A.N-Okay, I know I should be working on my other stories, but I have a bit of a writer's block at the moment, so this is just to get some writing in. I just finished Blood Promise, which is why I'm doing this. Disclamier: I own nothing but the plot and Janine's nickname.

Abe's P.O.V

I had just finished consulting with a potential future client when my phone rang. This wasn't unusal, as I got calls all the time, so I wasn't expecting any totally life-changing news, which was more or less what I got.

"Mazur speaking," I said when I picked up. When the person on the other line answered, I nearly spit out my smoothie.

"Ibrahim?" The voice was hesitent, like she wasn't sure if she should continue or not.

"Janine!?" I cried. But there was no doubt about it, this was Janine Hathaway, my lover from eighteen years ago. But why in the world would she call me? I soon got my answer. Janine made a noise that sounded like she was clearing her throat, and said

"I know it's been a while since we last talked, but, well, it's about Rose." Rose. Our daughter. I'd only seen her a couple months after she was born, and Janine'd told me a few things about her as she grew up, but other than that I didn't know her. Well, sure, I knew about her; she was going to be Princess Vasilissa Dragomir's guardian when she graduated, which was soon, and I also knew that even though unpromised, she still had two molnija marks, for each Strigoi she's killed, and another mark which meant she'd been in a battle. But what did she have to do with anything right now? And it's not like I could do anything really. But I was curious.

"What about her? Isn't she supposed to graduate soon?" There was bitterness and another emotion-despair maybe?-in Janine's voice when she answered,

"Not anymore. She dropped out." Once again, I nearly spit out my smoothie.

"What?! I though you said she was really serious about this!"

"I did. She is. But there's something she has to do."

"Pray tell, what would that be, if you know?" I mind was reeling. From the little I knew about my daughter, she was like me in a lot of ways: arrogant, sarcastic, intimidating, and knew how to get her way. And she was stubborn and headstrong like Janine. But she was also a guardian through and through and took her job seriously. What would she need to do?

"You know about the attack on St. Vladimir's?" I did. I told her so.

"Well, she went on a rescue mission for those carried off. And...and one of the guardians got trapped by a Strigoi...and oh, Ibrahim, it was awful. She was screaming and crying, and I actually had to slap her to get her to run."

"Who was it?

"Dimitri Belikov. Her teacher."

"But it was more than that."

"I think so. And now I think she's run off to try and kill him. I just thought you deserved to know. Oh, Abe, I'm so worried." I froze when she said my nickname. To hear her say that...well, it brought a lot of memories.

"Thank you for letting me know. January." I used my old nickname for her, something I thought I would never do again.

"Good-bye, Abe." Then she hung up.

I called one of my guardians and asked him to spread the word to look our for Rosemarie Hathaway, and if they found her, to let me know immediatedly. He went off to deliver the news.

I know that technically I shouldn't worry or do this stuff, but I be damed if I didn't do what I could to help my daughter.