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Witness Protection

"How's your food?" Steve asked as he stared at the blonde beauty across from him.

"Very good. I've never been here before, but it's as good as you said," Sarah said smiling at her date. She returned his smile warmly. This was her third date with Steve and she liked him. She had every intention of adhering to the three date rule tonight.

"So, was you're week as bad as you thought it was going to be?" he asked her.

"Yeah, nothing but paperwork. I'm more of a "hands on" type of girl."

"Really," he said his eyes teasing her with innuendo.

"Really," she replied, her voice hinting at the promise of tonight.

"What do you want to do after we eat? I'm game for anything. You name it and we'll do it," he said as he laid his silverware down and wiped his mouth with his napkin.

Sarah eyed him seductively before speaking. "Why don't we go to your place and watch TV or something," she said and smiled broadly.

"Check," he yelled to the waiter and they shared a laugh.

She liked his slightly nerdy tendencies and in fact it surprised her that she went out with him in the first place. He was not the kind of guy that she had ever looked at twice. He was tall and had brown, slightly unruly hair and he could have used a wardrobe makeover. But there was something about him that she was drawn to, yet, she could not figure out exactly what it was. She had thought about it a little during the week between when he had nervously asked her out and their first date. She was even more surprised when she said yes to a second date. In her line of work, she had always made it a "one date" policy with civilians. But now, here she was on a third date and not only was she not thinking about how she was going to let him down easy, she was anticipating the night ahead of her.

They took a cab back to his apartment. They sat very close together and occasionally his hand would find itself on her knee. She smelled his aftershave and felt his masculine hand as it laid on her knee. She wanted to attacked him before they even made it half-way to his apartment and the thought went through her mind that it must have been a long time since she had been with a man judging by her level of excitement. She almost started to go down that mental path but then his hand began to move up her leg and she looked into his eyes.

They stumbled into his downtown apartment face to face as their hands roamed over every inch of the other's body. In the brief moments when she had a coherent thought, she recognized and was surprised at the level of her excitement and need.

Before they made it to his bedroom in the back of his apartment, they had removed all of the other's clothing except for his boxers and her panties and bra.

They kissed passionately as they stood beside the bed, their tongues furiously making introductions.

Just after he reached up to unclasp her bra, she pushed him hard causing him to fall back onto the bed. She was about to discard her bra that still hung loosely over her breasts when she looked straight ahead at a poster hanging in his bedroom.

She took a deep breath and the area between her eyebrows wrinkled as she studied the poster. Her eyes left it and looked at the man lying on the bed clearly anticipating the night of his dreams.

She took a step backwards as her mind began to work overtime trying to understand why the poster seemed familiar to her and told her that what she was about to do was wrong.

"Ah, Steve, could you get me a glass of water? I'm suddenly thirsty." It was a lame excuse and she knew it.

"You're thirsty now?"

She could barely tear her eyes away from the poster but she did and managed a weak smile as well. "Please." She used her best imploring eyes that she had used countless times on the job. She knew he would have no choice at that point.

When he got up and left the room, she hurried over to the poster and studied it closely. She had no memory of ever seeing it before but…there was something about it that was both disturbing and exhilarating at the same time.

By the time Steve had filled a glass with water and hurried back to his bedroom, Sarah was standing in front of the poster studying it as thought it were an ancient artifact that held the secrets of history.

Steve's eyes grew large and round when he saw her. She realized then she was holding her bra in her hand. In her line of work it was not unthinkable to allow men and women, for that matter, to see her unclothed so she didn't really care about Steve.

He hurried over to her with the water and with only a small break in his connection with her eyes to look at the site below her shoulders, he spoke in a breathless voice.

"Here's your water."

She took it but did not drink. "Where did you get this poster?" she asked nonchalantly as though what they had been doing and the question she was asking now was a normal flow of events.

"What, uh, I don't know. I've had it for years. I think it's kind of neat."

Sarah looked at him but with her professional guise. Her instincts told her something was not what it seemed, or better yet, something needed an explanation. She turned back to the poster and looked at it in great length. When she turned back to face Steve she saw him rapidly raise his eyes from her chest to her eyes.

With exasperation showing in her movement, she put the bra back on and watched the disappointment reveal itself in his eyes. He knew what that meant. He was just clueless as to why.

"Do you know where you bought it?"

"For God's sake, Sarah. What's with the questions about the Tron poster. I've had it since I was a kid. My parents probably bought it for me. I thought we were going to…you know," he finished by looking at the bed.

Sarah ignored him and looked back to the poster. Suddenly, she had the briefest of flashes and tore the poster off the wall.

"Hey be careful with that, I don't want you to-"

Sarah pulled it from the wall and turned it over. Seeing the cardboard backing on it, she bulled her way past Steve and his weak protest to open up the frame that held the poster. When she was done, she stared at the back of the item with a puzzled expression.

"Are you happy now," he said anger slipping into his voice for the first time most likely because he had come to realize that the night would not go as he had planned.

Sarah looked up from the poster but not at Steve as she thought about why this particular poster had some meaning to her. Why had she thought that there would be…something on the back? She had no memory of ever seeing it before, but she knew in her line of work that not having a memory didn't necessarily mean she had never seen it before.

"Tell me about Tron?" she said and it was not a request.

"Look, as much as I can't believe I'm saying this, I think you should leave," he said as he flashed on a movie with Glen Close in it.

Sarah saw the fear in his eyes and tried to tone it down a notch. "Look, Steve, I'm sorry for the theatrics but I need to know about Tron, what is it?"

"Will you stay if I tell you?"

Sarah took a menacing step towards him. For the first time since she met him, she didn't really like what she saw.

"No." She continued to stare into his eyes.

He finally gave in. "Tron is a movie back in the day. It was about software programs being alive, living a real life inside the computer."

Sarah's brow furrowed deeper. "A movie about computer software?"

"It's about a lot more than that. It's about-"

"Nevermind," she said as she walked back to pick up her clothes. She got dressed as the perplexed man watched her. When she was completely attired, she turned to face the man.

"You're a nice guy. I'm sorry that this happened. But I've just realized that something is wrong in my life. Something does not add up. I've noticed for some time now but I've ignored the signs." She started to say more but then closed her mouth. "I'm sorry," she said and left closing the door behind her. Her last glimpse of the man had him open mouthed but with nothing to say.

She hailed a cab and gave the driver the address to her apartment on the other side of the city. The drive seemed to take no more than thirty seconds, her mind was racing with possibilities. She knew one thing, she couldn't trust anyone, not even her employer.

She walked into her apartment acting as casually as she knew how. She hoped that she was wrong but deep down she knew what she was going to find once she began a thorough search of the place. It was the only thing that made sense.

She checked her phone and was happy to find nothing. She proceeded to check out every inch of her apartment and began to feel better as each room came up clean.

I must be losing my mind, she thought. Suspecting the CIA of bugging my own apartment. But the thought was no more complete in her mind when she felt a sickening in her heart. She went to her purse and began to rifle threw it. She pulled out her CIA Identification and looked at it. She walked back to her bedroom and picked up her mission bag and pulled out the RF detector she had stored away. Almost reluctantly, she turned it on and pointed it at her card. Immediately the green light came on and she closed her eyes as the realization of her discovery weighed down on her like a mountain.

She checked the frequency band on her government issued device and saw that it could be sending a viable signal for at least a mile. Impossible to trace, she thought.

She put the ID back in her purse and went to the bathroom and took off her clothes for the second time tonight. Once the water was regulated, she stepped into the shower and began to think as she absent mindedly washed herself.

Sarah, just go with your instinct, she tells herself. So, standing under the hot water and feeling the comfort of the powerful spray hit her body, she lets her mind go free.

She hoped to come up with a name of a person or maybe even a city where she could go to investigate further. But she came up with no such names. But as she stood there feeling dejected, she suddenly knew that it was about a guy. She didn't know his name or what his relationship to her might be, but she had at least that to go on.

That is, if her instincts were right.

She tried again for anything but soon realized that her moment of clarity was over for this night. She stayed under the water though wondering about this guy, if he was real, what was his name? What did he mean to her? Hell, he could be an enemy as much as a friend. There was just no way of knowing.

Unless, she thought.

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