Hello everyone!


The story will continue very soon! This is just a heads-up and a small bit of information…

I have been very busy these past months / years and barely have time, so Kingkakashi and I have come to the conclusion that it would be best if he finishes this awesome story you're all enjoying.

However, we have decided to move the story to Kingkakashi's account, therefore, everyone needs to head over to his page. He will repost the entire story, fix a few things, and we ask everyone to prepare for the move.

Last I spoke to Kingkakashi, he is planning on putting up the story again within the week.

So everyone, head on over to www DOT fanfiction DOT net / u / 1267156 / Kingkakashi and make sure you have him on your ALERT list.

Sorry for making this so complicated but we figured this way none of you will have to wait for me finding time to upload a new chapter, etc.

Once again, the story will be re-uploaded by KingKakashi within a week.

Over and out!