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Mating Season

Epilogue 1: Months later…

Optimus walked towards the med bay as he felt a little sick and down for some times now.

He and his men had been 'rescued' from the planet of the Dragons some months earlier but ever since, he had felt the urge to return there. Why he couldn't tell, but this urge was becoming stronger as the time passed. He sighed and shook his helm. He also had strange dreams of flight and huge winged creature over the plains and oceans of that weird organic world… As if he could fly himself or, more exactly, was seeing through the eyes of a flying creature. Those dreams weren't frightening, on the contrary, but left him with a deep longing feeling. Something akin to a loss, but he couldn't tell what he had lost once he awoken.

Optimus and the rest of the mech that got stranded on this planet had decided to meet today. They had things to discuss. And Optimus wanted to know if they were all feeling the same way as him, and had those dreams and experienced those feelings.

'Something is going on, something important that I cannot comprehend for now… Am I going crazy?' Optimus asked himself as he reached the med bay and entered. Ratchet and the others were already here. 'I have to know!'

Ratchet, Jazz, Ironhide, they were all there. All four of them whom had shared that experience on the Dragon planet. And they were all turned towards him when he entered, as if they had felt him coming. As if they shared a special, unexplainable link since they came back from that planet…

Optimus walked to the group and stopped in the middle of them. Jazz was casually leaning on the wall, humming a tune. Ironhide was sheathing and unsheathing his wrist blade nervously, looking grim and expectant. Ratchet was standing strait and stiff, obviously nervous and had his arms crossed.

They were all waiting for him to talk expectantly. Optimus looked at them all and nodded back, and then he spoke, his voice low and quiet.

"My friends… You know why we're all here today, I think. Something is calling to us all… And you all know what." He started and the mechs shared looks and looked at the floor, before Jazz spoke up, sounding disturbed and slightly upset.

"But Optimus… I don't understand! Why do we haf'ta go back here?! I had done ma best ta FORGET all of dis since we got back here… I don't intend ta ever going back there! Can't ya all understand dis is unnatural…?"

He was rubbing his belly, as if he had some ache there, and frowned deeply. He was with ironhide, the most upset of them about what occurred back there. He tried his best to forget, but like all four of them, he was plagued with dreams and the urge to return. Ironhide huffed and nodded to jazz words as well.

"A won't return there! Am not a freakin' TOY! And dis is not a freakin' dream that will make me change ma mind!" He growled in slight anger and annoyance.

But somewhere, he knew he couldn't fight the urge indefinitely. They will all have to bow to it and obey. The sooner they all accept the fact, the better for them all… Optimus looks at the both of them and sighed. He knew they didn't have much of a choice in the matter…

"I can understand you don't like it, Ironhide, Jazz, but I think that we all know we don't have a choice. We will have to go back. Ratchet?"

The medic, whom had stayed silent since the beginning of this ordeal, took a step forward, his expression neutral. He himself had kept his thoughts and opinion on the matter for himself and was very closed by, even looked slightly afraid.


Optimus looked at his expression and frowned. Something was bothering ratchet, other than their actual ordeal. He thought he knew what was wrong. He had felt the symptoms himself and knew what they were.

"I want you to examine all of us. I bet you all felt the symptoms and you all know what I am talking about."

Optimus saw Jazz's face fell and he trembled slightly, pressing his hand harder over his stomach and frowning, anger and fear fighting in his expression. Ironhide just growled and smashed his fist on a nearby table, letting a large dent. He was the first to lie down on ratchet's examination berth.

After a few moments, Ratchet had stuck electrodes and held out a scanner over Optimus's abdomen and chest. The results came out soon: Optimus was with sparklings, and not any kind of sparklings. They were cyber-organics. He could make up three little sparks growing nest his spark, and three protoforms The protoforms had organic and mechanic parts, and were looking like the dragons they met on that organic planet.

"Sparklings… Cyber-organic sparklings! Three of them… And there is a weird energy coming from them… Just like their 'parent'. And As for me… I already made the test on me and I'm apparently carrying two sparklings like this."

He put a hand on his stomach and frowned. He did the exam for a very upset and frightened jazz and an angered and growling Ironhide as well, and they were all with little techno-organic sparklings! Dragons' techno-Organics…

Jazz freaked ut and burst out in tears, and ratchet hugged him to comfort him, and Ironhide trashed another table, now more then pissed. That was completely unnatural! And quite frightening… Optimus manage to have them calm down and he spoke up again in a serious and dark tune.

"Now this is even more urgent then we go back to this world fast… Because those sparklings don't belongs here with us. And I feel that it is what they want from us, anyway…"

They all finally nodded in approval. They will return to the Dragon Planet and ask them to relieve them from the organic contamination they had landed upon them all. But Optimus was worried… How will Megatron and the other contaminated Decepticons will react to this? He feared a violent and terrible comeback from them…


Decepticon's ship, the Nemesis…

Starscream stormed into the med bay with a growl of annoyance and a loud screech for Hook.

"HOOK! I need your lazy aft here THIS INSTANT!"

The constructicon, whom was busy working on some personal project, huffed and sighed in annoyance at the jet's screechy command. He came over him and asked, sounding really annoyed.

"What do you wants Starscream? I'm busy!"

"I don't care!" The seeker screeched even louder, and he paced the room restlessly. "I want you to give me something so I can sleep properly! I have recharge troubles lately, fragging weird dreams… SO, you can give me something for this?"

Hook tilted his helm and narrowed his optics in curiosity and slight surprise. Starscream, of course, gets impatient with the delay and huffed again, asking sharply.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Do you have something for me?!"

Hook huffed back and led him to a berth. He coaxed the seeker to lay down despite his protests and said, now very interested and curious.

"You're the third to come to me with this request today, and for exact same thing! I want to examine you to make sure this isn't some kind of plague! Lay still, it won't be long.!"

"What? Others had comes…?"

In a way, that didn't surprise him. The others that were there, in this accursed, foul organic world, must have had the same problems. They had started soon after they had been 'rescued' by an Autobot ship. Of course, they had managed to get away and return to the Nemesis soon after… But then the dreams had started, and there was also that urge to return to the Dragon Planet. And that urge and the dreams had become more urgent as the time passed.

Starscream had fought those dreams and that feeling as hard as he could, but they were somehow starting to tire him off. And besides, he was kinda sick for some times now. It ha started almost at the same time as the dreams and the urge. And he was afraid to know what it was because… he had a freaking good idea already.

"What if I order you to let me go, Hook? I'm your superior officer, you can't force me into anything!" he screeched again and JHook winced then sighed.

"I can when it comes to Health issues. I'm your medic, and I outrank you when it comes to your little health and this of then entire crew. So stay put until I'm done!"

Starscream glared darkly but he stayed put and let him scan him on every angles. And then he had to re-scan his chest and abdomen to make sure he wasn't seeing things. And he wasn't. Hook's expression was shocked and then he frowned deeply.

"What?!" Starscream asked, fearing he already knew the answer. "What did you found?"

Hook got to fetch another scanner, connected to a larger screen, and then stuck the electrodes on the seeker's chest and belly.

"See for yourself… It's incredible…"

And Starscream saw, indeed. He looked at the screen and could make up three tiny newspark bnext to his own, as well as the growing protoform in his gestation chamber. But there was something amiss with the… he looked closer and then he gasped, putting a thin blue hand on his mouth in shock.

"No…" He whispered and was both disgusted and fascinated. "It can't be!"

Hook was looking at the screen in a sort of morbid fascination. Those were Techno-Organics sparklings… Half-dragons and Half-Cybertronians. Of course Hook didn't know about the dragons but he could recognize organic parts when he saw this. ¸

"What the frag is this?! Starscream, what HAPPENS to you all on this freaking planet?! That's it, I'm calling the others in and I'll put you all in quarantine! I don,t like it one bit! Organic contamination can be disastrous!"

Starscream jumped out of the table and snarled, getting both angry and terrified now.

"Don't you DARE! I can't be put in a cage right now! I have businesses to attend to!"

Hook shot him a glare and pushed him back into the berth, activating the containment field. Starscream hissed and screeched again, clawing at the field with no results of course.

"You stay RIGHT THERE Starscream! I'll call the others that were with you, and that INCLUDES Megatron!" He snarled back and added, now sounding worried and concerned. "An organic contamination is serious matter, and you know this just as well as me!"

The Hook left and he called the others to come in the med bay. Megatron, when he heard what was going on, was less then happy. He himself had been submitted to the same symptoms as his men since they got back from that accursed Planet of Monsters. But he couldn't believe he was contaminated with organic filth!

Until Hook showed him with a scan that is… And then he was shocked, and enraged. Astrotrain and Swindle just looked dumbstruck, and disgusted. They were both enclosed in their own little misery and Astrotrain looked like he could smash a wall anytime. Swindle had a calculating look, probably working how this could benefit him in any way.

And Megatron… he snarled and growled his discontent for anyone to hear.

"That is IMPOSSIBLE! Rid me of those disgusting things, Hook! Now!" Megatron ordered, pacing restlessly. "I don't want any of this filth growing on me!"

Hook was calm and collected, and he shook his helm. He had examined them all thoroughly a couple of times, and had come to the conclusion that the sparklings couldn't be removed without killing the 'host'. And when Megatron heard this he was even more distraught and enraged.

"Frag it all! Curse this damn planet and those freaking MONSTERS!" he bellowed and snarled as he paced around the room. Soon, though, he stopped in front of Hook, and asked, shooting a look at the caged Starscream in his containment field. "Is there anything you can try to get rid of the contamination? You're our medic. Hook! Find a solution!"

Starscream, then, spoke up from behind the force field.

"I have a solution! We come back to this accursed planet and force those freaking creatures to rid us of this organic filth they put inside of us, Megatron!"

All optics turned towards the seeker and he shrank back, a little intimidated by their intense glares. He shrugged and added, sheepishly.

"It was only a suggestion…"

Megatron then smiled and chuckled, before walking towards Starscream and saying, with a glint in his optics.

"I think this is a good suggestion… And when they finally release us from that filth, we can blow their world to bits and them with it!"

Starscream and the others were a bit confused for a moment, and then a wicked little smirk grew on the seeker's face, soon mirrored by Astrotrain's downright sadistic smile and Swindle intensely excited smirk. They were soon all laughing somewhat maniacally and Hook was dumbfounded by this.

"Have you all lost your minds?! I will not let you out of there in such conditions! My Lord, please…" Hook tried to go through those thick heads but he was soon cut short by Megatron.

"Enough Hook! We will return there and wipe the Universe from this unholy filth! I have decided!" Megatron bellowed with a sadistic smirk and a laugh.

Something was telling the Medic that this wasn't the last of their problems, far from it…