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The Most Tempermental Master

Chapter 2 what to do what to do

Harry wasn't the only person who was given a special assignment in the aftermath of the war. Hermione Granger, one of Harry's best friends, had been placed on Dark Magic research. Her job was to find spells and curses placed on certain objects and/or people and supply the counter for it to the appropriate indaviduals.

If anyone could find out what was wrong with Malfoy, it was her.

The Black Family Library was a large room with shelves upon shelves of books on every conceivable subject under the stars, and was, therefore, the perfect place for such research. Harry suspected it might even surpass Hogwarts impressive library.

Despite it's immense size, the curly haired brunette bookworm was easy to locate; tucked away in the Dark Arts section, nose buried in a thick tome.

"Hermione, we need your help, could you spare a minute?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Harry!" Hermione exclaimed, glancing up with a wide smile, "Of course, what do you-" her words were cut off upon catching sight of Malfoy and her smile slid into shocked surprise, "Malfoy!" she gasped, raising to her feet quickly.

Harry grinned sheepishly, "Yeah, he's what I need help with…Harry trailed off in confusion as Malfoy strode forward and caught Hermione's hand in his own, raising it to his lips like a true gentleman.

"My Lady." He murmured against her fingers.

Harry shuddered, his stomach twisting unpleasantly at the sight - that was just so wrong. Hermione apparently thought so as well because in a matter of moments she had jerked out of Malfoy's grasp and had her wand trained steadily upon the blond figure.

"Okay, who are you and what have you done with Malfoy?" she stormed, eyes narrowed dangerously.

Harry would have laughed at the cliché line if it hadn't been such a serious situation and he hadn't been entertaining the exact same question himself. "Wait! Mione, he's the real Malfoy."

Suspicious dark eyes zeroed in on him, "How do you know? He's obviously lying and he's not even trying to imitate Malfoy."

"That's the thing Mione, who would pretend to be Malfoy pretending to be a genie?"

The girl blinked, her wand arm dropping minutely, "A genie?" She asked, brow furrowed.

Harry nodded, "Yeah, he thinks he's a genie."

Hermione turned to look Malfoy over thoughtfully and Harry was at once glad he'd had Malfoy dress properly, "You think you're a genie?" she repeated.

Again that pale blond eyebrow arched as he stared back blandly, "I am what I am."

Harry sent Hermione a 'see what I mean' look, which she ignored.

"Hn, and what you are is not a genie." Hermione told the blond matter-of-factly. Malfoy ignored her and she turned back to her discussion with Harry, "How long ago did you find him?"

Harry shrugged, "Half hour or so, I'm not exactly sure."

The young woman hummed lightly to herself, tapping her lip with a slender finger in thought, "And he's been like this the whole time?" AT his affirmation she continued, "Have you asked him where he's been?"

"Of course I have!" Harry's spine straightened in indignation, before collapsing forward in a slump again, "He say's he's been sleeping."

"For six months?"

Harry nodded, not at all surprised by her disbelief.

Hermione sighed and rubbed at her eyes tiredly, "Alright, where did you find him? We'll start there."

"Uh…I didn't find him exactly, "Harry admitted, "He kinda found me."

"And how's that? Weren't you working all morning?"

Harry shrugged again, going for nonchalance, though he failed in the attempt, "Yeah, Malfoy just kinda ... Showed up." The more Harry thought about it the less sense it made. Grimmauld Place was still under the Fidelius Charm, so Malfoy shouldn't have been able to see it, much less get in. On top of that, Harry knew Tonks had closed his office door and he hadn't heard Malfoy open it when he entered. In fact, the door was still closed when Harry had left.

Harry felt a shiver race up his spine, that was just creepy.

Hermione must have thought so as well, by the increasingly suspicious looks she was leveling at Malfoy. "This building is under heavy warding Malfoy, how did you get in undetected?" She demanded critically.

Malfoy shrugged again, completely unconcerned by the brunette's suspicions, "Master summoned me, I awoke where he was."

"Master?" Harry flushed at the look Hermione sent his way.

"I told you to stop calling me that." He grumbled-mostly to himself. Malfoy smiled at him indulgently, but otherwise ignored him.

"We'll come back to that later," Hermione continued. "Do your parents know you're back?"

Malfoy's blank expression was not very comforting. "Who?" Hm…neither was that.

"Your parent?" Hermione repeated slowly as if to a child, but Malfoy's expression ever altered even in the slightest. "Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy? Your mum and dad?" Still no reaction.

A look of dawning comprehension spread over Hermione's face, and Harry watched in confusion as she stood to confront the boy, "M-Genie, what is your name?"

At this, silvery eyes locked onto emerald and the elder bowed slightly, "Whatever my Master so wishes, that is what I shall be called."

Harry swallowed thickly, an inkling of what Hermione was getting at creeping into his thoughts, it wasn't something he particularly liked thinking about though. "And what of your parents? Who are they?" he asked.

"I have no parents, Master. I am a genie, born of Magic to grant the inner most desires of my master."

How tragic, Harry thought, if Malfoy was telling the truth (and he had no reason to believe otherwise) then he had no memory of ever being Malfoy.


"What are we going to do, Mione?" Harry pleaded, his voice just this side of frantic. The last fifteen minutes had passed in complete silence. At some point Harry had slumped into a seat across from Hermione while Malfoy chose to hover just behind Harry's chair.

It was unnerving, but nothing Harry could say would make much difference.

Instead of answering Harry, the girl turned to Malfoy again, "So what happens when you finish granting all of Harry's wishes?" Harry froze at the question, why hadn't that occurred to him? Well, probably because he didn't believe Malfoy could really grant wishes so he wasn't planning on making any. But it was still something that should have crossed his mind at one point.

The tall blond shrugged, " I shall go back to the Void to sleep until my next master calls.

Harry shot an alarmed look at his best friend, just what did that mean? Would Malfoy go missing again if he thought Harry didn't need him? Or would he kill himself thinking he was just going to sleep?

No matter how much Harry might dislike Malfoy as a person, he couldn't deny that he'd missed him while he was gone and wouldn't wish that on anyone.

"You're tired, Master, you should sleep." The heat of Malfoy's hand on Harry's shoulder jarred him back to the present. A large yawn split his face as if in answer to Malfoy's words.

Harry glared at him over his shoulder as if it was the pureblood's fault. "I suppose." He acquiesced with a quick tempus charm. It was closing in on midnight…no wonder he was falling asleep in his chair, "We'll fire-call your parent's in the morning."

Hermione rose with him as he moved, her face a picture of worry, "I don't think that's such a good idea Harry." She cautioned, "Just think about it…Malfoy has no memory and think's he's a genie. Do you really think it would be smart to tell the Malfoy's about that?" She was right, Lucius would more then likely find some way to blame it on him, especially since Malfoy was convinced Harry was his 'Master' "We should try to find out what's wrong with him and how to fix it before we tell anyone."

Harry couldn't agree more.

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