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First Encounters

Yami Sennen was a jerk. Everybody knew it, but they were all afraid to tell it to his face. Because, let's face it, he was the joint owner of one of the most powerful corporations in the world. He and his cousin, Seto Kaiba owned Kaiba Corporation, home to most of the 21st century's greatest technological achievements to date. Yami definitely had it made. Rich, powerful and good looking. Oh, yes, Yami had a great body and he knew it. There wasn't a girl out there that would say no to a romp with this man. Yami left a trail of broken hearts a mile long wherever he went. Long term relationships were not for him, he couldn't stand the thought of some girl clinging to him like a parasite. He only wanted the sex, that was it, that was all. He didn't care if he hurt someone in the process of getting what he wanted. He walked down the hallways of Kaiba Corp., stopping to check himself out in a window. He had spiked, tri-coloured hair. It was mostly black, with scarlet tips. He had gold bangs that hung down around his face and three gold lightning streaks going up through the black of his hair. His eyes were crimson and his face was chiselled. He was tanned and muscular. He wore a pair of tight black dress pants, black, studded boots and a tight-fitting black dress shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned. He was not a tall man, standing at about 5'6, but pity the man who called him short because Yami definitely had a temper. (1)

"Yami!" Yami turned to see his cousin Seto striding towards him. Seto Kaiba towered above most people and even if he didn't, he always seemed to make people feel small and insignificant. He had icy sapphire-blue eyes and brown hair. He wore a white trench-coat over black dress pants, black skin tight shirt and black boots. He was very different from his cousin in that he hardly ever seemed to show any emotion at all. He was a good-looking man and girls definitely noticed him, but Yami had yet to see Seto take one home.

"What is it Seto?"

"You do remember that Bakura and Marik are joining us for lunch, right?" Yami snorted.

"How could I forget lunch with those two?" Bakura and Marik owned Kamikaze Industries, a company that manufactured weapons and other war tech. Their sense of humour was slightly skewed, hence the name of their company. Yami and Seto were business partners with them and the two companies had worked together on many joint ventures.

"They should be downstairs already." Seto stated. Yami nodded and followed him to the elevator. When they got to the ground floor, an impatient voice rang out.

"About time!" Bakura Nusutto (2) growled. Bakura had long, crazy white hair that had two horn-like structures at the front. His eyes were russet and always had a look of smug satisfaction in them. He had on a black leather jacket with a wife beater underneath and ripped jeans with black biker boots.

"Yeah, we've been waiting here forever." Marik Ishtar added. He was tanned with crazy spiked up light blond hair. His eyes were lavender and looked slightly crazed. He wore a black tank top with a black leather vest over it and black leather pants over black biker boots. Seto snorted.

"You two are business men, can't you dress the part?" Bakura and Marik snorted back.

"We all don't have a stick shoved up our ass like you do Seto." Marik commented.

"Aren't you cold in that though Marik? It is getting into winter out there, you know." Yami wanted to know.

"I'm immune to the cold." Marik replied blithely. (3) "Besides, it's not like it's snowing or anything yet." He continued as the four of them walked for the door.

As if to spite him, as they walked out the building doors soft flurries of snow were falling through the air. Not the huge clumped bits of snow you get, but so fine that you could see the individual snowflakes when they landed on you. Yami watched them for a moment, thinking of how much he loved to watch the snow with his mom when he was little. He shook his head, no time for thoughts like that anymore, that had been a lifetime ago, he was a different man now. As he let the cool air hit his lungs, he thought he heard something. He tried to figure out just what he was hearing, when a voice cut through his thoughts.

"Hey, you got some spare change?" Yami came back to himself to see a young man in front of them, an empty coffee cup held in his outstretched hands. The boy had messy dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a threadbare brown coat, patched, dirty jeans and scuffed running shoes. Yami realized with disgust that he was a street kid. Yami disliked anyone who he thought was lower class and the homeless were definitely high on that list. He noticed two other kids that looked like they were looking for money as well. They looked like Marik and Bakura, only softer. The Bakura look-alike had soft-looking white hair and timid doe brown eyes. He had on a too-big overcoat and brown cargo pants. The Marik look-alike had blonde hair that fell to just past his shoulders and soft lavender eyes.

Seto looked at the street boy like he would look at a piece of garbage. He knocked the cup out of the boy's hand, sending change everywhere.

"Hey, hey. There's no need for that.' The boy said, scrambling to pick up the fallen money. "A simple no will do."

"Think you and you're little gang out to get out of here before I decide to call the police, mutt." Seto said.

"Mutt?" The boy stood up looking furious. "Who you calling a mutt, rich-boy?" The other two street kids had heard the sound of their friend's voice and moved to restrain him from punching the other man.

"Joey, don't!" The Bakura look-alike said in a sweet English accented voice.

"Well, now who are you?" Bakura moved forward and brushed his finger across the smaller boy's face. "You're quite the pretty one, aren't you? With that face you could be earning a lot more, if you know what I mean." The smaller boy tried to hide behind Joey.

"He's not interested, leave him alone. " The Marik look-alike glares at them.

"I'd say you're a pretty little thing too." Marik comments.

"So not interested."

Yami pays little attention, he hears that sound again. As he listens he realizes it's violin music. Beautiful violin music. He searches around for the source and his eyes widen when he sees it. It's a boy, another street kid, judging by the tattered and dirty state of his clothes. But Yami doesn't see that. All he sees is the boy's beautiful, cherubic face. He notes with surprise that the boy looks like him, the same sort of hair style only the boy doesn't have lightning streaks. The boy's eyes are closed, lost in the music. Yami notices another street kid sitting beside him, an upturned hat in front of her. She has a long black trenchcoat on, with ripped jeans and scuffed sneakers. She has gloves with the ends of the fingers snipped off and a brown woollen beanie over top of her wild white hair. Unconsciously, Yami moves towards them, drawn by the music.

"Alright, we're going!" Comes Joey's yell from behind him. "Yugi, Kia let's get outta here!' The girl stands up at the sound of his voice and grabbed the hat and the violin case in one hand and the boy's arm in the other. She hurries after the other three street kids, but not before Yami gets a glimpse of the the boy's eyes. His pure, beautiful amethyst eyes.


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