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A/N *shifty eyes* No one kill me alright? Yeah, I know. It's been a while. But the ending...well writing the ending was so....final. My brain didn't want me to do it, wouldn't give me any ideas. So I would add like...a hundred words and be like ....fuck what next? But the ending must come, and come it has. I will warn you now, for those you who are familiar with my other stories, I may have recycled an idea. It just worked with the story line, okay? No hazing. You know you love me. Yeah, and as a warning, there is a serious lemon in this chapter. I actually marked were, just in case some of you shouldn't, or don't want to read them!

Previously on AF


I had sensed something different, not bad, but just more, even as I approached Bella. I should have known that she'd forgive me, but I had not given myself the chance to hope. But she was Bella, and it was her nature. Nothing needed to be said, but her eyes screamed shut up and kiss me already. And I did, with months worth of longing, but even in the pulse of her kiss I could feel it.

What the fuck was it?

As if to answer my question, the lights flickered brightly, blinding me momentarily. And as I looked down at Bella once more, I couldn't help but double take. What the fuck? Kneeling between her legs, I looked down at Bella, in her little sleep shorts. She was smiling, and I wanted to look, wanted to remember that brilliant smile of hers, but I couldn't look away. Her little rounded belly poked out the hem of her top, looking foreign on her emaciated body. That's what that was then, a pulse, a little tiny heart beat that pounded like a humming bird inside my Bella. I hadn't realized I was reaching out until she grabbed my hand and held it to her, and I felt it.

I felt our baby.

Well fucking shit, I was an even bigger tool then I thought.

Bella POV

"Stop!" I screamed, my voice rasping a little, from sleep. And such good sleep it was, while it lasted, curled in Sams arms. Till I was rudely fucking awoken by a pack of nearly rabid teenage-wolves. "No one touches Sam tonight. I just got him back and you won't fucking ruin that!"

"But Bella..." Jacob began, whining like a petulant little fuck. I quickly cut this shit off with a glare and a snap-point of my fingers. It was a move Sarah had taught me. Ain't no woman that could snap her fingers like Sam's momma.

"You. Shut the fuck up. You know how sick I've been. Tomorrow...." I sighed heavily, knowing what had to be done, but reluctant to do it, "Tomorrow he is all yours. You will not kill, maim, or permanently disfigure him in any way. But I understand that the Pack has a system of justice, and I will not break it. After tomorrow, you will all acknowledge Sam as your Alpha again."

"Bells---" Quil and Embry chimed together. The whole pack shifted uncomfortably, clearly not accepting of the demand. After all, it wasn't a fucking suggestion. I didn't want to be in charge of a bunch of emotional teen agers. . The one kid growing inside me was enough.

"No!" I growled, "No. Sam is your Alpha. I will always be there for you, just like you guys have been there for me. However, after tomorrow, you will accept him back into the pack, and consider him your leader. This situation will not now, nor ever, be thrown in his face. That is an order."

A unanimous shiver spread through the pack, and even Sam seemed effected by my embargo. It was magic, there was no other word for it, and it hung heavy in the air. They would obey. "Go now."

Paul stepped forward, a grin on his face as always, "What about Edwards arm?"

Stopping just short of falling back against the bed, I looked up at him, eyebrow quirked, "What about it?"

"What do you want us to do with it?" Jarred asked, peeking out from behind Paul. In his hands was a severed, but obviously angry right arm, grasping at anything in it's reach.

Sam startled beside me, "Oh shit. Give that back to him right now!" He demanded, and was not entirely un-smug by the same familiar shiver that rippled through his boys. Apparently, we were equals. Hmmm.

Laying a placating hand on his arm, I smiled, "He broke our treaty amendment, Sam."

Sam shook his head hard, "No he didn't. I was with him! Right up until the point that the pack chased him, and then they were with him. So he didn't break anything. He...he found me. he made me come back."


Jacob sighed, shoulders dropping, "So the bastard went through with it. I guess we need to give it back then."

My head snapped up so fast it hurt, "You knew? You knew he was looking for Sam and you didn't tell me?"

Jacob shook his head, kneeling beside me, "I didn't want to get your hopes up, Bella. And I hadn't heard from him in weeks."

Glaring weakly, I sighed again, "You let me set a pack of wolves on him, you blood thirsty bastard. Take back his arm, apologize, and ask if he can meet with me tomorrow, when the Pack is with Sam."

Jacob bit his lip, nervously, "You won't have a wolf with you. Who will protect you if...."

"I'm still Alpha, Jacob. I am part of this pack. Edward won't hurt me, and if you like, you can have Collin and Brady come by. They shouldn't be part of...well, you know. They can escort Edward here, okay?"

"Fine." Jacob growled, clearly irritated. It was a cheap shot, but also an easy way to ensure they wouldn't spend all day kicking the shit out of Sam. Jacob would keep it short, if he was worried about me. And the fucker was always worried about me.

"Every one out, now. Take the arm back to Edward, do your rounds, and get some sleep. I'm fine." I assured them, "Out!"


"They are going to beat my ass," I said glumly, sinking into the bed beside Bella. She curled up into me instantly, twining our hands together against her stomach. Her skin was hot, even against mine, the steady beat of a humming-bird like heart thumping against my palm.

"You deserve it, you stupid bastard." Bella grumbled, then sighed, leaning her head back against my shoulder, "At least you know they kill, maim, or permanently disfigure you." She said, though the notion couldn't really be considered comforting.

"I know." I muttered, leaning down to breath in the scent of her hair. How the fuck had I gone so long without all this? It didn't even feel gay, the cuddly, misty eyed reunion of two lovers torn apart. It certainly fucking sounded gay, but it didn't feel gay at all. I'd be happily emasculated if it meant I could have this, this love, any time I wanted.

"I have to let them." She mumbled against my arm, "You understand, don't you?"

"Yes," I sighed, running my nose down her neck. The mark called to me, I wanted to sink my teeth into it again, taste her tainted blood. But I didn't.

"Do it." Bella whispered, baring her neck for me. She pulled the bulk of her hair over her shoulder, reaching back to cup my jaw.

The scar was hot, it was always hot, rougher then the skin around it. My teeth lined perfectly, parting the flesh beneath it with inhuman precision. My teeth were made to tear into steel flesh of vampires, Bella's skin parted like silk to scissors.

Like a rush of heat, the imprint surrounded us, and I hadn't realized I had felt so cold without it's presence. I felt bound once more, the urge to encompass Bella with every thing I was , and I found myself hauling her up into my lap, and crushing her against my body.

"Oh wow." She breathed against my chest, her rounded belly pressed against my. She had lost a lot of weight, and my guilt doubled. I was such a fucking douche bag for not trusting her enough to stay and talk. But talking had never been my fucking forte had it? Some habits could not be broken, and the guilt would probably always eat away at me.

"Wow indeed," I replied softly, leaning against the pillow, propped behind my back. I had been routinely tranquilized for the last several hours, and yet, I found that I was so damnably tired, I could hardly keep my eyes open.

***impending lemon alert, avert your underage eyes now, please****

"Your really back," Bella wondered, sleepily, blindly groping around for a blanket. I sank down further on the bed as she hauled the covers over us, "When we wake up, I want sex."

Laughing, I buried my face into her neck, "Of course you do. It's mating season."

Her thin arms snaked around my neck, pulling herself closer to me. Instinctually, I curved myself round her belly, hands coming to rest on the small of her back. It seemed so strange to consider that our baby was lodged between us. It had to be the only thing keeping my dick from perking up at the mention of sex.

"I think it's a little late for that." She said against my skin, ending her sentence with a kiss against my shoulder. I felt her mouth spread into a smile against my flesh, peppering me with kisses. "Mmhm....but, I mean, who are we to deny nature?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, lost in the warmth of her mouth against me.

"Well, it is mating season," She murmured, kissing down my stomach, "We should mate."

Instantly my cock sprang to attention, "Can you, I mean....in your condition."

She looked up at me with a wry smile, "I'm pregnant, Sam, not dying. Any more, anyways." She continued, nipping down the contours of my abdomen, and even the pang of guilt could not over ride the desperate needy pleasure that rose up in side me.

Sly, slim fingers tugged at my jeans, and I didn't stop them, as I was freed from the burden of denim, my achingly hard dick springing up freely. "No boxers?" She asked, breathing across my erection.

"Eh...oh god....Edward dressed me when I passed out. He skipped that step." I stammered out, as she bit into my thigh, "Oh fuck."

"I'll have to thank him." She murmured, before licking a line up the underside of my cock, and suddenly I was enveloped in warm, wet heat. Good fucking hell, a blow job should never feel like a home coming, but this did, I was coming home, and I was damn near coming straight down Bella's throat. I held myself on the edge, not wanting this moment to end so soon, because lets fucking face it, it had been a while.

Bella's grasped the base of my cock, squeezing just enough to still an orgasm, and I thanked her with a forceful grunt, as she sucked back down, letting her teeth graze across the skin just enough to hurt so fucking good. I didn't deserve this. I didn't deserve her. And I certainly didn't deserve a fucking blow job. I wondered if I had said this thought out loud, because suddenly the warmth and the wet and the hot was gone, leaving nothing but a shockingly cold fucking breeze that had my nuts running north for the winter.

"Bella wha---" But the words were choked out of me as she slammed down on me without an ounce of prep work, wrapping me up in a tightness that could only be found between her legs. My girl just wanted to come, and apparently she was dragging me along for the ride. She was wet, soaking down my cock as she rode up and down me, the thin fabric of her tank top riding up her swollen belly. Her cheeks were flush, as she gripped my shoulders for leverage, and she was just so fucking beautiful it hurt to look at.

I gripped her hips tilting her backwards just so, to that angle that never failed to make her scream. She gasped, tossing her head back, the tips of her hair tickling my thighs as she rode me hard. The image of my cock sliding inside her was burned into me, like some sort of pivotal moment in my life like graduations and weddings, and all those important days. I ached for her, for this, for the scent of sweat and scent of sex and us.

Bella moaned, thighs clenching as I pivoted my hips, slamming upwards. One hand darted between her legs, and I groaned as she touched herself, body shaking against me, as I took over the movements. I needed her like I needed to breath, and my chest heaved as I slammed her little body down on me, balls tightening with the impending force of orgasm, and dammit if I was going to cum, she was coming with me.

"Oh Sam...." She breathed, and the sound of her moaning my name was still the most beautiful sound in the world, like mother fucking angels and trumpets and chirping birds, she was a fucking God send.

"Oh yes, please...don't....Oh Sammy, don't stop." Her words were fragmented between breaths, as I felt the familiar clench tighten around me to the point of pain, as she forced the orgasm out of me with her own, and we were coming, and we were coming, and coming and coming hard. We were coming home.

***lemon over***

We laid out sweat soaked and half naked, hair matted to our foreheads with sweat. Post-Fuck Bella was a beautiful Bella, but today she was glowing, vibrant with a light that shone

inside and out, and I realized that this was the culmination of bliss. Just Me and Bell and the baby between us.

"Your mother is going to be so pissed." Bella said after a fashion, once we were tucked up under the sheets, with every intention of sleeping.

And as if Bella had known something I did not, my mother barreled into the room. "Samuel." She growled out, sounding so much like a momma wolf that I cringed involuntarily behind Bella, hiding my face in her hair like the pussy I had become.

"Mom." I mumbled, peeking up from Bella's shaking shoulder. She was laughing, silently, but violently, against my neck. I wondered if the room still reeked of sex and sweat, and the dried up cum sticking to Bella's leg. Probably.

"Bella?" My mom spoke quietly, in a tone so reprimanding only a mother could accomplish it. I wondered when Bella would developed it, and feared for my unborn child.

"Yes, Sarah?" Bella asked lightly, peeking over her shoulder. "What can I do for you?"

"Get off my son."

Bella snorted, "Oh right, of course."

Instantly, I pinned her to me, "Please don't." I mumbled, when all I could think was pansy, pansy, pansy. However, Bella did not listen, but promptly pried herself from my person, and plopped down beside me, all the while keeping our naked lower halves well hidden behind the thin cotton sheet.

"He's all yours Sarah." She said amicably, leaning against the head board, and my mother was on me in an instant with a hard, resounding slap across my face. I feared for her hand.

"Don't you ever do that to me again." She sobbed, to my absolute fucking horror, a she pulled me into her arms, hot sticky tears sticking to my neck. Fuck, I was still half naked. "You left! You left me! Without a word, Sammy! I....I...don't. Oh lord, please don't ever do that to me again."

I cringed beneath the avalanche of guilt my mother had just snowed upon me. Which I deserved of course, but damn how much can a man handle? "Momma! Momma," I shook her a little to snap her out of the loop she was pulling me though, "I'm not going anywhere, okay? Never again." I promised, letting her cry against me. Bella's hand slipped into mine, a binding, blinding force keeping me solid when I was sure I'd fall apart. But even with the fucking guilt, and the fear, and the impending ass kicking, I was just happy to be home.


Animals. All of them. Couldn't a women get a second of peace around here? Apparently not. I was the size of a goddamn beach ball, with a living squirming thing inside me, and my back was killing me and my ankles were swollen. And all I wanted to do was sit the fuck down and eat a fucking grilled cheese. But no, my couch was covered in sweaty, over sized teenagers on there Summer vacation, with no where to go but my house. At least Sam was putting them to use. Frantically, I might add. We'd have the most baby proofed house ever. And the nursery! I didn't doubt I'd have the most pimped out nursery, between the Vampires and the Pack, by the time the baby was born. Which should be soon, I thought, just two more months. But I couldn't breath through the cluster fuck of construction and noise. I understood, sort of. But it seemed like Sam was nesting a lot harder then me. I just wanted them to all shut the fuck up. And where the fuck was my sandwich?

Quill and Embry had rented out the apartment above the bakery. How them to boys were going to live in such a small place was a question to us all. then again, they were all but joined at the hip. Embry wasn't imprinted, and Quill just had Claire, so maybe it would work. Sam had found a little house tucked away in the woods, with flower boxes, a stone walk way, and a front porch with matching weathered rocking chairs. I smiled and called it adorable. He put on his best 'gruff man face'. It was ours. Our home.

When Sam had come to me at last in the middle of the night, I didn't have it in me to be angry. Was I ever really angry? I was just relieved to feel his chest beneath my cheek when we slept. I missed him. The boys though, they weren't so soft, and they tore into him something fierce. He was deposited on my door step with four broken ribs, a fractured jaw, a concussion, and a chunk missing out of his left thigh that left a scar long after it healed. Carlisle patched him up good, and three days later Jacob came, with a trail of werewolves behind him. A handshake and a hug was all it took, to put this behind us. The pain of it would always linger, I thought, but we were above the pettiness it would take to berate him for it for the rest of his life. We were a family, and that meant forgiveness.

"Charlie?" I called out, tossing my purse on the kitchen table, "Dad?"

I noticed a note pinned to the fridge, written on the back of a diner receipt, in messy familiar scrawl.


Down at the station, call me if you need anything, Bells! Bread and cheese in the fridge. Don't go into labor in my good chair. Love you -C

I laughed, pulling out the things out of fridge. I could always count on Charlie. The butter was sizzling in the pan when I heard a knock at the back door. No Peace. No fucking peace. I was surprised I was allowed to wipe my own ass most days.

"Come in Edward!" I grumbled, not even bothering to turn around. "What brings you to this neck of the woods? Surely you weren't visiting Charlie?" No fucking doubt about that. My dad hated Edward with such a heated passion, it could scorch the sun.

"Smelled you." He replied, leaning against the counter, "Should you really be alone? I mean, I know your healthier now that Sam is back bu----b "

"I am not an invalid!" I snapped, rubbing my temples. He pried the spatula from my hands gently, nudging me into a chair, "I just needed some space. I'm not so close to my due date that I can't spend a moment alone."

"Sorry. You know I worry," He grinned, flipping the bread once it was golden brown, "Old habits die hard I guess. The family working on the house today?"

"Yes. You'd think that Emmet had never handled power tools. He and Jasper spend more time fixing the things he's broken, then fixing anything at all." I grumbled, handing my head in my hands. "It's nice of them to help though. Rosie, she's actually pretty handy. And she can keep Emmet in line Though she's more of a distraction to the younger pups. I think Collin and Brady have enough in the wank bank for a life time." I added, just for the pleasure of watching Edward grimace in distaste. And he did not disappoint.

"She's excited about the baby, I think. No offense to you or anything, but she doesn't care who's baby it is. She just wants a baby around. Something soft and cuddly and all that. The woman only thinks with her ovaries." Edward replied, gingerly sniffing my fathers half carton of milk, before returning it to the fridge with a grimace, "Water? Sprite? Lemonade? "

"Sprite, please. Lemonade gives me heart burn. Hey, if it means a ready and available baby sitter, then I'm not complaining. I mean, who could I trust more then Rosalie? She can even fend of Alice, and thats saying something. Plus, if she can handle Emmett, she can handle a baby." I said, chomping down on the half of the golden deliciousness he had only just sat before me. "I was surprised Sam amended the clause, you know. What ever you said to him, it must have hit home."

He handed me the glass, before taking a seat beside me. "I think he felt like he owed them, you know, for taking care of you. For being there when he wasn't. Sams's not a bad guy."

"You! Oh my goodness! You like him." I grinned, "Awe! Bromance! You like him because he's a broody, moody little bastard just like you. Your like to broody, emo peas in a pod. How did I not see this before?"

"Eat your sandwich." He snapped, glaring weakly at me. "I said he wasn't a bad guy. Yeah, we get along alright. What do you want me to say? I love him and I want to have his babies? I think you beat me to it."

"Yeah," I rubbed my stomach absently, "Who knew weeks of abandonment, pain, torment, and a baby could broker peace between mythological enemies? OH!"

"What? What? What is it?" Edward was up and out of his chair in an instant, kneeling beside me, amber eyes darting about assessing for injury.

"Ah, fuck. Just a cramp. My back's killing me. This baby is killing me." I grumbled, "Uh, Edward, you can get up now."

"Bella," He said slowly, "Did you spill your sprite?"

I looked at the still full glass of bubbling clear liquid, then back to him, with an expression that I was sure showed I thought he was an idiot, "Uh no."

"I think your water broke." He grimaced, closing his eyes.

I looked down sharply to where he was kneeling, and sure enough, the floor was wet. Had my body become so foreign to me that I did not notice the sudden expulsion of liquid from my most important orifice? Apparently fucking so. This shit was not right. Straight out of sci-fi, I half expected to give birth to a squid-monster.

"Oh!" I gasped, "Fucking hell. I'm in labor! Am I in labor? Jesus Christ. Call some one...fuck..fuck...what do I do? It's to soon. It has to stay in. I know baby's can't tell time, but really, he's to early." I rambled, panicked, staring up at Edward, who was staring at the wet patches on the knees of his pleated Khakis, from where my ....fluid....had touched him.

"Uh...um....fuck." He rambled, "Have you been in pain today? Any back aches, sharp pinching?"

"Um....my back started hurting this morning." I noted quietly, not meeting his eye. I was about to get the infamous Dr. Cullen Lecture, I could tell. Edward was making the same pinched expression Carlisle made right before he yelled at me.

"And you didn't call Carlisle?!" Edward bellowed, "Why? You know that every detail is important in your third trimester! You know this! What were you thinking!?"

I growled, "I was thinking that it was probably the twenty pounds I'm carrying out front, you stupid jack ass! Oh! Oh god!" I hissed, clenching the table.

His face softened immediately, "Your contractions are a minute apart. You must have been in serious pain, Bella, why didn't you say something? Oh, because it's you!"

"What the fuck does that mean?" I snapped.

"You never complain! You never say anything, you just suffer in silence!" He growled, "Come on, we have to get you to the hospital."

"No!" I screamed in a panic, "I have to have my baby in La Push. I have to. Call your dad, he can meet us there! Oh fuck, oh god, make it stop!" I was crying now, through the pain. Some how my hand had found Edwards, clenching against the steel skin with all my feeble might.

"Give me your keys, then I'm driving." Edward demanded, snatching up my purse.

"I didn't drive." I breathed through another contraction, "Sue dropped me off. Sam didn't want me driving, and Charlie was suppose to be here! Oh hell, oh hell..."

"That one was thirty seconds apart," Edward said seriously, "Your going to have to have your baby here, Bella."

"No! I can't! I have to have it in La Push! It's to early! It's to early, why is this happening, I can't have my baby now! Oh god, fuck!" I panted, breathing hard. The pain ripped through my body like nothing I had ever felt, though I would compare it to James teeth ripping into my wrist if I had to.

"I...I can carry you." Edward stammered, "It would be faster then a car anyways. We can cut through the woods straight to La Push, and one of he wolves will probably pick up our scents anyways, so that works."

"Then what the fuck are you waiting for, you stupid bastard!" I snarled, trying to haul myself up to my feet. Pain shot through me, and I whimpered, "Just get me to La Push. Please, please..." But Edward wasn't listening, the bastard was on the phone.

"Jasper! Bella's in labor, I'm bringing her through the woods. Let Sam know, tell him to meet me. No time." The phone clicked shut and I found myself in his arms and out the door in a whirl of wind and colors.

The blur of green was as I remembered it, making me want to puke up the four bites of grilled cheese I had stomached. Edward held me gently, his face contorted in concentration, as he darted through the trees with precision only a Vampire had.

Suddenly the pain shifted, and I was sure I was dying, "Stop! Stop!" I cried, tears running down my face, "Oh God, I can't...I can't do this....fuck, Edward.....oh my fucking God!"

He slammed to a halt, "Your having the baby." He said suddenly, looking down at me in awe, "You can't have the baby yet!"

"I don't think I have a choice!"

"No, I mean...I think...fuck, just shut up. Can you stand?" He asked, propping me against the tree. I clung to the sharp bark, as the world spun around me. Red rivets of blood ran down my legs.

Suddenly I was on my back, on a soft leather jacket, legs spread, dress pushed up above my protruding stomach, "Your crowning," Edward said, and the disgust was evident in his face, "You have to push."

"Push...La Push! Am I in La Push? I have to have this baby in La Push!" I rambled, between the pain.

"Yes! We made it past the boarder, dammit Bella, you have to push! We have to get this baby out of you!" Edward demanded, and suddenly it was real, and I was really having a baby on the forest floor with Edward, my vampire ex-boyfriend. "Tuck your chin against your chest, and brace your feet against my knees. Push, come on!"

And I did, and it hurt, and I cried and cried and cried, "I can't do this!"

"You have too! Come on Bella, push, just a few more!" He coached, "Push!"

The next push tore me, I could feel it, almost hear it, and I let loose a blood curdling scream that sent the birds flying. Warm hands touched my face, but I couldn't open my eyes, it hurt to fucking much and why couldn't some one just rip me open and take it the fuck out? I couldn't do this. Wind ripped past me, whispering against my skin, and I shivered, as rain fell against my bare skin, cool against my sweat soaked fore head.

"Bella," That voice, it wasn't Edward, but Sam, his mouth pressed against my ear, "You've got to push, just once more, Edward said so." He promised, pressing kisses on my face, "Your doing so good. So good, come on Baby, one more."

And I did, and a cry ripped through the woods, a tiny gut-wrenching cry, and I looked between my own legs to see the strangest picture. Edward held my baby in his hands with wide eyes as he whispered, "It's a boy."

A boy.

Covered head to toe in blood. My blood. And other fluids that were, at one point, inside me. With a smile on my face, I passed the fuck out.


"Some one get the drill gun away from Emmett! We just painted in there! Just get him out of the nursery!" I bellowed, "Bull in a mother fucking china shop."

I hated it when Bella left. The pregnancy had been hard on us both, and I found myself more eager to protect my mate, and unborn cub. But I understood Bella needed room to breath, but watching her climb into Sue's car just made me nervous. At least the house was almost done. We finally had a proper home for our proper family.

"Sam, we gotta go!" Jasper said, gripping me by the arm, "Bella's in labor. Edwards got her, they're coming in through the woods. She's having the baby."

"Now?!" I hissed, to shocked to move.

"Yes now! Come on, we can meet them. She refused to go to the hospital, said she had to have the baby here."

"Yeah," I said absently, running behind him, "It's tradition." I mumbled, stumbling up the way.

He stared at me for a moment, before nodding his head as if to come to some sort of conclusion. The slap resonated loudly, and I found myself growling, the familiar shiver racing up my spine, "Thats it, you bastard. Phase! Come on, get angry, what ever, but we gotta go!"

I obeyed, snapping back with a growl, and suddenly I was on all fours racing through the woods. The scent of blood was as heavy as the dread in my heart, when I found her laying sprawled out between the oaks, screaming in agony. Edward was bloody up to the elbow, cooing encouragement to Bella.

"Good your here, get by her side, keep her awake. She's gotta push." He growled, fingers working up beneath the crowning head of my child. My child. "Do it! Come on. It's not like I'm fucking enjoying this! One more push and we should be good."

I kneeled beside her, pressing my hands to her face, as I spoke against her cheek, "Bella," I whispered, cupping her jaw as her lips trembled in pain, "You've got to push, just once more, Edward said so." I said, peppering her face with kisses. "Your doing so good. So good, come on Baby, one more."

After Bella passed out, Edward finished delivering the baby, and all the gross shit that comes afterwards. Needless to day, I did not cut the cord. But I did watch him rip it in half and tye it off.

He hesitated for a moment, looking at me and then at the disgusting glob of something that was once inside of Bella, "What do you want to do with the after birth?"

"The what? What do you mean what do I want to do with it? I want to pretend it doesn't exist." I groaned, looking away. I wasn't squeamish by any means, but there was only so much a man could take.

Edward grimaced too, covering up the slop with dirt and leaves, "It's....uh.....tradition, in some tribes, for the parents to eat it."

I gagged instantly, turning my head on the off chance that I did vomit, "Yeah will it's probably some sort of custom or tradition to leave it where it fucking lays. Like...I don't know...a peace offering to the Ancestors or some shit. Just...fuck...leave it."

"Yeah." He agreed, kicking more dirt on it, "Yeah...good idea..."

Carlisle saw to the baby, and to Bella, stitching her up and the what not. I had really seen enough of my wives temporarily deformed vagina for one day.

"They say it goes back." Edward assured me, as we sat outside Bella's bedroom. Baby Charlie slept in my arms peacefully, wrapped in a blanket knitted by Esme herself. Poppa Charlie himself sat smug in the other room, ready to forgive me for knocking up his daughter, if it meant his grandsons carried on his name. Truth be told, thats what I was going for.

Edward continued unperturbed," I mean...I don't really know...but...yeah. I don't see how you could come back from that."

"Are you trying to reassure me? Because your doing a shitty job." I growled, quieting at once, when Charlie stirred.

"I'm just saying....that had to be one of the most horrific things I have ever seen." Edward whispered with a grimace. Some how mutually watching the grossly horrific miracle of child birth had brought us closer together. Or maybe it was the fact we were the only two men to ever have there fingers up Bella. I'd like to think it was the first one.

"So. Whats this runts name?" Edward asked, poking at my breathing little bundle.

I glared at him, the smug bastard, "Like you don't fucking know. You've had to have heard it in some one's head."

He laughed, "Yeah, yeah, I just...I want to year you say it." He grinned, flashing a full set of his white, white teeth.

"Charlie....."I growled, glaring at the fucking leech that had some how ended up my friend, " Edwardfuckinguley. There I said it. Now shut up. It was Bella's idea. It was probably the drugs your dad gave her."

"What ever makes you sleep at night, Sammy boy." He said with a chuckle, slapping me on the back. We both fell silent, watching our families meld together in the little house, Vampires and Werewolves, and Humans, oh my. What a fucking sight we made. But this....this was Bella's family and some how it just made sense.

The End.

A/N And that was that. The End.