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Cloud and Tifa were a few meters behind her, looking startled to the town. It hadn't been here a few moments ago.

They were on the northern crater, trying to reach Sephiroth before he accomplished his goals. The others had decided to stay with Barret, helping him to keep the Black Materia safe. She, however, being the Great Ninja Yuffie, wasn't attracted to keep some weird materia safe, being the lack of interest due to the fact that she wouldn't be able to use the mentioned materia in Wutai's benefit. No. She was meant to be where the hunt will have place. Where her awesome superninja skills would be more useful. Where she could avenge her friend's death. And where she could find some more interesting materia, maybe. So here she was, standing at the entrance to Nibelheim.

It wasn't the real Nibelheim, though. The real town was in another continent. But it'll be cool if someone could move cities from their places. At least that's what she tought.

Suddenly Tifa let out a yell.

- Look there!

From a white wall appeared Sephiroth and two Shinra Grunts. Yuffie and her comrades readied their weapons, but Sephiroth walked in between, ignoring them. Yuffie was confused. Wasn't Sephiroth their enemy? Why he was standing right there, looking through their bodies like he couldn't see them. She saw Sephiroth talking, but the ninja couldn't hear his words. Then another man appeared.

Yuffie had understood that she was probably seeing some kind of recreation of the Nibelheim incident. So she was expecting to see Cloud. She contained the giggles while thinking about which Cloud will be more spiky-haired.

- Huh...! Cloud's not here.

And that was damn right! The guy wasn't Cloud. But even more surprising was the fact she had met the guy before...

The black-haired SOLDIER had defeated three, THREE! Crescent corps. It was kinda disturbing. And scary. But she had no fear, right? She was the descendant from a long line of ninja warriors. She was unbeatable. At least no warrior had ever even hit her in a training battle. A real one should be the same, no? Taking a deep breath she began her performance.

- One, avoid unnecessary training! Two, protect Wutai at all costs! Three, ugly Shinra SOLDIER dudes... must be punished!

She did it! With no mistakes! That's a first.

- Who are you?

The SOLDIER broke her bubble, reminding her of the situation. Right. Enemy ahead her.

- I'm Yuffie Kisaragi. The greatest warrior of Wutai! If you wanna go further, you have to go through me!

Ha! Even a SOLDIER should become afraid of such truth.

- A kid? You shouldn't be playing here, it's dangerous! Go home to your parents.

Whaaat?! Who the hell though he was, that dude. How he dare to show so much disdain to the greatest ninja of all times! She took some impulse and jumped over the SOLDIER's head.

- You're the one who's going home! If you insist on going any further, you'll have a fight in your hands!

She took a fighting stance while the SOLDIER mumbled something.

- Oh, man... What am I supposed to do here?

Ha! That dude was petrified now, so she took advantage and charged at him.

- Whap! Pow! Bam! Take that, bad guy!

Her punches were so fast, she didn't feel a thing. It looked like she wasn't even hitting him. But she knew better. All his enemies had surrendered shortly after her attack. Suddenly the dude bent a knee and covered his face with both hands.

- Arrrgh! Nooo! You got me!

Yuffie's pride skyrocketed! She had won where the mighty Crescent corps had failed! She was so fuckin' high! One of those days she'll learn what "fuckin' high" meant, but right now it sounded just like worth thinking.

- There! That'll teach you to mess with me! Once again, I've brought peace to Wutai!

She ran away. His father would be so proud of her.

During the two next years she had crossed paths with him again. Treasure hunting. A nice buisness. He was dumb enough to dance her song. She understood now that he was merely protecting her from monsters, but it had felt nice, like having someone she could play with. She had seen Cloud fighting, and was glad that the black-haired SOLDIER had put up with all her antics, being nice and kind. Even when circumstances forced her to return that summon materia to him it had been less painful than she thought. It was like he had stolen some respect from her, and like she respected him for that. Odd thoughts. She observed the vision again, and noted how his looks were slightly manlier than Cloud's. Shame she didn't meet him a few years later. Suddenly a flash of light blinded her. When she recovered enough to see a new vision took away any thoughts of the dark-haired SOLDIER.

- Wow... I didn't know it was THIS bad...

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