Haru Glory, the current Rave Master, was bored out of his mind and—in his opinion—about to starve to death. Though, considering his food intake whenever he does eat, that outcome was highly doubtful. Yet he believed it to be the unconditional truth, a truth above all other truths in fact.

Haru, along with his friends—Musica and Elie—were still well in the midst of searching for the other Rave Stones, but it had been Musica's idea to take a little reprieve from their journey in a small nearby town, his reason being that they needed to take a break once in a while so they wouldn't too exhausted in case they had to fight. Which really was more truthful than Haru's version of "starving to death". Haru really didn't mind the proposal at first, but he was now wishing that they had travelled a little more before stopping.

Without hunting for the Rave Stones being the forefront of what he was doing at the time, he found that there was absolutely nothing interesting to do in this backwater town, whose name Haru didn't care to remember since he was about to die from excessive boredom as well, which in turn was affecting his ability to care about anything other than satisfying himself. Selfish of him of course, but at the moment, he wasn't thinking on it much to be overly concerned.

Musica and Elie were currently in his Haru's room, staring at a sleeping and snoring loudly Griff lying on the wooden floor, in an attempt to distract themselves from Haru's pestering. Today had been a particularly rough day and everybody was just about ready to turn in for the night. Well, everybody except for Haru that is. He was practically pouting on his bed, having bothered his friends about going out for food for the past ten minutes…and counting.

"Come on, let's go to a restaurant or something!" Haru complained, not too willing to partake in hotel room service.

"But, Haru! I'm about to fall over! Can't we just eat something from here?" Elie asked.

"No way! I wanna go out to eat!"

"What's the difference?" Musica sighed, highly exasperated with the now annoying Haru.

"There's plenty of difference!"

"And what could that possibly be?" Elie asked.

"Just give it up, Elie," Musica said, finally conceding. "Fine, we'll go out. But you—"

"All right!" Haru shouted with glee, throwing his arms up in the air for celebratory purposes.

"Why do I even bother…?"

"So, what would you all like to drink?" the female waitress asked.

"Soda," the three said in unison.

They sat at the back of restaurant, not wanting to draw any unnecessary attention to themselves if they could possibly help it. But with a traveling companion like Plue, who was busy chewing away at his fifth lollipop in the last hour, it's kind of impossible for people not to stare at your strange excuse of a…"dog" while they're trying to eat. Or whatever the heck it was.

The setting was pleasant enough, considering how this was the only restaurant in town. A rather cheap one, too, by the looks of the prices on the menu.

"All right. I'll be right back," the woman said, casting her own look at Plue as she walked away.

Unbeknownst to them however, two pranksters in the kitchen were hell bent on stirring up a ruckus for their own entertainment purposes. It had been a long time since anyone new came to their town and this was really the only way to get their kicks, the poor waitress being an unknowing bystander in the situation. And their victim for tonight would be none other than Musica, or "three piercings dude" as they so aptly nicknamed him. His eye jewelry is really one of the only ways for him to be recognized, you know.

"Here you go," the waitress said after coming back a few minutes later, sitting down the drinks one by one.

Three separate versions of "thank you" were passed her way and she smiled warmly back. Manners were a rarity in this place and it was nice to see some decent people once in a while. Even though these people had dog that looked slightly akin to a miniature snowman with the pointy nose and all.

"Are you ready to order?"

"Not just yet. Could you give us a few minutes please?" Haru asked.

"Sure, hun."

She walked away again, her heels clicking on the ground with every footstep.

Musica stared oddly at his drink after taking a slip, squinting his eyes at the liquid inside. Something was…off about it. It left a different flavor in his mouth than it shouldn't have and he couldn't help but wonder if something had been put in his drink. The town wasn't necessarily shady, but that didn't mean those types of individuals weren't lurking around somewhere.

"What's wrong, Musica?" Elie inquired.

"My soda tastes funny."

"That's weird. My tastes fine."

Musica shrugged it off, choosing to just deal with it. No use complaining now that they were already here. Thanks to one Haru Glory. And speaking of which, time to rub it in his kid face a little bit.

"Well, since were here, Haru—" Musica began.

"Shut up!" Haru interrupted loudly.

Musica laughed, enjoying any chance he had to pick on Haru. Though it would never last long.

"Anyway, as long as we're here, we might as well make the best of it. So—"

"I can pig out?" Haru asked on the edge of his seat in anticipation.

"Sure, why not?" Musica posed, smiling at Haru.

Haru made an excited noise, pulling even more focus than before from the other restaurant customers.

So much for not wanting to attract attention.

**One hour, five plates of food for Haru, and seven more "sodas" for Musica later…**

"Yo, Musica! You ok, man?" Haru inquired.

"Whatta ya talkin' bout? I'm fine."

Haru raised an eyebrow at Musica's slur, the manner of speech reminding him of the other, more older Musica. But he couldn't help but chuckle at Musica, even though he was currently wracking his brain wondering what exactly had gotten into the Silverclaimer all of a sudden.

"What in the world is wrong with him?" Haru whispered to Elie.

"I have no idea, but he sure has been drinking a lot," Elie said back, being only on her second soda herself.

Musica's cheeks were flushed a deep red and his eyes looked hazy and indistinct, the pupils dilated heavily. He would also randomly laugh openly; even no one had said anything funny or anything at all really. And his change in attitude not only made her frown, but it also made her wonder if…

"Hey, let me see your cup."

Elie grabbed the glass before Musica had the chance to reply and took a good whiff of what was left in the cup. It had a strange smell that was for sure. It certainly didn't smell like soda was supposed to smell like. But it definitely had the reek of…


"What!?" Haru yelled, his eyes about to pop out of his skull in surprise.

"They must've been spiking his drink for the past hour. Jerks," Elie murmured, directing nasty glances at the kitchen door.

"I think we should go back to the hotel now before he ends up causing a scene," Haru said to Elie, anxiety over his black haired friend's condition evident in his tone.

He apparently hadn't been paying attention to the last hour, what with food in front of his face. When you're Haru Glory, it's hard to concentrate on the ogling of just about everybody around you when you've got food on the table that's just begging to be eaten. One-track minds must be nice to have at times like this.

"Yeah, we should leave. But I have to go to the bathroom so I'll be right back."

"Can't you just wait until we get back to the hotel!?"

Haru was inwardly panicking at being left alone with Musica in his inebriated state, not even wanting to know what would happen if Musica let his drunken state of mind start taking control of his actions.

"But I have to go pee now!" Elie shot back, prancing her way towards the girl's restroom.

Haru's left eye twitched at Elie, the girl's bluntness kind of disgusting to him. He shook it off with a shrug and gave Musica a worried look. He was starting to sway in his chair, likely to pass out any second now.

After thinking for a moment, Haru said, "I think I should go ahead and take you back by myself."

Sorry, Elie, but this is pretty serious…

Haru started to get up, ready to carry his friend back if he had to, but Musica caught his wrist, bring him back down into the chair.

"Oh, come on. We don't hafta go jus' yet. Jus'…relax."

Musica slid his hand further down, clasping Haru's shaking hand softly. It would be dishonest to say that Haru wanted to get away from Musica at the moment because of how inherently gay the situation was turning out to be. Quite the opposite actually.

He couldn't get enough of being in the Silverclaimer's presence. Being with him was like an exciting rush to the silver haired boy. They were so similar in how they acted, an automatic "friend like" in Haru's book, not that the "just friends" feeling lasted too long before Haru realized that he wanted to be with Musica in a more than friendly way.

Dealing with his crush had become a daily occurrence, but now that Musica was seemingly laying his "smooth" moves on him, Haru was becoming pretty nervous and he wanted out of the situation right now. Perhaps if Musica weren't drunk off his butt, Haru would at least feel a little bit more comfortable. And if weren't for the fact that they were in a public restaurant, waiting on Elie to return from the bathroom and if Musica wasn't so obviously a skirt chaser.

"You know…you're actually pretty cute, Haru," Musica said suddenly.

What the heck!?

Haru gazed into Musica's black, glassy eyes, his cheeks turning a soft pink at not only the compliment, but also at the way the black haired teen was staring at him. Musica would never say something like to another guy, much less Haru himself. He was always hitting on just about every girl he came in contact with so there was no way that what he said had an ounce of truth in it.

Though Haru did like the comment, he was slightly peeved at being called cute. He felt like he was being compared to a dog or something. And speaking of dogs, where the heck was the little candy munching Plue anyway!? Last time he checked, Plue was right next to him, but was now nowhere to be seen.

Probably went to the bathroom with Elie.

"Ok, now I know you're drunk," Haru said with a light chuckle.

"I'm serious, man. I think you're really cute."

Haru was surprised at how Musica was able to keep his speech even at all, but he was even more flabbergasted at what Musica had said. It sounded very convincing—for a man who had ingested a good amount alcohol without knowing it—but it couldn't be true. Not when taking his flirtatious attitude when it came to girls into account. It had to be some sort of drunken lie that Musica didn't even realize he was saying… Wasn't it?


"Totally," Musica replied, moving closer to Haru.

Haru looked at his friend before laughing quitely to himself. Musica was probably just teasing him again anyway, if he did know what he was doing that is.

"That's a lie."

"Then I'll just have to prove it to you."

Musica wrapped his right arm around Haru's shoulders, bringing him closer until their chests were nearly touching, his face mere inches from Haru's own baffled visage. His other hand, which had been holding onto Haru's, rose up and cupped his cheek. Haru was about to yell something along the lines of 'what the heck are you doing?' when he saw Musica close his eyes and duck his head down.

Haru was balking on the inside, on the verge of mentally flipping out at what it seemed like Musica was preparing to do to him.

Is he… Is he gonna kiss me!?

His blush intensified as Musica's head drew closer to his, the proximity between them quickly dissipating.

When he really thought about it, Haru was almost willing to let his intoxicated friend kiss him, considering how he felt about Musica. He could feel his eyes drifting shut and his lips parting just the slightest bit, all but willing to comply with the open advance. For once, he was glad that Elie wasn't around—if only for a moment. He'd be embarrassed out of his mind if she were witnessing this scene unfolding in the back of the restaurant. Haru was also glad that everybody else was no longer staring weirdly at them, choosing instead to eat quitely.

Getting his first kiss in front of complete strangers wasn't that appealing to him now that he was thinking about it.

But he desperately wanted this man's kiss, had wanted it ever since he first met Musica back at Punk Street. The hot breath of Musica brushed against his lips and Haru felt his resolve waver even more. He was just about ready to give in, the wait for their lips to meet being an unbearable torture for the young Rave Master. The heady aroma of alcohol lingering in Musica's mouth reached Haru's nose. His eyes opened in shock, his mind kicking back into gear.

This was wrong. He couldn't do this, not while Musica was drunk.

If he let Musica kiss him while he was under the influence of alcohol, not only could things be blown completely out of proportion, but he would also be taking advantage of the Silverclaimer, just because he wanted something as simple as a kiss. Interesting things happened to people when they've had a bit too much to drink and Musica probably didn't feel the same way Haru did. Plus, it would be awkward for them after Musica sobered up enough to realize what he had done.

Was all that hassle really worth getting a kiss from someone he liked as more than a friend? His sister had taught him way better than that that was for damn sure.

"Uhh, I've had enough to eat and I'm really tired so I'm gonna go back to the hotel. See ya!"

And with that, Haru stood up abruptly from his chair, almost knocking it down to the floor in the process, and made a run for the door, his face bursting with a searing blush. He sighed to himself as he walked down the street, gazing up at the star filled sky.

Wow, that was a close call…!

A few minutes later, Elie returned to their table, carrying Plue in her arms, who was in the midst of eating yet another lollipop. He went through them the same way Haru did for just about anything edible: speedy and eager for the next time he could get more.

"Ok, I'm back!"

Musica looked slightly confused at Elie's reappearance.

"Wha? You," Musica hiccuped, interrupting his sentence, "left?"

"Uh, yeah. Hey, where's Haru?"

"I dunno…" Musica replied, slumping his chair and promptly falling to the ground.

Elie was silent for a moment, taking in the sight of her friend passed out on the floor while she wondered where Haru went, who would obviously be nowhere to be found in the restaurant. She then realized that not only would she have to pay for their meal, but she would also have to take Musica back to the hotel all by herself. And Musica was not an easy guy to carry by any means.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me!" Elie shouted out, re-earning some strange looks from the other patrons.

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