Percy was sick. On a Saturday. He cursed the gods for it, then he sneezed. And then he sneezed again. When he sneezed for the third time he just wanted to slam his fist through the wall. Which he would have done, if the fever didn't make him so very weak. Just lifting his arms would require a lot more energy than he had at the moment, and he was not gonna risk it. He felt pathetic enough already. Maybe cursing the gods wouldn't make him feel better though. If they heard him, they would probably just make this virus even worse than it already was. And Percy would not spend another day in this bed. If not for sleeping, of course. He sighed. If he just wasn't so damn bored. Being sick could be okay, if you were sick enough to just sleep your way through it. He was not. He was feeling really sick, that's for sure, but he had slept enough and now he was bored to death. Still, the fever was holding him back. And the germs were holding all of his friends back. No one would come near him or the cabin.

"One could think I have the plague, or worse." He muttered to himself.

"Nah, they're just taking a well earned vacation from your company"

The voice startled Percy. He turned around, which was just enough for his whole body to start aching. He closed his eyes and was just about to curse the gods again for the pain, and saw a glimpse of the smiling figure of Nico di Angelo hiding in the shadows of his cabin. He was trying hard not to laugh right now, Percy could tell.

"God you should see yourself right now. All weak and red eyed, away from the world. I can understand you're bored."

"For how long have you been standing there?" Percy groaned and wanted to strangle him.

"Long enough." Nico sat down on Percy's bed. "And as son of Hades I wanted to tell you something." The smile disappeared from his face and all of a sudden he looked serious. "You aren't actually dying. So why are you still in bed, whining little sea god son?"

Percy threw one of his pillows at him.

"Shut up or I'll kick you out."

"Oh please, you're too weak to even sit up straight! You couldn't do me a thing."

"I'll tell the sea to drown you."

"You could do that from here?"

"I sure could try anyway."

"I don't think you could." Nico grinned. "You're getting old. They're all talking about it. Like how your golden days was five years ago and now it's all about that little sister…"

Out of nowhere Percy got strength and managed to tackle Nico to the ground. They struggled for a couple of minutes before Percy had to gasp for air again, the adrenaline rush disappearing.

"I'm sorry Percy, is the new sister a problem? Or is it just your age?" Nico grinned and Percy wanted to wipe the stupid grin off his face. Instead he took some deep breaths and fell back onto the bed.

"Shut up. It's nothing like that." He started up in the ceiling. "And I'm NOT old."

"Take it easy Percy, you know I'm just messing with you." Nico smiled and now it was warm and welcoming. The kind of smile that made Percy feel good. He tried to smile back, but it was only a faint smile, the fever making itself known again. He sighed. Nico put a hand on his forehead.

"You really are burning up. Couldn't they give you some medicine or something?"

"No." Percy coughed and felt worse than ever. "They said it would pass soon enough. So I'm just stuck here until then."

Nico shook his head.

"You poor thing. Oh well, since we've got nothing better to do. You wanna watch a movie or something?"

"Which one?"

"Land of the Dead."

"Oh god come on, not something with dead people. You're always complaining about how the dead don't really look like that!"

"Okay I guess it's your time to pick. And you're sick and everything."

"I want to watch Finding Nemo."

"I knew you would say that…"