"You get me out of the rain, you get me out of my clothes.
You hope I don't make a sound, you hope that nobody knows.
You get me out of the rain, you get me out of my clothes.
You hope I don't make a sound, you hope that no one..."
– Checkmarks

The rain was pouring down, sounding like hammers pounding as the drops splashed against the rooftop. Yelling can be heard from down the hall; insults and twisted logic fell stale in the heated atmosphere. The sound of a body hitting a wall reverberates through the flat. Skin meets skin in the unmistakable sound of being slapped. The shorter male had tears in his eyes; his hand still in mid-air. The taller flame-haired male's head was to its side because of the blow. A fire was roaring in the far corner of the room, its burning embers crackling from the heat. The taller turned his head back, eyes glaring and defiant.

"How could you?" Virgil yelled, hurt evident in his voice.

"What the hell does it matter to you Sparky?" The elder yelled in response.

"You said you loved me, and then you try to pick up Ebon!!!"

"Well shit happens!"

"Shit happens?! Are you serious? He's dating Shiv!"

"Eh, so what? Availability don't matter to me."

"You know what? Fuck you! Fuck your lies and bullshit! I can't believe that I thought you actually loved me!"

With that, the mocha skinned teen stormed out of the room and into the heavy rain. HotStreak was left wide-eyed and shock at his lover's outburst.

'I can't believe that I trusted him; I was a fool to think that he meant it when he said he loved me. He only loves himself.'

Virgil let his tears go freely; they didn't count anyways. The rain was so hard, you couldn't even tell. He made it to the end of the drive way before strong, hot, hands grabbed his shoulders and abruptly spun him around. Virgil couldn't bring himself to care; he was in to much pain right then.

"How dare you tell me that I didn't mean what I said?! You can yell at me, call me as many names as you like, but don't you dare tell me that I didn't mean it when I told you that I loved you!"

Virgil stared wide-eyed and shocked by the elder' comment. He felt more hot tears poke and burn at his eyes. He made a tear-choked sigh, before speaking.

"T-then why d-d-did you t-try to che-cheat on m-me with E-Ebon?"


A quick nod.

"I wanted you to break up with me; I thought you deserved better than a common crook."

Virgil gave Francis a disbelieving look before grabbing his lover's shirt and pulling him close. They stayed like that for awhile; Francis just holding Virgil in his arms during the downpour. They were soaked, but Francis kept them warm; It felt like hours went by before Virgil looked up at HotStreak. The latter looked down and gently pressed his lips to the former's.

As they made their way back inside, clothes being discarded here and there, Virgil couldn't help but think about how happy he was. He loved HotStreak to death, but don't get him wrong, this was by no means a fairytale. This was not some sappy movie with lovers uniting after a devastating fight in the rain; this was no reconciliation between them by the roaring fire. All trust was lost between the two, want and pent of frustration is what led to this; nothing more, nothing less. Yes, they loved each other, but that doesn't always mean there will be a happy-ending.