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Piece of advice: It's my first fic in english, in fact is a translation of my first one-shot because I haven't enough confidence with english to make a new story. When I read "The Maiden Who Travels the Planet" the meeting between Zack and Aerith feels to me like a kick on my ass. She never can be so cold. So I decided wrote this. I really hope you like it. Please, don't be afraid by my bad english, I'm doing this to improve my skills.

Aerith was looking helplessy how the Lifestream swept Cloud away, his mind broken and shattered. The only thing she can do was made him wade ashore near Mideel, hoping their friends can find him. Meanwhile, in the surface, AVALANCHE were still trying to stop Shinra and Sephirot regardless. Aerith, however can't do anymore than remember Cloud, trying to find a way to regain his mind. A conscience awakened, encouraged by those thoughts and the person who has they. Before she can realize what happens Aerith heard a voice:

-Aerith? Is that you?

Aerith turns around warily, afraid of that she knew will see. There he was, with his SOLDIER uniform, his black hair and those blue eyes. Zack, SOLDIER first class, the first love of her short life. Sadness flooded Aerith's heart. Same as she, Zack was death. She had been trying to refuse the thought, even when his parents tell them that they hadn't heard anything about him in ten years. Aerith had managed to convince herself that Zack was, by some means or another, alive, maybe prisoner or sick, but alive. Seeing him in front of her she felt a knife stabbing her heart.

-Zack..- whispered- How?

-Do you remember our last talk?- Aerith nodned- After that things went from bad to worse, Sephirot turned mad and murdered...

-Sephirot?! You are talking about Nibelheim!

-Yes. How do you know?

-Cloud told us, but... He doesn't say anything about you, in fact he doesn't know you.

-What?! But he is my best friend!

-Your parents asked him if he had heard something about you, and he told them he never had met any Zack in SOLDIER.

-Wait a minute! Now... What told Cloud 'bout Nibelheim to you?

Aerith began to retell him all that Cloud had said in Kalm; Zack's face was full of concern during all the story, and still the same few moments after the end. Aerith saw he wore the same face Tifa did in that occasion.

-Weird... You see, Aerith... He told you the truth, at least in essence. But I was the SOLDIER who accompanied Sephirot.

-And Cloud?

-He was the infantryman who survived the bridge having broken.

-He wasn't SOLDIER? But... His eyes... And the uniform...

-I guess that I know what happens.

Then Zack began told her how he wake up in that mako tube, how released Cloud, discovered the experiments they had been subjected, and their escape. Aerith was listening attentively. She barely can belive how much had suffered Zack. When he told her his death, Aerith can't hold back the tears, it was so unfair...

-Then I told Cloud he must live for the both of us, that he was my living legacy and that my honor and dreams were his. I suppose he wasn't entirely recovered of mako addiction. The Jenova cells should taken advantage, messed up his mind and turned him into some kind of copy of myself.

-Zack... Can we do something to help him?

-Presumig we can reach his mind he won't recognize me and won't believe you. Maybe... She. I guess that now, Tifa is the only one capable to mend his mind.

-Well... We must do everything we can.

They did it. When Cloud and Tifa fell into the Lifestream, Zack and Aerith had used their energy to protect them and give Tifa enough time to help Cloud. While both of them were returning to the surface Aerith can't avoid feel a twinge of jealousy. Zack noted it.

-Do you like Cloud, right?-worried, fearful almost.

-Yes -Aerith knew to what Zack was referring.

-You love him?

-I love all my friends: Barret, Cait Sith, Cid, Nanaki, Tifa, Vincent, Yuffie... -Aerith can't lie, not to him- But I'm in love with Cloud -Zack lowered his head- Are you angry?

-No...- Zack give her a smile, the shade of a smile, rather.- I had died and you were alive, how was I going to get angry? If there is something that I'm, it's sad.


-Yes... I said you that I love you, but I never dared to say you how much you mean to me. I went out of that tube thinking that hadn't passed more than a few days. I found those twenty-three whishes of you- he smiled, a real smile- I knew that I must return to Midgar, to you. And while I was on the way I found the letter, the last letter you wrote to me. It was at this moment when I realize that four years had passed. Then I knew how badly I had hurt you. I keep on my way, I wanted to ask you for pardon, at least.

-Zack... Of course I forgive you, it wasn't your fault.

-Thanks. But I suppose that I'm late to win your heart again, am I?

-Yeah... I'm guess you're late...

-That's what I think. Well, I guess here we say goodbye. Take care, Aerith.- Zack turned round and began to walk off.

-Zack!- Aerith began to run behind him while Zack turned rond again- Zack...- Aerith was stroking his cheek.


-Zack... I may be in love with Cloud, but look at this. I'm wearing a pink dress, who did ask me to dress in pink?

-I was...

-And that old bow, that I wear every single day, who did give it to me?

-I. The day we met ourselves- Both smiled.

-I wrote eighty nine letters to you, Zack.

-I know.

Suddenly, Aerith was hugging him, obeying an impulse coming from her heart. Zack was hugging her too. None of the two tried to hold back the tears that were coming to their eyes.

-I have loved you always, Aerith. Since I opened my eyes in your church and I have thought it was heaven.

-I love you. I may be in love with Cloud, but I have never stopped to love you, Zack. And I will never stop loving you. Never.

They both still embraced until all their sadness and sorrows had disappeared. They looked into their eyes and Zack's eyes were sparkling in a mischievous way. He kissed her lips, surprising her. Aerith returned the kiss, smiling. They broke the kiss, laughing.

-Well, my dear ex-boyfriend, I guess I have a planet to save.- Aerith winked to him. Zack began to laughing out load and returned the wink.

-My dear ex-girlfriend! Are you thinking that I let you fight alone?

They both laughed with all their hearts while hand-in-hand they were flowing in the Lifestream, getting ready to the battle.

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