Done for Day 7 of Tyzula Week on deviantart. Prompt was "night."


Moonlight poured through the glass of the balcony doors, creating a pool of light on the floor that stopped just shy of the bed. Azula gazed at it for a moment, hand absently stroking Ty Lee's naked back. She should leave.


Azula stiffened, hand stilling. She refused to turn toward the voice. "Because she deserves more. I'm still insane."

"You're getting better."

"It doesn't matter. I could hurt her again." Azula's gaze flickered to Ty Lee, and she saw part of the angry red burn that covered most of her shoulder. She moved her hand to trace the outline of the mark.

"I'm surprised you care. You never seemed to before."

Azula frowned but said nothing. A minute later, she moved away, gathered up her clothes and pulled them on. She hesitated before kissing Ty Lee's cheek and slipped out into the night.