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Our Mirrored Future

Chapter 21

"Dad, what'd Nightwing say?" Stinger asked.

The self-made cyborg was being carried by Phoenix while Lotus flew Cyborg, Victor, and himself on large boulders.

"We're heading back to the tower," the adult said. "Nightwing didn't say why exactly, but it must be important."

Stinger nodded and looked to Phoenix. "Hey, Cam .What's wrong?"

She blinked her big jade eyes, and then blushed when she noticed she had been spacing out. "Oh… Nothing, Andre."

He frowned. "Come on, Cameron. You know I'll find out when you tell Brandon." She blushed and he scoffed. "Didn't think about that, did you?"

The half alien snuck a glance at the element manipulator- who was currently going over the leads they had from the two leaders- before sighing and focusing on her flying. "Dre… I have got a bad feeling. I am not sure what is going to happen, but it is going to be something… big… and bad."

The African American male would have reached up and rubbed her arm in a comforting, brotherly motion, but if he did, he would risk falling the six hundred feet to the ground below. So he just settled for asking, "What do you mean? Like a premonition? Or a vision? You're half alien, so I'm sure that's possible."

She shook her head. "I had a weird dream the night before you and Doe got kidnapped."

Stinger looked up at her expectantly. "What happened?"

She looked away, a far off look in her eye. "Well… My mother- her past self- and I were fighting side by side surrounded by villains that we have beaten countless times. But there were also ones that I had never seen before. From the past maybe? I am not sure. But they were closing in on us and… Doe saved us."

He scrunched his brow. "How exactly?"

The ravenette blinked, wondering why his voice had taken on a suspicious edge. "She stepped in the middle of the circle and a… whiteish-silverish light flashed and then… I woke up. I am not sure what that means. Should I ask Ms. Rachel about it when we get back?"

Stinger nodded distractedly. He knew that that dream was much more than just a premonition. He had seen Dove's new power first hand and knew what it was capable of. But that also brought a new question forth in his head.

'Does that mean Cameron has a new power? Can she see the future?'

"Understood, Robin." Starfire closed her communicator and continued to float over the buildings of Jump City. When she spotted Bumblebee down below near a bookstore, she swooped and landed swiftly next to her friend. "Friend Bee, Robin has requested that we come back to the Tower. From the sound of his tone, it is urgent, yes?"

Bee nodded. "You round up Kori and I'll snatch up Karen." She paused. "It's still weird having another me."

The alien smiled and waved as she flew off in search of her older self. She bobbed up and down over the streets, green eyes scanning the surrounding areas as fast as she could. A flash of purple caught her eye and she immediately angled toward the female. "Kori!"

The adult alien turned and smiled. "Yes, Starfire?"

"Robin has insisted that we return to the Tower. Friend Bee has gone to retrieve friend Karen."

Kori nodded. "Are they okay? Did they find anything?"

Starfire shook her head. "Robin did not say whether or not they located Malchior or Terra, but his order was urgent so we should being going, yes?"

"Most certainly." The two aliens took off into the sky, agreeing that Karen and Bee knew the way back home.

"Ah, so they've sent for back up already? Good. They'll need it very soon." Terra stepped from behind a building, peering down the street at the two Bumblebees. "I may as well take out these two. We wouldn't want unnecessary obstacles later on."

"Hey, Karen. Robin and Nightwing need us back at the tower."

The older nodded. "Sure thing. Let's head out."

The two stepped behind an alley and prepared to take off, but the rock beneath them swallowed their feet, binding them to the ground.

"What the-"

"Having trouble, Titans?"

Bee gasped and Karen growled. "Terra. Why won't you leave us alone you psycho bi-"

"That's not very nice, Bumblebee. Now," she spread her arms out wide, "Malchior gave me a job to do. And I intend to complete it."

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