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A/N: This plot is a request from Alienolivia back on FFNet. The idea kinda appealed me and here it is! Enjoy! Warning for Mech Sex of the sticky kind, Organic/TF 'mating' and MPreg. Complete Crackyness!

Mating Season

Prologue: The crash

This was a lucky shot that disabled the Autobot's main engine, but before he fell to the planet's surface, he managed to damage the Decepticon Cruiser in the same way. Soon, there were two vessels that fell from the sky with twin bright trails of smoke, fire and sparkles.

In the Autobot ship, the crew was trying desperately to regain some control and avoid exploding when they will hit the hard ground, and the pilot, quite skilled, spotted an area where they could land without too much damage to both the ship and the crew.

"Prepare to the impact!" A deep and booming voice said, in a commanding tune.

All of the crew took the crash positions and when the ship did hit the planet's surface, it wasn't as hard as it could've been. No one was hurt or injured more severely then some scratches and dents, easily repairable.

"Is everyone alright?" the deep voice said again, and then the form walked into the light a hole in the roof had let in, revealing the tall, strong and handsome form of Optimus Prime. "Ratchet?"

"I'm fine." A grumpy and annoyed voice replied from a spot behind the Leader. "But I would kick the Decepticon that made us crash on that Primus Forsaken Pit-Hole!"

"And I'll join ya, old pal…" Another gruff, harsh voice answered from another spot this time at Optimus's right.

"Ironhide, are you alright?"

Optimus's voice sounded concerned and he moved to help the old red mech to stand. Apart for a dent in the helm, he was looking fine. The last member of the crew made himself known at this moment with a loud yelp, a crashing sound and a curse. Jazz appeared in the light after a few more moments, brushing himself from the dirt and debris that had stuck to him.

"Nice landin', pal!" He said to Ironhide, and the older mech shot him a killing glared, the huffed in annoyance. "So, what're we doin' now, Prime? There's still Decepticon out there that need some good aft-kickin'!"

Optimus looked through the hole in the roof and sighed, then shook his helm.

"Our first priority is to get away from here and back to Cybertron. The Decepticons can wait until then. I want all of you working on getting that ship back in working order!"

Everyone nodded and then got to work. Unknowing to them all, they were already being watched…


The Decepticon's ship had landed a hundred kilometres from the Autobot's and into what looked like a swamp. The area was wet, moist and smelling like the pits, and as soon as he stepped outside, Starscream wrinkled his nose and grimaced.

"What is that smell?! It's like something died here!" he spat and offline his olfactory sensors.

There was a chuckle from behind him and Megatron stepped out beside him, looking around to take in the surrounding area. He put a servo on Starscream's shoulder and squeezed lightly, grinning wide.

"You are too prissy, Starscream! A little smelling won't kill you! And this is called a swamp, it's supposed to smell."

He was sporting a large scratch on his chest, but other then that, he was mostly unwounded. And Starscream had a painful looking dent on his right wing and was wincing every time he moved it. He was rubbing the sore spot lightly and grimaced again, optic twitching with the stinging pain.

From behind came a gruff and annoyed voice as a fourth mech came out, big and blue-grey in color, with wide wings. Astrotrain looked around, took an intake of air, and grimaced in disgust.

"Smells like garbage can here… Why in the pit did you have to make us land here, of any place, Screamer?! Is it some kind of weird torture technique?" The wide Triple-Changer crossed his arms over his wide chest and glared at the lithe seeker, snorting in disdain.

Beside him was a much smaller mech, but he had an amused look on his optics, and a smug expression on his faceplates. Swindle looked around as well and had a light chuckle as he took on the less then appealing area.

"Nice little resort you found us, here, Starscream. I don,t think it would become a popular vacation spot in the future. Too wet…" he grinned and winked at the red and white seeker.

Starscream glared back at him with a deep frown and was about to talk back to him when there were animal sounds in the distance. Starscream looked a bit worried. The thing that had causes this sound was huge and apparently in some king of feral urge, and way too close for the seeker's comfort.

"Megatron, may I suggest we came back into the ship? I don't like the sound of this thing…" He winced again in both pain and worry when another feral animalistic sound, closer than the first, sounded again.

"What, Starscream, are you afraid of some organics?" Megatron chuckled and Starscream glared dagger at him, crossing his arms over his chest. "Besides, we have to scout the area to see if we can find energy to refuel our ship, or we'll never leave this rock. SO get to work, all of you! It's an order!"

The crew got to work with annoyed and sarcastic comments, but Starscream was still worried. Something wasn't right with that planet… he didn't saw the bright, golden eyes watching his every moves carefully, intensely…


The flora of this particular planet was rich and abundant, sporting a variety of plants and trees and all sorts of flowers and fruits and vegetables. There were deserts, plains, forests, swamps and wet areas with a variety of aquatic plants, and even northern tundra and colder regions at both poles.

The variety of insets and tiny mammal life was also quite wide and various, but the biggest animal you could find was the size of a cat, of a medium dog, or maybe, sometime, a goat. Nothing more. And the reason was easy to find out.

The main life form on this planet was a huge, strange yet beautiful animal that didn't have a name since no one had ever discovered this planet before. But a human could've called it a dragon. It was huge, had a scaly skin that could take in all and every colors possible from the infrared to the ultraviolet patterns, and those colors were always vivid and able to match perfectly with the surrounding environment like a chameleon can do on Earth, but more like the quick and really impressing patterns a squid can manage in the ocean. Beside this, they were winged, and their wing span can be from thirty to seventy meters wide. They had long and slender necks ending with a spiked, crested head, and had spikes coming down their spine from the base of the head to the tip of the tail, longer and wider bear the main part of the body though. They had big, fiery optics, which colors goes from deep red to sun-like yellow, almost white. Their long and flexible tail almost worked as a prehensile appendage and a whip to defend themselves or fight.

A human, seeing a creature like that, could've called it a dragon and it was what it looked like: a dragon coming straight from a human mythological tale.

And right now, those creatures were in the middle of their mating season, which happens only once all twenty human years and last for six months or so. And all the males were on the hunt for a perfect mate.

Unfortunately for our Transformers friends, they had a smell that reminded those animals of a female of their own specie, and had already spotted them…

The hunt was open!