and the Weird."

Ian shook his head, settling back into the seat again.

"Oh, that one. I never liked that, anyway. Just go to sleep and stop bugging me."

Thomas huffed, still looking through the magazine.

"You go to sleep...I am not tired."

Several Hours Later:

"Thomas! Thomas wake up! We're here!"

The young Asian man groaned, blinking a few times as the gentle nudges he received from Shana.

"What? Oh...I must have went to sleep..."

Ian stepped aside from the walkway as several people hurried by, crossing his arms.

"Yeah, you were the one who said you weren't tired...remember?"

Thomas grunted as he stood, cracking his neck and taking up his bag.

"Oh bug off. Come on, let us get off this plane."

Shana picked up her bags, standing next to Ian.

"I'm stickin' with you, ninja man...I don't want to offend any Japanese by doing something stupid that I wouldn't think twice about."

Ian laughed, turning to face her.

"Simple rules you must obey, no sweat: take off your shoes before entering the house of a host, don't step on the tatami mats, sit with both legs to the side, don't put soy sauce on white rice, eat everything you get, don't cut the sushi in half, let some one else pour you a drink, hide your thumb when a funeral car passes, bow from the waist at anyone who greets you, don't hug anyone, don't tip the waiter or waitress at a restaurant, don't sleep to the North, don't give presents in four pieces, and say hajimemashite when you meet someone for the first time and the first only, no other time."

Scarlett gaped for a minute, and then nodded incredulously.

"Yeeeah...okay...sure. I'll just try to remember all of that."

Thomas laughed his deep laugh, patting her shoulder.

"Shana, dear....there is way more than just those simple rules."

Scarlett sighed helplessly, shoulder her bag.

"I'm gonna die...."

* * * *

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