Eight months later:

Rogue and Gambit sat by one of the windows in the house Rogue had inherited in New Orleans.

They had arrived early that morning, dumped their things at Rogue's house, did a quick shop for food supplies and then spent the day with Gambit's family. The LeBeau's had been delighted to meet Rogue, or as Henri put it "the femme Remy left us for". Rogue found she got on rather well with them, much to Gambit's relief. It had been a good day.

Now night had fallen and Rogue was busy reading her book while Gambit checked the messages on his phone. There was only one, and he got up from the chair to move to the other end of the room and call her back.

"Bonjour Lucy. Yo' rang?"

"Remy! I called you ages ago and left the sexiest message I could think of. This isn't what I called sooner," Lucy joked.

"Yo' need t' work on the dirty talk, Lucy."


"So, what's the big emergency?"

"Emergency? Oh right! Yes, I'm having another date auction and I was hoping -"


"Aww but you did so well last year."


"But what about the challenge? Don't you want to see if you can improve upon last year?"

"Dere's no way I can possibly improve upon last year."

"Don't be so sure about that. A sexy man like you -"




"Aww but... but think of the children!"

"Actually I'm more concerned about what my girlfriend might think."


"Uh huh."

"Well, the auction isn't for another month -"


"Do you think you'll be broken up with her by then?"


"C'mon seriously Remy. We both know you don't stay with women that long."

"Actually I've been seeing her for... eleven months now."

"Eleven..." Lucy paused. "She's not the one who bought you at the auction last year, is she?"


"... Are you working a con or something?"


"Do you think she might lend you -"


"But... but you owe me. Because if it wasn't for the auction you wouldn't have met her."

"You just don't give up, do you Lucy? And if anyone owes anyone, it's you owing me."

"Oh, but -"


"Fine," Lucy sighed. "Can I at least use that story?"

"What story?"

"Oh y'know, 'one of the girls from last year is still dating the guy she bought', blah, blah, blah?"


"Yay! Concession!"

"Good luck wit' the auction, Lucy. G'night."


Gambit chuckled as he hung up. Then a message flashed up on his phone saying he'd missed a call.

"Typical," he muttered to himself as he checked his voice mail again. With the phone to his ear, he looked around and realised Rogue was no longer in the room.

"Ah'm in the bedroom. Ah'm naked. And Ah really want you ta do something about it."

Gambit grinned, hung up the phone and made a beeline to the bedroom. He was momentarily confused when he saw Rogue fully dressed and unfolding sheets. Then his eyes fell on the bare mattress and he groaned.

"Get me all excited..." he muttered.

"Really?" Rogue asked, batting her eyes at him. "Ah had no idea ya felt that way about making the bed."


Hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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