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In Too Deep

I felt the tears brimming in my eyes and stinging like a bee. His name repeated in my head over and over again, which caused me to see his face in my mind as well. You'd think I wouldn't want to see anything that belonged to him because it would be too painful; because the wound was so fresh and out in the open. But just as long as I remembered at least some part of him, then I could die in peace.

I shuffled closer to the edge of the steep cliff and breathed in and out through my nose. The salty smell of the ocean burned my nostrils. I let myself stare down at my fate and I smiled. If doing this, taking my life away, meant seeing him again then I wouldn't want to waste the slim opportunity.

What reason was there to live anymore? My brother was my entire life, he was everything to me. I had nothing to live for anymore. I rolled up my sleeves and revealed the cuts that were lined up on my arm, each of them nearly parallel to the next. Dying was simple, peaceful. Living with a dad who does nothing but beat you until you're close to being unconscious and a mom who's a workaholic was the exact opposite of that. It was unfair that Noah left me behind. I felt cheated and lonely. My protector was gone forever. The only one who knew my pain, who felt my pain, was no longer here.

My eyelids closed when I felt my toes dangling over the edge, "Why couldn't you stay here with me," I whispered to nothing in particular. My arms extended out on either side of me as the wind blew through my hair and brushed up against each and every one of my fingers.

With everything I had left –which wasn't much- I flung myself off of the cliff. The adrenaline that pulsed through my veins as I was falling made me feel slightly better. And when I hit the cold water the feeling of pins and needles covered every inch of my body. It was the best feeling in the world to know that I was only about ten minutes away from seeing my brother again. I could leave everything behind and actually feel happy.

I didn't bother to fight the strong current that tossed me around. Instead, I let it engulf me into the ocean depths below. I was cold, but that meant little to me at the moment. I opened my eyes and stared at the blue that surrounded me. This was peaceful…this was death, what I've been waiting for. Gravity dragged me down deeper and I looked up to see how far I was from the oxygen. About fifty feet was my guess. Black dots started to impair my vision and I grinned because I knew I was extremely close now.

All that was going through my mind was his name. I couldn't think about anything else but his name and how many times I relied on crying out this name when I was in pain. How many times I wanted to scream this name out loud when I got pissed off at him. I loved that name more than anything.


My thoughts eventually trailed off into nothing and the only thing I could see now was something big and dark coming towards me. I soon came to the realization that it had a face, and hair, and everything else that humans had. But this was no ordinary human. It, well he, had the most beautiful pair of brown eyes I have ever seen. He was perfect. And I could only assume that it was an angel coming to take me away because the next thing I knew I was in his big warm arms. And the last thing I remember was looking deeply into those brown eyes and feeling a spark run through my veins for the last time before everything went black.

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