Don't kill me! It wouldn't leave me alone! You know what that's like....right? I'm not crazy right? Please tell me I'm not!

Sorry. Lots of sugar.

Omg, guess what?

I just went to the most badass place in the history of the world.

Tommy Gun's Garage.

Doesn't that just sound badass?

Oh, and me being me...

I saw this guard named Gloves.

And he had a tommy gun(machine gun).

And I was the only one in the place that got to hold it.

And he called me Sweetheart.

Everyone else got called Doll or Toots.

Not me.

I was special.

And every actor in that place kept calling me cute. And my dress gorgeous.


Life is Good.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, but I do own the idea of having my B-Day party at Tommy Gun's.

Key Writing






"Ino, what are you doing?" Hinata.

"Nothing, my beautiful Hina-Chan." Ino.

"Why do you have a notebook?" Temari.

"Because, I can." Ino.

"Why can you?" Temari.

"I can because I can." Ino.

"You know it's bad for you to have O.D.D." Sakura.

"What's O.D.D.?" Tenten and Ino.

"Obsessessive Dipshit Disorder." Sakura.


"That's not funny!" Ino.

"Says you." Tenten.

"Says.....The Capital!" Ino.

"The Capital?" Hinata.

"Yes, The Capital." Ino.

"Whatever, Ino. Now, why do you have that notebook?" Sakura.

*Insert crazed look*

"I may be wrong, but that might have been the wrong thing to ask." Tenten.

"I see that now." Sakura.

"Weeeelllll, see I had this idea where we should make a rule book which we would follow it this year since we are seniors and I brought this along so we could right them down." Ino.

"Okay....." Everyone else.

The Teenage Girl's Guide To Surviving Life

Written by: Ino, Temari, Tenten, Hinata, Sakura

I, a teenage girl of The Book, hearby follow the 21 rules to surviving life.

Holy Commandment: Thou shall honor The Book. Thou shall keep her copy with her always and write down any thing that happens involving this rule. Thou shall protect with thy life and never show to anyone outside of The Book's Five Creaters.

The Rules

Rule One: Thou shall going shopping at least once a month to find new clothes.

Aw, do we have to?


Damn you.

Rule Two: Thou shall exercise twice a week to look there best.



Rule Three: Thou shall be there for their sisters when ANYTHING happens, no matter what they are doing.

Tenten, that was really sweet.

Well, I know this rule is obvious, but sometimes sisters don't come and....

Tennie, we would never leave you.

We love you.

And we will always be there.

Aw, you guys....

Now, that we are on this, I have another generous rule.

Rule Four: Thou shall have one day to themselves during the regular weeks and two during week.

I second.




Rule Five: Thou shall be able to take anything when in need of an object that another sister has.

You are soooo not stealing my boots.

Bite me.

You aren't!

We'll see.

Rule Six: Thou shall love themselves like thy shoes.


No comment.

Rule Seven: Thou shall have a spa day once a week.

When we go, I'm wearing your skirt, Sakura.

No you aren't!



Rule Eight: Thou shall perform a weekly ritual of P.M.N. every saturday.

Party Movie Night? Count me in!

No shit, Hinata.

Rule Nine: Thou shall burn one thing of last year's.

.....Does that mean my Prada purse?


Rule Ten: Thou shall shank any PERSON who messes with one of the sisters, makes them cry, or hurts them in anyway.


Praise Kami.

Rule Eleven: Thou shall go out once every TWO weeks. And look there best.


Stop talking gangster. And you will go.

Guys, Help?




Aw, man!

Now, for some more good rules.

Rule Twelve: Thou shall text (not call) when on any date to find out the other four sisters' approval.

Now, that's what I call a good rule.

It IS a good one....BUT I have a better one.

Then you go, Hina.

No, that's okay.


Rule Thirteen: Thou shall not be quiet. Sisters share secrets. AND not crappy ones.


Ooo, what SECRETS do YOU have, Ino?

Um, later.

Rule Fourteen: Thou shall give two days notice to ALL the sisters about ANY plans unless Dire Emergency.

Ooh, Hina-Chan, what have you been thinking of lately?

Knowing who one of our sisters are with and where they are so they aren't raped of killed.





Oh, shut up.

Rule Fifteen: Thou shall choose one boy and one boy ONLY to go after this year. Once you choose, you aren't allowed to go back on it so choose wisely. Thou must use all the rules here after to gain this boy.


Rule Sixteen: Thou shall look there best when around (insert name here) to gain the attention of said boy.

Ino, you do have O.D.D.

Thank you.

Wasn't a compliment.

I know.

Rule Seventeen: Thou shall be flirtatious when around said boy. After you perk their interest, you will be aloof, and semi ingore them. Guys LOVE a challenge.

I'm so proud. *Tear-tear*

Oh, shut up, Ino. I just......needed something good.

"Good". Oh, Temari likes someone!


Rule Eighteen: Thou shall invite said boy to a .Out. in order to show them what they could have but can't right now.

Ooh, you're devious. I have perfect thing in mind, too.


Rule Nineteen: Thou shall accept only THREE offers from said boy to hang out every TWO weeks.


Deal with it.

Rule Twenty: Thou shall spill ANY and ALL dirty details(or regular details) during P.M.N. that involve a boy toy/friend-w/-benefits/serious boyfriend.

So, how 'bout that?

You are an idiot.

No, I'm not! Now, the last rule.

Rule Twenty-one: Thou must use these rules to win over their guy, pamper themselves, their sisters, and to surive life.

I swear to honor our







The Sisters.

"Now, we have The Rules. I'll copy it and give it to you tomorrow." Ino.

"Okay." Sakura.

"Right." Tenten.

"Whatever." Temari.

"Okay, Ino." Hinata.

"We are The Sisters." Ino.