Chapter 2

I. Hate. Long. Plane. Rides

I hate planes period.

Bloody planes.

You'd think that would be the first this they improved-faster travel time. Not flat screen TV's or I-Pods.

4 hours of hell left to go.

Lucky me...

4 hours later.

I stumbled slowly off the plane, following the other passengers.

Two young guys stood close to the entrance of the foyer.

They were both about 6 foot 1.

One had black spiky hair and green, green eyes. Josh Redfern. I could tell just by the eyes.

And the other guy had dark, dark hair that was cut short but still managed to stand on air everywhere. He had really deep midnight blue eyes.

I didn't think he was a Redfern. He didn't have the red hair or green eyes that made us famous. I thought as I dodged my way to my cousin.

Just before I got there Josh looked up and smiled at me.

"Charlotte" he said. It wasn't a question. Must of been my green and silvery eyes or maybe my brown and red tinted hair.

I grinned.

"Hey Josh" I said still grinning.

His friend was looking me up and down.

"Hey" I said to Josh's friend.

"Hey, Charlotte. I'm Zac. Nice to meet you." He said smiling at me.

He had something like a southern country accent.

"Nice to meet you too" I laughed back.

When I turned back to Josh he was staring at Zac with something like shock in his eyes.

"I thought you said there was no such thing...." Josh murmered quietly in almost a whisper.

I raised an eyebrow but Josh just shook his head at me, smiling.

Josh and Zach had an air around them that said fun, dangerous, popular and stinking rich.

Most Redferns were stinking rich. Not that id met many.

"Well, let's get your bags and then we can start driving" Josh said enthusiastically.

"Ooooh yay driving" I said quietly.

Zac snorted and Josh grinned.

5 minutes later.

"Here. Lemme carry that......" I suggested to Zac who was almost stumbling with the weight of my bags.

"No, No. I've..... got them" he grunted.

We went into a airport car park. I was still offering to carry something.

We finally stopped next to a black Mercedes. I was still empty handed.

"Whatjado!" Josh grinned, dumping his stack of bags and straightening his back. "Pack your whole room?"

"Maybe...." I said smiling sweetly. "I only bought the important stuff!"

"Well, you my dear, have a lot of important stuff then" Zac said taking in the pile of my bags while Josh started packing them in the boot.

I smiled to myself. This was going to be fun.

"Girls........" I heard Zac mutter as he picked up the last of my bags.

"Hey! I heard that!" I said thwacking his chest.

My hand felt like it had been electrocuted.

The electricity flew up my arm and straight into my heart. I gasped. Frozen to the spot.

Zac froze for a few seconds too before walking round to the car and opening the back door for me.

Josh was staring at me funny.

Move I heard a strange voice in my head say.

I did. I slid into the fancy back seat of Josh's Mercedes.

What. The. Hell. I thought as we drove out of the airport, heading for me new home.....