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Our Mirrored Future

Chapter 1

The evening was slowly drifting into night, the sun settling on the horizon. All was quiet and peaceful in jump City, a rare occurrence for our rag tag team of heroes. Unfortunately, this peace and quiet was the because of his annoyance.

Beast Boy had been bored. Cyborg invested all of his time repairing and tricking out the T-Car; Robin took Starfire out frequently to show her off around town presumably; and Raven holed herself up in her room every chance she got. That night, dinner was loud as it usually was. Btu this time, Beast Boy was certain he was the only one to notice the gothic demoness' absence.

With a paranoid glance over his shoulder, the changeling tiptoed down the hallway, balancing the metal tray by pressing it into his chest with one hand while nervously fiddling with a loose strap on his uniform. Ignoring the tiny warning signal in his head, he raised a gloved hand to the door that read in big, bold letters: Raven. The green teen hesitated, going over what he would say when she opened the door, no doubt pissed beyond belief that he had the nerve to enter her "fortress of solitude".

When his hand made contact with the metal door, he flinched, fully expecting an angry voice to order that he get lost. When nothing happened, he knocked again, confused and slightly worried.

"Rae?" he called.

No reply.

"I brought you some dinner. Don't worry I snagged some herbal tea, too."

Once again, there was no response. He grew concerned. Beast Boy took a deep breath, knowing that what he was about to do would most likely have him hurtling through another dimension courtesy of one irritable empath. But he figured he could use his witty charm to at least keep the punishment to a minimum. With that in mind, he slid the door open.


He shivered, considering it was freezing and the dark room scared him. After sending a sparse glance through the dim light, the Titan noticed that his teammate wasn't even in the room.

He heaved a withered sigh. "Of course she's not here." But as he turned to exit, something glittering on the bed caught his attention. The changeling carefully set the tray on a nearby table, brushing some large tomes to the side tentatively. Then he stepped up to the bed, the sparkling mirror a sharp contrast to the dark color scheme of the female's room.

His curiosity had always been something of which he had no control, therefore he perched precariously on the bed and picked it up. The object appeared to be made of glass, so he cradled it gently with both hands- his clumsiness was also something he couldn't control so he took extra precautions.

It was when he gazed into it that weird things started occurring. He had seen his reflection for all of two seconds before it started to glow. He yelped and shielded his eyes- the insanely bright light bled throughout the room and no doubt seeped underneath the door into the hall. When it receded, he peered back into the face.

Raven glided down the hall, white robes trailing her in a manner most elegant. She stopped and turned, as if a voice had summoned her away from the door she was about to enter. She tucked a long strand of mauve hair behind her ear and peered up at the hidden face of the man with which she was conversing.

Beast Boy stared in awe at the picture roaming on the mirror's face. Raven had to be ten years older- if not more- in the shot, her white uniform an unmistakable difference from her look now. And who was that man she was talking to? What did this mirror do?

Raven peered up and down the hall to be sure that the coast was clear before stepping out. She noticed that she had just missed dinner, on account of the meditation session that had run long (not that she minded). But instead of heading toward the Main Room, she made her way to the bathroom on her floor of T Tower.

On her way back, she began to feel uneasy for some strange reason. It started as a tingling in the back of her mind, and then progressed into a vibration in the power running through her veins. Something was wrong- terribly wrong. And it was nearby. She turned the corner and had just entered her hallway when a sharp flash of light poured from under her door.

Pulse quick, she phased right through the floor, reappearing on the other side of her door.

"Beast Boy, no! Don't touch that!"

He flinched in shock as she lunged, attempting to swat the glass mirror from his grasp. Unfortunately, as soon as her hand made contact with his, a blinding array of every color of the rainbow swirled around them. And when the light disappeared, so did they.