AN: Oh, the things you do for family. This story is for my wonderful, Supernatural obsessed mother and two of my awesome aunts who loyally watched Harper's Island until the end. It's also my annual Halloween story.

And don't worry, I haven't abandoned Pace Yourself, the next few chapters are all written. I'm just waiting until after the Halloween season so I can dedicate all my time to that story.....and a few others. What can I say? The story ideas just hit me and they're way too good to ignore.

Without further ramblings, I give you a new crossover, five part, Rubycentric, Halloween story. Enjoy!

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Title: I Will Glue You Back Together
Summary: When a case brings the Winchester brothers and Ruby to a haunted island, Ruby finds herself fighting her unwanted feelings for one of the brothers, and her old ghosts that are trying to claw their way out. AU. Five parts.
Fandom(s): Supernatural, Harper's Island.
Spoilers: Spoilers for pretty much all of Harper's Island. No real major spoilers for SPN.
Timeline: HI: About a year and a little bit after the events of the show, SPN: Totally and completely AU in a universe where Dean somehow got out of the deal, never went to hell and everything's back to normal. No angels, no Lucifer, just Dean, Sam....and Ruby.
Pairings: Past Trish Wellington/Henry Dunn, there is some Dean Winchester/Ruby but it's not....outright a romance between them. I was going for mostly friendship.
Rating: T for language and some violence in later chapters.
Genre: Horror/Hurt/Comfort.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, Harper's Island or the song Breathe Me by Sia.

I Will Glue You Back Together

[part one; hurt myself again today]

Written by Becks Rylynn

help, i have done it again
i have been here many times before
hurt myself again today
and, the worst part is there's no one else to blame
-sia, breathe me

She has this recurring nightmare....

It's awful and cruel and horrible, it feels like sickness clawing in her throat.

In the dream she's running, in bare feet, all in white; a vision of beauty and grace and fear. In her dream.....she's always so scared. Her heart is pumping wildly, adrenaline coursing through her blood. That's when she finds her hero. As soon as she sees him the fear disappears because she knows she's safe with him. She's safe, she's safe, she's alive. Her eyes are stained with trust and love and the words they speak echo unnaturally throughout the woods.

''Wakefield escaped. Henry, Wakefield's escaped. We have to go.''

The hero is going to save her now, he's going to get her out and save her, she knows this. That is all she knows. And then her dream turns dark. The sky grows black suddenly, like a wicked witch has cast a spell. The darkness has come and all has gone black when he says, ''I gave him the key'' and the sky tumbles and falls. Her dress, the white dress that makes her look like Cinderella feels too heavy, everything feels too heavy.

She can't breathe as she chokes out a disbelieving. ''What?''

''Sully was right.'' His voice sounds so soft. He doesn't sound like a killer. ''Wakefield has an accomplice. It's just not Jimmy.''

Her dream is a nightmare in the next instant and there are harsh words spoken, but she can barely hear what he's saying and then she's on the ground, her fingernails digging into the dirt. And she's trying, trying to crawl away from safety (not safety anymore, he's not safe, not a hero) but he won't let her. His hand pulls at her dark locks of hair and everything is broken.

''Stop it,'' he says and....and he doesn't sound gentle anymore. ''Don't make this harder than it is. It had to happen on our wedding. I needed a way here. You see?'' She doesn't. Not really. Why did it have to be her? Why did he have to break her? Why couldn't he do this to someone else? Anyone but her. Through tears that burn down her cheeks, she wonders if he's the only monster in these woods. How could she wish this on anyone else?

''You killed them,'' she says. ''You killed my father! And J.D.....''

''I'm sorry.'' And it's crazy but she swears for just a second that he means it. ''I'm sorry they had to go. It's part of the plan.'' She can barely hear his stupid words that mean less than nothing over the roaring beating of her heart. His words are trivial and unneeded and this hurts so bad she wishes he would just kill her already. ''But,'' he starts again and his next words promise to stay with her forever, even after death. ''I really wanted to give you the wedding.''

She breaks.

''You bastard.....You bastard, you bastard!''

He's horrible and awful and cruel and she's sure he must have done this all just to torture her. She tries to fight him, beating him on the chest with closed fists that shake with heartache. She thinks she hears him whisper something else but she doesn't care anymore. There are seconds that pass before he slams the knife into her side and that is all it takes. All she needs. As her blood spills, as she makes a pathetic gasping noise, clinging to him because he was hers once, as the life slips out of her, she gazes up at him with big, wide blue eyes that (against her will) still hold all the love in the world.....something happens.

She changes.

Why is it that all the good girls have to die?

Her soul turns black like tar, a big onyx mess of betrayal and a love she just doesn't want anymore, hatred and wishes that don't come true. And slowly.....before they close for good....

....Blue eyes dilate black.

And he doesn't know enough, he doesn't know about the other world, he doesn't know anything. He's too careless and too emotional to do anything right. So, he makes a mistake. A horrible mistake that curses her forever. You see, he really should have checked to see if she was really dead.

That's when she wakes up. Gasping and sweaty, her lungs aching for breath she can't catch. Her legs fight with blankets that feel scratchy and thick, finally kicking them off as she sits upright in a cheap motel bed and breathes. It's dark out; the sky blackened and sparkling with diamonds as she draws her knees up to her chest and attempts to make it all go away. And she asks herself why she still sleeps when she knows the nightmare will only come back.

When the morning finally comes, she rises from the bed, her limbs aching and stiff and she stands in front of the bathroom mirror, studying her appearance with careful eyes. Her eyes are blue, flashing with secrets and she fingers the blond tresses, tilting her head to the side. Something is missing. She looks away from her reflection briefly and does her best not to remember. When she looks back at herself, her eyes are black. She lets a grim smile slide over her lips.

''You killed them. You killed my father! And J.D.....''

She shakes her head. She is not that girl anymore. That girl is dead.

end part one

AN: Confused? Upset that it was so short? Don't worry, it'll all be explained soon. And the next parts will be longer. A lot longer. Next part will be up on either the 26th or the 27th.