SAW 7: The Trial of the Red Echidna

Big-Ass Note: I got the idea for this after reading JigSonic by Xeno the Hedgehog and....... well..... there's

something I should explain.

I'm a HUGE Knuckles fan (A pokemon can have more than one favorite character after all!), and it bothered me to see what happened to him in the story (I won't spoil it for anyone), so I thought "Why not give the echidna a chance to prove himself in a Saw challenge..."

I've been wanting to do a Saw Fanfic for a while, don't worry I'm not discontinuing TotE, NGDGUR, TDTYNP, or any of my fanfics (with one exception). I'm just adding another one to the pile. (What can I say? I like the challenges)

Of course.... every great Saw story needs it's victims.... and that's where you guys come in

While I'm planning to use 10 existing Sonic characters besides Knuckles, (along with some surprise guests, hee hee), I'm also looking for 10 OC entrants.

Now after the failure of Twisted Metal: Broken Valentine (which I should point out at this point IS being discontinued due to lack of interest), I'm gonna make sure I don't shoot myself in the foot again and am making a deadline for entries.

If you want your character to be in, just fill out this form and either PM it or put it in a review to me.




Fur Color:

Special Physical Characteristics:




Reason for Jigsaw choosing them: (why would they be a target for Jigsaw's games; what has corrupted them in such a way or what horrible misdeed have they done)

There ARE a few rules I should add.

Rule 1: The character MUST be believable; no demons or godlike figures or things like that.

Rule 2: Submitting a character does NOT guarantee it will be one of the 10 chosen, although if 10 are picked, but there's an entry or two that's got lots of potential for the story, I MAY add more OCs.

Rule 3: Detail is STRONGLY recommended.

The deadline for entries is a week from today; ironically Halloween. The first chapter will probably be up earlier than that, as it won't have any OCs in it.

So tell me......... all of you out there.......

Would you like..... to play..... a game.................................