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Starting at a new school half into the year.


The only one around my age I know is Jake. And he doesn't even go to the school.

Erik, was really nice. He seems like he gets over excited about almost everything though.

Mike, was okay. Kinda cute but not really my type. I could tell he had a potential crush on me already.

Jessica, a total bitch. There…I said it. Or thought it. It's not like it's not obvious.

Angela, The best I've met so far.

Suddenly my first day wasn't so bad. I glanced around the lunchroom. A small group walking past the windows caught my eye.

"Who are they?" I motioned to the strangers.

Jessica and Angela looked around. The 'bitch', as I've seen fit to name her already, frowned. "Oh…they're the Cullen's."

"And they are?" I shook my head. Like I'm supposed to just know who they are?

"Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids." Angela smiled. "They moved down here from Alaska a few years ago. They kinda keep to themselves."

"Yeah cause they're all together." Jessica chimed in. "Like together, together."

I watched as the blonde and her tall boyfriend pass. Jessica continued her explanation.

"The blonde is Rosalie, and the tall one is Emmett."

I looked back at the door. Two boys, own with brown hair the other with blonde, walked in next.

"The brown haired one is Edward. But don't bother trying to get him, cause no one here is good enough apparently." Jessica mumbled.

I tried not to smile. I didn't want to be mean, though I was under the impression she'd asked him out before.

"Anyway, the blonde he's with that looks like he's in pain is Jasper. He really gives me the creeps." Angela crossed her arms. "I think they're kinda together though. Cause people say they've seen them holding hands before."

They were gay? Heh…well it's like they say. The good looking guys are either gay or taken. I smiled and shook my head.

The door opening again called my attention back to it.

A small girl with short black hair and black eyes walked in last. And alone I noticed.

"Who's she?" I looked to Jessica and Angela for an answer.

They looked over. "Oh." Jessica frowned again. God was she judgmental of everybody?

"That's Alice. She's really weird and kinda the only one who isn't with someone." I saw Alice glance at us and smile, I couldn't help but give a small smile in return.

She walked by our table to join her brothers and sister. I glanced over my shoulder at their table. The boy, Edward, was glaring at me. He looked frustrated. I went back to my lunch.

There was almost silence, at least at our table, for a few minutes.

Jessica tapped my arm, I looked up at her. "What?"

"The Cullen's are staring at you." She whispered.

"What?" They were watching me? Why? I'd wondered if I'd offended them somehow by looking at them. Like nobody else did?

"They're all staring at you." Jessica glanced past my shoulder. I looked around. They were all staring. What had I done?

I just went back to my lunch. No point in getting upset over nothing. If it was nothing.

The bell rang for next class.

"Bio?" Angela smiled at me. I nodded. "Mr. M?" I nodded again. Angela motioned for me to follow. I did. So glad to get away from Jessica. I glanced back at the table the Cullen's were at. They were gone.

Mike jogged up beside us on our way to class. He smiled at me. "So Bella, how's your first day so far?"

"It's…interesting." I smiled back at him. I heard Angela trying not to laugh. To be honest, I was trying not to laugh myself.

Mike's smile got wider. "Really? Interesting like how?"

I shrugged, still smiling, and tried to think of a reason besides the Cullen's. "I've met some new friends and odd people all in the same day. I think that qualifies as interesting."

He chuckled. "Yeah it does."

We walked into bio. "Mr. M…Bella." Angela smiled and went to her seat. Mike tugged on my sleeve. "We call him that cause we sometimes mess up his whole name." He whispered and darted off to his seat.

I smiled and looked around the class. Only one open seat. And guess who had the one next to it. Alice Cullen. She was looking out the window. I walked past the fan, and she turned to look at me.

I wanted to smile but she covered her mouth like she was sick and looked away again. Rude much?

"Pass?" I handed it over. The teacher gave me the book for class. "Welcome to the class. Take a seat."

I walked over to Alice's table and dropped my bag beside it. I glanced at Alice, who was leaning away from me.

The teacher set our class subject on our tables. Alice, wasn't moving. So I pushed one of the two containers over to her them grabbed my own.

I tried not to feel self conscious as Alice stared at me through most of class. But it was difficult not to. I thought there was something wrong with me.

She suddenly grabbed her thing and stood up, walking out of class as the bell rang. I shook my head and sighed. That had been…more than weird.

I decided maybe I should get a class change. Maybe. But when I walked into the office, Alice was there.

"You can't be serious. You have to have another open class." She was mumbling.

"No, I'm sorry." The woman behind the desk shrugged.

"…It's fine. I'll just have to deal." Alice turned and froze as she saw me.

I wanted to say something, hell I wanted to say anything. Even something about the weather. But no words left my mouth.

Alice, hurried past me and disappeared out the door.

I stood there, debating on what I should do. I could go and ask her what her problem was or just go about my day.

I turned and left the office, walking down the opposite hallway.

I didn't mind eating at the diner with Charlie. I guess it used to be fun. But now he's all uptight and way to serious. I've only seen him smile a few times since I've been here.

I think I've only smiled twice since I got here.

Half the people I met here when I was a kid I don't really remember. But I try…and fail of course.

"So how was school?" Charlie's weak attempt at trying to be nice. I know he doesn't really want to talk. But I'll humor him and try to be the good daughter.

"It was good. Met some new friends had some fun." Besides the part where Alice was all glare happy.

"Good. It's usually pretty difficult to make new friends the first day."

"Yeah, but the people here are pretty cool I guess."


…Such a weak attempt at family. I know. But you can't say we don't try.

I had changed my mind. I wanted to know what her problem was.

Because as far as I knew I hadn't done anything.

"Hey Bella!" I felt something hit my arm. I looked over my shoulder. My new friends wanted me to join them. But I held up my book, pretending to show interest.

The Cullen's showed up. Well…the Cullen's excluding Alice. I looked up at the stairs, crowded with students going to class. I spotted Edward and Jasper staring at me, but the second they saw me looking back they looked away.

The day after that she wasn't anywhere to be found. A small part of me was feeling a twinge of annoyment.

More days…still no sign of Alice. I was starting to think she'd dropped off the face of the Earth. Every time I glanced at their table during lunch they were always looking back.

On top of her disappearance other things started happening that could be labeled 'of the super weirdness'. Lame, but when I was talking to Mitch on the phone he thought it was pretty cool.

Mitch was my older brother by a year. He was goofy and fun. He was always a hit at any school he went to. But teachers like kids to be serious, so he was always sent around. Teachers even made up stories to get him in trouble.

One summer Charlie had sent him to boot camp. Because apparently Mitch had put a cherry bomb in a toilet at school, and in someone's hair, and in someone's desk. All lies. But Charlie believed it. Anyways, Mitch was sent off to boot camp, in the end…he came back home even goofier than before.

Mitch was getting on a plane and heading up here so he could stay with Charlie while mom was with Phil. He'd be here tomorrow. Or maybe tonight, he didn't sound sure.

Anyways, back to topic, strange things were happening that had zero explanation.

That was perfect…slipping on ice the first five seconds out of the house. Charlie hopped out of the truck, he'd gone to pick up Mitch who'd arrived an hour ago.

Mitch hopped out as Charlie helped me up. "You alright?" He gave me a goofy smile. Mitch had only changed a little since last I'd seen him. Same short brown hair, same tall guy, same goofy brother.

Though I guess he has changed a lot since we were little.

He's now six feet tall, muscular, and possibly charming I guess. When we were kids he was small and lanky. But that goofy smile of his never changed.

I had to smile back. Mitch's smiles were infectious. "Yeah I'm good. Ice doesn't really help the uncoordinated."

"Ah you're not un anything. You're just goofy." Mitch grabbed his back out of the bed of the truck.

"You should put on a sweater Mitch. Or a shirt." Charlie mumbled.

Mitch was wearing shorts and a muscle shirt. No shoes, no gloves, no hat…just shorts and basically no shirt.

"Nah I'm good." Mitch hopped past me and Charlie and dumped his bag in the hallway. He walked back out to stand next to us. "School?" He grinned.

I smiled again. Mitch, had an overdose of body heat. The doctors called it odd. He called it useful. "Yeah, school. Come on."

"Hey I may be home late for dinner." Charlie spoke up as we made our way to the truck.

"Why what's up?" Mitch leaned on the hood of the truck.

"A security guard got killed last night by some kinda animal." Charlie explained as he walked to his car.

"Some kind of animal?" I looked back at Mitch then back to Charlie, who shrugged. "You're not in Phoenix anymore Bells."

I just stared. It kinda hurt that he said it like it didn't matter.

"Anyway I thought I'd lend a hand." Charlie finished awkwardly.

"Be careful copper man!" Mitch shouted. He always managed to lighten the mood.

Charlie smiled for the first time in days. "Always am." He climbed into his car and drove off.

"Come on." I climbed into the truck and Mitch hopped into the seat next to me.

It was a pretty quiet ride to school.

"So how is it?" Mitch asked when we were a block away.

"The school?"


"Pretty cool. I'll introduce you to some of my friends."

"Cool. So are you with the popular kids or what?"

"Um…kinda popular I guess." I really didn't see how that should matter. And he knew I thought that too.

He chuckled. "Just askin Izzy." He was the only one in the world who could get away with calling me that.

I pulled into the lot and parked, Mitch was already out of the truck and waiting for me. "To the office?" He smiled.

"To the office." We walked inside. Well…I walked, Mitch did a goofy dizzy walk behind me. People pointed and smiled and laughed.

He straightened up once we got to the office.

"Hello Ms. Swan. Is this the new student?" The receptionist asked kindly.

I nodded. "Yeah he's my brother Mitchell Swan."

"Just Mitch." He poked his head around over my shoulder.

The woman smiled, nodded, and got all of his things in order. Paper wise that is.

She handed me his schedule and a pass to class. Mitch had my bio class. That was great. Having Mitch in my class meant some fun at last. Some real fun.

Erik was talking to me about prom. Something about the music. I wasn't really listening. Mitch had gone off to find his locker.

Or he had been doing that, seeing as he was now jogging up to Erik and I as we walked into class.

Mike walked in before him. "Hey! How you likin the rain girl!" He shook his soaked hat over my head and I pretended to smile.

"You're real cute man." Erik shook his head, his attention on Mike now.

Mitch walked up next to me. "So where do I sit? Next to you?"

"Who's this?" Mike asked quickly, he sounded kinda freaked, and looked kinda freaked.

"Oh, yeah…Mike, Erik, this is my big brother Mitch." I tapped Mitch on the shoulder.

"Nice to meet you guys." Mitch gave his goofy smile and nodded to them.

Like I said before, Mitch's smile was infectious, so naturally Erik and Mike started smiling like dorks.

"Alright take your seats!" Mr. M shouted. "You're the new one aren't you? Mitchell Swan?" He looked at the new guy.

"Just Mitch, and yeah I'm the new one."


Mitch handed it over.

"Alright, he's your book, take an open seat. Welcome to Bio class."

Mitch nodded and looked back at me. "Great."

"It's not that bad." I smiled at him. "You can sit next to me."


When I actually turned to take in the room to see if there were any open seats. There were only two.

One, beside Jessica. And the other, beside someone who'd been gone for days. Alice, looked up at me and offered a small smile. I returned it.

"Guess I'll sit with big tooth." Mitch mumbled. I had wanted to burst out with laughter. But I held it in. "Good luck." I nodded to him. "Thanks, but let me guess…school bitch?"

I did laugh a little that time. "Something like that."

He huffed. "Just great." He went and took his seat beside Jessica, who stared at him with either lust or awe. I didn't really wanna know which.

I sat next to Alice, feeling way more than awkward.

She looked really nervous. "Hi." She smiled at me. I looked around at her. Surprised she wasn't make a face at me. "I'm sorry I was so mean last week. I'm Alice Cullen."

She smiled sweetly at me and I couldn't help but smile back. She nodded to me. "You're Bella."

"Um yeah." Great job Bells. Real original. Her smile widened.

The teacher began explain the object of today's class. Heh, whoever gets it right gets an onion. Fantastic.

Alice, pushed the microscope toward me carefully. She still looked nervous. She pulled her hand back and didn't say anything.

I felt so awkward right now. I really didn't know why. I looked over at Alice. "…You were gone." I stated. Somehow the way I said it made it seem like I was hurt when I was really just confused.

Alice, looked at me, her eyes a soft gold. That was funny…I could have sworn they were black.

"Uh…yeah. I was out of town for a few days. It was a…family thing." I figured she meant a death in her biological family.

I nodded, accepting the explanation. I checked the microscope. "It's prophase." [A/N: I never took Bio. I'm totally clueless here!] Alice smiled and motioned to it. "You uh…mind if I check?"

I pushed it over to her. "It's prophase." She scribbled an answer down on the paper. "Like I said." I responded smartly.

She smiled and looked up at me again. She looked confused for a second, like she wanted to ask something but changed her mind. "So how do you like the weather here?"

I forced out a sighing laugh. She looked at me curiously. "You're asking me about the weather."

"Yeah." She smiled again. She must like to smile like Mitch does. I glanced back at him.

Jessica was yammering on about something and Mitch stared at me with pleading eyes.

I smiled at him mouthing 'I'm sorry' before turning back to Alice, who looked quite amused. "Well…I don't like the rain. Or anything cold." She looked a little sad when I said that. Maybe it was just me.

"I see. Makes sense. So why'd you move here and who's that?" She pointed at Mitch with her pencil over her shoulder.

I smiled. She was making me smile almost as much as Mitch did. "Um…that's my brother Mitch. We're here because my mom got re-married."

"And you don't like the guy?"

"No, Phil is really nice. It's just…I figured they'd want some time alone. That's why Mitch is here too."

"Is he your older brother or younger?"

"Older. By a year. He's great. Really goofy and a hit at every school he goes too. I think he's one of the best big brothers a girl could ask for." I was rambling, but I really didn't care.

"He sounds great. Is he one of the over protective types?"

"Sometimes when he feels he needs to be. I can introduce you two after class if you like."

She nodded. "I'd like that."

She put another slide of glass under the scope. "Anaphase."

"Mind if I check?"

She smirked. "Sure."

I checked, she was right. "Anaphase." She laughed lightly. I decided I really liked that sound. She sat up straight and looked at me. "Like I said."

I smiled again. This was crazy, I didn't think anyone could make me smile and laugh more than Mitch could.

Alice switched the slides again. "It's metaphase. Wanna check?" She grinned like a kid at Christmas. I shook my head. "I believe you."

She chuckled at me and went back to scribbling answers down.

Alice decided to walk with me to my locker after class. Mitch had been trapped by Jessica and couldn't follow. He was to nice to insult anyone or tell them he was in a hurry just so he could leave. That was one great thing I loved about my brother. His honest streak. It was something I could trust would never run out.

The teasing names was one thing. But he was never rude. The only reason he'd called Jessica a bitch was, well because it was obvious. He calls 'em like he sees 'em.

The only reason I wanted to stop off at my locker was because I wanted to put the onion in it. Alice had won it for us I guess.

"So you're here because you want to give them time alone?" Alice questioned me suddenly.

"Uh yeah. Phil is really nice and he makes my mom happy. So Mitch and I just came out here to live with dad for a while." I explained again.

"You don't call him dad all the time do you?"

"No. I usually just call him by his name." Wait, how did she know that? Or maybe she didn't.

"…Are you unhappy that you had to leave your home Bella? Where it's warm?" Alice asked as we reached my locker.

I was confused by that. Sure I was a little unhappy but it wouldn't hurt me to see different places. Not that Forks was different. I shook my head. "No, I'm not unhappy."

She nodded. "Sorry to be so nosy. I'm just curious about you is all."

"It's okay. I'm a little surprised you're talking to me though."

"Why?" She tilted her head to the side. Looking really cute. Wait…what?

"It's nothing, forget it."

A small pause passed by us.

I felt I had to ask. "Did you get contacts or something?"

She stiffened. I noticed.

"No." She was like a blank record now.

"Really cause…the last time I saw you your eyes were black. Now they're like gold."

"It's just…it's just the light." She backed away from me, turned and walked back down the hallway, if no one was around I'm sure she would have ran.

I sighed as Mitch came running up to me. He was still barefoot I noticed. I was surprised they let him do that. His feet tapped the ground as he halted in front of me.

"I think that Jessica girl is half past loony." He smiled at me. I laughed and nodded. "I can agree with you on that."

I turned and tried to open my locker.

"So that Alice girl likes you or something?" Mitch leaned on the locker next to mine.

I scoffed. "What?" My locker door rattled open.

"She just seems to be interested in you. How many Cullen's are there?" Another one of Mitch's talents was picking up information like the speed of light.

"Um," I dropped the onion on the top shelf. "There's Alice, Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Dr. Cullen, and Mrs. Cullen. I haven't seen Dr. and Mrs. Cullen before. But those are the only ones I've heard about."

"Cool." He looked around the hallway.

I slammed my locker door and snapped the lock shut. "Come on."

"Righty oh." He padded softly after me.

After school, finally it was over. Though having Mitch around made it considerably lighter. He was currently having a chat with Mike and Erik, about what…I didn't know. Nor did I really care.

I walked to my truck, it was still raining. I dropped my bag on the hood and looked over across the lot.

Alice, was watching me. Along with the other Cullen's. That kinda freaked me out. I went back to checking out my bag. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mitch head back to the truck.

A loud screeching called everyone's attention. A horn blared and I looked around. Shit! Was my first thought. Then I thought it would be my last.

A black van was skidding over the pavement, I was done for.

Next thing I know I'm pulled down and braced next to something cold, and then it's quiet.

I'm still alive I realize quickly. I looked up to see who'd saved me.

"Alice?" She swallowed hard and looked over at me slowly. "How…?" I saw that her left arm was outstretched. I followed it to see a huge dent in the van, Alice's hand in the middle.

"Izzy!" I heard Mitch shout for me. Alice released me quickly and jumped over my van, bolting out of sight before anyone could see her.

What the hell was that? I looked around as the air was filled with panicked voices. Mitch got to me first. "Izzy?" He whispered, tugging on my arm. "Izzy, are you okay?"

I nodded dumbly. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine."

He sighed. "Back off!" He shouted to the others. This was where the over protective brother stepped in. "Give her some air, Jeeze!" He helped me up. "Come on, let's get you to the hospital." He tapped on the window of the black van. "You too!"

I saw the rest of the Cullen's hop into their cars and drive off.

Charlie burst into the room with a look of worry. "Bella." He was relieved. I could tell. Anyone could. Even though he never showed to much emotion it was really nice knowing he still cared.

"Are you okay?" He walked over to me and Mitch. He pointed at Tyler. "You and I are gunna talk."

"Yeah dad I'm fine Calm down."

Tyler looked upset enough as it was. "I'm really sorry Bella, I tried to stop."

"It's okay." It was an accident after all.

"No it's not okay." Charlie was angry now. Still worried about me, but angry.

"Dad it was an accident." I wanted him to calm down. He was really starting to scare Tyler.

"You could have been killed. You understand that?"

Way to point out the obvious Charlie. "Yes, but I wasn't…so…please calm down."

He still wanted to seem like he was in charge. "You can kiss you license goodbye." And that was that.

Mitch tugged at my sleeve. I looked over at him. "What?" He shook his head. I smiled at him. He could be like an overgrown puppy sometimes.

He was the hugging type. But he knew I may be embarrassed if he over acted. So tugging on my sleeves and following me around was his way of showing he was happy I was okay in public.

The door opened again. "I heard the chief's daughter was in." A very handsome man with blonde hair and dark eyes walked in.

"Dr. Cullen." Charlie acknowledged him. My eyebrows crept up. This was Dr. Cullen? No way. Gorgeous foster kids and then this? To weird.

"Took quite the fall." Dr. Cullen examined my chart. "Isabella correct?"

"Bella." I corrected. I hated the name Isabella.

"Bella." He repeated. He held up a finger and flashed a small light in my eyes. I couldn't understand a word of what he was saying. Except the 'You'll be just fine' part. I didn't get why he couldn't have just said that, but…doctors have to explain everything I guess.

Tyler tried to say sorry again but Charlie pulled the curtain closed. I sighed, Tyler was just trying to show how sorry he was. It was just an accident.

I felt awkward and an odd sentence left my mouth before I could stop it. "It would have been a lot worse if Alice wasn't there to pull me away."

"Alice?" Charlie repeated. "Your daughter?"

Dr. Cullen nodded.

I continued. "Yeah it was amazing. She got to me so fast and she was no where near me."

Dr. Cullen smiled. "Sounds like you were very lucky." And he left.

Was it luck? I had never really thought there was luck. Mitch didn't either. When I was six and he was seven I'd asked him what luck was. He told me it was just people's way of giving themselves hope.

I don't think I ever really understood what he meant until now. People have luck for hope. I had never believed in it. And I still don't. There's not good luck or bad luck. Life is just funny.

We had stayed for about fifteen more minutes. Charlie wanted to make sure everything was in order.

I walked down the hall. I was going to call mom and tell her about it. Even though there was no reason to. Mitch stayed with dad near the doors.

I looked around the corner. I saw Alice, Edward, and Dr. Cullen talking quietly.

"So what I was supposed to let her die?" Alice sounded angry.

"No, but you've put all of un in danger now Alice. I can't read her. Or her brother. It's dangerous." I'd never heard Edward speak before. He had a nice voice.

Wait…read me? What the hell did that mean?

"I think we should take this somewhere else." Dr. Cullen whispered. He was staring right at me. That awkward feeling I'd been having around Alice came back to bite me in the ass tenfold.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" My question was directed to Alice.

"Edward." Dr. Cullen led him away as Alice came up to me to lean on the wall. She still had the odd look on her face.


"H-how did you get to me so fast?"

Alice was blank, then she smiled. "Bella, I was right next to you."

I was not crazy! "No you weren't. You were across the lot I saw you."

"You hit your head, I think you're a little confused." She was playing mind games with me?

"I know what I saw." I was getting upset fast.

Alice shrugged. "What did you see?"

…I knew what she was up to. I would sound crazy if I said what I really thought about it.

"You…you pushed the van away. With your hand."

Alice's smile vanished. I made me a little sad. "Nobody would believe you."

"Who said I was going to tell anyone?"

"Don't girls tell their big brother everything?" …No she did not just go there.

"First of all, don't pretend to know how I am. Second, I know what I saw. I'm not going to tell anyone. I just wanted you to tell me." I snapped, she flinched.

"Why don't you just say thank you and drop it." Alice snipped back. What was her problem? One minute she's all happy and the next she's worse than Jessica?

"…Thank you."

"Good." She stared at me for a long time. "You're not gunna drop it are you?"

"No." There wasn't even a pause between her question and my answer. I wasn't going to let it go. I couldn't.

She nodded and gave me an odd smile. "You should learn to enjoy being disappointed then."


I watched as she walked off. Her whole body stiff.

It was awkward as usual for me at school the next day. My Bio class was going on a field trip. I guess you could call it that anyway.

Mitch stood beside me. He looked out of place in his dark short sleeved shirt, khaki shorts and bare feet. While everyone else was in a coat or hoodie and wearing boots.

Why was it awkward? Fr me anyways…because I'd had a dream of Alice Cullen last night. Said dream is not in the category of 'let's talk about it!' it's in the category of 'I'm not gunna say a word about it'. It wasn't a nasty dream or anything like that.

The dream was just something I did not want to talk about.

"Izzy?" Mitch called, he shook my shoulder. I stood up straight. "What?" He pointed at an approaching Mike.

Behind him I saw Alice, Edward, and Jasper. Alice, as usual was staring at me. Her eyes were black again. I thought that was the weirdest thing.

Alice smiled at me sweetly. It was so different from the one at the hospital.

I was going to go over and talk to her. But Mike obscured my vision. He was a nice guy but…he really tried to hard.

"Look at you huh?" His smile was huge. "You're alive." I glanced over his shoulder to see Alice glaring daggers at his back, like she was willing him to explode.

I smiled at Mike. "I know. Ring the false alarm." Mitch chuckled beside me. Mike laughed at my lame joke.

"Well I um, I wanted to ask you uh…" I'm guessing he wanted to ask me to the dance. I really wasn't interested. "I know it's like a month away but uh…"

I caught Alice's gaze over his shoulder. I smiled at her. Trying to show I wasn't interested in him to her. I guess she understood. She smiled and let out a small laugh.

Edward was smirking. Did he know what was going on? Jasper was just shaking his head.

"Do um do you wanna go to uh prom with me?" He mumbled it out so I could barely hear it. Plus I was to focused on Alice.

"So, what do you think?"

Mitch nudged me and I re-focused. "Sorry what?"

"Do you wanna go to…prom…with…me?" He let out a small chuckle. I felt kinda bad for him.

"Oh! Uh…prom. Dancing, not such a good idea for me." I was trying to be nice and not just flat out brush him off.

So I lied. "I have something that weekend anyway. I'm going to Jacksonville that weekend." He was trying to stutter out a reply. The poor guy should just drop it and ask Jessica.

"You, you can't go another weekend?" I saw Alice smirk behind his back.

"Non-refundable ticket. You should ask Jessica. I know she really wants to go with you." I smiled at him.

He looked over at Jessica, who smiled and waved at him. He smiled at me again and went towards the bus.

"Poor guy." Mitch scratched his neck. "How could you let him down like that?" He crouched down to my height and made a puppy-dog face with a deep voice.

I nudged him. "Shut up. You know I'm not interested." He laughed as we climbed onto the bus.

This was not interesting to me at all. I didn't really want to learn about plants. But I guess it would help us someday.

I saw Edward and Jasper walking a few feet ahead, what a surprise, holding hands.

I walked by Alice, who took up walking next to me. "What's in Jacksonville?" How would she know about that?

"Who told you?"

"I…you didn't answer my question Bella."

"Well you don't answer any of mine." A very true, very annoying fact. "You don't even say hi."

"Hello." She snipped. God, why was she always like this lately. What did I do?

"Are you gunna tell me how you stopped the van?" I made sure no one could hear.

"It was an adrenaline rush. Google it." Oh that was such bullshit!

I was going to answer but I slipped. Alice caught me with one arm and stood me upright. "Can you at least try and be careful!" She growled, glancing around.

I scoffed and pulled my arm away from her. I continued walking.

"I'm sorry I'm being so mean lately Bella." Alice mumbled as she caught up with me. "It's just…"

Jessica came up to us. "Bella, guess who just asked me to the dance?" Alice glowered at the girl and continued walking. Jessica glanced at her then back at me. "Anyways…guess."

"Mike?" Mitch walked by us. He seemed to be genuinely interested in the plants.

"Uh…yeah." Mitch seemed to have stolen Jessica's reign of thunder, as she seemed to deflate. "Which was weird cause I totally thought he was gunna ask you." I tuned her out.

The trip was over and I walked quickly to a bus. Alice was next to me before I fully realized it. "Bella, we shouldn't…be friends…or really know each other."

"You really should have thought of that sooner. Maybe you should have just let me get crushed and save yourself…whatever this is."

She grabbed my arm. Hard. I hissed in pain. "So what are you saying you want death? Or are you mad at me because I saved you?"

She was playing the mind games again. Or so I thought, to be honest…ever since I met Alice, I've never been sure what to think. "I'm saying you clearly regret it."

"Is that what you think or what you know?" She snapped at me, her grip tightened, if that was possible. But she had us turned so nobody would see.

"Both." I mumbled. Fuck, my arm was killing me.

"Well what you think is wrong, and as for what you know…you don't know…anything." Again I'd wondered what I'd done wrong to make her so angry with me.

I couldn't think of anything to say so I said the first thing on my mind. "You're hurting me." Cliché right?

She looked down at my arm, like she was surprised and hadn't even noticed she was gripping it so hard. She let go quickly and I bit my lip to keep from shouting. Damn that hurt.

We stepped apart.

"Hi." We looked over to see Edward smiling. Jasper had the same pained expression. "Are you riding with us?" He asked me kindly. Alice answered for me. "No, our bus is full."

She turned and tapped on the door, it opened and she was gone from my sight. Edward and Jasper climbed on after.

I clutched at my arm. It was still throbbing with pain. There would definitely be a bruise there. Mitch jogged up next to me and we went to the other bus.