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Yami walked down the hall to Yugi's room. Since Yugi's parents were being convicted and he had no other living relatives he was technically a ward of the state, but Seto had pulled some strings and become Yugi's legal guardian. Yami walked into Yugi's room. Yugi was sitting in a chair, his eyes staring down at the floor blankly. His nurse, Mai sat next to him. Yami had hired Mai as Yugi was still unresponsive. He did some things; he could walk, he could sit up, he could eat, but only if helped. The doctors had said that these responses were mechanical and did not infer consciousness. Mai smiled at him as he sat down. She was tall, blond and curvaceous. She had an attitude and was opinionated; never afraid to tell people what she thought of them. She and Yami had struck up a friendship over debates on politics and, oddly enough, sushi.

"Any change?" He asked her.

"None at all I'm afraid, sugar." Mia answered. "You want some time with him alone?" Yami nodded. "Ok, then I'm going to go flirt with that cute cook in the kitchen, tootles!" She sashayed out of the room with a grin on her face. Yami chuckled softly and rubbed Yugi's hand.

"Mai... I think you'd like her, Yugi." He said softly. Yugi didn't respond, just stared blankly. "I want to show you something." He took Yugi's hands and pulled him to his feet. He led Yugi down the hall to his music room. Sitting on top of his piano was Yugi's violin. Yami sat Yugi down on the piano bench and sat down next to him.

"Duke released this to me the other day. He said there was no need for it in the trial." Yami said taking the violin in his hands. "The trial's in three days. Duke says it's a sure thing that they'll get convicted." He reached over and placed Yugi's violin in his lap and wrapped Yugi's fingers around it. The fingers stayed curled, but Yami knew that it was just an automotive response to stimuli, having nothing to do with consciousness. Yami gulped and then placed his fingers on the piano keys.

"I wrote something for you. It's not finished, but I want you to hear it." He whispered. He began to play Yugi's song. The music started out slow, soft and almost hesitant; like a shy animal emerging for the first time. As the music went on it got more confident and began to crescendo up to a sound of sheer joy. But then the music turned. Now it was dark and frightening, like a storm. Louder and louder it became, the sound becoming more and more unbearable until Yami crashed down on the keys. He let the sound fade slowly into silence.

"That's it. I don't know how to finish it, I don't know what comes next." He said softly, tears running down his cheeks.

Softly, violin music began to play. It was hesitant, sad but it was growing slowly but surely. Yami looked up and slowly turned his head. Yugi was playing! He had his eyes closed and seemed lost in the music. Yami smiled and placed his hands on the keys again. The melodies weaved their way around each other becoming louder and more joyful. Suddenly it halted, the sound dying away. Then Yugi turned to Yami and looking him straight in the eyes, continued to play. This music was soft, light and the only way to describe it was that it was the musical interpretation of the feeling of love. After a moment Yami joined in, gently weaving his melody into the confession of love. The sound grew and the two lovers ended the piece in a crescendo of pure triumph.

Yami took his hands off the keys, never looking away from Yugi, afraid that it was all just a dream. Yugi placed his violin carefully on the piano top and moved towards Yami. Yami was afraid to make any move at all. He stood shock still as Yugi moved so that their faces were only inches apart. Yugi lifted his arms and placed them around Yami's neck, pulling him closer, and pressed his lips against Yami's in a passionate kiss. Yami wrapped his arms around Yugi's waist and pulled him even closer, intensifying the kiss. Finally they pulled back and Yami stroked his thumb across Yugi's cheek, tears in his eyes.

"I thought I lost you." Yami whispered.

"You saved me." Yugi reached up and brushed away Yami's tears. "I was lost in the dark. I could hear voices but they were far away and I couldn't hear what they were saying. Then I heard music, beautiful music. It called to me and so I followed it. The music brought me back." Yugi smiled at Yami, who smiled back through a fresh wave of tears.

"It was your song."

"Our song."


"Ladies and gentlemen please rise for the honourable Judge Tristan Taylor." The courtroom rose as the judge entered. He was brown haired, brown eyed and looked young enough to have just gotten out of school.

"He's young but he's good." Duke murmured to Yami. Yami looked over at Yugi, who was watching his parents nervously.

"You don't have to do this." He said softly.

"Yes I do." Yugi looked at him. "I've been silent for too long." The judge called Yugi to the witness stand. Yami gave him a kiss.

"I'm right here ok?" Yugi nodded and went up. He was asked what happened that night and he answered as truthfully as possible. His father kept glaring at him but Yugi ignored it and focussed on Yami. Yami saw with grim satisfaction that Yugi's blatant show of ignoring his parents was making his father more and more angry. Finally the father couldn't stand it any more.

"LOOK AT ME AND STOP YOUR LIES YOU FAGGOTTY LITTLE SHIT!" He tried to get up but was restrained by the guards.

"Order, order in the court." Judge Taylor said. "Mr. Motou if you can't keep a civil tongue in your mouth I will have you removed from this court."

"Fuck you faggot. You can't do anything to me."

"Actually, I can. And I see no need for further witnesses. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, do you need to deliberate?"

"No your honour, we have already made our decision." The jury stood up. "One the account of second degree murder, we find the defendants... guilty. On the charges of child abuse and attempted murder we also find the defendants to be guilty."

"Very well. You two are sentenced to two consecutive life sentences with no chance of parole. Dismissed." He banged the gavel down and the court erupted into cheers as Yugi's parents were led out.

Yugi and Yami walked outside to snow falling softly through the air. Yami took Yugi's hand.

"So.. now what?"


Ladies and gentlemen tonight's performance will be a duet performed by Yami Sennen and Yugi Motou entitled Love in Adversity." The sound of clapping ensued. Yami turned to his lover.

"You ready?" He asked. Yugi smiled that beautiful smile of his.

"Let's show them."

The curtain rises, the music begins. All else fades as the sound of a love that could not be broken weaves its way into the hearts of many. But for the two that play there is no one else, there is only each other.

Love conquers.